Godly Student Chapter 504

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This is bad! Just as Cheng Yu was indulging in his thoughts, he suddenly felt three familiar powerful auras coming from afar. He said urgently, Are you done yet? Come out quickly

What's wrong? Just wait a little longer Ye Qian said indifferently. Girls were always more troublesome than men.

I have to do something real quick. Stay here and don't come out! Seeing that the three figures had already flown over, Cheng Yu hurriedly dashed towards the tent.

Hey, Cheng Yu Seeing Cheng Yu suddenly disappear like a ghost, Ye Qian was terrified.

In the sky, a sword shadow was flying towards the tent. The Exquisite Cauldron shot out from Cheng Yu's body and quickly blocked the sword shadow.

BOOM! A loud sound rang out in the sky, scaring everyone inside the tent to death

What's going on? What's happening? Fatty jumped up from the ground in shock and quickly scuttled out of the tent

Oh my god. I'm not dreaming am I? I see an immortal However, when they came out of their tents and saw the few people standing in the sky, they were so scared that they did even prostrate themselves on the ground

This... Cheng Yu is also a god? Yuan Yuan said with a surprised expression as she watched Cheng Yu majestically float in the air.

Even if they saw it with their own eyes, both Fatty and Yuan Yuan couldn't believe that this was real. Although Fatty had once seen the extraordinary skills of Cheng Yu being able to split the long table with a single palm but seeing him floating in the air, Fatty was extremely excited after a short period of shock.

So his boss really was a god. This was simply the work of the ancestors!.He had found a god to be his boss

It's not an Immortal. It's an enemy Although Lin Yuhan's cultivation was not high, she could already feel the dangerous aura. The powerful aura made her feel extremely terrified. If not for Cheng Yu blocking for them in the sky, they would really be lying on the ground, unable to wake up forever.

Haha. Cheng Yu, I bet you probably didn't think it would be us again Yi Ning looked at Cheng Yu and laughed.

Originally, Yi Feng and the others had been looking for an opportunity to lead Cheng Yu to a distant place, in case the mysterious Spirit Severing Stage expert was next to him and provided assistance. However, they heard from their subordinate that Cheng Yu had left early in the morning to travel.

Hearing this news, the three were overjoyed. An opportunity had come. Although the Cloud Peak Mountain was only a few minutes away from Central City, as long as they were fast and swift enough, they should be able to take care of it

Humph! You guys are really haunting me like ghosts. Since that's the case, don't think about leaving today Cheng Yu was a little worried for the people below. He actually wanted to bring them into the Mountain River Diagram, but these three fellows surrounded him in a triangular fashion, clearly refusing to give him the chance

Haha. I'm afraid the one who can't leave today is you. No wonder you are unwilling to return to the cultivation world while hiding in this mortal world. There are a lot of women around you, it seems that you really like her Yi Ning looked at the three people on the ground and saw Lin Yuhan's face. He immediately knew it was Cheng Yu's woman and envied his luck. His expression then turned cold, and he sent a palm towards her

Lin Yuhan looked at the palm and was shocked. With her power, she could not dodge it

Cheng Yu's expression changed drastically as he quickly shot out the Exquisite Cauldron. However, at this time, a slim figure suddenly ran out from the darkness and stood in front of Lin Yuhan

No Upon seeing the figure, Cheng Yu's pupils constricted as he shouted.

Cheng Yu's Exquisite Cauldron was first blocked by the empty palm, then the Exquisite Cauldron was blown away, the remaining energy still striking the delicate figure that was rushing out.

Puff! The palm attack arrived and the figure was like a kite with its string cut. Hot blood spilled all over the beautiful night sky.

Ye Qian! Cheng Yu slashed open the triangular attack and arrived in front of the shadow on the ground. As he looked at Ye Qian who was covered in blood, his eyes reddened and he shouted in pain.

Quickly use the divine water! At this moment, the voice of Soul Suppressor came from Cheng Yu's mind.

Only then did Cheng Yu think about giving the Divine Water to Ye Qian to drink, but at this moment, blood kept flowing out of Ye Qian's mouth and she couldn't drink at all.

Ye Qian, hold on! Cheng Yu's True Qi was rushing towards Ye Qian.

Attack! At this time, Yi Feng and the others in the sky looked at each other and the three of them immediately began attacking Cheng Yu.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Suddenly, two shadows emerged from Cheng Yu's body, one golden and one red, they were the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and Huo Yu. Now that Huo Yu had advanced to the late stage of the Gold Core stage, the fiery red feathers on her body also began to shine with a faint golden light.

A magic beast! The three of them were shocked when their attacks were blocked. Looking at the gigantic golden-red fire bird, they were extremely shocked. They didn't expect that Cheng Yu would have another Gold Core stage demonic beast.

However, they did not place this bird in their eyes. After all, the bird was only a mere Gold Core stage magic beast

On the ground, Lin Yuhan's face still had blood spurted out from Ye Qian's mouth. The attack just now happened too fast, causing her to freeze and stare blankly at the girl who vomited blood in Cheng Yu's arms. She didn't expect that this girl who she had always rejected would use her life to save hers.

Now that she had become like this, Lin Yuhan's eyes instantly turned blurry.

Ye Qian, be good and drink this medicine The True Qi within Cheng Yu's body rushed into Ye Qian's body without caring for his life. However, he could still feel that her life force was quickly disappearing, the blood in her mouth was still flowing and the divine water could not be absorbed no matter what. Cheng Yu's heart felt like he was being cut by blades, his voice was choked with emotion.

He had saved so many dying people, but he couldn't even save his own woman

Cheng Yu, it's useless. To be able to see you crying for me.... I feel that I am very fortunate Ye Qian raised her hand gently and caught the tears that fell from Cheng Yu's face as she spoke with a smile.

Ye Qian's smile was very beautiful but every time Cheng Yu saw her smile at him, his heart hurt

Idiot, real happiness is yet to come. Rest assured, I will definitely help you recover. We will all live for a hundred years Cheng Yu held Ye Qian's hand as the True Qi from his body rushed into her body.

Seeing that Ye Qian's mouth finally stopped bleeding, Cheng Yu quickly fed her some Divine Water. However, Ye Qian did not show any signs of recovering and her face became even more pale.

Cheng Yu, I really like you. Can you kiss me... Seeing that Cheng Yu was so worried for her, Ye Qian felt very satisfied and said as she raised her hand to caress Cheng Yu's face.

Cheng Yu did not know why Ye Qian's body was like this. Looking at Ye Qian's expectant gaze, his heart ached as he lightly kissed her forehead

Pow! Ye Qian's hand fell off Cheng Yu's face

Tears flowed down Cheng Yu's face and fell onto Ye Qian's face. He looked at the girl who had loved him for three years and painstakingly chased him from the capital all the way to Yunhai to be his girlfriend who will now fall into eternal slumber

Lin Yuhan, Yuan Yuan, and Fatty all stood quietly by her side with tears streaming down their faces. No one dared to disturb the two of them who were hugging each other. At this moment, Lin Yuhan no longer had any feelings of dissatisfaction, only a deep sense of guilt.

Cheng Yu wiped the tears from his eyes and held Ye Qian in his arms. His eyes were filled with a terrifying blood-red color

Cheng Yu Seeing Cheng Yu like this, Lin Yuhan was so scared that she retreated two steps

I'll send you to my magic treasure first! Cheng Yu indifferently said and sent Ye Qian and the others into the Mountain and River Diagram with a wave of his hand.

Seeing Huo Yu being attacked by Yi Feng and Yi Qing, Cheng Yu took out Green God's Awakening and quickly flew up.

Twin Dragon! With a loud shout from Cheng Yu, two green dragon shadows flew out from the Green God's Awakening, flying towards Yi Feng and Yi Qing

The two of them were preparing to kill the magic beast but when they saw the two green dragons roaring at them, they were shocked and quickly dodged

BOOM! The two of them set up a huge blue barrier and two loud noises were heard. The two of them were blown back. They looked at each other in shock. Although these two giant dragons were not as powerful as the last time, their might was not to be underestimated.

Seeing the terrifying look in his eyes, the two of them felt that they had underestimated this man. They had originally thought that his previous move was a life-saving measure and that it would make him extremely exhausted and receive a backlash.

But now, this move clearly didn't have much of an impact on him. If he could continuously attack then it seemed that their efforts would be in vain this time.

Huo Yu, it's been hard on you. Thank you for your help Cheng Yu came to Huo Yu's side and threw a few bottles of God's Divine water into its mouth, patting its large body.

Huo Yu swallowed the divine water, nodded her head and stood aside.

Today, all of you will die! Cheng Yu coldly looked at them!

Humph. Let's not talk too much about who will be the one to die. It is still unclear who will be the one to die today However, he really didn't dare to be too careless. Cheng Yu's fighting powers was actually not lower than his.

This was truly unbelievable. Could it be that in such a short period of time, this brat had increased his cultivation level yet again? This was too exaggerated!

Then die Cheng Yu gave a loud shout and the green light on his body formed a circle. Then, the green light spread out from the Green God's Awakening Domain.

The surrounding trees seemed to be as vibrant as it is in the spring as countless green vines began to grow out of them. The entire forest seemed to have turned into a sea of green vines as it rushed towards the three people in the sky

Afterwards, Cheng Yu didn't attack Yi Feng and Yi Qing. Instead, he changed his direction and rushed towards Yi Ning and Soul Suppressing Pagoda

Stop him! Yi Feng saw through Cheng Yu's intention and his face changed. He waved his hand to cut open the vines wrapped around his body and was about to intercept Cheng Yu

Ji! An enormous figure suddenly appeared in front of Yi Feng and Yi Qing, causing them to be blown back

You will die today Cheng Yu gave a loud shout and rushed towards Yi Ning who was using the Green Light Spirit Protection Umbrella to hold back the Soul Suppressing Pagoda