Godly Student Chapter 508

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Oh my god. Yuhan, you actually found a deity to be your husband, no wonder you were so reluctant to part with him Yuan Yuan said excitedly.

Ai! Lin Yuhan sighed, at this time, she was not in the mood to talk about these things.

She was really ashamed. If it wasn't to save her, Ye Qian wouldn't have died. Although Cheng Yu said that he wouldn't let Ye Qian die, was that possible?

He was just a cultivator, not a real immortal. How could she be revived after death? She only regretted that her strength was too low. Not only was she unable to help Cheng Yu, she had become a burden instead. If she had the same strength as Cheng Yu, then she would have been able to receive that palm, and Ye Qian wouldn't… Sigh

Yuhan, don't be sad anymore. No one wants such a thing to happen, blame it on those bad people for being too bad. If it wasn't for them, wouldn't we would still be at the top of the clouds, waiting for the sunrise? Seeing that Lin Yuhan was always sighing with a depressed look, Yuan Yuan consoled her.

At that time, it happened too fast and it was the first time she saw such a magical thing and she didn't have time to react. She never would have thought that Ye Qian, who she always jostled, would suddenly run out and block that palm for Yuhan. Thinking about this, she also felt very guilty.

That's right. Sister-in-law, the boss is so strong, he said he won't let Ye Qian die, then she definitely won't. I believe in the boss Fatty said firmly.

Un, it's getting late, I'll bring you guys to your room to rest Lin Yuhan nodded, then led the two to arrange a room for them both before resting.

In Cheng Yu's bedroom, a delicate girl was lying on the bed. The girl was very quiet with a smile on her face. It was obvious that she was very happy, but her face was as pale as paper, causing people's hearts to ache.

Soul Suppressor. Why is she unable to keep her life even after I gave her some Divine Water? Cheng Yu gently caressed the girl's face

Because her soul was destroyed. She's different from your patients. I told you before, a person can't live without a soul. Since her soul is gone, your divine water naturally can't save her The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Soul? Then, did you store her soul inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda like last time? Cheng Yu himself had also died once, and he was saved by Soul Suppressor. Now that Ye Qian's situation was similar to his, he should be able to save her too

To be honest, I did collect her soul back then The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Is that so? That's great, then we can let her come back to life Hearing Soul Suppressor's words, Cheng Yu immediately said happily.

But her condition is different from yours The Soul Suppressing Orb continued.

Different? What do you mean? Cheng Yu said in confusion.

I haven't been able to collect her complete soul

What? Why is this happening? Cheng Yu said in shock. He knew that if her soul was incomplete, he wouldn't be able to revive her.

You are different from her. You are the master of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and your soul is interconnected with it. However, she isn't. If I wasn't quick enough to react, I wouldn't even be able to gather this little bit of soul fragment The Soul Suppressing Orb explained.

Then what should we do now? Do you have any way to call back her soul? Just like how my master summoned my soul back then Cheng Yu said anxiously.

In theory, there should be Soul Suppressing Orb thought for a moment before replying.

Theoretically? It should be? Is there no working methods? Cheng Yu said in confusion.

Actually, there is. But I haven't figured it out yet The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Soul Suppressor, I'm serious with you. Don't beat around the bush with me at this time. His woman was already like this, how could he have the mood to speak with Soul Suppressing Orb.

Aren't I being serious right now? I really haven't figured it out. Maybe after a while, I will be able to get a better understanding of it The Soul Suppressing Orb unhappily said.

In a while? I don't know what will happen to her soul after a period of time. No, I have to take her to the cultivation world now and have Master call back her soul Cheng Yu was anxious and wanted to carry Ye Qian into the cultivation world.

Don't even think about it, that's impossible The Soul Suppressing Orb said.


Do you know what price your master and the others had to pay to open the Soul Summoning Formation? Your master alone won't be able to succeed so you need the combined power of the seven elders of Limitless Palace. Because it's you, they are willing to waste dozens of years of time to help you summon the second time. Even though she's your woman, they won't agree to waste another few decades of effort to save a mortal. This will greatly affect their future ascension into the Immortal World. The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Although Soul Suppressing Orb didn't know how to activate the Seven Stars Summoning Formation, he was still quite knowledgeable. At that time, he had clearly heard their conversation and it was only because of his master's repeated requests that everyone agree to it.

Cheng Yu was a disciple of Everlasting Palace after all. Moreover, a few elders had also received some favours from him. In addition to Qing Xu's repeated requests, after using the Seven Stars Soul Summoning Formation, the few Elders won't owe him anything anymore.

Naturally, they would not waste decades of effort just for a mortal girl who was unrelated to them!

Is there no other way? She's still so young. I owe her so much and I haven't even properly compensated her Cheng Yu hugged Ye Qian tightly and said with a heartache.

It's not that there's no way, but have you heard of the Dark Nether Realm? The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Dark Nether Realm? You mean the ghost cultivators? Cheng Yu exclaimed

That's right. The higher one's cultivation, the longer one would be able to stay in the mortal world, especially the Nascent Soul stage cultivators. They absolutely did not want to go to the Dark Nether Realm, as long as they have the appropriate body, they could continue to live. Once they entered the Dark Nether Realm, they could only become a ghost cultivator and enter the Spiritual World, not the Immortal World

For a mortal like her, she should have already entered the Dark Nether Realm. Even if you could get your master to help you open the God Summoning Formation, it might not be possible to call back her soul

And most importantly, the Dark Nether Realm had the Abyss of Samsara. Anyone who entered the Dark Nether Realm and didn't have to suffer in the Soul Prison would have the chance to choose to enter the cycle of reincarnation and become a new person. If her soul is sent into the Abyss of Samsara, you really wouldn't be able to save her The Soul Suppressing Orb explained.

Then you're saying that I should enter the Dark Underworld and bring her soul back? Cheng Yu also had some understanding about the Dark Nether Realm but it wasn't as detailed as the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Moreover, the Immortal World was the best place for cultivation in all of the Upper Realms. Therefore, it was understandable that the Nascent Soul was unwilling to enter the Dark Nether Realm and could only enter the Spiritual World.

That's right

But as far as I know, the Realm King of the Dark Nether Realm has the strength of a Loose Immortal from the Immortal Cultivation World. Moreover, they also have a Ghost Emissaries, Ghost Venerable, and Ghost Kings, how can we bring back Ye Qian's soul? Cheng Yu said, feeling conflicted.

The Spiritual World and the Immortal World were the Upper Realms, while the Dark Nether and the Mortal Realm were the Lower Realm. If a soul did not enter the reincarnation cycle then it could only stay in the Dark Nether Realm and become a ghost cultivator. Therefore, the strength of the ghost cultivators in the Dark Nether Realm was similar to the cultivators in the Mortal Realm.

The Ghost Emissaries were equivalent to a human spirit severing stage. The Ghost Venerable was a Unification Stage Expert, and as for the Ghost King, he was a Great Ascension Stage expert. He was simply unable to defeat such a powerful expert

Don't you still have me? We may not be able to beat them but with the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, you can run. What kind of place was the Dark Nether Realm? It is a world of souls. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda is the nemesis of souls. What if we suppress all of their ghost cultivators in the Dark Nether Realm? Wouldn't the Realm King and the others not be worried? I believe that they will be happy to exchange your woman's soul for these ghost cultivators The Soul Suppressing Orb laughed.

Hehe. This method is good When Cheng Yu heard about the method to suppress the soul, his eyes immediately lit up. Just as he said, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was the nemesis of souls, and souls were its food.

If the Realm King knew that his ghost cultivators had been suppressed by him, the Dark Nether Realm would suffer a great loss and he wouldn't be so willing to see this kind of situation happen.

A Realm King was the same as a human Loose Immortal. They couldn't casually appear. Once they appeared, they would stir up heavenly tribulation. At that time, they wouldn't even be able to dodge it

But the entrance to the Dark Nether Realm can only be opened by Loose Immortals. Do I have to go find someone from Limitless Palace to open it? Cheng Yu suddenly realised that he needed a way to get into the Dark Nether Realm and was put in a difficult situation

You still don't understand the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. I hope you will have time to avoid picking up girls and study the runes inside. Perhaps you wouldn't have been suppressed by the three like tonight Soul Suppressor said in a serious tone.

If it hadn't been because of Huo Yu's miraculous breakthrough, then the outcome of today's battle would truly be hard to determine.

With the Soul Suppressing Pagoda's current strength, wanting to suppress the Nascent Soul stage shouldn't be a problem but to actually be able to absorb three Nascent Souls at the same time is impossible

The Soul Suppressing Orb was a soul artifact of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. He was well aware of its strength. He believed that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda still had a lot of skills remaining

However, he was unable to fully unleash the full might of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. This could only be done by the owner of the soul tool, Cheng Yu. He needed to understand the runes inside, which were important treasures of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Soul Suppressor was very dissatisfied with Cheng Yu's lack of attention to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Because Soul Suppressor was a soul tool, he naturally hoped that his strength would greatly increase. It would be best if he could advance to become a celestial item

I'm sorry but I will definitely work hard to solve the secret of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda with you Cheng Yu also became serious as he apologized to Soul Suppressor.

Soul Suppressing Orb was right. If it wasn't for the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and Huo Yu, then he would be the one to be buried