Godly Student Chapter 493

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Didn't you want to wait for them to reach the Foundation Establishment stage so you won't ruin their future? With your current strength, if you were to dual cultivate with them, they would be able to directly enter Foundation Establishment. Why would you need to go through so much trouble?Soul Suppressing Orb disdainfully said.

In Soul Suppressor's opinion, although Cheng Yu's method was correct, using the dual cultivation method was definitely an even faster method. It was also good that Cheng Yu hadn't broken the vital yin of those women for so long. If he broke the bodies of those women before Cheng Yu's cultivation level recovered, then it would be for nothing.

Ancient techniques? It's that powerful?Cheng Yu exclaimed.

Even if he added up his current life and past life together, Cheng Yu's age was only a drop in the bucket compared to the ancient era. How could he possibly know the ancient cultivation method?

Of course, in the ancient times, there were many powerful cultivation techniques. However, as time passed, these techniques have been lost. Right now, there are almost none. You have even not seen just how powerful they are.The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

So the Soul Suppressing Pagoda is also a treasure passed down from the ancient times?Cheng Yu said.

I don't know. My memories of the past are very vague. I don't know when I first appeared but there were people who knew of the ancient cultivation methods back when my previous master was still alive. It's just that there aren't many.The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Then your previous master must have had countless imperial maidens, right? At that time, the status of the Amethyst Palace Master was not low, I believe there were many women by his side

Don't talk nonsense, the previous master never used this kind of cultivation technique.The Soul Suppressing Orb said with his eyes wide open.

It can't be! He doesn't even use this kind of cultivation technique, could he be impotent? Cheng Yu said in surprise.

The previous owner was a woman!The Soul Suppressing Orb roared.

Woman... A woman? This time, Cheng Yu was truly shocked, he never thought that the Amethyst Palace Master would actually be a woman.

That's right, she doesn't know about this cultivation technique, and she doesn't need it either. I didn't even tell her about it

So you're saying that you didn't get this cultivation technique from her?Then how do you know it?Cheng Yu asked curiously.

I don't know either. I've told you that my memories of the past are blurry. When I heard you say that you wanted to raise your strength quickly, I suddenly recalled that cultivation technique!The Soul Suppressing Orb spoke in a very vexed manner as if he was vexed by his inability to remember those distant memories.

So it's like that. Are you sure you remember this cultivation technique? If you've mistaken, I'm afraid I'll be ruined by youHearing that his previous master hadn't practiced this cultivation technique and his memory was very blurry, if there were any mishaps, not only would he be ruined, but his woman would also be ruined. This was not worth it.

It's up to you on whether you want to believe me or not. It's not like I'm the one that's being targeted. At most, I can just change ownersSoul Suppressor said disapprovingly.

Hey! I don't like what you're saying. How can you keep talking about changing masters? No matter what, we went through thick and thin together. In the future, I still have to introduce you to a wife. Cheng Yu said in dissatisfaction.

Tch. If you don't want to use it, don't bother. I've already imprinted the technique into your mind. If you want to use it, do it yourselfAfter the Soul Suppressing Orb finished speaking, it disappeared. Most likely, it had gone to study the runes again.

Hehe, this is indeed a dual cultivation method. It's a pity that there aren't any illustrations. When the time comes, I don't know if I'll be able to properly do itCheng Yu looked at the mark left by the Soul Suppressing Orb and said with an obscene smile.

Fortunately, Soul Suppressor had already disappeared. Otherwise, he would have to look down on this fellow again. A proper set of ancient cultivation methods in ancient times was a very common thing, but in this fellow's mind, they had become so dirty and rotten

Hm. With such a good method, I have to find someone to test it on. Who should I look for?Cheng Yu thought as he sat inside a cave in the Mountain and River Diagram.

Hehe, it's better to find Lan Ya. She has already successfully entered the Foundation Establishment stage and just as I was about to eat her, I didn't expect that the Mysterious Sky Sect would get in the way. But that's good too, if this technique is really that powerful then wouldn't it be a huge loss to eat her before?Cheng Yu became excited as he thought about it.

Thinking of such a beautiful moment, Cheng Yu's body flashed and disappeared from the Mountain and River Diagram, reappearing in his bedroom.

Looking out the window at the dark night. Cheng Yu let out a few chuckles. It was truly a moonless, windy night. He first called Lan Ya and invited her to dinner before driving out like a rocket.

What is it? Did you pick up some money today or did you pick up another pretty sister?In the restaurant, Lan Ya elegantly cut off a piece of steak and slowly brought it to her red lips. Seeing Cheng Yu very excited, Lan Ya then said with a smile.

Hehe, this is much more exciting than this. Lan Ya, do you want to become even more powerful than you are now?Cheng Yu's posture was not as graceful as Lan Ya's. He forked a steak with a fork and put it into his mouth without even using his knife. He then looked at Lan Ya with an evil grin and said.

Do you have a way to make me stronger all of a sudden?Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Lan Ya's eyes shone with excitement.

Cultivating immortality was like opium. As long as one experienced the refreshing feeling within, no matter what, one would not be willing to give up. One would only hope that one's cultivation could increase as quickly as possible

Ever since Lan Ya broke through to the Foundation Establishment stage, she had to go to the yard almost every night to practice her swordplay. After a few days of hard work, she was now barely able to control it.

Looking at her flying sword being able to follow her will and fly wherever she wished, she felt as if she had the courage to kill someone a thousand miles away. At the very least, she believed that in the mortal world, she was considered a top expert. Although she couldn't really kill people from thousands of miles away, against an ordinary person, it would be extremely easy for her to kill them.

In the past, she had been extremely afraid of Fang Wenxuan who was only in the middle Qi Refinement stage. But now, she actually had this kind of strength. It was all thanks to this god-like man in front of her.

Now, he still wanted her to become even more powerful. Naturally, Lan Ya wouldn't reject him. Perhaps one day, she would have the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth.

Hehe, you'll know in a while. Eat quickly. After eating, we'll go back and raise our skillsCheng Yu said excitedly.

Seeing that Cheng Yu was a little too excited, Lan Ya became more and more curious. She started to eat faster

Now can you tell me what the method is?When they got home, Lan Ya couldn't help but ask.

Hehe, this method is called Dual Cultivation!Cheng Yu held Lan Ya from behind and whispered into her ear.

Dual Cultivation?Hearing these two words, Lan Ya's body shuddered. Her face immediately turned red.

That's right, I found this from the ancient cultivation method. After we dual cultivate, our cultivation will be raised at a rapid rate.Cheng Yu smiled.

You little pervert, it can't be a deliberate excuse, right?Lan Ya felt both anticipation and fear in her heart.

Actually, after she had reached Foundation Establishment, she also knew that Cheng Yu would find time to mess with her. However, when she heard that Cheng Yu was able to help her quickly increase her strength, she was a bit excited but when Cheng Yu told her about the method, she thought that Cheng Yu was purposely finding excuses.

How could that be? You'll know once you try it. Darling Nana, you will definitely like this methodCheng Yu's hands climbed to the peak of Lan Ya's breast as he spoke with great determination.

Wait... Wait a minute, let me take a bath first. You. You wait for me in bedLan Ya's body shuddered as she spoke nervously.

How about we take a mandarin duck bath!Cheng Yu smiled sinisterly.

No!Lan Ya rushed into the bathroom.

Cheng Yu quickly took off his clothes. Even he didn't think that he would be able to take off his clothes so quickly. This was simply a hidden skill. He was truly a good man

Lying on the bed and listening to the sound of running water in the bathroom, Cheng Yu became even more excited. In the past, when he couldn't eat Lan Ya, she always used all sorts of methods to lure him. This time, he definitely had to let her know that this Winged Flood Dragon wasn't just for show

After a while, the bathroom door finally opened. Cheng Yu jumped up from his bed.

Looking at the barely discernible figure of Lan Ya's pyjamas gently swaying, Cheng Yu actually saw two cherries and was so excited that he almost pounced on her.

Cheng Yu's fiery gaze seemed to want to eat her up. Lan Ya was extremely nervous. Previously, because she knew Cheng Yu wouldn't eat her, her actions seemed very big and natural, but this time it was real and she was instead scared.

Especially when Cheng Yu's lower body formed a tent, Lan Ya felt even more bashful. However, she didn't know that the more embarrassed she was, the more Cheng Yu found it unbearable.

Amongst the few women, Lan Ya's figure could be the most outstanding. Moreover, after she had cultivated the Thousand Charm Illusion Art, Lan Ya had an extra charm to her. Adding to her current cultivation level of Foundation Establishment, she could be considered a real cultivator.

Quick. Darling Nana, let's hurry and dual cultivate. If you stand like that for a while longer, I'm afraid that I might really turn into a beastCheng Yu said anxiously.

Although he really wanted to pounce on her now, his reason told him that he had to endure. Otherwise, he would really ruin everything

Cheng Yu first explained the dual cultivation method from ancient times and how to cultivate it. However, the dual cultivation method needed one to enter into the other's body. Under her shyness, Lan Ya actually covered herself inside the blanket. This made Cheng Yu extremely anxious.

He was not familiar with the location of the cave but finally, under the guidance of Lan Ya, he found a place to go. This was the first time he felt that he was in the middle of something.