Godly Student Chapter 498

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Cheng Yu did not act immediately, but waited for the divine water to take effect. A few minutes later, Cheng Yu placed his hand on her heart again, and when he could clearly feel that her heart was beating, he started the treatment.

First, he placed his hand on her head. The number of cancer cells here was small but it was a fatal factor so he had to first remove the cancer cells from the head

Just like the last time when he saved a patient with cancer, True Qi was the best cancer killing tool. This was because True Qi itself was used to repair the body, allowing the body to become healthier and stronger.

Compared to the last time, Yao Beina's condition is worse. However, Cheng Yu was in a much better condition than last time, because at that time, he was only a small Foundation Establishment cultivator, but now, he was a super Gold Core stage cultivator whose strength was comparable to a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

Furthermore, with the help of the golden pellet to restore his true qi, even though the true qi within Cheng Yu's body was pouring into the patient's brain, Cheng Yu was completely fine.

With his amount of true qi, this consumption is not a problem at all. It had to be said that cancer cells were very tenacious diseased cells. Using True Qi to destroy them was very difficult because their ability to split was too strong.

It took Cheng Yu three hours just to clear out the cancer cells in her brain, making the people outside anxious.

Old Ji, do you think this young Divine Doctor can really save Nana? It's been more than three hours, how come there's no news at all Yao Beina's mother said anxiously as she sat on the bench.

Sister-in-law, don't judge Mr. Cheng by his young age, but his skills are unrivalled. I saw him save a leukemic patient who was already covered with a white cloth. Doctor Tong can testify to this, and he was also present at that time. Ji Wenbo pointed to a doctor wearing a white robe.

This Doctor Tong was the neurologist who was invited by Ji Wenbo to treat Tang Ze.

That's right, Madam Yao. I can bear witness to that. We watched helplessly as he saved the life of the dead. Therefore, all of you don't have to worry. Since he said that he could treat Miss Yao, then Miss Yao definitely won't have any problems. Doctor Tong said.

Really? That would be great. Since his medical skills are so amazing, why haven't we heard of him before? When Yao Beina's mother heard that Cheng Yu had once saved the life of a dead person, she immediately felt much better.

It's not unusual that you guys don't know him. Although Mr. Cheng is young, he is very capable. Not only is he kind, he also keeps a very low profile. He just set up a medical charity, starting with 200 million yuan, but no one knew it is his medical charity. Ji Wenbo truly admired Cheng Yu. He didn't mind letting more people know about him, not to mention that these acquaintances of his didn't go against Cheng Yu's wishes.

A 200 million yuan medical charity? Everyone present was shocked. They didn't think that this young man would be so rich.

Yes, his medical charity is a fund for those who don't have the money to see a doctor. Ji Wenbo said again.

I never would have thought that he would have such a benevolent heart. We've almost misjudged him. Yao Beina's mother said.

Uh, Old Yao, sister-in-law, there's something I have to say first! Ji Wenbo suddenly thought of a question.

What is it?

/p> Mr. Cheng usually saves people without taking money, but that is only for poor citizens, but for those who are rich, he takes money. But when I invited him to come, I said that you would give money, so I wanted to tell you first, don't offend him, after all, this kind of genius doctor, whoever knows him will have more lives! Ji Wenbo embarrassedly said.

He knew that Cheng Yu was very harsh on the rich, so he was afraid that if they offended Cheng Yu, he wouldn't have the face to look for him in the future.

This is what we should do, but how much should we pay? How could they not know of this logic? If Cheng Yu really had the ability to revive the dead, they should naturally be on good terms.

Ugh... This... I once saw a person seeking treatment from him and he asked for twenty million! Ji Wenbo embarrassedly said.

20 million! Everyone was shocked when they heard this number. No one expected him to ask for so much money for saving people. It was truly too unexpected.

Furthermore, this 20 million yuan was not something that anyone could afford. Although Yao Beina was a singer, their expenses were huge. This money was indeed not a small amount.

If you have any difficulties, I can discuss it with him later. I have some relations with him, so I should be able to ask him to ask for less money When Ji Wenbo saw their troubled expressions, he thought for a moment and said.

Old Ji, thank you so much this time!


After two hours, Cheng Yu finally cleared all the cancer cells in the patient's lungs. Such a repeated and complicated lesion actually made an expert like Cheng Yu sweat profusely.

Cheng Yu took out a spirit crystal and placed it on the patient's chest. Because the patient was suffering from a tumor, the cancer here was the most difficult to treat, ordinary methods were already difficult to treat, he needed to use True Qi as a guide, directly pouring the spirit crystal's spirit energy into the patient's chest, removing the cancer cells.

The spirit energy in the spirit crystal was very pure and it was even better than the spirit energy to nourish the body. For example, Cheng Yu could only use true qi at the moment. After he formed his Nascent Soul, he would be able to use spiritual energy directly. Then, the intensity of his body would be even higher and his strength would be even stronger.

When Cheng Yu forced his true qi into the spirit crystal, the spirit crystal suddenly glowed with a white light and flickered. Soon after, the spirit energy inside the spirit crystal was slowly forced out by Cheng Yu's true qi and merged into the patient's body.

After an entire five hours, Cheng Yu's face was somewhat pale, but after finally inserting all of the spirit crystal's spirit energy into her body, Cheng Yu checked her pulse and sure enough, there were no more cancer cells in her body.

Pow! Cheng Yu pushed the patient out of the ward.

Godly Doctor, how is my daughter? When the ward was opened, everyone gathered around

It's alright, send her to rest! Cheng Yu said.

Really? Mother Yao looked at her daughter's face and saw that it was flushed red, without a trace of paleness. She then touched her daughter's face to feel the warmth, and then placed her hand on her daughter's chest, There's a heartbeat. There was a heartbeat. Nana is aliveā€¦. She's alive


She had nearly lost her daughter just a few hours ago, but now she was back.

Godly Doctor, when can my daughter wake up? Yao Beina's mother asked.

About an hour. Her current body is very normal, she will wake up when she gets used to it.


Cheng Yu said.

Thank you so much. You really are a genius doctor Yao Beina's father said happily.

Oh right, Mr. Godly Doctor, I know you must have spent a lot of effort to save my daughter. I wonder how much medical fee you want, we are willing to give it to you Yao Beina's mother noticed that Cheng Yu's face was very pale. She felt that even if the other party really wanted 20 million, they should still give it to him. Even if they didn't have it, she would borrow it even if she had to.

Her daughter's life could not be compared with 20 million yuan and with his ability, 20 million yuan was not much. If it wasn't for him, she and her daughter would have parted ways forever.

No need. I don't need money to treat your illness. If possible, I hope to prepare a room for me. I need some rest Cheng Yu refused.

When he said he wanted money, he only thought it was to treat corrupt officials. Of course he hated it, but since he saw that she was a pitiful woman who was afflicted with an illness, he naturally wouldn't take the money.

This... No one thought that the result would be like this

Mr. Cheng, I can arrange a room for you! Doctor Tong said.

Alright After everyone thanked him, Cheng Yu left.

Sitting in the quiet ward, Cheng Yu did not meditate or rest. Although his face was pale, he was fine. After all, he had such a high cultivation level.

The reason why he looked for a ward was because he found that Yao Beina's body wasn't very well. It was more accurate to say that her physique wasn't very good. She had undergone surgery before, but she had a recurrence.

Since he had already rescued her, he naturally did not want her to be sick again in the future. Thus, he directly slipped into the Mountain and River Diagram and started forging an item.

Two hours later, Cheng Yu arrived at Yao Beina's room. She had already woken up.

Nana, this is the genius doctor who saved you Seeing Cheng Yu walk in, Yao Beina's mother said happily.

Mister Godly Doctor, thank you so much Yao Beina was in good shape as she looked at Cheng Yu happily and said.

Hehe, you guys don't need to call me Senior Godly Doctor. My name is Cheng Yu, just call me by my name. I'm only here to talk to you about something. Just now when I was treating you, I found that your body is very special and is very prone to producing cancer cells, which is also the reason why you had a relapse. Although I've removed all the cancer cells in your body now, according to my calculations, your body will develop cancer again after three years. Cheng Yu said.

Ah Then what should he do? Godly Doctor, you must think of a way Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Yao Beina's mother and the others panicked.

There is a necklace here. I used a special method to make it, you have to wear it on your body, it will not only keep you healthy, it will also keep you alive for a hundred years. After a year, your body will no longer have any problems, and the necklace can be removed at any time. However, if you really want to live for a hundred years, the longer you wear it the better. Cheng Yu took out a dazzling necklace.

Although it was dazzling and stylish, it definitely wasn't as exaggerated as the ones he gave to the other women. It was because that wouldn't be suitable. However, this necklace was made of spirit crystal and contained a lot of spiritual energy. He added an array in the necklace, it would be easily absorbed by the human body. After a year of nourishing, he believed that there would be no more dangers to her body

This... How can we accept such a precious gift? This big gift from Cheng Yu shocked everyone once again. With the example of saving the dead placed in front of them, no one would think that Cheng Yu was lying.

However, the Yao family really didn't know what to say about such a precious item. They were initially worried that they would lend Cheng Yu some money to collect the twenty million as a medical fee, but they didn't expect him to present such a heavy gift in the blink of an eye.

Take it. I heard you are a singer, if you really want to thank me, sing a song that the whole world can hear Cheng Yu smiled as he placed the necklace on her hand before walking out of the ward