Godly Student Chapter 489

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Ito Shinchi looked at the two floating bullets, and was both shocked and scared. He had never seen such a strange scene.

Go, all of you attack Ito Shinchi reacted and shouted, this person is so powerful. If he is not killed, they will all die

The remaining three ninjas glanced at each other, nodded, clasped their hands together and disappeared

Peng Peng! Cheng Yu released his aura, and three figures suddenly appeared from Cheng Yu's side. They also flew back like the ninja before, but fortunately, although they spit out a few blood, they were still alive

Humph! You dare to cause trouble in China Cheng Yu snorted, and all the people present felt a layer of chill

Cheng Yu, they are the main criminals in the case of the disappearance of the population. You help me to catch them. I want the law to punish them Han Xue pointed to Ito Shinchi and Hong Sihai.

Let the law punish them? Cheng Yu was speechless. He had put in so much effort and rushed over just so he can hand them to the authorities?

Of course! They violated the laws of China so let the Chinese government punish them Han Xue said righteously.

Will they be sentenced to death? Cheng Yu asked as he does not understand the laws of China

Yes, from the severity of their crime, they will be sentenced to death Han Xue nodded. According to the Chinese criminal law, the trafficking of women out of the country is serious enough to be sentenced to the death penalty.

Is it? But I don't think it's reliable. Why don't I just kill them directly. Anyway, They are not good people. You have been wounded by them. It hurts my heart to see you injured. Let me vent out your anger. Cheng Yu held Han Xue's hand and touched her face in distress

No. Anyway, they are all dead, why should you trouble yourself? After all, this is not the cultivation world. It is illegal to kill people. Han Xue shook her head, although Cheng Yu's pity made her feel very sweet, but after all, she herself was also a policewomen and must do everything according to the law.

Okay, I'll listen to you! Cheng Yu smiled, then turned to look at the people around.

What do you want to do? Don't come over. I am an entourage of the Imperial Embassy in China and enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities. You can't hurt me Seeing Cheng Yu walked toward himself, Ito Shinchi said while holding his gun and trembling

Is there such a thing? Cheng Yu looked back at Han Xue and asked.

Yes... Han Xue nodded a little wrongly.

She did not expect this guy to be an entourage of the Imperial Embassy in China, ​​but although the entourage was the lowest diplomat in the embassy, ​​he did enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunity.

What messy things, this little devil dare to go to China for chaos, but dare to talk to Laozi about privilege Cheng Yu was furious, this is ridiculous. Originally, he wasn't angry but after hearing him, he immediately became angry

Don't come over, you will cause a dispute between the two countries. If you come closer, I'll shoot! Seeing Cheng Yu came over again, Ito Shinchi became scared and shouted. Bang! Bang! Bang! Ito Shinchi fired three shots, but Cheng Yu wasn't hurt at all. He didn't even know if the bullets hit.

Fuck your immunity Cheng Yu walked over and slapped Ito Shinchi.

Ito Shinchi's body did a 180 degree sideways flip before landing. Squatting on the ground, he started to spurt out blood

You dare to sell chinese woman at the embassy. Tell me, who else is with you? Cheng Yu walked over and to Ito Shinchi.

No one. I am alone Ito Shinchi said painfully.

Bullshit! Don't you have your privileges? Do you believe me if I say that my feet are more useful than your privilege? If you don't tell me the truth, Laozi will let you die here today Cheng Yu stomped on Ito Shinchi, resulting him screaming like a pig being slaughtered

Don't. I am the only one in the embassy Ito Shinchi said as blood came out of his mouth.

Who sent you?

It is our Ito family. They have arranged for me to be a diplomatic entourage. I am here to do business Ito Shinchi said painfully.

Ito family? What is that thing?

The Ito family is one of the oldest families in Japan

Bang! When the other party finished, Cheng Yu kicked his stomach again, and Ito Shinchi's entire body slammed into the corner.

Now it's your turn. Hong Sihai, you sure are smart. Not only did you capture my woman, you're also trying to play tricks on me After dealing with Ito Shinchi, Cheng Yu looked at Hong Sihai.

Young master Cheng. This is a misunderstanding. I did not expect that officer Han to be your woman. I would have never captured her otherwise Hong Sihai no longer had his previous ganduer

Cheng Yu's high-profile appearance has completely shaken him to the core. When he heard from Black Dragon that Cheng Yu have most likely surpassed the heaven stage to the foundation establishment stage, but he clearly isn't in the foundation establishment stage. He is clearly at a higher level

When he saw Cheng Yu come for Han Xue. he started to regret it. If he knew that it would be like this. He wouldn't have captured Han Xue. When he saw Cheng Yu's momentum as he descended from the sky, he did not even have the courage to run.

Because he knows that since other party has reached this level, even if he wanted to run, he can't escape

It's a misunderstanding? So your saying that you accidently captured my woman? Besides, as a Chinese, you are actually selling our people to other countries, you deserve to die Cheng Yu looked at the cold of the four seas Said.

Although he has no good feelings about the underworld, but compared with Hong Sihai, Xiong Ba is like a good person. But there really is no good person in the underworld. A drug dealer and a human trafficker, it is really a nest of snakes and rats.

This... Cheng Yu, I know that you are amazing, let me go, or I will shoot them Hong Sihai looked at the three policewomen who were still caught by his men, and pointed his gun at one of the policewomen's head

In the face of a Gold Core expert, mortals are no different from the ants. Let alone Cheng Yu, who's strength is actually comparable to a Nascent Soul stage. With a wave of his hinds, the fingers of Hong Sihai was cut.

Ahhhhhh As Hong Sihai screamed, his blood continuously sprayed, causing the people around him to be shocked. Cheng Yu kicked the gangsters surrounded the three policewomen and sent them back to Han Xue.

You really are looking for death Cheng Yu slowly walked towards the pale and pained Hong Sihai

Young Master Cheng, please spare my life. I can give you money, A lot of money Seeing Cheng Yu came over, Hong Sihai hurriedly said as he was on the ground in and fear

Is that so? How much do you have? Cheng Yu's eyes lit up and he smiled in front of Hong Sihai. Although he doesn't need money, not taking free money is the way of the foolish

This... how much do you want? Seeing Cheng Yu seem to be interested, Hong Sihai was happy.

Smack! Cheng Yu slapped Hong Sihai's face

You really can't understand the situation. Are you qualified to talk to me about conditions now? Now is not how much I want, but how much do you have Cheng Yu said.

I... I... I have a hundred million Said Hong Sihai, whose mouth is full of blood. No one would ever think that one of the biggest gangsters in Yunhai would be in such an embarrassing situation.

Smack! You are really not honest Cheng Yu slapped Hong Sihai once again

One hundred million? When Cheng Yu was conquering the Blood Wolf Gong, Qin Haohai could come up with one hundred million. Hong Sihai's gang is much larger than the original blood wolf gang, and the Hong Gang's business is also much larger, plus Hong Sihai's illegal business would have earned him a lot of money. How can Cheng Yu believe that the other party has only one hundred million?

Two... three hundred million. I have three hundred million Hong Sihai's originally wanted to say two hundred million, but after seeing Cheng Yu's eyes, he quickly change the amount .

Cheng Yu didn't talk, just smiled softly

Four hundred million. This is really all I have Hong Sihai did not believe that Cheng Yu believed him when he saw his smile so he increased the amount of money once again.

How about this. Tell me how much your leg is worth. If it is not enough, use your legs to make it up Cheng Yu raised one leg of Hong Sihai.

Don't. Ah! Cheng Yu twisted his leg and with a crack, Hong Sihai's roar could be heard. The four policewomen who were listening were scared, and quickly turned their heads

Now tell me how much this leg is worth. If it is not enough, there are still more legs Cheng Yu smiled and picked up another leg of Hong Sihai.

Don't. Don't. I give it. I will give it to you Hong Sihai's face was pale and pale, and quickly said.

So you have money, how much do you have?

A total of seven hundred million, this is really all my savings, I really do not have much Hong Sihai said with a weak voice

Seven hundred million. It's not much, but I think that's about how much your legs are worth, Now, calculate how much you hands are worth Cheng Yu completely ignored the blood on Hong Sihai's palm, pulled it up and said

Young Master Cheng. Let me go, these are really all of my possessions

Don't you still have a lot of business? I don't think you can manage it, I can help you! Cheng Yu clearly had things planned out for him already

This... Young Master Cheng, I... I will give it to you, I will give it to you Hong Sihai still wanted to counter-offer, but looking at Cheng Yu's face, he really wanted to cry

As a man, it's good to open up. Money is but a worldly possession, you can't take it to the afterlife. Since your so cooperative, I'll give you some benefits Cheng Yu smiled and pulled up the leg he broke and fixed it

Thank You, Young Master Cheng Hong Sihai has already lost his temper, he only hopes that Cheng Yu leaves as soon as possible.

Okay, let's go get the money Cheng Yu said Hong Sihai.

Cheng Yu, how can you do this!.His money and industry are illegally obtained, it must be confiscated by the state Seeing Cheng Yu really intend to go with Hong Sihai to get money, Han Xue said with dissatisfaction