Godly Student Chapter 495

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Bo... Boss, is this really for me? But I don't know what to do with so much money. Seeing the thick stack of money in his hands, Fatty was at first excited, but soon after, he said dejectedly.

Although he received a lot of money, Fatty wasn't that happy because he didn't know what to do with so much money

Then why don't you take the money and buy her what she like? Luxury is also a kind of romance Cheng Yu frowned and said as if he himself knew something about romance.

The most romantic thing I can think of is to sit at the top of the mountain and hold her hand to watch the sunrise, Fatty said with a face full of enjoyment.

That's perfect. Give me back my money. Anyways, you don't need money to watch the sunrise anyway Cheng Yu said speechlessly. Even if he had money, he wouldn't spend money on watching the sunrise.

Don't I can use that money to buy so many delicious foods. We can watch the sunrise while we eat

You will only buy food with the 20 thousand yuan? You two can really get together but who's bringing you up the mountain with so much food? Cheng Yu said in a bad mood.

This... Fatty also felt a bit embarrassed. Using 20 thousand yuan to buy food was a bit exaggerated

Cheng Yu, I haven't climbed a mountain in a long time. How about we go climb it together this weekend? Lin Yuhan suddenly said.

In fact, what Fatty had just said was true. She didn't necessarily have to spend that much money to be romantic. Sometimes, the most romantic thing was also something simple

She was looking forward to watching the sunrise while lying in Cheng Yu's embrace. That must be a beautiful scene

Climb the mountain? Cheng Yu thought to himself. It was indeed difficult for a woman to understand that with her strength, she could even climb several mountains with a slight float. Was there really a need to climb the mountain? However, when he saw Lin Yuhan's expectant gaze, Cheng Yu still agreed.

Then let's do it! This Saturday morning, we will set off Seeing Cheng Yu nodded his head, Lin Yuhan revealed a rare happy smile in public.

Although Cheng Yu had no interest in climbing mountains, he was very happy to see Lin Yuhan so happy

Cheng Yu, do you guys want to climb the mountain? Can I go with you? Just at this moment, Ye Qian walked over with a smile and said to them.

The originally happy atmosphere immediately turned cold. Seeing their expressions, Ye Qian looked at them with a smile. However, with Cheng Yu's sharp senses, he could clearly see that Kindness's face was trembling slightly.

It was obvious that Ye Qian's smile was an act. Cheng Yu could even feel the awkwardness, grievance, and sadness in her heart. At that moment, his heart also felt uncomfortable

Cheng Yu didn't think Ye Qian was wrong. It was just that she loved the wrong person. It could be said that she was in love with Cheng Yu but no matter what, Cheng Yu had promised her that he would slowly accept her.

Haha! Of course there's no problem. Anyway, it's just for fun Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Really? I can really go with you? Student Lin, you don't mind? Hearing that Cheng Yu agreed to let her go, Ye Qian was extremely happy. However, when she saw Lin Yuhan, she didn't seem very happy.

Why would I mind? It's normal for students to go camping together. Lin Yuhan said with a smile but only she knew what she felt in her heart.

With this little episode, everyone's spirits weren't as high. They quietly listened to the lecturer lecturing in the classroom for two lessons

Han Han, in the afternoon. Let's go see how your mom's store is doing, Yu said after the lesson.

That place was originally a restaurant but now it was being renovated

Mhmm, my mom is worried about this shop right now. Can you give her some advice? Lin Yuhan did not refuse and looked at Ye Qian. It was obvious that she wanted her to see how close Cheng Yu was to her family.

Sister-in-law, is aunt going to open a new store? Fatty asked in surprise.

Yes! It's in the food street behind the school Previously, when Fatty called her 'sister-in-law' in public, she had avoided it. However, this time, she happily accepted it. As for the reason, only she knew

Let's all go take a look. Since it's already dinner time, we might be able to have a free meal once the decorations are done Cheng Yu laughed. 'Just let those girls mess around by themselves. He might as well pretend that he didn't see anything.'

They called Yuan Yuan over and headed straight for the Gourmet Street.

Immortal's Food was the name of that restaurant. It was also the name Cheng Yu came up with. He felt that this restaurant would definitely become popular in the future. Naturally, this name would be more resounding

Waa, it can't be that you made this name, right? How domineering When he saw the large signboard outside the restaurant, Fatty exclaimed in surprise.

Xiao Han, Xiao Yu, why have you come here? Mother Lin said as she heard their voices. When they entered, they also saw Wu Chang

Hehehe, Auntie, we're just here to see if this shop is about to open up. Cheng Yu looked inside and saw a group of men and women in neat uniforms standing straight. Wu Chang must be explaining the rules to them.

It's just that I don't feel safe at all. If I don't do it well, I won't even know how to explain it to you, Xiao Yu Mother Lin said, embarrassed.

After twenty years of doing small business, she had never thought that she would one day be able to manage a shop worth several million. Just in case she lost it, she really didn't know what to do

Auntie, I already said this restaurant is yours. No one can say anything about it so you can manage it without worry! Cheng Yu said seriously. He knew Mother Lin had experienced many hardships and she suddenly received a high-class restaurant, it was difficult for her to manage it

She was the legal owner of this shop. Since she was the owner of the shop, no one would be able to point fingers at her even if she lost something

Thank you, Little Yu Mother Lin sincerely said. How could she not know that Cheng Yu wanted to dispel her worries?

Young Master Yu, upon seeing Cheng Yu and the others enter, Wu Chang went up to him and politely called out. Cheng Yu had said that there was no need to be so respectful to him outside in order to not attract the attention of others.

Did you find them? Cheng Yu said as he looked at the familiar faces.

Yes, there are some waiters who have been transferred from bars, Wu Chang said.

Aunt, how did you arrange this restaurant? Cheng Yu followed them up and down to check whether the decorations were done properly or not. Usually, people found by Wu Chang were all rather reliable.

I haven't rearranged it much. The second and third floors are all private rooms, that's all. Mother Lin said.

Are there any differences between the dishes?

There's no difference. Even if someone choose to dine in the private rooms, the prices are the same

Then you also intend to put away the seasonings I gave you? Cheng Yu said.

That's right. Otherwise, how can we attract guests? It's the same food but the prices being charged at them will be different, it will attract displeasure from guests

That's not right, that's not right! Our restaurant has to make a special quality. Moreover, those spices are limited. We can't just casually show them to the guests. I saw that the decorations on the second and third floor are pretty good too. If we used civilian prices to entertain our guests, not only would we not earn enough money, we would also lose our class

Then the first floor's main hall is for ordinary people. On the second floor, use a little bit of seasoning, while on the private rooms on the second floor, use all of the seasoning. Aside from the high quality dishes, two or three of the dishes will have to be added into our seasonings, so the price has to be limited by a minimum of ten thousand yuan. As for the dishes on the first floor, we don't need to care too much about the dishes on the first floor. It's normal for other people to want to try it but the price has to be so high that it makes one's legs go soft, said Cheng Yu.

Make one's legs go soft.... Wu Chang'e was also frightened by his words. If the customers were scared to the point where their legs went limp. Who would eat? How could they earn money from that?!

That's right. This bamboo shoot fried meat is only around 20 RMB on the first floor, but at the second floor, this dish costs at least 2000 RMB, Cheng Yu said.

Two thousand Everyone widened their eyes. How is this the opening of a restaurant? It's clearly a black shop. What's the difference between this and snatching money?

Don't think that it's too expensive. If you knew the value of my seasonings, you wouldn't have felt this way. Later on, you would understand. Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Although the seasonings tasted good, who would understand their value? This was true cultivation cuisine. In reality, what they were eating was not the dishes but the spiritual energy. This was also the reason why he wanted to make these dishes expensive

Because after they had eaten these dishes, not to mention the ordinary dishes, they were even willing to pay a huge price to buy a pot of water and a plate of cabbages at random

So you don't believe me huh Wu Chang, don't you have a few chefs under you? Just let them cook a table for us. No need to be too extravagant. Just make sure they add our seasonings to every dish Cheng Yu said confidently.

Alright, I'll go arrange it right now Wu Chang also looked forward to seeing if the dish was as delicious as Cheng Yu said.