Godly Student Chapter 494

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Cheng Yu and Lan Ya were hugging each other naked. At the beginning, their auras were very heavy but they kept a clear head. After circulating their cultivation techniques, their auras gradually calmed down.

Especially when the two of them operated their techniques at the same time, they felt a strange energy at the point where the two intertwined. Afterwards, the surrounding spiritual energy crazily rushed into their bodies.

It was obvious that the spiritual energy in the natural environment was unable to satisfy the two. A spiritual energy suddenly formed in Cheng Yu's Mountain and River Diagram. Although this spiritual energy was nothing compared to when Cheng Yu had recovered his strength, it still alarmed the people inside the Diagram.

What's going on? Could it be that Young Master is about to break through again? Black Demon looked at the stream of spirit energy flying into the heavens and said with a face full of shock. Young master's talent is too astonishing. How long has it been since he reached the middle phase of the Gold Core stage?

Although the young master had recovered his strength, this sort of fast breakthrough was simply too inconceivable.

It doesn't look like it. The amount of spiritual energy flow here is too small compared to last time. Looking at the amount of spiritual energy that the young master absorbed last time, it does not seem like a breakthrough but a small leap in strength. White Demon said as he looked at the stream of spiritual energy that was about to disappear.

Not only was the spirit energy small, it was also too short. This couldn't be a breakthrough. Although the two old men were quite knowledgeable, how could they have known that this small phenomenon was actually a male and female duo having sexual-intercourse?

A portion of the spirit energy from the Mountain and River Diagram flowed into Lan Ya's body from Cheng Yu's body. However, the Lan Ya did not absorb all of the spiritual energy because the spiritual energy separated and was absorbed by both of their bodies

Soon after, the energy rushed into Cheng Yu's body and began to flow according to the previous cultivation route. Then, the energy returned to the point where the two of them intersected and entered Lan Ya's body. Once again, the energy flowed according to the cultivation route in her body and returned to Cheng Yu's body as a cycle.

Anyone who saw this scene would feel that it was indecent but as for the two people involved, they didn't know that they had already been immersed in the mysterious feeling brought by this cultivation method. Each cycle went on for a full cycle. Each time they completed one cycle, they would feel as if their bodies were being refined by fire essence and they could clearly feel their strength rising.

This kind of energy flowed very quickly. It took only two hours to complete the 36 cycles. Finally, it split in half and entered their bodies. Only then did this dual cultivation truly end

En! Once the two of them had finished cultivating, Lan Ya felt her body being comfortable like never before. She couldn't help but groan but it was this sound that made Cheng Yu's body burn again. Lan Ya blushed as she looked at Cheng Yu.

If the Dual Cultivation from before was considered an art form. At this moment, all that was left was a lustful and obscene scene

The next day, Cheng Yu went to school

The people are so happy today, hey! I'm so happy! Cheng Yu hummed a small tune as he walked into the classroom with an expression of excitement.

Wah. Boss, what brings you here today? Seeing that the most elusive boss in the class actually took the initiative to come to class, Fatty said with a face full of shock.

Hehe, Spring Breeze Then, he carefully sized up Lin Yuhan beside him. The feeling of wanting to fly to the sky last night was truly exciting, making Cheng Yu fall in love with this kind of feeling.

Looking at Lin Yuhan's delicate body, he couldn't help but compare it to Lan Ya. He didn't know how it would feel with Lin Yuhan but he definitely needed to find a time to test it out.

In the past, he had them retain their Yin essence so in order to build their foundation. However, yesterday's experiment with Lan Ya had proven that this pair of cultivation methods was indeed a feasible shortcut for cultivation.

Lan Ya had reached the middle level of the Foundation Establishment Stage after just one night of dual cultivation. This effect was much stronger than swallowing a bunch of cultivation pills.

Even though he had not broken through yet, that tiny stream of spiritual energy had helped him a lot. At the very least, it had helped him gain some enlightenment. If he could do it a few more times, Cheng Yu believed that he could definitely break through to the later level of the Gold Core stage in a short period of time.

Late Gold Core stage. He had never looked forward to it as much as he did now. It is not because of the pressure from Kunlun and the Mysterious Sky Sect but because he really wanted to know if he could form nine golden cores.

You... Why are you looking at me like that? Seeing Cheng Yu staring at her with eyes full of excitement, and anticipation. This guy was clearly a huge pervert!

Ugh! Hehe! Han Han, last night I suddenly had some enlightenment and comprehended a bit of the Heavenly Dao. Let's find a time to study it together Cheng Yu chuckled as he sat beside Lin Yuhan and whispered.

What are you talking about? From the looks of your eyes, you're clearly harboring malicious intentions. I'm too lazy to care about you Lin Yuhan said snappily.

How could I have ill intentions, Han Han? You really wronged me, did you know that? In order for you to possess the ability to fly through the sky and flee the earth as soon as possible, I've been worrying so much these past few days. Last night, I tested myself by taking the risk and almost caused my cultivation to go berserk. Fortunately, I have great talent and in the end, I managed to find a miraculous cultivation method that shocked the world. I guarantee that after you train, you will be able to directly break through into the Foundation Establishment stage Cheng Yu's expression and speech were rich, sometimes he was worried, sometimes he was frightened, sometimes he was excited, and he spoke lies more truthfully than if they were true.

Really? Lin Yuhan still couldn't believe it.

The incident with the Yang family last time also made her understand that having a stronger fist much more reasonable than all logic. Without strength, no matter how reasonable you were, it would be useless.

However, her fists were strong enough, it wasn't strong enough to be reasonable, just like how she followed Cheng Yu to collect debts. Although she didn't agree with this method but it had to be said that fists were sometimes the most direct and effective way of speaking

Especially last time when she taught those hoodlums a lesson, when it was her first time trying to punish them for their sins. She really liked this feeling of accomplishment and also looked forward to the day when she would be like Cheng Yu and roam the world with him.

Now that Cheng Yu was able to have her directly enter Foundation Establishment, didn't that mean she could also ride the sword? Just the thought of it was enough to move one's heart. However, when Cheng Yu said those words so beautifully and especially the way he looked at her today, she had a bad feeling about it.

Lin Yuhan was naturally not afraid that Cheng Yu would harm her, she also believed that Cheng Yu would not harm her but she did not believe that Cheng Yu won't deceiving her because Cheng Yu was someone with a criminal record!

Of course it's true. I'll become a puppy if I lie to you Cheng Yu said with a smile.

This method can indeed help her reach the Foundation Establishment stage. Although it's a little off, I didn't lie to her after all so I won't become a puppy. Cheng Yu thought.

Do you need a night like last time? Lin Yuhan said.

The first time Cheng Yu passed on the Spirit Origin Fruit to her, he spent an entire night doing so, which was why Lin Yuhan asked that.

Mhmm. One night Seeing Lin Yuhan agree, Cheng Yu was extremely excited in his heart but he didn't show it on his face. Otherwise, Lin Yuhan might be scared away by him.

Boss, what are you guys talking about? If there's anything good, you have to bring me along Fatty could not help but come over and say as he saw the two of them whispering to each other for a long time.

Scram. If you want to play, go play with Yuan Yuan Cheng Yu scolded loudly, how could they let him come along?

Sigh, it's still an unrequited love Fatty sighed and shook his head. He looked up 45 degrees at the fluorescent lights in the classroom and sighed.

What is it? Haven't taken down your Yuan Yuan? Cheng Yu asked curiously. Weren't these two already colluding with each other?

Sigh... It's difficult to understand people's feelings Fatty lifted his head again and sighed.

Stop! What was going on? Why haven't I seen her today? Cheng Yu told Fatty to stop being filled with grief. He scanned the classroom and didn't see the girl who constantly despised him so he asked.

Isn't it because of you! Lin Yuhan said snappily.

Me? What does that have to do with me? Cheng Yu said speechlessly. He wasn't a God, so why did everything have to do with him?

On the day that you brought me home, you told Yuan Yuan that Fatty has a surprise for her. In the end, there was nothing at all, which made Yuan Yuan angry. SHe said that Fatty didn't have any feelings at all. She hasn't come to any classes for the past few days Lin Yuhan said.

Hearing Lin Yuhan's words, Cheng Yu came to a realization. Indeed, there was that thing. Last time, in order to push Yuan Yuan away, he had said something randomly. He didn't expect this woman to take it seriously.

Fatty, this means that Boss has let you down. It's okay, women, you can always exchange your old one for a new one, your boss will also help you find another one that's as beautiful as a flower Cheng Yu patted Fatty's shoulder and said in a loyal manner.

Pah! What did you say? Are you trying to change me too? Lin Yuhan slapped the back of Cheng Yu's head and said angrily.

Hehe, my wife, it's a misunderstanding. I was just joking with Fatty. Am I the kind of person who likes to move from the old to the new? Fatty, didn't Yuan Yuan say that you don't have emotions? Boss will help you. Nowadays, girls will come to you voluntarily if your rich. Here, it's enough for you to create a romance Cheng Yu smiled as he took out twenty thousand red cash and placed it in Fatty's hand.

Bo.. Boss, is this really for me? But I don't know what to do with so much money. Seeing the thick stack of money in his hands, Fatty was at first excited, but soon after, he said dejectedly.