Godly Student Chapter 487

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Didn't the Mysterious Sky Sect want us to be praying mantises so that they can be the oriole. Why don't we make them be mantises instead? As long as we can make Cheng Yu fight with the Mysterious Sky Sect, we can also take advantage of them Elder Wen said complacently.

How do we do that? Yuan Yangzi nodded. This method is good. To take the benefits while not having to do much. However, the problem is the planning

First, why did Xuan Tianzong pass this news to us? Instead of killing Cheng Yu and directly taking the treasure? said the elder, but seeing everyone waiting for his following, then said: There are two reasons. First,

Cheng Yu's strength is too strong, so they can't take care of Cheng Yu by themselves. Second, although they can deal with Chen Yu, but they are not willing to hurt themselves. But no matter what reason they have, they just want to take advantage of us and get the treasures without doing much

Again, why are they so sure that Kunlun will help them kill Cheng Yu? That's because they saw the hatred that we and Cheng Yu are not dead Elder Wen said

Cut the crap, who doesn't know this, get to the main point Seeing Elder Wen's complacent look, Elder Qing coldy snorted.

What do you know? All brawns but no brain said Elder Wen disdainfully.

You... who did you say is all brawns but no brain? Elder Qing suddenly exploded in rage

Enough... Wen Chang, hurry and tell us Yuan Yangzi was also dissatisfied with Elder Wen.

In fact, it is very simple. They know about our hatred with Cheng Yu and also knows that we are very eager to kill him, however, what if we don't do what they want and not immediately go after Cheng Yu. What do you think the Mysterious Sky Sect will do then? Elder Wen said.

If we don't make a move, then the Mysterious Sky Sect will have to make a move first Elder Ping said in surprise.

This is not necessarily true. After all, we don't know whether the Mysterious Sky Sects people are really interested in Cheng Yu, or have the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkilling him. If we do not move, and the Mysterious Sky Sect also does not make a move, then we are basically giving Cheng Yu time to grow. Don't forget the strange growth rate of the kid. At that time, Kunlun will be at a more passive state Elder Cheng opened his mouth and said

Although we really don't understand the Mysterious Sky Sects thoughts now, but we can't be too eager. In the past, Cheng Yu's realm was low, so I can kind of understand his growth rate. Kunlun also has many geniuses whose cultivation grows quickly but once they are at a higher cultivation level, they will slow down. Besides, even if he is given a few months, what can he do?

What's more, if we really want to kill him, we have to send in at least two late stage Nascent Soul expert. We will also have to send in a Spirit Severing Stage Expert to oversee them. Be aware that there is also the Limitless Palace in the middle.

When Cheng Yu was killed by Grand Martial Uncle, Qing Xuzi almost killed Grand Martial Uncle in rage. This shows how much the Limitless Palace pays attention to Cheng Yu. They will obviously not let us send people to kill Cheng Yu. Even if Cheng Yu is killed by us, we will still have to face the anger of Limitless Palace, we can't resist the old guys. Especially since our Grand Martial Uncles are in seclusion, we will seriously have to close down Kunlun if that happens

Therefore, even if the Mysterious Sky Sect does not make a move on Cheng Yu first, we can't act now, but need to go to the secular world to understand the situation of Cheng Yu and the Mysterious Sky Secy.

If the Mysterious Sky Sect deals with Cheng Yu, we can just take the benefits afterwards without having to do much and Limitless Palace can't blame us either since we weren't the one who killed him. If the Mysterious Sky Sect Does not do it, we have to plan a way to deal with Cheng Yu. It is best to kill people with a knife.

Anyway, they are all hidden sects, let them play their own Elder Wen said

Yes, Everyone has seen the reaction of Qing Xuzi. If he knows that Kunlun will try kill Cheng Yu again, then our entire Kunlun will face the anger of Limitless Palace. It's better to transfer his anger towards the Mysterious Sky Sect instead Yuan Yangzi also nodded.

Remembering the anger of the elders of Limitless palace that day in where even their Grand Martial Uncle had almost died that day. They shuddered just thinking about it

Should we send disciples to the secular world? Elder Wen said.

No. Once we send our disciples to the secular world, Limitless Palace and the Mysterious Sky Sect will know. Instead of being discrete, we will instead alert the enemy. If we don't take any actions, the Mysterious Sky Sect will not understand our motive and if they can't hold any longer and take actions against Cheng Yu, it will be even better/q> Yuan Yangzi said.

After listening to the plan of Elder Wen, Yuan Yangzi also analyzed the key factors, that is, don't let the Mysterious Sky Sect understand their motives

Yes. We should not do anything during this time. If the Mysterious Sky Sect thinks that we are not interested in Cheng Yu, then they will definitely make a move Elder Cheng nodded

But how will we understand the situation in the secular world? Elder Wen said

If we send people from here, they will be found. But if we send people from the secular world Kunlun, they will not be found. Anyway, we don't need them to deal with Cheng Yu. Just let them secretly report the situation to us. After waiting for a while, if the Mysterious Sky Sect does not make a move, we create a situation where they need to make a move Yuan Yangzi smiled while stroking his beard.


At an abandoned old courtyard house on the outskirts of Xicheng District. Many people stood in the main hall.

Hong Sihai, I am ruined, I have completely broken off with the Azure Bamboo Gang, you must help me A middle-aged man said anxiously.

Relax, Black Dragon. You used to be one of the four hall masters of the Azure Bamboo Gang. I have already told you that as long as you come over, you will be the fifth owner of our Hong Gang. From then on, will be my people. Hong Sihai looked at Black Dragon and laughed.

Thank you, Hong Sihai Black Dragon said happily.

I have never ill-treated my own people. It is just that this financial road will be completely broken in the future Hong Sihai said.

It's all because of that damn Cheng Yu. We have been doing this flawlessly and even though the police were skeptical, they don't have any evidence Black Dragon hated Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu? How come I find this name familiar? Hong Sihai frowned.

He is the nephew of Zhao Minglong

It turned out to be him! Hong Sihai suddenly remembered the charity auction that day, the high-profile photograph of the young man with a string of valuable diamond necklaces. Then he said: Does he have evidence?

No, but he already doubts me. If I don't get the news in time, I would have been caught. Black Dragon said.

They have no evidence, what are you afraid of? You are too sloppy in this matter Hong Sihai was somewhat dissatisfied.

Hong Sihai, don't underestimate the kid, according to my people, he is likely to have exceeded the heaven stage Black Dragon said.

What? Hong Sihai was shocked. Is it possible to exceed the heaven stage? How is this possible? Are you sure?

I have never seen him, but when I first dealt with him, he was able to release inner qi. This is my experience with the dragon three, and today, I received the news of him being in the Dance of the World KTV. When I heard the news, I think he most likely have exceeded the heaven stage Black Dragon said with a sigh.

This is somewhat unexpected. I didn't expect the kid who looked so plain to be a master. But even if he comes through the door, we don't have to worry about him Hong Sihai calmly said.

Hong Sihai. Mr. Ito is here At this time, one of the men said

Just in time. As long as the goods are out, it's not our business. Please come in Hong Sihai said.

Hong Sihai. I haven't seen you for a long time. I don't know what kind of goods you have prepared for our Yamato Empire A mustache man walked in with a black suitcase and said loudly, followed by four bodyguards behind him..

Ha ha. Mr. Ito, this time the goods will definitely satisfy you: Teachers, students, white-collar workers, housewives, and even policewomen. Hong Sihai laughed.

It seems that you are very satisfied with our cooperation. This is exactly what we need, I can't wait to see the goods Ito Shinchi said excitedly.

No problem, about the price this time? Hong Sihai laughed.

Hong Sihai, rest assured, after I have seen the goods, as long as I am satisfied, the price will make you satisfied Ito Shinchi said refreshingly.

Just then, the sound of banging could be heard What happened? What is happening outside? Hong Sihai was furious, he was talking business but his subordinates were being noisy

Not good, brother Hong, Those people ran out One rushed out and said.

What? Aren't you the guard? How can you let them out Hong Sihai is furious at his subordinates.

The few policemen are too powerful, especially the leader. She is knocking down our people one by one

Trash, can't even deal with a few women. What is the use of you, you're even inferior to a dog. Go, let's go see Hong Sihai said angrily.

When a group of people left the house, they saw several women being surrounded by a large group.

Catch them, don't let them run said Hong Sihai.

Hong Sihai, it turned out to be you When Han Xue appeared and saw the appearance of Hong Sihai, she was very surprised. She always thought that it was Xiong Ba who caught them