Godly Student Chapter 488

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Hong Sihai, it turned out to be you When Han Xue appeared and saw the appearance of Hong Sihai, she was very surprised. She always thought that it was Xiong Ba who caught them

Hehe, officer Han, I remember reminding you a few years ago to not be so stubborn as a cop. Look at you now, you are in such an embarrassing situation Hong Sihai looked at Han Xue, laughed and said.

Regarding Han Xue, he really wanted to leave her to himself, but this woman is too rigid, staying only will cause trouble for himself. So it's better to sell her off. If he wants woman, as long as there is money, what kind of woman can't he have

Good. Hong Sihai, this woman is good. I'm willing to offer a good price for her When Ito Shinchi saw the face of Han Xue and her figure, he was very satisfied.

Japanese. Hong Sihai, you are a traitor, even colluding with Japan to sell Chinese women Hearing Ito Shinchi's words, Han Xue became even more furious.

Officer Han, you are accusing me. I am a businessman, I am just doing business. I am not the only one in China who does business with Japan, even our country does business with Japan Hong Sihai said without thinking much of it

That is a normal business, you are doing an illegal business that sells people

Han Xue is truly angered.

For me, the business that makes money is a normal business. OK, let's not talk nonsense, quickly grab them for me Hong Sihai said impatiently.

Among Cheng Yu's several women, Although Han Xue does not have the highest cultivation level, but when it comes to fighting skills, Han Xue is definitely the strongest.

When Han Xue had not met Cheng Yu, Han Xue was a violent policewoman who was famous in the bureau. Nowadays, with the help of Cheng Yu, she entered the middle phase of the Qi Refinement Stage. It will take a long time for her to break through the late refining, but how can these people stop her.

A Heaven Stage Master Seeing that his subordinates seemed to be as weak as a tofu in Han Xue's hand, Hong Sihai was shocked.

What in the world is going on? How can a random police officer reach the Heaven Stage? It is not unusual for him because of his backer, He can get a few medicinal herbs every month. It took a long time to reach the middle phase of the Heaven Stage. This was too strange

Black Dragon. You go and take her down Hong Sihai said with a cold face.

Hong Sihai. She... Seeing the strength of Han Xue, Black Dragon was also shocked. How did this woman suddenly become so powerful, her strength seems to be stronger than himself

What is it? Scared? If you have this little guts, then I should reconsider whether you should be able to join the Hong Gang and be the fifth master Hong Sihai said with a cold face.

Hong Sihai, I am going When Black Dragon heard this, he was shocked. Now that my identity has been exposed, it is impossible to go back.

In fact, Black Dragon's heart was in quite a distress. At first, the cooperation with Hong Gang is not his wish, it is only because the Hong Gang caught his family who he had sent overseas

Under this circumstance, Black Dragon was forced to sell out the Azure Bamboo Gang, and after cooperating with the Hong Gang several times to make a lot of money, Black Dragon also turned this into an initiative.

He also noticed that Xiong Ba was a bit suspicions about him, and now he has caused this incident again. The Azure Bamboo Gang must have already known that he has rebelled. If Hong Gang does not accept him, he will be at a dead end.

Bang! Black Dragon and Han Xue confronted each other and Black Dragon immediately withdrew seven steps. However, Han Xue did not retreat, and he was shocked. The strength of the other party was at least middle phase Heaven Stage

However, Black Dragon is someone who has experienced many battles, although his strength is not as good as Han Xue, but his experience is good. It is impossible to tell who will win or lose

Hong Sihai nodded, although Black Dragon's courage was a little small, but his strength is still good. His strength is obviously lower than Han Xue, and he is at a disadvantage, but there is no sign of losing, he is worth training.

Hong Sihai. I don't think your people are good. Can't even deal with a few woman Ito Shinchi stood next to Hong Sihai and laughed.

Hong Sihai looked at the other side, and sure enough, his own people was beaten to the ground by the few policewomen. There was a burst of purple on the face of Hong Sihai.

Hong Sihai. Let me kill them! A man around Hong Sihai took a pistol from his arms and took the initiative to prepare to shoot

Pow! Hong Sihai's backhand slapped the guy's face and said, These people are all money. What a brainless fool, you are able to fight well right? Go and capture them, I want them all alive.

Hong Sihai. Not only must they be alive, but also be intact. If there are wounds all over their bodies, no one will want to buy them Ito Shinchi said with a smile, this is clearly to make things difficult for Hong Sihai and embarrass him

Mr. Ito, rest assured. We will sell them to you in good condition Hong Sihai snorted.

The little devil is truly arrogant. If it wasn't for the sake of the trade, Laozi would have killed you as soon as possible. Hong Sihai secretly thought of it.

In addition to Han Xue, there are three female police officers on the other side. Although the actual situation of these three policewomen is not bad, but they are completely incomparable with Han Xue, and the four people around Hong Sihai are not vegetarians.

Pow! At this time, Black Dragon was also somewhat tired, and was knocked backed by a palm of Han Xue

Hong Sihai, it seems that you still need the masters of our Yamato Empire to help you Ito Shinchi smiled and nodded to the four men around him, and the four men jumped up and surrounded Han Xue

Hong Sihai didn't say anything. 'let's see what abilities you little scum have. If the girls get hurt, it's your fault. Don't think about decreasing the money'

Obviously, the little devils really overestimated themselves. Han Xue is now in the middle of the Qi Refinement Stage, and although she can't release Qi outside of her body, but Qi could be circulated throughout her body, making her stronger.

Don't look at her casual palm strike, it seems unremarkable, but the power behind it is not something a person's eyesight can understand. Band! One of Han Xue's palm strikes hit in one of the men's chests, and the man was immediately shot two meters away

Haha. Mr. Ito, the experts of your Yamato Empire is mediocre. Can't even deal with one of our chinese women Seeing this scene, Hong Sihai laughed and seemed to completely forget that Han Xue was their target. On the contrary, it is like a martial arts exchange between the two countries.

Hey! Ito Shinchi's face also became unsightly. Even he wanted to go forward and slap the waste, he lost the face of their Yamato Empire

Not long after, the four people sent by Ito Shinchi fell to the ground. At this moment, Ito Shinchi suddenly made a snap, and four people dressed in black suddenly appeared in the air

Ninja! This is a unique expert of Japan, their biggest feature is that they are strange and is good at hiding

Mr. Ito, you ninjas were not prepared for me, right? Seeing the appearance of the ninjas, Hong Sihai said with a sullen face.

Oh, Mr. Hong misunderstood, this is what our Ito family specially sent to protect me Ito said with a smile.

That's good Hong Sihai did not believe the words of this little devil, but he was still a little jealous when he saw the ninjas.

These four ninjas have a tacit understanding. Furthermore, they appeared and disappeared like ghosts. It would be hard to deal with them so he should be more careful around this little devil in the future

The ninjas were tough to handle for Han Xue since she had never fought against one before. Although these ninjas are not strong, and they are only at the early phase of the Qi Refinement Stage, but they are elusive.

Han Xue palmed at one of the ninjas, but only a piece of cloth was left behind, the ninja himself was nowhere to be seen. Han Xue gently shifted her steps and a person suddenly came out from the ground. Han Xue quickly jumped away to avoid

Bang! Suddenly a rope flew and directly tied Han Xue's ankle. Han Xue, who had just jumped up and was pulled back down

The moment Han Xue landed, her foot shook with true energy, and the rope was shattered in an instant. When she was preparing to fight back. A large net suddenly covered the sky, and Han Xue was directly put into the net.

Bang! Just when Han Xue was about to shake off the net, she received a palm strike at her back, resulting in her spurting blood out.

Fuck Off Just as a ninja wanted to palm strike Han Xue again, a loud shout came from the sky and a white light flew over and struck the ninja

puff! The blood of the ninja was splattered all over his body, and like a kite with its strings cut, he directly crashed on a stone wall and died.

Suddenly, another person who was covered in blood fell from the sky

Qin Sheng Hong Sihai was shocked, This fallen person turned out to be their one of their Hong Gang four masters, Qin Sheng

At this time, a man descended from the sky like a god.

Cheng Yu Seeing the person, Han Xue got out from the net and excitedly rushed toward him

Sorry, I am late. Is it painful? Cheng Yu hugged Han Xue and looked at the blood on Han Xue's mouth. He was distressed and gently wiped the blood marks from her mouth.

No pain, but fortunately you come in time! Han Xue shook her head with excitement, disregarding the pain or the people around them.

Women are all emotional creatures. Every woman hopes that one day, her beloved man will be able to wear a golden armor and ride a colorful auspicious cloud to marry her.

Although at this moment, Cheng Yu did not wear the golden armor, nor was he on a colorful cloud, or is he here to marry her. However, seeing Cheng yu appear like a god before her made her excited.

Bang! Bang! Two gunshots roused everyone from the shock. As they looked at the source of the sound, they saw that Ito Shinji was shaking and holding a pistol that was still smoking.

His eyes were filled with shock as he looked at the two hugging each other, he had clearly shot them but why had nothing happened to them?

Everyone turned their eyes to the two, and saw two bullets of peanut-sized size mysteriously hanging neat them magically