Godly Student Chapter 500

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The next few days. The reputation of the Immortal Food's Restaurant quickly spread throughout Yunhai. Many people knew that a top-notch restaurant had appeared in the food street outside Yunhai University. The dishes there looked ordinary but the taste had reached the highest level of human delicacies.

What was even more miraculous was that because a lot of people in the business world drink wine a lot. There were quite a few problems with their body and it often causes a variety of adverse reactions.

However, after they ate at the Immortal's Food Restaurant a few times to discuss some business deals with their partners. Not only did they manage to make a deal, their body is also getting healthier. Some even went to the hospital for tests and they discovered that some of theirs old wounds, which were difficult to cure, were also slowly being cured.

This situation was not infrequent. Therefore, the Immortal's Food Restaurant became a place for most businessmen to discuss business and it also became a nursing home for those who were sick.

However, the depressing thing was that the Immortal Food's Restaurant Private Rooms only opened twenty tables a day. Ten tables at noon and ten tables at night. Thus, in order to eat at the Immortal's Food Restaurant, everyone had actually reserved a table for the Private Rooms a week before.

This was because the Immortal's Food Restaurant only accepted the appointment for a week. Seven days after the expiration of the appointment, the appointment will no longer be accepted. As a result, many people were scrambling for the eighth day's appointment. As long as today was over. The appointment for the seventh day was reopened. Everyone was fighting until their heads bled. Its bustle is no less than that of snatching train tickets for the Spring Festival.

Only a few days had passed. The Immortal's Food Restaurant was rumored to be a mysterious restaurant by everyone. What was said was that their chefs were all top-notch chefs at the Food God level. The dishes they cooked were perfect to the extreme. They brought out all the nutrients in the ingredients. That was the reason why it was able to treat patients.

This was precisely the reason. The Immortal's Food Restaurant chefs have become the object of much competition in the catering industry. There were also some chefs who couldn't stand the temptation of the seasonings. He secretly hid some seasonings. After that, he left the Immortal's Food Restaurant to work for another at a high price.

But they went to another restaurant and put in the stolen spices. The taste, however, was completely wrong. Some customers even said that eating these dishes would spoil their stomachs. They all ran into the hospital.

The chefs were immediately cursed at. He was directly fired by the boss. As for the original high price. It had also become a reflection of the moon. He recalled the generous treatment that the Immortals Food Restaurant had given him and felt regret in his heart.

Of course. This was all a story in the future. Let's not talk about it for now.

A few days ago. In the cultivation world, Kunlun received another letter from someone from the Mysterious Sky Sect.

Haha. You're right. As expected, the Mysterious Sky Sect had malicious intentions. They want us to deal with Cheng Yu. Today I received another letter from them. They said that they can help us get rid of Cheng Yu if they need our help. Yuan Yangzi looked at the letter in his hand and smiled.

Hur hur. Looks like the Mysterious Sky Sect is getting impatient. Elder Wen laughed.

That's right. It seemed that they had suffered a lot under Cheng Yu's hands as well. That kid, Cheng Yu, was indeed cunning. In addition, he had cultivated up to six golden cores. If an ordinary person is not prepared, it will be really hard for them to resist. The elder laughed.

Haha. If they had. That Cheng Yu and the Mysterious Sky Sect would definitely become enemies. Let's just wait and see. Yuan Yangzi laughed.

Sect Leader. If we just ignore the Mysterious Sky Sect like this. Will they make trouble for us in the future? Elder Wen said.

Yes. What you say makes sense but we can't send our disciples to deal with Cheng Yu. Then what should we do? Yuan Yangzi remembered that he had already offended Limitless Palace. If he offended the second of the four major sects, the Mysterious Sky Sect. That would be really troublesome for them from now on.

We should write them back. Just say that Cheng Yu's grudge us him been completely wiped out ever since he broke into the Kunlun Sect. Even if Cheng Yu was still alive right now. There is no longer any enmity between us. This gives us the upper hand. We wouldn't be left with any weakness. They would spread the news of this matter in the future and can also help our Kunlun establish its name. Elder Wen said.

Alright. This is a good idea. Passing through the mountain gate was a rule set by the sages of the cultivation world. Even if the Mysterious Sky Sect wanted to make things difficult for us, they wouldn't have a reason to do so. If anyone found out about this. It can also reduce the hostility Limitless Palace has towards us. We just need to arrange things in the dark. I'll write a letter now. Let them send it back. Yuan Yangzi nodded his head. He was very satisfied with Elder Wen's thoughts

Thus, A few days later, in a villa in the west district of Yunhai. Yi Feng took the letter personally written by Yuan Yangzi, the Sect Leader of Kunlun. His eyes were filled with rage.

Senior apprentice-brother. What did the letter say? When will Kunlun prepare to attack Cheng Yu? Yi Ning saw Yi Feng's expression and asked.

These old foxes. They actually said that they had already settled all their grudges with Cheng Yu when he charged into the sect. Even though Cheng Yu is still alive. They won't ask any further. Yi Feng said with an ashen face.

Kunlun clearly wants to take advantage of the situation. Let's go and fight with Cheng Yu. Yi Qing said calmly.

That's right. Humph. The grudge was over they say? Are they trying to please Limitless Palace? Good. We'll help them. Cheng Yu will be dealt with by us personally. At that time, we will make Kunlun suffer, let them feel the pain of trying to steal the chicken but instead losing the rice. Yifeng snorted coldly.

Senior apprentice-brother. Then when do we leave? I can't help but want to kill that guy myself. Yi Ning said excitedly.

This cannot be rushed. We still don't have a complete understanding of Cheng Yu. The most important thing is that I'm still not sure. Is that Spirit Severing expert by Cheng Yu's side or not? Therefore, we must make a good plan for this matter. It would be best if he could get him to leave Yunhai

Also. We must have a proper division of labor. Even though Cheng Yu was alone all this time. However, the spirit artifact in his hand was no weaker than a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator. Especially with its ability to suck out nascent souls so we need to send one of our men to deal with this artifact spirit. Yi Feng said to Yi Ning.

Senior apprentice-brother. You don't want me to deal with that artifact spirit do you? That won't do. It was too much of a threat to me. I can't resist that powerful suction at all. When he saw the look in Yi Feng's eyes. Yi Ning was startled. He was instantly unwilling.

Cheng Yu's strength has already surpassed the middle stage of the Nascent Soul stage. You're not much of a threat to him. On the contrary, it weakens our strength but if junior apprentice-sister and I were to deal with Cheng Yu, that would be enough. Your task is to capture that artifact spirit. As for the powerful attractive force. For the time being, I'll lend you this Green Light Spiritual Protecting Umbrella. The soul imprint within it has already been removed by me. You can use it at any time. Yi Feng took out his Green Light Spiritual Protection Umbrella and gave it to Yi Ning.

This... All right. I will definitely try my best to delay that artifact spirit. Yi Ning hesitated for a moment before agreeing. Even though he really wanted to kill Cheng Yu personally, he also knew that his senior brother was right.

That guy was a monster. Just with his strength of the Gold Core stage alone was more powerful than the middle level of the Nascent Soul stage. He recalled the power of the six golden cores. He was both envious and annoyed.

This time, he definitely had to get rid of this guy and get his hands on this kind of cultivation technique that could cultivate multiple golden cores. At that time, if he could get six Nascent Souls, then he would at least be able to fight with an intermediate stage Divine Clone.

The plan killing Cheng Yu was happily decided..

Cheng Yu would never have thought that he was already deemed as a ghost by others. Today was Saturday. It was also the day that he had agreed to climb the mountain with Lin Yuhan and the rest.

There weren't even many decent mountains in the whole of Yunhai City. There aren't many mountains that can be made into scenic spots for visitors to climb and exercise. Of course. The thirty-six peaks that Cheng Yu brought were not excluded. Those thirty-six giant peaks were not even in the city of Yunhai. Even in China, there were only a handful. Each mountain peak towered into the clouds.

However, these giant peaks were now surrounded and although many people wanted to climb up, it was impossible for them.

And today, Cheng Yu was going to climb the highest mountain in the entirety of Yunhai. Located in the east district of Cloud Peak Mountain. Although it was called the Cloud Peak Mountain, the mountain was not very high. It was around a thousand meters above sea level. However, the peak of this mountain was always shrouded in clouds. This mountain gave it a mysterious feeling. It wouldn't be too much to call it Cloud Peak Mountain.

Cheng Yu was driving a BMW SUV today. Lin Yuhan. Ye Qian. Fatty and Yuan Yuan. There were only five of them so there was plenty of space in the car.

Because it was the weekend. When they arrived at the foot of Cloud Peak Mountain. It was rather lively. There were small vendors on both sides of the road.

Cheng Yu parked the car. They started preparing the things to climb the mountain. They were going to camp on the mountain. Naturally, there was no lack of tents.

There were three girls in the five tents. Naturally, it was impossible for them to carry their tents up the mountain. Therefore, the mission was naturally given to Cheng Yu and Fatty.

Fortunately, when the tent was rolled up, it didn't take up space. It was not difficult for two people to bring five tents. The five of them shared the rest of the food.

Originally, Cheng Yu had planned to directly throw the items into his storage ring. However, if he just walked up the mountain empty-handed and when the time came, if he suddenly took out so many items, he wouldn't even be able to explain to them. In that case, although it might be a little more troublesome, it's better to just carry them and with his strength, It was easy to carry a few tents.

But Fatty was pitiful. He was already rather fat and it was already taking up a lot of space so having to carry two more tents. He looked just like one.

Especially when he looked up before they were about to climb the mountain path. When he looked at the winding stone steps that led up to the peak of the mountain and into the clouds. He almost fainted on the spot.