Godly Student Chapter 490

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Are you stupid? This money... Be carefulJust as Cheng Yu wanted to criticize Han Xue. An inexplicable murderous aura swept over and a white light shot over. Cheng Yu quickly hugged Han Xue and dodged it

Following that, four figures swiftly flew over

When Cheng Yu stood up and saw who it was, Hong Sihai was already in the other party's hands

Three deities, you three came at the right time. Help me kill that bastardHong SiHai looked at the three people beside him and was overjoyed. He pointed at Cheng Yu and roared.

Hmm?Yi Ning looked at Hong Sihai and it made Hong Sihai pale. Hong Sihai suddenly went from hell to heaven. This happiness came too quickly that he forgot that he is not supposed to talk to these deities like that

So it's you!Yi Feng said when he saw Cheng Yu.

Originally, they did not want to interfere in this kind of trouble. However, upon thinking about the fact that the food they were eating here was provided by Mysterious Sky Sect, and the fact that the people causing trouble were all cultivators, the three of them still made a trip to the Hong Gang's headquarters.

It was a complete mess. Many people were injured, and blood flowed everywhere. Under the lead of the mortal Mysterious Sky Sect disciples, the three of them finally caught up to this place.

What they didn't expect was that the one who was causing all this trouble was that fellow, Cheng Yu

Heh, I never thought that it would the three losersCheng Yu saw them and sneered.

Cheng Yu, don't think that just because you have some tricks up your sleeve that we're really afraid of you. As a person, don't be too arrogant. Otherwise, there will be times when you'll regret it!Hearing Cheng Yu call them losers, the three of them had extremely ugly expressions and Yi Ning couldn't help but shout out.

Even though they were all at the Nascent Soul stage, they had suffered a loss when fighting against Cheng Yu who was at the Gold Core stage that day. That was their loss. It wasn't wrong for Yi Ning and the others to be defeated, but it was a huge insult to them.

Is that so? Since you're so powerful, why don't you try my Soul Suppressing Pagoda again?Now that Cheng Yu had recovered his strength and even though he couldn't kill the three of them, they wouldn't be able to kill him either. Who was afraid of whom?

You...Yi Ning's heart shuddered. Remembering the powerful soul sucking force of Cheng Yu's pagoda, Yi Ning was truly frightened. Not to mention that his injuries after the great battle had not recovered yet. There was no way for them to deal with Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu, you don't have to be proud of yourself. Offending us won't do you any good. In a few days, you will face a huge problem. Let's goYi Feng did not plan to attack Cheng Yu. The two injured people on their side had yet to recover.

Moreover, according to his calculations, Kunlun should have also received their message and sent someone over. He would endure for now. When they start fighting and both sides is severely injured, they will go and reap the benefits afterwards. There was no need to argue with him now

Master Ye. Help meJust as they were about to leave, the Black Dragon stood up and shouted loudly!

Hong Sihai looked at the three deities with an awkward expression. These three deities would not listen to him. If he was the one who crossed the river and saved them, then who could he save?

Yi Feng looked at Hong Sihai and waved his hand. A huge palm grabbed at Hong Sihai. However, just as the palm was about to grab Black Dragon, it was interrupted by another force

If you don't want to die, then scram. Letting you take him away is already giving you face! Cheng Yu said coldly.

HumphWith an ashen face, Yi Feng snorted coldly and flew away with Hong Sihai

Young... Young Master Cheng, let me go. Hong Sihai told me to do these things. I'm a victimSeeing Cheng Yu walk towards him, Black Dragon was extremely scared. Hong Sihai's miserable state just now made him scared

Do you know who I hate the most? It is betrayal, f * ck, how dare you make me circle around. Cheng Yu went to Black Dragon and slapped

him What are you guys looking at? Hurry and go save everyone inside. I'll watch these guys

He really couldn't muster up any interest in dealing with such mortals. Let the law punish them. As for what Yi Feng and his group said just now, he is going to be in big trouble soon.

According to his speculations, it was either the disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect or Kunlun that will come looking for trouble. It seemed that he had to be prepared.

The short scene just now had already caused the few women to be stunned. Cheng Yu's appearance had originally confused them, but now three immortals appeared. Could it be that we've always been living in the same world as the immortals?

Even Han Xue, who already knew of Cheng Yu's identity was shocked. Cheng Yu had told her that anyone who could fly in the air without any external assistance was at least a Gold Core stage cultivator.

The scene just now made her react. Could it be that Cheng Yu had already reached the Gold Core stage? But who were those people just now? If they could stand in the air, then wouldn't they all be Golden Core experts? How could Cheng Yu offend them?

Han Xue's heart suddenly felt extremely complicated. She was happy for Cheng Yu's increase in strength, but she was also worried about him offending so many experts.

It was only after Cheng Yu's words did the women realize that there were many trapped women in the room

You girls will forget everything you see today, do you understand?Cheng Yu said to the women.

I understand... I understand Now that they had treated Cheng Yu as a god, how could they dare to disobey him!

Cheng Yu, are you in trouble!When the few of them went to save the trapped women, Han Xue saw Cheng Yu staring blankly in the direction they left in and asked.

Don't worry! Your husband is the strongest, and they aren't able to threaten me. Seriously, you didn't even inform me in advance about the mission, causing me to almost flip over Yunhai. Fortunately, I got there in time, otherwise, if you were sold. I don't know what I would've doneCheng Yu hid his worries in his heart, then pulled Han Xue's hand.

Humph. You're so busy every day and you also have other girlfriends to take care of, how could you still remember me? I'm afraid you'd rather have me be sold.Han Xue pouted.

No, You will always be the best in your husband's heart. Whoever dares to sell you out, I'll kill him.Cheng Yu looked at the few Japanese people who were unconscious on the ground. These guys were really bold. They actually dared to come to China in the name of a diplomatic representative to traffic in human beings

We! Wo! We! Wo!. At this moment, a siren sounded from afar. The way the police appeared was always timely

When Cheng Yu arrived, he made it clear to Peng Dahai. He didn't expect this guy to take so long to get here and he even had the sirens on at full blast. Was he afraid that the enemy wouldn't run fast enough

Cheng Yu didn't have much interest in Peng Hai's next words of thanks. If it wasn't because Han Xue was also involved, he wouldn't be so concerned

Since she was fine, Cheng Yu would naturally bring Han Xue home directly. When her mother called him, she sounded sad, so Cheng Yu found a dark place to carry Han Xue and flew away in order to get her home faster.

Unlike the flight with the flying sword before, this was true flight, causing Han Xue to be extremely excited. She had to cultivate well in order to be able to fly freely as soon as possible.

The next day, Yunhai Television broadcasted an important news. The diplomatic representatives of Japan's embassy in China were suspected of trafficking in Chinese women. When this news came out, it caused a stir in China, the country's leaders' attitudes were very clear, they demanded that the country must sentence the perpetrators to death, and compensate the victims in this case. The country's prime minister must publicly apologize to the Chinese people and the Chinese government in front of all the people in the world

As the main perpetrator, Black Dragon was naturally sentenced to death. The other main culprit, Hong Sihai, had long since disappeared without a trace. Furthermore, his property had long since been moved, but the legal owner for his property was not him.

As for Ito Shinzhi, he had been sent back to his country for the trail because of his identity.

Ito family manor

F * uck this trash, Ito Shinchi, not only did destroy the reputation of my Ito Family. Even His Majesty, the Emperor, has taken back more than half of our clan's privileges. How preposterousLooking at the newspaper in his hand, the old patriarch of the Ito Family tore it into pieces in anger

Clan Leader. According to the news that Ito Shinchi reported, this incident had been sabotaged by a fellow named Cheng Yu. The most important thing was that this person is able to fly through the air like a living god. He was incredibly powerful. Our ninja died before he could even deal one blow to him.A middle-aged man, Ito Okada, spoke up when he saw how angry the old leader was.

Bullshit. How could there be such a powerful person in China? What cunning tricks did they use? Or maybe the news is fake and Ito Shinchi just wants to escape from his crimes The old chief shouted.

Clan Leader. China has always been a mysterious place, we have to be on guard against it. As for Ito Shinchi, do we need to rescue him?Ito Okada said.

Although Ito Shinchi was not a direct descendant of the Ito Family, he was still a good talent in the family. It was a pity that he sacrificed himself so much

The situation now is very clear. Even the Prime Minister was forced to apologize publicly to the entire world. Do you think we can still save him? If we don't want the Emperor to give up on us, then Shinchi will have to die. To die for the sake of the clan is his honor The old chief said.

Ha.... Then how should we deal with China?Okada said.

We can talk about this later. Don't get too angry over one person. Yunhai is not the only place our people are stationed in. Don't take anything else from other places for now. Now that the matter has been exposed, China tightened their security. The chinese people are also extremely against our people so it is best not to cause any trouble. We can resume operation when things cool downThe old leader thought for a while and said.

I know what to do nowIto Okada said as he stepped back