Godly Student Chapter 497

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Early the next morning, Cheng Yu suddenly received a call from Ji Wenbo.

Hello, old man. Why are you calling me so early in the morning? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Mr. Cheng, I really need your help for an urgent matter today Ji Wenbo's tone was clearly very anxious

Don't tell me you want me to be a doctor at your hospital for free treatment again


This… I do want to ask you to save a person but this time, it's definitely not for free. The other person can afford the medical expenses Ji Wenbo said.

From what you're saying, the person is very rich, are they an official? You know, the money I charge for saving people is very expensive Cheng Yu said indifferently.

If the other party was a good official, he could still give them free treatment. However, if the other party was able to pay the price, then the other party must be a corrupt official. Thus, he would not be courteous towards a greedy official

As the saying goes, take it from the people and use it for the people. Perhaps Cheng Yu would not spend all his earned money on charity but at the very least, he would spend a large part of it on saving the poor and the commoners.

Not an official. She's the daughter of an old friend of mine. She was a singer. Although she is young, he got breast cancer. All these years, she had been suffering from an illness. A few years ago, she had her body rejuvenated after a surgery. However, it had a relapse a few days ago. It had worsened last night and she had been sent to the ICU this morning for rescue.

I also received this news from an old classmate of mine in the capital and just now I confirmed the situation with my old friend. I know that if there is anyone in this world that can save my poor niece's life, that person will definitely be you, Mr. Cheng, so I hope that you can help me once, consider it my plea Ji Wenbo briefly described the patient's condition. In the end, he even used a pleading tone. From this, it could be seen that the situation couldn't be delayed any longer.

Earlier you said that this news came from your fellow doctors in the capital. So the patient is in the capital now? Cheng Yu said with a frown.

He was already an old friend of Ji Wenbo. Now that he was begging a man who could be his grandson, even if Cheng Yu didn't want to help him, he had no choice

Yes, I've booked a plane ticket in advance. We can set off now Ji Wenbo said.

No need, if the patient's condition is really as serious as you say, we definitely can't go there on a plane. How about this, we'll take a military aircraft and rush there. You hurry to the entrance of the military base, I'll rush there right now Cheng Yu said.

Cheng Yu had taken a civilian jetliner before, and he knew that taking the jetliner was a waste of time when he went to Wutai Mountain with Wu Chang Wu so he could only use a military aircraft. The speed was much faster than a civilian plane

Military aircraft? But why would they agree to send us to the capital? Ji Wenbo said in surprise.

Of course, he knew about the military base. However, the problem was, who could use military aircraft just because they wanted to? Wouldn't it be even more time-consuming then?

You don't need to worry about that. Just hurry over there After Cheng Yu finished speaking, he hung up the phone

Half an hour later, a Lamborghini quickly arrived at the entrance of the military division. Ji Wenbo was anxiously pacing back and forth in front of the entrance. When he saw Cheng Yu's car, he immediately went to greet him.

Geezer, you're pretty fast! Cheng Yu got out of the car and smiled.

Mr. Cheng, stop joking around. I'm so anxious right now, how could I have the mood to joke around Ji Wenbo anxiously said.

What's the use of being anxious? Who asked you not to call me last night, otherwise we would have arrived in the capital much earlier. Cheng Yu said. In this broad daylight, he couldn't just fly over

How do we get in? Ji Wenbo looked at the security guard at the door and said.

Why would I tell you to come here if I can't get in? Just watch Cheng Yu said as he walked towards the door.

This is a restricted area. No one is allowed to approach! Seeing two people walk over, a guard said.

Help me find Commander Long! Cheng Yu said.

I'm sorry, but please show me your ID or relevant documents. The guard glanced at Cheng Yu. This person actually wanted to look for their commander? How could they just casually look for him?

Cheng Yu didn't mind and took out a green book.

Military official certificate? Lieutenant Colonel? The guard took the green book and saw the three large golden words. He was shocked, but when he opened it and saw the rank inside, his eyes widened even more.

Even Ji Wenbo who was next to him was shocked when he saw this Military Officer Certificate. He knew that Cheng Yu had just graduated from high school but he is able to take out a Military Officer Certificate. Wasn't this just asking for trouble?

Looking at Cheng Yu's age, he seemed to be around 20 years old. But he actually had the military certificate of a lieutenant colonel. Wasn't this just bullsh * t?

Is this yours? The guard said with a cold expression.

Although he was just a small guard, he still knew what a lieutenant colonel meant. That was the rank of a regiment commander. Could a young man around the age of twenty be the regiment commander? Who would believe this?

The title of military officer was granted to soldiers who stayed for a certain number of years, and every rank is also increased by a certain number of years. Under normal circumstances, a soldier would be promoted once every four years, how could Cheng Yu be counted as a lieutenant colonel?

Yes, is there a problem? Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Forging a military official certificate is against the law, we have the right to arrest you the guard said.

Who told you it was fake/ Hurry up and call your commander out. You can't afford to delay my matters Cheng Yu said.

He was also very depressed in his heart. This Military Officer Certificate was given to him by his grandfather when he rescued the members of the Divine Dragon Squadron. He didn't know much about this stuff. Could this really be a fake ID?

But isn't the Military Officer Certificate made by those big bosses? Even if what they did was fake, it was still true

Hmph, he's pretty arrogant. He's just a fake military official certificate. You're a dead man, Ning. Watch out for him, I'll call the platoon leader over right now The guard said something to the other man and was about to call.

What are you doing? At this moment, a middle-aged officer walked over.

Chief of staff Hong. This person is forging the military officer certificate. I'm looking for someone to deal with him The guard saluted and handed Cheng Yu's military officer certificate to Hong Fanghai.

Forgery of a military official certificate? Hong Fang Hai was also shocked when he saw this military official certificate, a lieutenant colonel. In this military division, the commander was at the senior colonel level, and he was just a colonel.

What made him even more impressive was that this person was really awesome. He actually dared to come to the military camp with a fake military official certificate.

Cheng… Mr. Cheng Before this, Cheng Yu had been facing away from him. When Cheng Yu turned around, Hong Fanghai immediately said in surprise.

Chief of staff Hong, we meet again. Do you also think that my military officer badge is fake? Cheng Yu looked at Hong Fang Hai and said.

Ugh... This... Hong Fang Hai was also shocked. He knew Cheng Yu's age and vaguely knew Cheng Yu's identity but he didn't dare to confirm this military certificate.

Forget it, stop wasting my time and call Commander Long out. I have urgent business with him Cheng Yu said as he saw the anxious look on Ji Wenbo's face.

This... Fine Ignoring his miraculous strength, just a casual word from his family could cause trouble for the Hong family. It was better to let Commander Long handle this matter and he quickly return the military officer certificate back to him.

In no time at all, Long Xiangtian appeared

Little Yu, I heard you were looking for me. What's the matter? Commander Long saw Cheng Yu and said with a smile.

The last time he sent Cheng Yu to the capital, he had received the praise of a few of the higher-ups and they were also very satisfied with his attitude towards work. Now that he saw Cheng Yu, he naturally had a very close relationship with him, and at the same time, he wanted to have a good relationship with the third-generation officials.

Hehe, I'll have to trouble Commander Long again. This is our Yunhai City People's Medical Dean Ji Wenbo, we are rushing to the capital to save someone, it's a matter of life and death. I hope Commander Long can send us to the capital as soon as possible Cheng Yu said straightforwardly.

So that's how it is. It's easy. Let's go now Commander Long readily agreed

With Commander Long accompanying them, everything went smoothly. An hour and a half later, as expected, the two of them appeared in the capital's military sector. Here, there were many people who were familiar with Cheng Yu. Even if he wasn't wearing a military uniform, they recognized him and saluted him.

Mr. Cheng, you're really a lieutenant colonel Seeing these soldiers saluting him, Ji Wenbo said in shock.

Hur hur, I was also forced to do this. Cheng Yu smiled faintly. He didn't care that much about being a lieutenant colonel since even a guard thought that his stuff was fake. What was the use of it?

When the two of them rushed to the capital, they unexpectedly discovered that the Medical University was packed with people. Most of them were young people and there were also many reporters. Many people were still holding the banner, which read Yao Beina, Cheers. Yao Beina, hold on. You must defeat this sickness. Yao Beina, hold on. You're the best


There were even a lot of people who were crying. Seeing this scene, Cheng Yu was somewhat surprised. It seemed that this person was really a big star. He finally found out her name, Yao Beina

The two of them squeezed into the hospital room. When they arrived, they saw a bed covered with white cloth outside the emergency room.

A middle-aged woman was crying loudly while the rest of them were silently wiping away their tears

Old Yao Ji Wenbo walked over and shouted at a middle-aged man who was wiping his tears

Old Ji, you're late The middle-aged man was Yao Bei Na's father, Yao Feng.

This... Old Yao, I've brought the genius doctor that I told you about. Can you let him try? Ji Wenbo also felt very sad but he still wanted to let Cheng Yu give it a try. After all, he had experienced such a miracle in the hospital before

But Nana has already left Yao Feng looked at Cheng Yu who was beside Ji Wenbo. He saw that the godly doctor that Ji Wenbo spoke of was actually so young, but he didn't say anything. He believed that Ji Wenbo didn't come all the way just to joke with him. Would he be able to bring the dead back to life?

Mr. Cheng, didn't you also save a patient like that last time? Just try again! Ji Wenbo pleaded.

Can you let me see the patient? Cheng Yu used his spiritual sense to sense the person on the sickbed. She were indeed dead, but he couldn't rule out the possibility that she still had a sliver of life in her heart, just like the woman last time

You can. Are you the genius doctor that Old Ji spoke of? You have to save my daughter, so I can promise you anything you want When Yao Beina's mother heard that Cheng Yu was the genius doctor that Old Ji had invited, she didn't care whether Cheng Yu was that young, as long as the other party could save her daughter

Cheng Yu walked forward and lifted the white cloth, revealing a very beautiful woman with short hair and a beautiful face. However, her face was already very pale.

Cheng Yu gently pressed his hand on the other person's heart and slowly injected his True Qi into her heart before sensing her life force. When the True Qi entered her heart, Cheng Yu could clearly feel that her heart had a reaction in that instant.

Push her into the emergency room Cheng Yu knew that she could still be saved so he spoke up.

Godly Doctor, can you really save my daughter? Yao Beina's mother said happily.

It should be possible. You all can wait outside peacefully As Cheng Yu said this, he pushed the bed into it. A few doctors and nurses wanted to follow him in, but they were stopped by Cheng Yu, I'm fine by myself


The doctor and nurse were both shocked. They didn't believe he could save the patient after she died, and he even went in by himself. Wasn't this just bullshitting

But since the family members didn't say anything, what qualifications do they have to say anything. They could only wait outside and see if there was really a miracle in the world

Cheng Yu followed the old rules and first blocked the monitoring equipment in the ward. Then, he stood beside the sickbed and took out God's Water for Yao Beina to drink. This helped her regain her life.

Under this godly water, her chance of survival slowly recovered. However, the most important thing was that Cheng Yu found out that her disease was located in her breast, lungs, and brain

If he couldn't cure her disease, then no matter how much life force he gave her, these cancer cells would devour her again.

Cheng Yu did not act immediately but waited for the divine water to take effect. After a few minutes, Cheng Yu placed his hand on her heart, after clearly feeling it beating, he then prepared to treat it.