Godly Student Chapter 502

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It's nothing. If you're in a hurry, go up first. I'm in no hurry. I can just slowly go up by myself. Ye Qian smiled and said.

Did you twist your foot? Let me help you take a look. Cheng Yu wasn't an idiot. With such a weird way of walking, even a blind person could tell that something was wrong with her foot. [TN: Uhhhh.... No they can't, unless its from the sound of her walking]

No. I'm really fine. You can go first. Seeing that Cheng Yu was still concerned about her. Ye Qian was already very happy in her heart.

No you're not, we are only a quarter of the way there and with the way you're walking, you won't reach the top until tommorow Cheng Yu helped Ye Qian to sit on a big rock by the side of the mountain path. He pulled up the corner of her pants without saying anything.

Hmm. There really isn't any sprain. Cheng Yu said as he looked at his white and smooth ankle.

I'm really fine. Hurry up. Otherwise, they would be worried. Cheng Yu held her foot in public, causing the surrounding tourists to look at them. Ye Qian felt both sweet and embarrassed and she quickly put down her pants and stood up.

So it's really nothing Seeing that Ye Qian did not want to let him see it. He didn't say anything else either.


Then let's go up the mountain. Cheng Yu said.

You... you go first. I want to rest a bit more. Ye Qian said in embarrassment.

What? You're so scared to be with me. Didn't you say you wanted to be with me? Are you regretting it? Cheng Yu said.

No.. I.., I just... Ye Qian said anxiously.

It's just that your feet hurts a lot right? Cheng Yu said snappily.

Ye Qian looked up, her face turned red. She knew that he had already seen through it. She nodded slightly and replied, Yes.

Tell me about it. What exactly is going on? Cheng Yu asked.

I've got blisters on my feet. Ye Qian said in embarrassment.

Let me take a look. Cheng Yu squatted down again. He picked up Ye Qian's foot, took off her shoes and socks.

There were indeed a few large blisters under her pure white feet. Upon seeing this, Cheng Yu's heart ached.

It's already like this, why don't you say anything? Cheng Yu said. Now that there are so many people here, it would be difficult for him to use his True Qi. He could only take out the divine water and give it to Ye Qian to drink.

What is this? Ye Qian sniffed. What a fresh smell.

It's a good thing. It'll be fine after a while. Cheng Yu said as he put on her shoes and socks again. This potion will take some time to cure you of the blisters. I'll carry you up.

No need. I can wait. Ye Qian said with a red face.

Enough. Come up. Weren't you quite bold last time? When I didn't want you to hug me, you just hugged me. Now that I want you to hug me, you are quite stubborn. Cheng Yu said as he bent over with his back towards Ye Qian.

Ye Qian was overjoyed. She quickly climbed onto Cheng Yu's back. Her hands were tightly wrapped around Cheng Yu's neck.

Even though Cheng Yu's body was full of things. However, it was still very easy for him to carry Ye Qian. This made the men and women around them feel envious. This bro's strength was not just for show.

Look at him. He is carrying so many things on his back, but he was also carrying his girlfriend up the mountain. He didn't even have to take a deep breath. Look at you. We had only taken a few steps but you're already gasping for breath, really useless.

Hubby. Look at how romantic he is. You should carry me up the mountain too. A woman said to the man beside her in a coquettish voice.

As a results. The woman asked her male companion to carry her up the mountain along the way, causing them to hate Cheng Yu to death.

Ye Qian looked around at the envious gazes. She felt very sweet in her heart. She leaned her head against Cheng Yu's back as she quietly listened to his heartbeat. She wished that this moment could become eternal

However, good times don't last long. About half the way. Lin Yuhan's group of three sat in a pavilion and watched the two of them in a daze. Especially Lin Yuhan's face, she was extremely dissatisfied.

Cheng Yu. Put me down. I can walk by myself. Ye Qian also saw Lin Yuhan as she said awkwardly.

Enough. There's nothing to worry about. Since Cheng Yu had decided to accept Ye Qian. He shouldn't be too unfair to her. He carried Ye Qian on his back and walked over.

Yo. You two are so intimate. I knew at the first possible moment that you were purposely messing with me. So you're actually planning on leaving us behind so that you can be intimate with each other. Seeing that the two of them were still hugging each other affectionately, Yuan Yuan said mockingly.

Ye Qian's feet are already blistering. That's why I carried her on my back. Let's keep walking. Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan and explained.

Along the way. The atmosphere became a lot more awkward. Everyone was in a bad mood, especially Lin Yuhan.

I'm sorry. It's all my fault. See the atmosphere change. Ye Qian said softly while she was on Cheng Yu's back.

I'm fine. It has nothing to do with you. It's all my fault. Cheng Yu said.

Around 3 PM in the afternoon, they finally found a spot near the top of the mountain. Looking at the faintly recognizable hills covered in fog, although they were barely able to see the hill but this is also a rare beautiful scene. However, although they were near the top of the mountain, in order to reach the peak, there's still a long way to go.

However, there were no more mountain paths there. Furthermore, tents were not allowed to be set up within the tourist area. If they wanted to camp, they would have to go to a distant mountain peak.

Everyone wanted to relax during the weekend. Coming to this mountaintop to look at the distance was also very beneficial to one's physical and mental health. At the same time, it was also equivalent to tempering their body. Most of the time, they had to reach the top of the mountain and stretch. Everyone played cards, eat some snacks and then go down the mountain.

There were really too few people who wanted to camp on it for the night. At the very least, Cheng Yu and the others only saw one or two people with tents along the way. Although there may be someone else who also wants to camp on the mountain for the night but they did not see them. In any case, there were only five of them here.

Boss. How much further to go? Fatty was big so he was always caught by branches, causing him to be extremely depressed.

I've never been here so how would I know? We need to eat. We should at least find a water source. Cheng Yu said.

I found it online. There's a stream just two kilometers inside. Yuan Yuan said. Lin Yuhan was not in a good mood so she could no longer be angry with Fatty.

Two kilometers. We've only walked a few hundred meters. Oh my god. Fatty wailed.

Cheng Yu saw that Lin Yuhan was depressed. He wanted to go with her but when he arrived by her side, Lin Yuhan sped up. Cheng Yu was also extremely helpless.

Boss. Now it's your turn to be tragic. Fatty walked over and said with a smile.

Tsk. If I hadn't made such a huge sacrifice. Do you think that Yuan Yuan will treat you well? Cheng Yu said snappily.

Hehe. That's true. Hey, Ye Qian, is your feet really blistering? Fatty looked at Ye Qian who was on Cheng Yu's back and said.

Yes. Ye Qian nodded in embarrassment.

Boss. You're the man. Sister-in-law is so reasonable. Since she can your other girlfriends. I believed that she can also accept Ye Qian. Sigh. Boss, you can enjoy the happiness of having two wives Fatty laughed and said.

Scram. Cheng Yu really wanted to kick this fellow down the mountain.

Got it, got it. There really is a stream ahead. 40 minutes later. Yuan Yuan happily shouted at the front.

Ah! Boos, we finally arrived, hurry up. Seeing the destination was just ahead. He was extremely excited and he immediately charged forward.

Are you hungry? Cheng Yu gently turned his head and asked. However, Ye Qian was asking the same question at the same time. The two of them were stunned.

Yes. A little. Ye Qian's heart was beating rapidly as she said nervously. Even though she already had some physical contact with Cheng Yu a few years ago. However, when she met Cheng Yu once again. The two of them seemed to have started anew. It gave her a feeling of returning to her first love with him.

It's a little fragrant. Cheng Yu suddenly said.

What? Ye Qian did not understand.

Your mouth. It was a little fragrant. It's just too fast. Cheng Yu said hesitantly.

Ugh. Ye Qian did not expect him to be talking about this. Her face instantly flushed red but in her heart, she was very happy.

After they found a spacious spot, he put everything down. Green mountains and verdant waters, it is a great place and they were just in time to see the sunset.

You guys should eat something first. Cheng Yu took out the snacks from his bag and poured them on the ground. He dragged Fatty to set up the tent.

Boss. Can't you let me eat my fill as well before I start working? Fatty said as he took a few bites of the potato chips.

You only know how to eat. It is time to lose weight. Otherwise, Yuan Yuan won't want you anymore.

Hehe. Yuan Yuan said she doesn't mind me being fat. Fatty said proudly.

Women these days don't have that much standards You're lucky to be born in the right time. Cheng Yu smiled.

Hehe. Boss. I've never set up a tent. How are we supposed to deal with this? Fatty opened up a tent to look around and said with a troubled expression.

I'm fine by myself. You can stay outside with Yuan Yuan and watch the moon.

Yeah. Boss. It is a good idea... I can watch the moon with her at night. Fatty laughed.

Hur hur. However, I want to tell you. Yuan Yuan can enter Yuhan's tent but you can't go into my tent. If you want to be romantic, make your own tent Cheng Yu smiled.

Ah! Then I'll do it. If he knew earlier, he would have bought two tents. You, sister-in-law and Ye Qian share a tent and I share the same tent as Yuan Yuan. Heh heh. Fatty laughed.

Haha. My tent is ready. One hour later. Fatty loudly shouted.

Haha. Cheng Yu and the other three sat in front of the grill and looked at Fatty's tent. He immediately smiled.

Fatty. Is this a steamed bun? Why does it look so much more like a coarse bread. Cheng Yu looked at the tent and laughed.

Hehe, It's my first time. It's hard to avoid some mistakes. Fatty laughed awkwardly.

It's only for one night so it's good enough. Come and eat. Cheng Yu said without thinking much of it.