Godly Student Chapter 499

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That night, Cheng Yu rushed back to Yunhai,because the next day, Lin Yuhan's mother's restaurant, Immortal's Food, was about to open and he still wanted to attend the ceremony.

In this society, food and clothing, as long as it is a business, no matter which, it is not possible to not relate to each other. The seasoning on Cheng Yu's hand is definitely the most novel thing. Moreover, everyone wants to to eat delicious food. What's more, it can truly improve the health of the human body through diet therapy

However, if such a good thing does not have good publicity, it will be difficult to be convinced and accepted.

Today, the Immortal's Food restaurant in the food street is decorated with lanterns and many fluorescent lights and many companies have also sent a lot of congratulations, making Mother Lin very surprised. She is not used to having such a high popularity when she was a small stall owner. When she saw these gifts, she was somewhat flabbergasted.

Especially when the VIPs came one after another, it made mother Lin somewhat overwhelmed

The Mayor of Yunhai City sent a basket of congratulatory flowers to the basket, wishing the restaurant prosperity Suddenly the receptioner shouted with a congratulatory message.

What? Even the mayor has come? Who is the owner of this restaurant? This is too f*cking awesome Someone said with surprise.

The mayor's congratulations will not be sent by Zhao Minglong personally, but by his secretary Zhang Wen.

Secretary Zhang, thank you for coming, this is the boss of the restaurant, Mrs. Xu. Cheng Yu took Mother Lin to come greet Zhang Wen and laughed. Lin Yuhan's mother is surnamed Xu, with her full name being named Xu Fengqing.

Congratulations to Mrs. Xu's Restaurant, I wish your restaurant is very prosperous Zhang Wen said very politely to Xu Fengqing.

Thank you very much, Secretary Zhang,and can you thank the mayor on my behalf Mother Lin said nervously, the mayor's secretary, this is the first time she has contacted such a big character.

Sure, it is time for me to leave After Zhang Wen said that, he planned to leave.

Secretary Zhang, why don't you try our food before leaving Cheng Yu said.

No thank you, there is work in the mayor that needs me to deal with it Zhang Wen politely declined and left.

The director of the Public Security Bureau, Peng Dahai, presented a gift and a basket of flowers At this time, the receptionist shouted again.

Mr. Ji Wenbo, the dean of Yunhai People's Hospital sent a gift


Meng's Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. sent a congratulations


New World Enterprise Co., Ltd. sent a greetings


Wanmei Group sent a congratulations


Lanshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. sent a congratulations


Then gifts were being sent one by one, causing everyone to be amazed by the background of this restaurant. There are government officials, police, hospitals, enterprises, and so many industry leaders to congratulate a small restaurant on opening. This situation has caused people to be even more curious on what the background of this restaurant owner is

Xiao Yu. Is this your doing? Mother Lin said with amazement due these congratulations.

Yes, we must make this restaurant have a high reputation. Of course, we must have heavyweight characters come to improve our reputation or else how can we sell food and wine that's worth tens of thousands? Cheng Yu said with a smile. Although some of them were only congratulations, Lan Ya and Yang Ruoxue's company sent gifts which was really beyond his expectations. There was a sense of tension in his heart, although they did not come, but he could already feel that Yang Ruoxue knows his relationship with Lin Yuhan.

As for Lanya, he is not afraid because she already knows these things. However, this is not the thing that made Cheng Yu extremely scared. Now there is something on the scene that made him scared sh*tless.

Han Xue actually came to the scene with Peng Dahai. This is simply to trying to Cheng Yu's life. He didn't dare to be too close to Lin Yuhan and also did not dare to approach Han Xue.

However, Lin Yuan and Han Xue both met from time to time and when they do, it always made Cheng Yu feel that there are sparks in the air

Mrs. Xu, I wish that the restaurant will be prosperous Peng Dahai came over and congratulated

This is Peng Dahai, Director of the Public Security Bureau Cheng Yu looked at Mother Lin's and said quickly.

Director Peng, thank you very much, I really didn't expect you to come in person. Please come inside, I have arranged a VIP seat, we will open soon Hearing the other party is actually the Public Security Director, mother Lin hurriedly flattered.

As for Han Xue, she looked at Lin's mother and daughter next to her and then snorted at Cheng Yu as she followed Peng Dahai into the restaurant.

Xiao Yu, have you offended the policewoman? Mother Lin saw that Han Xue snorted at Cheng Yu

Oh, maybe. In this year, who doesn't have contradiction with the police? Cheng Yu looked at Mother Lin smile.

Today is the day we opened the restaurant, thank you very much for the VIPs and guests. Today, the guests at the first floor of this restaurant will have a 20% discount, the guests at the second floor will have a 30% discount and the guests at the second floor private room will have a 40% discount. The minimum price on the second floor is 1 thousand and the minimum price of the private room is 2 thousand yuan

Today, if you spend more than 100 yuan in the store, you are welcome to have a taste of our top dish. At the end of the ceremony, the firecrackers will be ignited and then, the owner will go up on stage and loudly declare that the restaurant is officially opened.

Wow! This restaurant is too expensive! The minimum price on the second floor is 1 thousand. Who will even eat there


That is not a big deal. I think it is even more outrageous to see the price for the private rooms. This price is definitely scary but maybe the quality will be on par

I don't know what they are doing. Are they selling human flesh or a national treasure? Why is it so expensive? And what is the top food of the restaurant? I really have to try it. Anyways, just for one hundred yuan pieces and I can taste it Hearing the simple introduction of the ceremonies and the price of the restaurant, everyone took a deep breath and widened their eyes.

However, although many people are skeptical about the mysterious background of the restaurant and although they do not know whether it is just for hype, but for such an outrageous price, everyone was to be curious about the food

What is the top dish, no one has ever seen it and no one has ever heard of it. On the second floor private rooms, one of the boxes is full of people who are VIP figures who came to congratulate today, Peng Dahai, Han Xue, Ji Wenbo, Qin Haohai, Wu Chang, Meng Wen and several other boss-level figures

When they picked up the menu and saw the price above, everyone was shocked again. An order to order food, they will have to input it into a machine where they will have to pay with their card first in order to order their food

This… Mrs. Xu, your menu is just too scary. It scares us so much that we don't even dare to order our dishes! Peng Dahai saw that the cheapest dishes on the table were at least 3000 RMB. The limit was no less than 10 dishes and at this table, there were at least 30,000 RMB. Not many people could afford to eat this

Oh, Secretary Peng, today you are a VIP. Of course it is free, just click! Cheng Yu smiled beside him.

It was originally like this. I was almost scared me to death. I don't know if I could even afford such an expensive dish. If it's free, then I really want to try it. Just what kind of dish would it be for it to be so expensive? Peng Dahai said with a smile.

Haha. After tasting it, you will know whether this dish is worth that much money Cheng Yu smiled.

In terms of popularity, it was naturally the people in the lobby of the first floor. After all, they had never tried out the dishes in this restaurant before so naturally, they didn't dare go upstairs in such a short amount of time. However, there were also many rich people who did not care about this small amount of money and directly went upstairs

This is the best dish? Inside the hall, everyone's eyes widened as they saw the extra top grade dishes being served. This was clearly a normal dish. Wasn't this a lie?

Seeing that although the top quality dishes at every table were different, they were all ordinary dishes. Everyone was furious. This was clearly a scam. There were even some people who were already beginning to curse out

Wah! This dish is really top-notch, So delicious, So this top grade dish was not about the looks, but the taste, I dare to say that this kind of flavor can definitely be considered top-notch Some people suspiciously tried the top-grade dish and immediately shouted out.

Hearing this, those clamoring people also sat down and went to try the dish

Wah. So it was really like that, but how could it be this good? They're both shredded green peppers, but why do they have such a strong taste? How did they do it?


That's right. I've never had such a delicious home-cooked dish before


It's over, I see that this dish costs 3000 RMB for one serving upstairs. What should we do if we can't eat it in the future!?


What a pity, Just this one dish was too few. There's not much to eat. How are we going to live from now on after eating such good food After tasting the taste of the top dish, no one dared to stand up and curse. They just kept picking at the dish, afraid that it would be taken away by someone else

But how many bites would a single dish be enough for a table? A few seconds later, all that was left was a plate

Some of the wealthier people did not care about the consequences and directly rushed up to the second floor. In short, those who had no money could only complain and feel depressed. Those who had money could eat to their heart's content. They burped as they came down from upstairs, leaving the people downstairs envious.

Under the envious gazes of the crowd, not only did these rich people enjoy themselves, they also realized that it was no longer a matter of eating, but rather, it was a matter of pride to be able to go upstairs.

As they thought of this, these people walked out of the Immortal's Food Restaurant in an impressive manner

Although there were many customers who were complaining, there was nothing they could do. Who let others have money? Furthermore, this top-grade dish was unquestionable. It was definitely the most delicious dish that they had eaten in so many years, even though it was only an ordinary home-cooked dish.

In business, it was impossible to satisfy everyone. Mother Lin also came here with her life on the line. Looking at the bitter and resentful eyes of the people in the hall, she felt her heart soften but she could not do anything

First of all, the restaurant was provided by Cheng Yu and the seasonings were also provided by him. She also knew that this seasoning was very precious. If every dish had this seasoning added in and the price of selling it was the same as for ordinary dishes, then there was no point in trying to do business because the price wasn't even enough to buy the seasoning

Also, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't even pay back Cheng Yu for the store. This was the difference between a big business and a small business

Although she wasn't used to it, she had to do it