Godly Student Chapter 496

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Looking at the table full of dishes, everyone was already attracted by the special scent.

This dish seems really special. Why do I feel like my whole body is filled with energy? It's like I want to eat the entire table right now


Fatty looked at the dishes in front of him, almost drooling.

You have no future Yuan Yuan who was at the side disdainfully said.

Alright, let everyone have a try. See if it's worth as much money as I said? Today's meal is free. If you want to eat another meal like this one, you should at least get forty to fifty thousand yuan Cheng Yu said with a smile as he looked at the dozen or so dishes on the table.

Wah! No way. Boss.... won't that mean I won't be able to eat anymore in the future? He had heard that in the future, he would have to spend at least forty to fifty thousand yuan to eat these dishes. Wouldn't that mean that he would have to bid farewell to these dishes for the rest of his life?

Little Qian, it's alright if you have no money. You are all Xiao Han and Xiao Yu's classmate and good friends, you guys can come here to eat dinner, auntie can't really make you guys pay, right? Fatty's original name is Qian Jinbao and Mother Lin also couldn't call him Fatty, so she was called Little Qian

Hehe, Auntie Lin is still the best Fatty immediately beamed and flattered her.

It's not a problem for you to come here to eat but you can't come here to eat and drink every day either Cheng Yu reminded him.

The reason why Cheng Yu was able to raise the price so high was not only because of the value of his seasoning. More importantly, after this restaurant was established, the seasoning consumption rate would be extremely fast.

If one used this seasoning for the sake of a dozen or twenty yuan, it wouldn't show the difference between their dishes and ordinary dishes.

Thus, from the very beginning, he wanted to improve the quality price of the cuisine. Not everyone could eat it and the one who could was definitely someone who is not lacking in money. More importantly, he did not want the seasonings to be rapidly consumed.

Otherwise, he would have to find a way to go back to the cultivation world now. He didn't know whether or not the Mysterious Sky Sect had passed the news of him on to Kunlun, so it would be better not to go to the cultivation world.

Rare items are priceless, every penny is worth it Seeing that everyone was already wolfing down their food and that even Wu Chang, who was used to eating delicacies was unable to resist the temptation, Cheng Yu was very satisfied with this result.

Aiya, it's killing me. I swear, this is the best meal I've ever had in my life.Boss, is the food really good just because of that seasoning you're talking about? Fatty leaned back on the chair and said while gently patting his bulging belly.

Of course. This is the secret recipe of our Cheng Clan Cheng Yu smiled.

Then if that's the case, if those chefs steal some of it, won't your secret be exposed? Fatty took a furtive glance around him but when he realized that there were no outsiders, he finally spoke.

It's impossible. This kind of seasoning bottle is specially made. Once this seasoning is taken out, it will become ineffective if you don't eat it in a short period of time. It can be said that as long as Auntie keeps the seasoning bottle properly every day, it will be fine. Even if they bring the seasonings out with them, it would still be a waste. Cheng Yu took out a pill bottle with seasonings and said with a smile.

In fact, he used those small glass bottles to store pills to prevent the spiritual energy from leaking out. These spices were the same as pills,except that they lacked the ability to gather spiritual energy. Furthermore, if they were to scatter, the spiritual energy would be exposed and quickly lose its potency.

But even so, they can still check the ingredients for how the seasoning is made Wu Chang was more knowledgeable and also found the problem.

There was no need to worry at all! This was because even if they analyzed the seasoning, they wouldn't be able to find such a material. What's more, so what if they found it? Do you think it's just a mix of a few ingredients? Cheng Yu smiled.

Most importantly, this seasoning's production method was similar to that of alchemy. Not to mention ordinary people, even people in the cultivation world wouldn't know how to refine it and who would be as bored as Cheng Yu?

Everyone who heard this was confused. They didn't understand that it wasn't just a seasoning. Was it really as miraculous and complicated as what Cheng Yu said? However, they only voiced their concerns. As for whether or not Cheng Yu could really prevent this from happening, that was up to him.

Boss, from what you said, it sounds so magical. Can't you give me a bottle? Then I won't have to come over here to eat and drink every time Fatty's eyes lit up as he looked at the small bottle of seasonings in Cheng Yu's hand.

Can you cook? Cheng Yu smiled.

I'll take it home and let my mom do it Fatty laughed.

Alright. This small bottle can at least cook up to a hundred dishes, so I'll give you a discount and charge you 1000 RMB a dish. 100 thousand RMB and you can take this bottle away Cheng Yu smiled as he played with the bottle in his hand.

Pow! Fatty almost fell to the ground in fright. This small bottle costs a hundred thousand yuan? Is it still considered a discount? Is money that easy to earn?

Boss, aren't you messing with me? How could I have so much money Fatty said with a bitter face.

Alright, I'm just teasing you. Take it. However, I must remind you, you just need to bring this back to your own home to cook with it and don't expose it in front of others. If someone finds out that you have this thing, it will get you into trouble. Cheng Yu said seriously.

When this Immortal Eating Restaurant opened, the dishes would definitely be on fire. If people found out that there was such a seasoning in Fatty's house, they would easily attract the attention of greedy people and cause trouble.

Un, rest assured. Boss, I'll tell my mom. Fatty took the bottle and nodded happily in his heart

Seeing that Fatty got one, Wu Chang and Yuan Yuan wanted it a little but Ye Qian was quiet. She was alone in Yunhai so it was useless for her to take it.

Cheng Yu did not say much and just gave a bottle to Wu Chang and Yuan Yuan. As for Ye Qian, since she could not cook, he saved it. It was at this moment that Mother Lin started to size Ye Qian up.

In fact, she had noticed the quiet girl from the start who would always look at Cheng Yu from time to time. Every time, she would see a different look in her eyes, and as someone who has experienced this before, she could tell with a glance that the girl was falling in love with Cheng Yu.

A good son-in-law like Cheng Yu couldn't be taken away by others. It seemed she needed her daughter to pay more attention to him and grasp onto Cheng Yu's heart tightly.

After eating their fill, the group left the restaurant. They still had a lesson in the afternoon and since Cheng Yu had a rare moment of leisure, he decided to become a good student for once.

After class, he initially thought that Lin Yuhan would be able to practice martial arts with him, but in the end, she had to do something else, causing Cheng Yu to be extremely depressed. Remembering the wonderful feeling from yesterday, he turned the steering wheel and headed towards the Lan Ya's company.

Cheng Yu was living a very leisurely life. However, in a villa in the western part of Yunhai, there were three people who were not in such a good mood.

Senior Brother, what do you think is going on with Kunlun? It's been so many days, why haven't I heard of their people entering the secular world? Yi Ning said gloomily while sitting on the sofa.

How should I know? This was somewhat strange. Logically speaking, they should have already sent people over long ago because of the grudge between Kunlun and Cheng Yu but there is not even a trace of Kunlun here, did Kunlun really let go of this grudge? This is not Kunlun's style Yi Feng was also very puzzled

It had been more than ten days. If they really wanted to kill Cheng Yu, they should've come to Yunhai long ago. However, no one from Kunlun came to the secular world

Senior brother, I feel that there is something abnormal about Kulun. Although Kunlun looks like they are decent people, they are narrow-minded. Back then at the peak of Mount Kunlun, it almost caused a fight with the two sects of Limitless Palace. They, Kunlun, will definitely not take it lying down. They might be plotting some tricks Yi Qing said after thinking for a while.

Ah... I know. Senior Brother, the people from Karakorum are the craftiest. Do you think they will come up with a counterplot? Just like us, they want to borrow our blades to kill people and then take action? Suddenly, for once, Yi Ning was smart and shouted loudly.

Yi Feng and Yi Qing looked at each other. To be honest, Yi Ning's words were quite reasonable. Kunlun was always crafty It wasn't as if they couldn't do something like that

If that's really the case, then we don't care too much about it. We entered the mortal world to find a sacred artifact and now we've spent a lot of time here for that Cheng Yu. If we delay in finding the sacred artifact, we'll be in deep trouble Yi Feng said.

Originally, they had heard that there might be a Spirit Severing expert here but now, it seemed that the Spirit Severing expert was most likely an expert sent by the Limitless Palace to protect Cheng Yu.

However, what he couldn't understand was why that expert hadn't appeared even though Cheng Yu had almost died at Yi Ning's hands. Did he know that Cheng Yu would break through? All of this was really confusing

But no matter what, they had to quickly deal with Cheng Yu and leave Yunhai. After all, finding a sacred artifact was what they truly wanted to do

Senior Brother, are you saying that we should personally kill him? Yi Ning said excitedly.

Ever since Cheng Yu became so powerful, Yi Ning had suffered quite a bit. Originally, in his eyes, his existences were just like an ant, but now he stood on his head and even almost sucked his Nascent Soul. He wanted to take revenge for this enmity a long time ago, but he endured it because he thought that Kunlun will kill him for them

However, right now, Kunlun was not reliable. If he could personally kill Cheng Yu, then that would be the best thing to do

No. I want to send another letter to Kunlun. If they still don't move in a few days, then we will lend them the knife as they wish. After we kill Cheng Yu, we will spread a rumor that Kunlun is the one who killed him and make Kunlun suffer Yi Feng said coldly