Godly Student Chapter 491

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However, the male lead in this case, Cheng Yu, was quietly sitting at home cultivating. No one knew that he was the biggest contributor to this case.

Cheng Yu couldn't be bothered to fight with mortals for the title of Best Detective. Furthermore, Han Xue will be the one getting the award was his honor

On this day, Han Xue's mother prepared a large table of delicious dishes. She was happy, not because of some festive occasion, but because of Han Xue's safety so she specially prepared meal of gratitude for Cheng Yu.

Auntie, your cooking skills are really amazing. Just now, I smelt the fragrance of your cooking. I wished I could fly so I could come here immediatelyCheng Yu and Han Xue flattered her as soon as they entered the door.

Hehehe, Little Yu, thank you for your compliment. Mother-in-law has finished preparing the dishes, go sit on the tableCheng Yu and Han Xue were not married yet, but she already saw Cheng Yu as a real son-in-law. If she didn't capture him, it would be a waste of her life.

Hehe! Don't overwork yourselfCheng Yu never knew what courtesy meant. He just sat in front of his father-in-law casually.

Little Yu! It's really thanks to you this time. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known where Xiao Xue would've been sold off to. Your Auntie and me have been extremely frightened these two days. Come, let's have a toast!The four people sat on the table. They raised their wine cups to Cheng Yu.

Aiya, uncle, your words are too much. Xiao Xue is your daughter, but she is also my future wife. It's my responsibility to protect her but I didn't even know she was in danger so I have failed at protecting her. Let this glass of wine show my respect and apology to you

Although Cheng Yu had lived two lives, the longer he stayed in the mortal world, the more he became one with his current status. In front of his elders, he was no longer as awkward as before.

When his mother-in-law and father-in-law heard Cheng Yu's words, they were extremely satisfied. Originally, this matter had nothing to do with him. It was their own daughter who came up with the idea and yet Cheng Yu blamed it on himself. Tell me, where do you think you can find such a good son-in-law?

Han Xue who was sitting beside Cheng Yu also felt warm inside. 'Regardless of whether Cheng Yu had other girlfriends outside or not, at least he really cherish me'

Haha, Little Yu, you don't need to blame yourself. We invited you here for a meal. Consider that as your family's regular mealMother Han smiled as she picked up a chicken drumstick and placed it into Cheng Yu's bowl.

En! Auntie, this chicken drumstick is so smooth and tender. It's really delicious. Wifey, come and try it outCheng Yu took another bite of the chicken's drumstick and picked up another drumstick from the bowl before placing it into Han Xue's bowl as well.

Seeing Cheng Yu so intimate in front of her parents, Han Xue felt shy and happy, at the same time, her face turned red as she lowered her head to eat. Seeing Cheng Yu so fond of her daughter, her parents were naturally overjoyed.

Little Yu, there's something I want to talk to you about. I want to ask if you have any good opinions about it.After the meal, the family sat in the living room with Mother Han speaking.

Aunty, tell me!

I just feel that it's too dangerous for Xiao Xue to be a cop. Last time, she was shot by a gun. If it wasn't for you, Little Yu, she would have already left this world and now she almost got the traffickers to sell her off to some foreign country and then she is again saved by you. We get so worried every day. Little Yu, don't you have your own company? How about you find a job for her and don't let her be a cop?Mother Han said worriedly.

Today's meal was not only to thank Cheng Yu, but also to discuss the matter with him. Originally, mother Han did not want her daughter to become a police officer after the shooting incident

'Originally, I let Peng Dahai transfer her to the archive, but this girl forced Peng Dahai to change his mind and bring her back to the criminal division.'

This… What do you think, Xiao Xue?Cheng Yu said as he looked at Han Xue.

I want to continue being a cop!Han Xue laid on the sofa while her head rested on Cheng Yu's thigh. She pouted and said

Uncle, what do you think?Cheng Yu looked at Uncle Han and said.

Which parent would want their child to risk his life outside every day? So this time, I'm with your aunt on this matter... I hope that Xiao Xue can find a proper job that doesn't involve her getting hurtsaid Father Han.

What's the point of sitting in the office all day? I just want to be a cop!Han Xue stubbornly said.

Xiao Xue, Auntie is right. I want to start another company in a few days. How about you come to the company and help me?Cheng Yu actually didn't want Han Xue to become a police officer either.

If it was before, he wouldn't have felt anything. But recently, he discovered that more and more people in the cultivation world had entered the secular world, making him a little uneasy.

Just like this time, although these cultivators were all very low level cultivators, Han Xue was not strong and experienced so it was easy for others to defeat her

Other than that, the secular world was not as simple as he had imagined. The green powder he had found in the Dance of the world KTV could naturally be seen with his eyesight, it was not the product of the cultivation world and should be a chemical under modern technology. The green powder could even make a Gold Core Stage expert like him feel dizzy, let alone Han Xue.

In addition, he had just offended a member of the Mysterious Sky Sect and he was a true expert. Currently, besides him, no one else could deal with them. Therefore, Cheng Yu hoped that Han Xue could safely sit inside the building as a white-collar worker.

No I don't want to sit in an office everyday. I'll be bored to death. Besides, aren't you still here! You can protect m!Han Xue held Cheng Yu's hand and said coquettishly.

Xiao Xue, you'll make me very worried. and I'm also very worried that I won't be there in time when you're in dangerCheng Yu gently stroked Han Xue's hair as he spoke.

Xiao Xue, just listen to Little Yu and go to work at his company,Han Xue's mother said again.

No no no! I just want to be a cop! Wait for the day when I get tired of doing thi, then I'll go to work at the companyHan Xue shook her head from side to side, unwilling to compromise.

Fine! Just be a cop! Uncle, Auntie, just let her work for a while longer I'll pay attention to her

I definitely won't let anything happen to her!Cheng Yu quickly said.

This... Okay, then you have to watch her. We're going to be tortured to death by that girlSeeing how Cheng Yu was spoiling her, Han Xue's mother had no other choice.

Hehe, thank you mother!Han Xue happily said when she saw that another trial had been passed.

You can be a police officer, but you have to wear this in the future. As long as you're in Yunhai City, I can find you anytimeCheng Yu suddenly remembered that he had added a new positioning array inside the phoenix spirit necklace so he handed it over to Han Xue.

Seeing Cheng Yu suddenly take out a dazzling necklace, the Han family's three members were shocked. The Han family was not considered rich and they had never paid attention to such luxurious jewelry. Although they didn't know how much this necklace was worth, it was definitely something they would never be able to buy in their entire lives because they've never seen a necklace as beautiful as this one

Actually, what they didn't know was that the beautiful diamond-like object was not a diamond. Instead, the spiritual energy inside the spirit crystal was much richer than a diamond that could only be used for viewing

This... Is this for me?Seeing such a pretty necklace, Han Xue sat up on Cheng Yu's leg and said happily.

Little Yu, this necklace is worth quite a bit of money, right? Why are you buying such expensive things? Why is it so dazzling? How can Han Xue wear something like that out?Although mother Han complained about Cheng Yu randomly spending money, how could she not be happy that he spent so much money on her daughter?

Hur Hur, I didn't spend much money, I only spent money on the material. I've made some rest. As long as Xiao Xue wears it, I'll be able to find her anytime. Anyway, the weather has turned cold. No one will notice it if you wear thick clothesCheng Yu said with a smile.

Furthermore, he used a voice transmission to explain the necklace's functions to Han Xue. It was similar to the Phoenix Spirit Ring but there were more formations inside the necklace. There were more methods to hide from one's eyes if they didn't want others to notice. As long as Han Xue chanted an incantation, the necklace would seem like a very common necklace to others.

Han Xue knew that this was the second piece of jewelry that Cheng Yu had personally made for her. She was both excited and touched

The reason Cheng Yu had taken out the necklace so arrogantly in front of Han Xue's parents were actually for a purpose. Although the two of them had already accepted Cheng Yu as their son-in-law, that was when they didn't know that Cheng Yu had other girlfriends

If they knew about this, then it was not certain whether Cheng Yu was the best son-in-law in their hearts. Therefore, the more magnanimous and considerate Cheng Yu was towards Han Xue, the more likable he would seem to them

Of course, this kind of thing was to have more chips in front of his father-in-law and mother-in-law. The more the safer it would be, he might even be able to bring another girlfriend with him in the future and they would be able to accept it.

Under the Han Family's cordial urging, Cheng Yu happily hummed a small tune and returned home