Godly Student Chapter 507

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Senior apprentice-brother! Seeing this scene, Yi Qing finally panicked. Of the three people present, two of them had already fallen. With her strength alone, it was impossible to deal with him alone. She would definitely die

Don't worry, it's your turn next! Cheng Yu sneered.

He had already killed two out of the three of them, their battle strength had weakened yet again, and his battle strength has also increased. There was also the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, the bane of Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

However, when the Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew above Yi Qing, it still could not suck in her nascent soul even though it had unleashed its divine might. Cheng Yu was very surprised by this.

The effect of Zhu Yanzhu in Yi Qing's mouth did not disappear yet and Cheng Yu was fighting against Yi Feng so he did not know that Yi Qing had such a treasure on her.

Thus, when Cheng Yu discovered that there was actually a Nascent Soul stage cultivator that could not be suppressed by the Soul Suppressing Orb, he was extremely curious

Humph! This pagoda of yours does not seem to be effective on me As Yi Qing saw the golden pagoda fly over her head and shine a golden light on her, she felt somewhat panicked. But when she discovered that she wasn't in any discomfort, she felt reassured in her heart. She knew that her Zhu Yanzhu hadn't lost its effectiveness yet.

She has a soul strengthening treasure on her! At this time, Soul Suppressor's voice resounded in Cheng Yu's mind.

Humph! Even if you have a soul strengthening treasure with you, you will not be able to escape death today Cheng Yu said without thinking much of it.

Even if I can't escape, you won't have a good ending. We are sent to the secular world by the Mysterious Sky Sect on a mission and if we die, you'll forever be hunted down by the Mysterious Sky Sect. Even the Limitless Palace won't be able to protect you It would be better if you let me go and the grudge between us can be wiped out Yi Qing looked at Cheng Yu and said.

If she can live, she is willing to do anything because no one is willing to die. As a cultivator of the late Nascent Soul Stage, Yi Qing knew the value of life and was not willing to give up her life.

Haha! You people are really interesting, when you killed me, why didn't you think that our Limitless Palace would let you off? It's useless to tell me that now that you're about to die. Do you think I'll let you go? Who among you would know that I was the one who did it? So what if the disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect knows? If you kill my woman, I'll kill you no matter what, even if it means your sect leader will come here Cheng Yu laughed maniacally.

He felt that these people were really adorable. The people of Kunlun were like this before, but now, the people of the Mysterious Sky Sect were the same. Was this a threat? What rights did a Caged Bird have to threaten others with the three words, Mysterious Sky Sect?

Cheng Yu never liked trouble but he was never afraid of trouble. The three disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect had always coveted his treasures. Originally, if they hadn't provoked him, he wouldn't have wanted to offend a hidden sect for no reason at all.

But now, they had actually killed his woman. If he didn't even avenge her, could he still be considered a man? How could he face the dead Ye Qian?

That will depend on whether or not you really have the ability to do so Yi Qing also knew that Cheng Yu wouldn't let her go. If he were to let her go, then Cheng Yu would be the fool.

She was just trying to find a chance to escape. If she still wanted to kill Cheng Yu even now, then she would really be a fool. In her opinion, the reason that Yi Ning and Yi Feng had fallen was entirely because of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Now that she had the Zhu Yanzhu and her soul was stable, it was impossible for him to kill her.

Wings of Vermilion First, it was a Vermillion Bird that flew out of the Vermillion Bird Sword and attacked Cheng Yu. Then, with a loud shout, two wings of fire suddenly appeared from behind her back. She turned around, and with a flap of her wings, she flew out

If it was in the past, Cheng Yu really wouldn't be able to keep Yi Qing. But now it was different. He was no longer alone, he still had Huo Yu as his companion.

Although he was stopped by Yi Qing's previous defensive attack, Huo Yu was now much stronger. The four demon cores were no joke. With a flap of her wings, her speed was at its peak. Cheng Yu could even hear the sound of space being torn apart.

Get out of my way! Huo Yu was the first to arrive. She flapped her wings a few times and appeared in front of Yi Qing. Yi Qing was enraged. The Vermillion Bird Sword in her hand seemed to be burning as it flew away with the cry of a giant fire bird.

Chi chi chi! Huo Yu let out a few roars and her wings formed a shield in front of her. With a boom, Huo Yu was forced back but she was no longer as badly damaged as before.

Soon after, Huo Yu flapped her wings and a huge tornado formed in front of Yi Qing.

Twin Dragon Goes to Sea Cheng Yu chased after them. Seeing that Huo Yu had stopped her, the true qi within his body immediately condensed and he burst out with a loud roar

Roar! Roar! Two huge dragons were chasing them from behind.

Damn it, Vermillion arrow! Yi Qing knew that she had to stop running, otherwise, she would be seriously injured if she kept running. As such, she flew back, charging towards the two huge dragons at an extremely fast speed.

Yi Qing's sword transformed into a Vermillion Bird and shot into the space between the two dragons like an arrow

RUU! The dragon shadows was broken through by Yi Qing. However, the dragons was condensed from True Qi, so when it broke through, it directly exploded

What a strong woman Although the dragon shadows exploded, Yi Qing still rushed over. Cheng Yu was also very surprised, this woman's fighting strength seemed to be even greater than Yi Feng's.

This was especially so for the cultivation technique she had learned. Although it was inferior to his Myriad Manifestation Art, its explosive power was definitely not low

Since that's the case, let's see whether it's your Vermillion Bird or my Dragon that's stronger. Profound Dragon Thrust Cheng Yu's body suddenly spun at a rapid speed and flew towards Yi Qing.

Roar! Cheng Yu also used the realm of 'one with the sword'. An Azure Dragon roared with its huge mouth as it charged at the Vermillion Bird in front of it

BOOM! The two switched positions. Yi Qing stood at Cheng Yu's previous position, while Cheng Yu stood at Yi Qing's previous position.

Puff! Yi Qing suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Yi Qing had lost but Cheng Yu knew that if Yi Qing hadn't destroyed his Twin Dragons first, both of them would have suffered heavy losses

Even though he admired Yi Qing's strength, Cheng Yu would not show mercy. Yi Qing was his enemy and being merciful to his enemy was equivalent to being cruel to himself.

If Yi Qing was dead, the Mysterious Sky Sect might not necessarily blame him. However, if Yi Qing survived today, the Mysterious Sky Sect would definitely become his enemy

Therefore, Yi Qing must be killed

Primordius Thousand Yuan Slash! While Yi Qing injured, Cheng Yu launched another fierce attack to take advantage of the situation

Facing Cheng Yu's tide of attacks, Yi Qing was forced to continuously retreat, blood pouring from her mouth into the night sky.

Ahh.... Since you want me to die. Then let's perish together Yi Qing was exhausted. Her body was full of wounds and blood was dripping all over. The spirit energy in her body was almost used up. She had no hope of escaping. Yi Qing had finally gone crazy. She was ready to self destruct her Nascent Soul

A nascent soul appeared above Yi Qing's head. This was not an illusion, but a true nascent soul. Her nascent soul was swelling

You want to self destruct? Dream On Seeing Yi Qing about to self destruct her nascent soul, Cheng Yu showed no fear but instead, he sneered.

Yi Qing had a soul strengthening treasure and since her Nascent Soul was in her body, he couldn't do anything about it. However, her Nascent Soul had left her body, causing Cheng Yu to be happy

Whiz! Immediately, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew out of Cheng Yu's body. Hanging above Yi Qing's head, the golden light shot down and her nascent soul was instantly sucked in

Ahh.... I hate You Yi Qing never thought it would be like this. After all, she didn't understand the properties of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda so she basically gave her Nascent Soul to Cheng Yu.

With all the resentment and unwillingness, Yi Qing also fell down from the sky

Cheng Yu did not care whether Yi Qing fell to the ground or not. Tears fell from the corners of his eyes. Looking at the bright moon in the distance, he seemed to see Ye Qian's smile

Ye Qian, I've finally avenged you Cheng Yu withdrew his tears and threw the three cripples on the ground into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. After cleaning up the tools they brought, he directly flew away

A few minutes later, Cheng Yu appeared in the villa in Central City

This... What is this place? After Cheng Yu released the fatty and the others, he was completely confused. Just now, they thought that they had arrived at the Immortal World but that place was too beautiful. In a flash, they appeared in front of Cheng Yu.

This is my home, you guys can rest here today. If there's food in the fridge, you can make it yourselves when your hungry. I still have things to do, so don't disturb me. Also, do not say anything about what happened tonight Cheng Yu said a few simple sentences with a very low voice. Anyone could tell that he was in a bad mood.

Cheng Yu, I'm sorry. Ye Qian, she... Lin Yuhan saw that Cheng Yu's eyes were cold and indifferent and she was very scared, as if he no longer had any feelings for her.

It's fine, take them around the villa. As for Ye Qian, I will not let her die Cheng Yu knew that his expression might have scared Lin Yuhan, so he quickly put on a warm expression and entered the room.

Yuhan, don't mind it too much, everyone will be in a bad mood when they encounter this kind of thing. Cheng Yu is so amazing, he's a deity that can go to heaven or earth, Ye Qian will definitely be fine Yuan Yuan saw Lin Yuhan's sad expression and immediately comforted her.

He's not an Immortal, he's just an Immortal cultivator... Lin Yuhan said. Since they had seen what happened tonight, Lin Yuhan told them the story of Cheng Yu telling her about the difference between an immortal cultivator and an immortal

Oh my god. So there was actually such a miraculous thing in this world? Although Cheng Yu wasn't a deity yet, he was still someone who wanted to become one. Yuhan, you got it, you found a deity as your husband Hearing Lin Yuhan tell them about the cultivation world once, Yuan Yuan and Fatty were very surprised, especially Yuan Yuan, who was looking at Lin Yuhan with a face full of envy.