Godly Student Chapter 492

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For the next few days, Cheng Yu did not go out. With the pressure and warning from the Mysterious Sky Sect, Cheng Yu did not dare to slack off in the slightest.

Sigh. This speed is too slowRecovering from his meditation, Cheng Yu said helplessly.

Previously, it was because his cultivation had been reduced so no matter how hard he had tried, it wouldn't have any effect. Now that he had regained his strength and wanted to improve his strength once again, he discovered that after obtaining six golden cores, the amount of Spiritual Qi he needed was exceptionally large. Who knew how long it would take for him to reach the peak Gold Core Stage?

The spiritual energy in this Mountain and River Diagram was indeed dense but this didn't mean that Cheng Yu could continuously raise his realm after absorbing the spiritual energy.

Right now, Cheng Yu was like a potted plant. He needed to replenish water but it couldn't be said that he had an inexhaustible supply of water. If he poured it all in one go, he would definitely drown.

Of course, Cheng Yu wouldn't be drowned by the spirit energy. He needed the spirit energy to strengthen his body and nourish his golden core.

However, the amount of spiritual energy his body could absorb was limited. No matter how big a container was, it was still limited. The spiritual energy that he had absorbed from the outside world was converted into True Qi through the operation of the Qi Method, and then he used this True Qi to transform his body.

For example, strengthening the body and expanding the meridians. As his cultivation realm increased, Cheng Yu's every move would erupt with greater power. Such a powerful burst of power first required a strong body to bear the burden of the energy.

When a gun was shot out, a lot of energy was stored inside the gun. If the gun was made of inferior materials, the gun would explode the moment it was shot out.

The reason why Cheng Yu was hit by the backlash every time he unleashed the Illusory Dragon Arts of the Manifestation Art, and the more powerful the backlash, the more powerful it was. It was because the power of the Illusory Dragon Art was beyond what his body could handle.

This was also the reason why Cheng Yu would not use his strongest attack unless it was absolutely necessary. He would lose the ability to fight and if he wasn't confident in killing or injuring his opponent with his strongest attack, he wouldn't easily use it.

Otherwise, if he had no fighting strength and the enemy was still fine, wouldn't that be suicide?

Actually, after the Gold Core was formed, the circulation of spiritual energy from his body to his dantian had started to operate automatically. In other words, even if Cheng Yu did not need to sit down and cultivate, his body would still be training automatically.

However, this circulation speed was slower than the circulation speed of the cultivation technique. It was only about half of the active circulation speed of the cultivation technique. However, Cheng Yu had six golden cores. In other words, even if he did not meditate and cultivate for twenty-four hours a day, the amount of true energy generated from automatically circulating six golden cores was three times more than what ordinary golden core cultivators could produce.

Moreover, if he actively circulated his cultivation technique for twenty-four hours, his circulation of True Qi would be six times greater than that of an ordinary Gold Core Cultivator. The speed at which such a powerful circulation of True Qi being produced was not something that any Gold Core Stage cultivator could compare with.

The faster the circulation of True Qi, the more True Qi he would be able to use to strengthen his body and the faster his strength would grow. Just imagine, if someone else could strengthen their body by circulating True Qi for an entire day, then Cheng Yu could strengthen it six times a day. Even if he didn't train, the automatically generated True Qi could strengthen it three times.

However, this was only theoretical data. The Gold Core could stimulate the circulation of True Qi in the body but the Gold Core need to absorb a portion of True Qi, because it also needed to grow.

Even so, Cheng Yu's cultivation speed was still several times faster than others. However, this kind of cultivation speed was not enough for Cheng Yu. If others were to find out about his condition, they would definitely curse him for never being able to form a nascent soul in his lifetime.

People trained so desperately for a day but they were inferior to him who was playing around?

If others were to find out about your condition, you would definitely die without a complete corpse!At this time, the Soul Suppressing Orb appeared. No one knew Cheng Yu's situation better than Soul Suppressing Orb.

He wasn't surprised by Cheng Yu's cultivation speed because back then, his master was also the master of the Amethyst Palace. He only had three golden cores. His cultivation speed was three times faster than an ordinary person's, Cheng Yu had six golden cores, which was the same as the Holy City's Mayor so it wasn't strange for him to have a cultivation speed six times faster than an ordinary person.

However, if Cheng Yu was not satisfied with this, then he deserved to die

It's not like I don't know. The enemy is approaching but I don't have any helpers, the pressure is very greatHow could Cheng Yu not know that compared to ordinary people, his cultivation speed was much faster? In any case, he was someone who had trained once before but the pressure from the enemy was getting more and more intense.

You want to help? It's very simple, as long as you go back to Limitless Palace and find your beautiful senior sister, she will definitely be more useful than you finding a group of Nascent Soul cultivators. The Soul Suppressing Orb laughed.

Although the Mysterious Sky Sect was powerful and Kunlun was shameless, it was not a problem for the Limitless Palace. As long as she could follow Cheng Yu, he believed that his safety would be high. At the very least, no one would dare to touch Cheng Yu in the near future.

I would like to. Didn't I invite her to come as well? But she rejected itCheng Yu said. When he thought of that peerlessly beautiful senior sister, he was truly moved. He could not help but take out the jade that Xin Yao had given him back then.

Cheng Yu shamelessly sniffed at the jade but after such a long time, the scent had already dispersed. However, he could still find a bit of her scent; after all, she had been carrying it around for over a hundred years.

Remembering that he had promised her that he would play a song for her. It seemed like he needed to find a time to head to the library to study music

She didn't come with you because your relationship hasn't reached this stage yet. Don't you like picking up girls? If you can get her, it would be like taking in all of your powers. You won't have to worry about Mysterious Sky Sect or Kunlun and Limitless Palace might even be yours in the futureThe Soul Suppressing Orb laughed.

Soul Suppressing Orb, I didn't expect you to be even more shameless than me. Seeing that I have so many women here, are you jealous? It looks like I really need to help you find a female artifact spiritCheng Yu smiled.

Don't compare me to you. This sovereign isn't as useless as you. I'm not always thinking about the relationship between a man and a womanSoul Suppressing Orb disdainfully said.

Soul Suppressor, I actually have a question I want to ask you!Cheng Yu suddenly said seriously.

What question?

If I find you a female artifact spirit, would you be able to create a baby artifact spirit?Cheng Yu asked curiously.

Scram!Soul Suppressors face was livid as he squeezed out a single word from between his teeth

Ha ha!Cheng Yu laughed heartily. Although he did not get the result he wanted, he really wanted to find a mother artifact spirit for the Soul Suppressing Orb and give it a try. If it could really generate a baby soul spirit, then he would be rich.

Humph. If you dare to joke with me in the future, don't even think about me helping you in the future

Hehe, don't be angry? I thought you were bored. Staying inside the Soul Suppressing Orb every day, isn't it boring?Cheng Yu quickly said. He did not dare to let the Soul Suppressing Orb escape, otherwise, he would suffer a great loss.

Humph. I'm not you, I stay in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda and study runes every day, I live a good lifeThe Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Research runes? Then how is your research going?Cheng Yu's eyes immediately lit up.

Cheng Yu didn't even know how many runes were inside the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. However, he had already deeply felt how powerful those runes were.

Back then, his scattered soul was collected by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda's runes and it was also those runes that helped him repair his soul. Furthermore, these symbols could seal and absorb a soul. If one could grasp this powerful power, they would be invincible

Although I am the soul of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, I am not its master. I am unable to study new runes. I can only research the runes that the old master once studied.Soul Suppressor regretfully said.

Then what did you figure out?Cheng Yu did not care about the new runes or the old runes. To him, all the runes were new runes. As long as he could create one, it would be worth it.

NothingSoul Suppressing Orb said in a very honest manner.

Then why the f*ck did you talk about itCheng Yu was greatly disappointed

Although I haven't learned anything new, but I don't need to learn them because I don't need to study the runes in order to help increase your strengthSoul Suppressor could not help but look down on Cheng Yu's actions.

Are you for real? You still have that kind of ability? Cheng Yu said doubtfully. If he had the ability to do so, he should have already told him

Heh heh. It's fine to tell you, but I'm afraid you won't be willing?Soul Suppressing Orb proudly said.

What method?Cheng Yu asked curiously.

Don't you have so many women? It can be seen that they are all virgins. As long as you use the dual cultivation method and pick all of your women, I can guarantee that you will enter the later stages of the Gold Core stageThe Soul Suppressing Orb said with a smile.

Dual Cultivation? Harvesting Yin to nourish the Yang? How can this be?Cheng Yu exclaimed.

He had heard of the dual cultivation method. In the past, many demonic experts used this method to increase their cultivation and as far as he knew, the higher the cultivation of the woman, the faster his cultivation would increase.

However, these women were only at the Qi Condensation stage. Only Lan Ya had reached the Foundation Establishment stage, so even if he was to harvest the food, it wouldn't be of much use. How could he possibly reach the later stages of the Gold Core stage?

More importantly, the women would be severely injured and basically crippled. How could Cheng Yu possibly do such a thing to the woman he loved

Ignorant fool, don't compare my dual cultivation methods of ancient times with those despicable Yin Yang Dual Cultivation techniques of the Devil Dao. In the ancient times, dual cultivation was a very common cultivation method, especially between Dao-companions. Through this method, both of them would be able to obtain qualitative improvements, especially for their first time being virgins. Both of them would be enlightened