Godly Student Chapter 501

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Boss, aren't we just watching the sunrise? Why are we choosing such a tall mountain? Why don't we find a smaller one? The mountain is too tall and will block the sun. Fatty said with a bitter face.

Can this mountain even be taller than the sun? If you don't want to go up there, that's fine too. You can set up a tent at the foot of the mountain but first, you have to ask Yuan Yuan if she's willing to watch the sunrise with you at the foot of the mountain Cheng Yu said with a smile as he carried a pile of things up the stone steps

Who's willing to watch the sunrise together with him? You don't even have that much perseverance. Who can count on you in the future? Shame on you! Yuan Yuan looked at Fatty and said.

Yuan Yuan, for you, I can endure it no matter how bitter it is! Fatty shouted and walked up the mountain with big steps.

Hehe, Yuan Yuan, look, Fatty is really interested in you. Just forgive him. I was just joking last time, don't blame him Cheng Yu really hoped that Fatty would be able to find the person he liked.

Although Yuan Yuan's mouth was a little bit venomous, she was still a good person and with a little fat on her face, it made her look cute. Besides, although her body wasn't as slim as Lin Yuhan's, it wasn't bad, or perhaps it could be said that she was a little fatter than Lin Yuhan but she definitely wouldn't look fat.

Humph. You still dare to say it, it's all because of you. If I want to blame someone, I'll blame you Although Yuan Yuan didn't dislike Cheng Yu as much as before, she still didn't give Cheng Yu any face.

Since you know it's my fault, why are you still angry at Fatty? Cheng Yu said.

Because I can, hmph Yuan Yuan pouted and said.

Cheng Yu was stunned. Women are indeed unreasonable animals. Forget it, it was better to let Fatty handle it himself. He was not in a good situation either. The two women beside him could be said to be having an undercurrent.

Ye Qian was fine because she had an agreement with Cheng Yu but Lin Yuhan was obviously wary of Ye Qian. However, she had no choice but to let the situation take its course.

In fact, it wasn't as if there weren't any like Cheng Yu and the others who were preparing to camp in the mountains but there weren't many of them. As they climbed up the mountain, they saw people carrying tents and things up the mountains like them.

People living in the city lacked exercise. Many of them came to climb the mountain on weekends. However, most of them were tired and out of breath before they had even climbed up the mountain. This showed just how weak their physiques were.

Cheng Yu shook his head. He really wanted to set up a stall and sell some pills. He believed that these people would definitely rush to buy them. However, he was not in need of money as of now.

Boss, let's take a rest as well. Yuan Yuan is exhausted! This early in the morning, Fatty was carrying so many things on his back and his whole body was drenched. Although he was tired and out of breath, he was sharp. He didn't say that he was tired, but said that Yuan Yuan was.

Scram. I'm afraid you're the one whos tired Yuan Yuan said without the slightest gratitude, but in reality, she really couldn't take it anymore.

Let's take a break! Cheng Yu looked at the crowd and saw that only he and Lin Yuhan were relaxed, but Lin Yuhan was still sweating.

Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Fatty was relieved of the burden and laid down on a big rock beside the mountain path.

Although Ye Qian was extremely tired, she had to endure it and even Cheng Yu could not stand watching her suffer any longer. He stopped and passed a bottle of water to them.

Yuhan, why do I feel like you're not tired at all? Yuan Yuan drank the water and said curiously to Lin Yuhan.

As for Cheng Yu, this pervert was directly ignored by her. Back then, to make Lin Yuhan happy, he even jumped up to the 6th floor. It was normal for this small mountain to be so easy.

Hehe, maybe it's my body! Lin Yuhan smiled.

In the past, she and her mother both had asthma so how could she be as healthy as she was now?

But now, not only was she able to climb up such a high mountain without panicking, her physical health was also much better than others. This was all thanks to Cheng Yu, if she hadn't met him, her life would have been as painful as ever. Her eyes that looked at Cheng Yu became even sweeter.

Ye Qian looked at the two of them with envy. She kept feeling that the current Cheng Yu was very mysterious and she even felt that Cheng Yu was the reason why Lin Yuhan's body was so good. However, she felt too embarrassed to ask.

She lowered her head and rubbed her feet. In the few years that Cheng Yu had been away from the capital, she had always been very quiet, rarely playing outside, much less climbing the mountain.

Ye Qian saw that everyone was admiring the scenery and listening to the chirping of the birds. She gently turned around and took off her shoes, only to discover that there were two blisters on her feet.

What's wrong? Cheng Yu asked as he saw Ye Qian alone with her back facing the crowd with her head lowered.

It's nothing! Ye Qian panicked and quickly put on her shoes and socks.

Here, eat this Cheng Yu took out a few Vitality Restoration Pills and distributed them.

What is this? It's quite fragrant! Yuan Yuan looked at the red pill in his hand and sniffed it and said.

Look at this mountain path. We haven't even traveled a quarter of the way through and it will take us a whole day until we reach the top at this rate Cheng Yu said.

Eating this stuff can make us fly? You still have to leave by yourself Yuan Yuan said nonchalantly, 'What can such a small pill do?'

Although you won't be able to fly, you won't be as tired as now Cheng Yu said as he looked at Fatty's reluctant expression.

Tsk, if he doesn't want to go, I'll let him stay here for the night Yuan Yuan said.

Who said I don't want to go up? After eating big brother's immortal pills, my entire body is full of energy. Not to mention Cloud Peak Mountain, even if I went there, I wouldn't even gasp for breath Yuan Yuan's words were always very irritating to Fatty. After Fatty swallowed the pill in his hand, he almost became like a carp in a pond. It was unknown whether it was because of Cheng Yu's pills or Yuan Yuan's words.

Alright, we've rested enough. It's time for us to go up the mountain. Otherwise, we will really have to climb the mountain in the dark Cheng Yu said that since they had left early in the morning, they would first purchase the camping materials and food. In addition, the road was quite long and the weekend road was quite congested, so it was already around 12 o'clock when they reached the foot of the mountain.

Boss, your immortal pills are really useful. I feel like I can really walk like the wind now After walking for a while, Fatty felt his body was full of energy as he said excitedly.

It's not that my pill works, it's that your heart is filled with love and you say Yuan Yuan is not the one you love Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Who wants his love! Yuan Yuan curled his lips.

You don't want it? Fatty, it looks like you have to listen to me. Just take the beauty I introduced you to yesterday, That face, that figure, they are all materials for having a son Cheng Yu smiled.

You introduce him to a beauty yesterday? Yuan Yuan said with her eyes wide open.

It was right after we finished dinner. We met at the bar and she's so pretty. I think she's interested in Fatty since she left him her number when she left Cheng Yu casually said.

Fatty Qian/.You went to the bar again Yuan Yuan shouted angrily

Yuan Yuan, you're wrong. The boss is just spouting nonsense. I've always been following your orders and haven't been to the bar for so long Fatty shouted his injustice.

Humph. Who would believe you. Don't bother me from now on, bring my tent here As Yuan Yuan said that, she snatched the tent on Fatty's shoulder and ran up angrily alone.

Boss, you're in for it now! Fatty was on the verge of tears. Boss was obviously adding oil to the fire, this was simply courting death.

Cheng Yu, why are you meddling? You angered Yuan Yuan again! Lin Yuhan said unhappily on the side.

I have good intentions. Fatty is my bro, how can I not be worried when seeing how the two of them are? Isn't it fine now?

Boss, what should we do now? Yuan Yuan's anger is enough to burn me to ashes. Fatty said with a bitter face.

Hehe, you don't understand? Do you know why Yuan Yuan would be angry? Cheng Yu said with a smile.


Because she's interested in you, too. Otherwise, why wouldn't she let you go to a nightclub or something? If she was angry, it meant that she had you in her heart. What was there to be anxious about? Sooner or later, she won't be able to escape. Hehe! Cheng Yu smiled sinisterly.

Then should I chase after her now? Fatty's eyes lit up. Wasn't that exactly the case? Why would she say that if she didn't care about him, why would she be angry with him?

It's better if we don't. Yuan Yuan's fiery temper is bad, we should just wait for her to subdue the fire. Anyway, we are all going up the mountain, what's the rush? If you chase after her now, she might even kick you off Cheng Yu smiled.

Hmph, you have too many bad intentions. I can't be bothered with you guys. I'll go up and take a look first. Hurry up and follow me Lin Yuhan knew that Cheng Yu was teasing Yuan Yuan and was afraid that she really hated Fatty so she rolled her eyes at Cheng Yu and followed along!

Sister-in-law, you have to help me! Fatty shouted.

Hmph, think of a way yourself. Once I tell her about you messing with her. You're finished Lin Yuhan snorted.

Sister-in-law, don't. Wait for me, I'll go too Hearing Lin Yuhan's words, Fatty almost rolled down the mountain in fright. This couple was going to kill him, they had made him come here so many times, how could he still be happy? He couldn't care less, he chased after them with all sorts of things on his back

What's the matter with you? Only Cheng Yu and Ye Qian were left. Cheng Yu turned his head around and looked at Ye Qian slowly and said while stepping on the stone steps in a strange manner.

No... Nothing? If you're in a hurry, go up first. I'm not in a hurry, I'll just slowly walk at the back Ye Qian looked at Cheng Yu and smiled.

This brilliant smile caused Cheng Yu's heart to ache. He owed her too much but barely showed his care for her