Godly Student Chapter 505

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Today is the day you will dieCheng Yu gave a loud shout and rushed towards Yi Ning who was using the Green Light Spirit Protection Umbrella to hold back the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Yi Ning was shocked to see Cheng Yu rushing towards him. This was completely different from the situation they were discussing! His mission was to delay this damned tower, but he didn't say that he would have to resist a Cheng Yu

Cheng Yu didn't just directly attack Yi Ning but he also slashed open the Green Light Spiritual Protection Umbrella above Yi Ning's head and suddenly, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda glowed with golden light. Yi Ning felt as if his nascent soul was being held by someone. He was extremely shocked. He hurriedly used his mental cultivation method to stabilize his nascent soul

He believed that as long as he could persevere for a while longer, his seniors would definitely come to rescue him. But now, Yi Feng and Yi Qing were entangled by a large number of vines and there was even a large bird causing trouble at the side. This caused them to be endlessly annoyed

Although Yi Feng and the others had the strength of Nascent Soul stage cultivators, these vines were abnormally tough. Even their auras could not be shaken, they needed special magical treasures.

Although Yi Qing's Vermillion Bird Sword was able to cut through the vines, it still required a martial technique. As soon as she wanted to use a martial technique, Huo Yu started attacking ferociously. Yi Qing was helpless as her Vermillion Bird Sword ignited with red True Qi.

This way, although she could not directly destroy the vines, at least she no longer needed to worry about being entangled by the vines.

That damned magic beast!Although the two of them were no longer entangled by the vines, Huo Yu continued attacking them from the sides, causing a great deal of trouble. It was very easy for Huo Yu to stop the two of them from thinking about helping out.

Yi Ning was in danger of falling at any moment. Yi Feng was extremely anxious. He held his long sword in one hand and fiercely attacked Huo Yu.

On the other hand, Huo Yu was quite loyal. Having received her master's order to stall the two people, she didn't retreat even if she couldn't beat them. Although Huo Yu's late stage Gold Core stage was comparable to the strength of an early Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, it was still an extremely difficult task for her to handle a late stage Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.

Yi Feng's sword sent Huo Yu flying. Huo Yu somersaulted a few times and then came to block him. This made Yi Feng extremely angry!

Senior apprentice-brother, save me!Yi Ning felt his Nascent Soul was slowly rising up and now it had reached his chest. He was covered in cold sweat and was so scared that his face turned pale. He called for help to Yi Feng

You killed my woman. Today, I'm going to completely absorb your Nascent Soul and soul. I'm going to make you disappear from this world, unable to be reincarnatedCheng Yu thought about how Ye Qian had been killed with just one palm from him. He could not let out the grief in his heart and spoke with a ferocious expression.

Cheng Yu. No, I didn't mean to. Let me goHe felt as if his nascent soul was about to reach his head. When he heard that Cheng Yu wanted to absorb his soul and prevent him from reincarnating, he could no longer stand up and loudly begged for mercy

Bang! At this moment, the effect of Cheng Yu's' Green God's Awakening all came to an end, and all the vines suddenly retreated back to the ground. Yi Feng and Yi Qing rushed over as soon as they were free

Ji!Huo Yu somersaulted and desperately blocked in front of the two

Since you want to die so much. Then you can dieYi Feng roared in anger. His long sword immediately turned into a hundred-meter long sword that fell from the sky, chopping down towards Huo Y!

The wings of Huo Yu contracted, turning into a hard shield. Bang! But the power of this sword attack was tremendous; it wasn't something that Huo Yu could block. The shield had been broken.

Ji!Huo Yu screamed as she fell to the ground

Huo Yu!He had already lost Ye Qian, he couldn't lose Huo Yu too. After diving down, he went to go save Huo Yu

However, how could Yi Feng let Cheng Yu succeed? He swung the sword in his hand and he chanted an incantation as the long sword flew down towards Cheng Yu.

Yi Feng also practiced the art of sword control but it was clear that Yi Feng's sword control was much stronger than the original Kunlun's Yu Fan's sword control technique

Yi Feng was fighting with Cheng Yu, while Yi Qing rushed towards Yi Ning

Senior Sister. Save meYi Ning was overjoyed to see Yi Qing rushing towards him. At this time, half of his nascent soul had already been sucked out of his head.

Phoenix's Rebirth!Yi Qing made a seal with her right hand and the Vermillion Bird Sword appeared. A fiery red Vermillion Bird flew into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda with a cry

Whiz!The Soul Suppressing Pagoda's body flashed with a golden light, blocking this fiery red Vermillion Bird. Yi Ning's nascent soul flew out from his head and was instantly sucked into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Ahh!Yi Ning screamed loudly. When his nascent soul was lost, his entire body fell from the sky to the ground. Yi Qing was shocked as she did not expect the golden pagoda to be so tyrannical. Not only could it forcefully absorb a cultivator's source spirit, but its defense was also so strong.

She dove down to catch Yi Ning who had fallen down. Although his nascent soul had been sucked away and he was basically a cripple, he was still a member of the Mysterious Sky Sect. He still had to go back.

Whiz!However, when Yi Qing returned to the ground after catching Yi Ning, she felt that the bright moonlight was blocked by something. She raised her head and a dangerous aura fell from the sky.

The Soul Suppressing Pagoda turned into a giant pagoda and pressed down on the two of them

Yi Qing was shocked. She held Yi Ning and quickly ran away

BOOM! The Soul Suppressing Pagoda landed on the ground, creating a huge crater. Yi Feng, who was fighting with Cheng Yu in the distance, was startled. However, seeing that Yi Qing and Yi Ning were not suppressed, he heaved a sigh of relief

Junior Sister. Join hands with me and kill him firstAfter fighting with Cheng Yu for a while, Yi Feng felt that this little brat was very strange. In the past, although this little brat's strength was not bad and even after exploding, his strength was still at the mid Nascent Soul stage.

But today, he discovered that this fellow's strength seemed to have increased by a great deal. Although it was still inferior to him, Yi Feng also felt that it was impossible to kill him with just his own strength.

Yi Qing also knew that this was the best option. They had to kill Cheng Yu quickly and decisively. After letting go of Yi Ning who had fainted because of his lost Nascent Soul, she rushed towards Cheng Yu and Yi Feng

In fact, what Yi Feng and the others didn't know was that although Cheng Yu and Lan Ya's dual cultivation had caused his cultivation to increase yet again, this bit of improvement was truly insignificant.

Being able to fight against Yi Feng like this is because of his six golden cores. Right now, he was barely able to fight against Yi Feng.

If he added Yi Qing into the mix, he really wouldn't be able to hold them off, but fortunately, there was Soul Suppressor there. Although he couldn't suppress two people, he could still suppress one. As long as he could suppress one, the other one can't escape

Phoenix's Rebirth!Yi Qing saw that the two of them were engaged in an intense battle and casted her martial technique.

Fleeting StrikeSeeing that his Junior Sister had come to assist him, Yi Feng was overjoyed. He took advantage of the gap between Yi Qing's moves and pointed his long sword forward. His True Qi turned into a sword as he sliced through the air towards Cheng Yu.

Bang! Under the joint attack of these two people, Cheng Yu was immediately defeated and was sent flying

Exquisite Cauldron!Seeing Yi Qing taking advantage of his victory to chase after him, Cheng Yu shouted and the Exquisite Cauldron flew out of Cheng Yu's body and crashed into Yi Qing

Soul SuppressorCheng Yu steadied his retreating body, blocked Yi Feng, who wanted to rush forward and join hands with Yi Qing, and then summoned the Soul Suppressing Orb to suppress Yi Qing

The Soul Suppressing Golden light flashed as Yi Qing was enveloped by the golden light. She immediately felt her Nascent Soul surging in an abnormal way. She actually felt like it was going to break out of her body. She was terrified

It was no wonder that Yi Ning's nascent soul was sucked away and Yi Feng was also wary of this golden pagoda. She hadn't thought that this pagoda would have such a powerful suction force; even a late Nascent Soul stage cultivator couldn't withstand such a suction force.

When the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was charging through Kunlun, it had suppressed quite a few Nascent Soul Cultivators. In the end, even the mid Nascent Soul stage Yu Fan's nascent soul was being shaken. After the Soul Suppressing Orb refined their Nascent Souls, it naturally had the ability to suppress the late Nascent Soul stage

In the past, because Cheng Yu's cultivation level had been reduced and because Cheng Yu did not have a Gold Core. The Soul Suppressing Orb's power had been greatly restricted and could not be used.

However, Cheng Yu had regained his strength and has six golden cores. As his strength multiplied, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda became like a flood that had broken through a dam. With its violent explosion, its suppressing ability naturally changed by leaps and bounds.

Although Yi Qing was shocked by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda's power, she was still a late Nascent Soul stage master of the Mysterious Sky Sect. She circulated her mental cultivation method to suppress her Nascent Soul and was about to kill Cheng Yu.

Whiz!Cheng Yu was in the middle of an intense battle with Yi Feng when a Vermillion Bird flew over from behind him. Cheng Yu dodged it but was cut by Yi Feng's sword, causing the blood in his chest to surge and churn endlessly.

However, Yi Qing wasn't any better off because no matter how she tried to escape, she was always surrounded by the Soul Suppressing Orb and her attack just now had used the power of her Nascent Soul.

Yi Qing's forehead was covered in cold sweat. She was scared because after being suppressed by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, she couldn't freely use her Nascent Soul.

However, now that she was using her cultivation technique, she couldn't even push her nascent soul back into her dantian. This made her anxious and her face turned ugly

Junior Sister. Help me out againOn the other side, after being wounded by Yi Qing's sneak attack, Cheng Yu was somewhat weak and was forced to retreat. However, Yi Feng was still not able to kill him so he hoped that Yi Qing could help him again

However, Yi Qing knew that she was in trouble and she couldn't protect herself. If she used the power of her Nascent Soul, it was very likely that her Nascent Soul would be sucked away by the golden pagoda. However, if she didn't use the power of her Nascent Soul, it wouldn't pose any threat to Cheng Yu

Looking at Cheng Yu being seriously injured by Yi Feng, Yi Qing hardened her heart. As long as she could take care of Cheng Yu, she would be able to subdue this pagoda.

Thus, she took out a red bead. Although she was reluctant, she still put it in her mouth and suddenly, a fiery red light flashed across Yi Qing's body and the nascent soul in her body returned to her dantian