Godly Student Chapter 503

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For people who had lived in the city since they were young, being able to be in nature was not an easy matter. Thus, they were very excited to be in such a beautiful place.

Although it was already late autumn, it was fortunate that Yunhai was located in the southern part of China. The current weather wasn't too cold so wearing a sweater was very comfortable.

The creek was not big, it was only about two to three meters wide, and Fatty directly jumped into the stream with his pants up and yelled that he wanted to eat crab but Yuan Yuan actually wanted him to catch some fish. This was tough for Fatty, catching fish with his little experience was not easy at all

Han Han, are you still angry? Looking at the two people playing in the distance, Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan who was silently sitting beside him and laughed.

Who's angry with you? Lin Yuhan pouted.

Hehe, I knew that Han Han was the most reasonable person. Ye Qian really had blisters on her feet. If you don't believe me, look. Ye Qian, take off your shoes and socks Cheng Yu said to Ye Qian.

Humph! Who wants to see the soles of her feet. What do you want me to do? Lin Yuhan twitched her eyes and pouted at Cheng Yu, but out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Ye Qian taking off her shoes and socks.

Ugh! However, when Ye Qian took off her shoes and socks, the soles of her feet were completely spotless. Where would the blisters be?

Humph! Where are the blisters? Lin Yuhan was furious.

Uh, didn't I give her medicine? You know, my medicine is very effective so it should be fine after such a long time Cheng Yu laughed embarrassedly, he thought that it would take some time before she could recover, so he let Lin Yuhan have a look, but he never thought that she would have already recovered

In any case, you're the one who said all these. I can't be bothered with you! Lin Yuhan did not doubt Cheng Yu's words at all. She was only doing it for Ye Qian to know that she was Cheng Yu's girlfriend

Seeing Lin Yuhan run away, Cheng Yu was too lazy to chase her and directly laid on the grass. He hadn't enjoyed the embrace of nature after a long time.

Aren't you going to explain it to her? Ye Qian said apologetically.

It's fine, she will understand! Cheng Yu said indifferently as he looked at the drifting clouds in the sky.

You're really different from before! Ye Qian sat beside Cheng Yu and said.

How am I different?

In the past, you wouldn't care about the feelings of others, much less about a woman!

Are you saying that I didn't care about you before?

This is the truth! Ye Qian pouted.

Then why are you looking for me in Yunhai? Actually, Cheng Yu was quite curious as well. The previous Cheng Yu was even more of a bastard than he was but this woman still liked him so wholeheartedly.

Do you need a reason to like someone? I am a traditional person, we are all like that. I want to always be by your side Ye Qian said with a red face.

Shh! You mustn't tell anyone about this. Otherwise, I really won't be able to wash myself even if I jump into the Yellow River. Hearing that Ye Qian said that, Cheng Yu quickly looked at Lin Yuhan and the others in the distance and stopped Ye Qian's words.

But we were already like that. I even knocked out the child for you. When Ye Qian heard Cheng Yu's words, it was as if she wrongly accused him. She immediately felt wronged in her heart.

Ugh... This... I didn't say that I won't admit it but since it's already been so long, let's not talk about it anymore. Cheng Yu said dejectedly.

This matter really wasn't done by him but by that bastard from before. What does this have to do with him? Cheng Yu thought gloomily. If it wasn't for the fact that they both had the same body, he wouldn't have bore this responsibility even if he is beaten to death.

Then what do I need to do in order for you to accept me? You promised me before. As long as I don't cause trouble between you and Lin Yuhan, I can be your girlfriend. Ye Qian said.

Ugh... This... Cheng Yu hesitated, he didn't have time to think about these things right now.

If you want to go back on your word, then I will also go back on my word! Ye Qian pouted. Since you won't accept me, then I'll just stir up trouble between the two of you every day.

Don't be in such a hurry. I'm like a mudskipper crossing the river. Just wait a bit, I'm really busy these days. I finally have some time to come out and take a break so please spare me Cheng Yu said helplessly.

Kunlun and the Mysterious Sky Sect are still thinking of ways to split him into pieces so how could he be in the mood to find a woman? It is basically asking for trouble

Then how long do you think it will take? Ye Qian said in dissatisfaction.

Uh, this... Maybe very soon, maybe a little longer Cheng Yu said.

How long is that!?

Uh.... A long time

You're obviously just being half hearted with me! Ye Qian was unhappy.

How could that be? Didn't I promise you? It's just that the time is not ripe yet. I'll definitely let you be my girlfriend after a while, okay? Cheng Yu said.

Okay but it cannot be too long

Alright It looked like he had to think of a way to get rid of those fellows from the Mysterious Sky Sect. As long as they stayed in Yunhai for another day, he wouldn't feel safe.

The sky gradually darkened. When the three of them came back, they were carrying a bag of crabs with them.

Hehe, boss, let's eat grilled crab tonight. Look at how many crabs I've caught Fatty said excitedly.

Didn't you go to catch fish? Where's the fish? Cheng Yu looked at the crab in his bag. He really didn't think much of it. It was nothing compared to those big crabs sold in the market. The biggest crabs were not even the size of a palm.

Hehe, there's fish in there, but the river isn't big so there aren't many big fish! Fatty said with a smile.

Obviously, you were the one who was stupid. A lot of big fishes were let go! Yuan Yuan said snappily.

Damn, what kind of fish is this? It's basically a baby fish Cheng Yu scooped up a small fish about the size of a loach and was speechless.

Hehe, I'm good at catching crabs though. Crabs are very tasty. Isn't it the same if we buy a few big fish to eat when we get back? Fatty laughed.

In the end, during the barbecue that night, all the crabs were left to Fatty. As for the others, they were all staring at the delicacies on Cheng Yu's body!

Boss, what meat is that? I didn't see you hunting. Did you buy it this morning? When Fatty saw that the meat Cheng Yu took out was fresh, he asked curiously.

Of course I have my ways and today, I will let you experience something amazing. This is the real delicacy. You wouldn't be able to buy this even if you had money Cheng Yu smiled.

What Cheng Yu took out was the meat of a Level 7 Magical Beast, Storm Lion that he hunted in the cultivation world. This kind of meat of a high level Magical Beast was very precious even in the cultivation world so it was naturally hard to find in the mortal world.

It smells so good! Boss, I can't hold it in any longer Fatty said while wiping his saliva.

I almost forgot to tell you. I only have enough for the four of us here. Don't you have the crabs? That big bag of crabs is enough for you to eat. Cheng Yu smiled.

No way! Boss, how can this work? How about you guys eat less and I'll share some of the crabs with you? Fatty widened his eyes.

Don't even think about it! Yuan Yuan took the piece of meat and looked at Fatty contemptuously.

Enough. This is your Cheng Yu finished splitting the meat, and when he saw Fatty's eager expression, he tore another piece off and gave it to him.

Hehe, I knew the boss wouldn't be so ruthless. Mm, the meat is delicious. With this meat, the crabs will be tasteless Fatty said as he ate the meat in his hand.

Even if it tastes good, stop talking and just eat

Hehe, boss, what kind of meat is this? I've never had anything like this before Fatty wolfed down the meat on his hands as he spoke.

Lion meat!

Lion meat? Boss, lions are animals protected by the country, killing lions is against the law Fatty was stunned. He never thought that this would be lion meat. However, this meat was really very delicious

Don't worry about it. If you're afraid of breaking the law, then don't eat it Cheng Yu said snappily.

Hehe, since others don't know, we might as well eat it. This is the first time that I knew that lion meat actually tastes like this. It's so delicious. Ah... boss, if you sell this meat at sister-in-law's store, it will definitely be very popular Fatty suddenly said.

Un, that makes sense. I should add this to the menu. 5000 per dish Cheng Yu felt that Fatty's idea was not bad. In any case, his interspatial ring had plenty of magical beast meat so he could still accept the limited edition version.

Five... Five thousand? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, everyone nearly spat out blood. This was basically daylight robbery

Tsk, is it a lot? If it's any less, I don't want to sell it. Cheng Yu said without thinking much of it. You can't even buy something like this with money, so what if it's 5000 yuan a dish?

If everyone could afford it then where would Cheng Yu get so much meat? This thing would only be sold once a month and it could also increase the fame of the Immortal Food's Restaurant, causing people to constantly think about the monthly golden feast of the deities

The few of them chatted as they ate. Unknowingly, it was already past ten o'clock. Looking at the dark surroundings and the owl hooting frequently in the distance, a few of them started to get scared.

Yuhan, how about we sleep together tonight Yuan Yuan felt a chill on her body, she looked at Lin Yuhan and said and then the two of them went into the tent.


Hey, don't look at me, I'm not used to sleeping with men Seeing Fatty's pitiful gaze, Cheng Yu rejected and said to Ye Qian, You should go to sleep too. There's nothing to be afraid of


After sitting in meditation for ale, Cheng Yu realized that there was a person pacing back and forth outside his tent

What's wrong? Cheng Yu opened the zipper of the tent and asked as he looked at Ye Qian who had a worried expression.

I... I want to go to the toilet. I'm scared to go by myself, could you accompany me there? Ye Qian said in embarrassment.

En! Cheng Yu nodded and didn't say anything as he directly came out of the tent.

Stay here and don't leave. You're not allowed to look behind The two of them walked for dozens of meters until they reached a pile of grass. Ye Qian said with a red face. Although it was already dark, Cheng Yu could see everything clearly. He smiled and turned around.

This is bad! With Cheng Yu's sensitive six senses, he could clearly hear the clear sound of flowing water. While Cheng Yu was daydreaming, he suddenly felt three shocking auras shooting over from the distance. His face immediately changed.