Godly Student Chapter 506

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Under the powerful suction of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, Yi Qing took out a red bead. Although she didn't want to part with it, she still put it in her mouth. Suddenly, a fiery red light flashed across Yi Qing's body and the nascent soul in her body returned to her dantian

This red bead was called Zhu Yanzhu. Back when she was training in the outside world, she was together with the Vermillion Bird Sword and the Vermillion Bird cultivation method. It was said that this bead was refined from a soul of an ancient Vermillion Bird so it was able to stabilize her soul.

Unfortunately, this bead is only a one time use item. Once the soul energy within it was exhausted, it would disappear. That was why it was so precious. If it was not because of the danger she is in, Yi Qing would never want to use it

Feeling that she was no longer affected by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, Yi Qing instantly rushed towards Cheng Yu

Flames of Vermillion Yi Qing yelled and wanted to ambush Cheng Yu again.

Although Cheng Yu was already prepared, he was already at a disadvantage. He was continuously being forced back by Yi Feng's attack. Although he had the intention to block the attack, he wasn't strong enough. He had just been blown away by the Vermillion Bird

Heaven's Fall As Yi Feng saw Cheng Yu being struck down, he was overjoyed. His hands formed a seal and his sword pierced through the clouds. Suddenly, the sky changed color

Cheng Yu looked up at the sky as his expression changed. This aura was so astonishing that if he were to fall down, he was afraid that he would really die. Just as he was coming up with a plan to deal with this situation, he just so happened to see the Soul Suppressing Pagoda fly above Yi Qing's head

Just as Yi Feng's spell was being cast, it was suddenly stopped by the Soul Suppressing Orb. The spell was broken and his Nascent Soul was being pulled. He was shocked and quickly suppressed his Nascent Soul

Cheng Yu watched as the strange phenomenon disappeared into the sky. He was overjoyed as he quickly stabilized his body and rushed towards Yi Feng. As long as he caused any disturbance to Yi Feng, the Soul Suppressing Orb would be able to easily suck Yi Feng's Nascent Soul

Bang! However, how could Yi Qing let Cheng Yu succeed? She slashed out with her sword in an imposing manner

Although Yi Qing was Yi Feng's junior-apprentice sister, after she had obtained the inheritance of the Vermillion Bird, her fire attribute was especially fierce. Her explosive power was also astonishing and her strength was no weaker than the Yi Feng

Yi Feng's strength was relatively stable and was suitable for a prolonged combat. However, Yi Qing and Cheng Yu were not suitable for a prolonged fight. During the period of explosive growth, their strength had greatly increased and their combat prowess was extremely tough but after a while, they will gradually weaken.

Also, because Cheng Yu was trying to save Ye Qian, he had to constantly use up his True Qi. Previously, he had fought with Yi Feng for so long and was injured so his burst of power was obviously weaker, but luckily, his six Golden Cores allowed his True Qi to be able to condense it faster, otherwise, he would have been defeated long ago.

Yi Qing was afraid that her Zhu Yanzhu Bead wouldn't be able to last much longer. If she was locked down by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, then it would be really troublesome so she would obviously spare no effort to kill Cheng Yu

Flames of Vermillion Yi Qing shouted loudly, her entire body seemed to have merged with the Vermillion Bird Sword. The flames around her shot up into the sky, illuminating the entire night sky. Like raindrops, they fell down

Exquisite Cauldron! With the last incident of being sealed in the Exquisite Cauldron in the Death Forest, Cheng Yu no longer dared to easily merge with the cauldron so he could only use it as a shield. [TN: To be honest, I don't really remember when this happened]

Cheng Yu was as dauntless as the great deity Pan Gu. However, he did not have the ability to push the heavens open. His feet floated in the air, and he held the giant cauldron in his hands. All of the Vermillion Bird flames fell into the Exquisite Cauldron.

There was only the sound of an intense explosion from inside the Exquisite Cauldron. Even though the Exquisite Cauldron had withstood a huge amount of force, Cheng Yu's blood was still boiling from the explosion.

Yi Qing didn't think that Cheng Yu would have so many tricks up his sleeve. Although Cheng Yu was severely injured, he was very tenacious. Moreover, his magic treasure was ever-changing. Killing him wouldn't be such a simple task

Since you can handle this, I'll give you more. Vermillion Bird Seal! Yi Qing's expression was cold as she clasped her hands together. A huge fire seal representing the Vermillion Bird fell from the sky onto the Exquisite Cauldron

Chi! Cheng Yu instantly felt the energy of heaven and earth being poured into the Exquisite Cauldron, directly pushing him back down to the ground. His feet sank half a meter into the ground

A good chance Yi Feng was currently trying to restrain the suction force of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Seeing that Cheng Yu was unable to hold on, a green umbrella appeared in his hand. It turned out that after Cheng Yu cut down Yi Ning, Yi Feng had seized the opportunity to retrieve it back into his bosom.

He opened the umbrella and placed it on top of his head. He could clearly feel that the suction force of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was not as strong as before, but his Nascent Soul that was pulled to his chest did not return to his dantian.

But this was a rare opportunity. He couldn't care so much anymore. He pointed with both hands and his longsword turned into a 100 meter greatsword, flying straight towards Cheng Yu

Bang! Just when Yi Feng thought that Cheng Yu is about to die, a gigantic fiery red figure suddenly appeared in front of Cheng Yu, blocking his path

Huo Yu, Get out of the way Cheng Yu was extremely anxious. He knew that Huo Yu had no way of resisting this sword strike. He had already lost Ye Qian and he also didn't want to lose this loyal companion of his

He roared in his heart, his eyes blood-red but there was nothing he could do

However, what surprised everyone was that Huo Yu's body was glowing with a golden light just like Cheng Yu. A fiery red mark appeared between Cheng Yu's and Huo Yu's eyebrows. This was the soul blood contract that Cheng Yu had formed with Huo Yu.

At the same time, Cheng Yu felt the spirit energy within his Mountain and River Diagram rush out from his body and fuse into Huo Yu's body

What's going on? Could it be that Huo Yu is going to break through again? How was this possible? Didn't she just recently advance? Cheng Yu was filled with doubts!

Bang! When Yi Feng's hundred meter long sword stabbed into Huo Yu's body, it created an explosion. The explosion emitted a golden light that no one dared to look directly at

Although he couldn't see what was happening in front of him, he could feel Huo Yu's aura. She was fine, but the spirit energy within his body was still pouring into her

As the dust and dirt dispersed, Yi Feng and Yi Qing stared at the scene on the ground with their eyes wide open

What's going on? A magic pet at the late Gold Core stage was able to block his sword and it remained completely unharmed

A phantom appeared above Huo Yu. It was her Demon Core,which was currently emitting a golden light. Everyone was stunned, unable to understand what was going on

I suddenly have a bad feeling about this. This fellow's power seems to be increasing Yi Qing's complexion turned ashen. This magic pet's aura was so similar to Cheng Yu's

Bang! A crisp sound rang out. Under everyone's astonished gaze, the number of demon cores above Huo Yu's head suddenly increased to two

Bang! Another crisp sound, The two demon cores suddenly increased to four

This... This... Not to mention Yi Feng and Yi Qing, even Cheng Yu and the Soul Suppressing Orb were completely shocked by this scene

From ancient times until now, there had been many wondrous cultivation matters but this was the first time that they had seen something like this happening to a magic pet

The path of Immortal cultivation was one in which all living things in the world believed that the dao was unpredictable and that the dao is the origin of all things

In other words, on the path of cultivation, there were countless methods, not just a fixed path of cultivation. Everyone could have their own cultivation method but no matter what method it was, the goal was the same: Immortal Ascension, Eternal Life, and to be one with the heavens

Let's go! Yi Qing knew that they can't kill Cheng Yu today, so she decided to leave first.

After being shocked, Cheng Yu was wild with joy. Although he didn't know what was going on but the heavens were helping

No one is allowed to leave today Cheng Yu kept the Exquisite Cauldron, feeling reassured in his heart. If they were allowed to run now, Cheng Yu would not be able to explain it to Ye Qian

Cheng Yu and Huo Yu immediately rushed up, placing Yi Qing in the middle. As for Yi Feng, he was still locked in place by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

You brought this upon yourselves Cheng Yu coldly said.

Humph. Do you think you can stop us just like that? Yi Qing's expression was serious. This man and beast were not easy to deal with.

Hehe, you'll know in a while. Primordius Slash! Cheng Yu sneered and swung his sword at Yi Qing

Yi Qing's figure flashed as she easily dodged the attack. However, Cheng Yu was not disappointed. Instead, his smile became even more wide. Yi Qing was startled. She looked back and realized that Cheng Yu's target was not her, but Yi Feng

Although Yi Feng had the Green Light Spiritual Protection Umbrella. He wasn't able to contend with the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and Cheng Yu did the same thing as he did with Yi Ning. His Green Light Spiritual Protection Umbrella was sent flying

Since the Soul Suppressing Pagoda could suppress souls, it could naturally lock onto a person's soul. Under the suppression of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, Yi Feng could not escape

Cheng Yu, I will kill you! Feeling his nascent soul begin to rise again, Yi Feng was angry and resentful at the same time.

In terms of strength, Cheng Yu was definitely not his match but this damned pagoda was like a shadow restricting his cultivation. If he drew in the power of his Nascent Soul, then even more of his Nascent Soul would be absorbed.

Yi Qing had experienced its power and wholeheartedly wanted to save Yi Feng, but now that Huo Yu had four demon cores, her strength has also increased by leaps and bounds. Even if she couldn't beat Yi Qing, restraining her wasn't a problem!

Of course, Cheng Yu wouldn't miss such a good opportunity. The current Yi Feng was like a tiger whose teeth had been pulled out. Besides dodging, he had no strength to fight back.

If you kill my woman, you will all die. Primordius Thousand Yuan Slash With a loud shout, Cheng Yu fiercely attacked towards Yi Feng!

Puff. No! After being hit by Cheng Yu's attack, Yi Feng's body was blown away by the wind. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda suddenly exerted its strength and the nascent soul within his body was suddenly pulled out

Anger, unwillingness, and resentment was the last look Yi Feng had when he looked at Cheng Yu. He wasn't defeated by Cheng Yu's strength but by the soul weapon in his hand. Instantly, his body dropped to the ground because of the loss of his Nascent Soul

Senior apprentice brother Seeing this scene, Yi Qing finally panicked. Of the three people present, two of them had already fallen. With her strength alone, it was impossible to deal with him alone. She would definitely die