Godly Student Chapter 486

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Are you the culprit behind the case of the missing people in Yunhai? Cheng Yu nodded when he saw Xiong Ba act in such a sensible manner.

No... Xiong Ba shook his head.

Are you speaking the truth Cheng Yu said with a frown. Once again, he channeled the power of his Gold Core towards Xiong Ba.

Seriously... Yes! Xiong Ba's face was red and cold sweat dripped down his face. He gritted his teeth and said with difficulty.

Cheng Yu looked into the other person's eyes and found that the other person was not lying. 'Could it be that this really has nothing to do with him?'

Is Black Dragon with you? he asked when he recalled that Wu Zhong and the rest couldn't find Black Dragon.

They all have their own territories. If there's nothing important, they won't come here. Xiong Ba said.

Then help me contact him.

Xiong Ba didn't say anything and directly picked up the phone. After a while, he shook his head and said, I can't get through.

You, the boss, can't do anything at all. You don't even know what your subordinates are doing. I bet you won't even know why you were backstabbed in the future Cheng Yu said as he looked at Xiong Ba

This... Xiong Ba was speechless. All these years, he mainly focused on his cultivation, he rarely came here. It was just that ever since his Master had left, his temper had become irritable and restless, making him unable to cultivate.

He believed that regardless of whether it was the cultivation world or the secular world, it was a world where strength was respected. Although the secular world seemed to be a legal society, the law could not represent everything

If Cheng Yu were to kill him now, it would be extremely easy. The law can't protect him then

Thus, when his master was still around, he would always follow his master and pray that one day, he would be able to become powerful and have the ability to destroy everything in his life.

Do you know what happened to the underground tunnel under the Dance of the World KTV? Cheng Yu was very disappointed with Xiong Ba's answer.

The tunnel. This... Xiong Ba had an ugly expression. From the look of him, he clearly didn't know what was going on

Do you really not know or are you unwilling to say? If you dare to be dishonest, I can destroy your soul at any time and you won't be able to reincarnate Cheng Yu said coldly. If it wasn't for the fact that he promised White Demon that he wouldn't kill him, he really wanted to slap him to death.

No. I really don't know if Dancing the World used to be the territory of Hong Gang or if Black Dragon stole it from them. If there really is a tunnel there, then it's either the people from the Hong Gang or Black Dragon. Hearing that Cheng Yu wanted to scatter his soul, Xiong Ba's legs softened and he quickly said.

Hong Gang, Hong Sihai Regarding Yunhai's Gangs, Cheng Yu was no longer unfamiliar with them. Hong Sihai and Xiong Ba had caused quite a commotion during the Medical Charity

That's right. I've long suspected that Black Dragon has dealings with the Hong Gang, but I can't find any evidence. Xiong Ba said.

Although there was no restriction on the four hall masters, he was still wary of them. However, they were all brothers that had ventured into the world together, and he didn't have enough evidence to deal with him. After all, none of them were weak.

Cheng Yu frowned. If that's the case, then the Hong Gang's use of the Azure Bamboo Gang not only can divert the attention of the police and attack the Azure Bamboo Gang, but they can also erase all evidence with the help of Black Dragon as their head.

Hmph! I'll let you off for now. If I find out that your related to this, your fate will be more tragic than what you think Since Xiong Ba didn't do it, he still had to go save Han Xue. He didn't have time to waste words with him.

Young Master Cheng, can I ask you something? Xiong Ba quickly asked when he saw that Cheng Yu was about to leave.

What is it?

Is my master with you? Cheng Yu was so powerful. He believed that his master and martial uncle must have had something to do with him

That's right

Then... Can you let me meet my master? Xiong Ba pleaded.

White Demon, come out and meet your disciple Seeing Xiong Ba's expectant look, Cheng Yu sighed and released White Demon.

Master Seeing that White Demon had unexpectedly appeared out of nowhere, Xiong Ba was astonished and happy. In front of so many people, he has such an imposing manner, yet now his eyes had actually reddened

Ba'er When White Demon saw Xiong Ba, he was also very moved. He once really didn't think very highly of Xiong Ba because his talent was really not good. Naturally, he wouldn't care much about such a disciple.

However, Xiong Ba had met him when he was a hundred and ninety years old. It has been more than 30 years already. He knew that if Cheng Yu acted against him in this mortal world, he would definitely be punished by the law. He would not have a good ending

Seeing his sole disciple in the secular world who will be punished, White Demon also felt a sense of sorrow

In the future, you have to be careful and stop doing things that endanger society. Otherwise, even if young master does not act, I will personally kill you White Demon said to Xiong Ba after glancing at Cheng Yu.

The meaning behind this was very clear. If he did something illegal again, Cheng Yu would find trouble with him! With his strength, he didn't even have the ability to resist

At the same time, he also let him know his relationship with Cheng Yu. If Cheng Yu wanted to make a move, no one could save him. He could only rely on himself

I know, thank you Master. I will definitely remember Master's words Xiong Ba nodded his head

Alright, what's to be said has already been said. Although the secular police can't catch you, but I can, and I don't need evidence. Later on, you better be careful, White Demon. Let's go Since Cheng Yu had spoken, he waved his hand and White Demon disappeared.

Young Master Cheng, thank you, I know what to do Xiong Ba said sincerely.

Cheng Yu glanced at him, then directly left the Di Hao Entertainment Club. Originally, he was planning to deal with him after the matter with Han Xue

However, although this person had done a lot of illegal things in the secular world, he is actually sincere to White Demon. What Cheng Yu hated the most are those that are disrespectful to their master.

Thus, when he saw Xiong Ba's sincerity, he decided to let him off for now. Anyway, the police would do everything they could to investigate him. As long as he didn't offend him again, it wasn't unforgivable


Cultivation world, Kunlun Cloud Hall

Bastard! The Kunlun Sect Leader, Yuan Yangzi, stared at the letter in his hand. His face was all pale and his eyes seemed about to burst into flames. He heavily slammed his palm onto the rosewood tea table.

Sect Leader, why are you so angry? Several of the Elders in the audience were puzzled as they spoke. It had been a long time since Cheng Yu died, and they hadn't seen the Sect Leader get so angry

That little bastard of Limitless Palace is actually still alive? Yuan Yangzi gritted his teeth and said.

What do you mean, you're saying that Cheng Yu is still alive? How could it be? That day, didn't we personally see Grand Martial Uncle smack him to death with his palm?

At that time, Cheng Yu was also only in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage. Even if his strength was comparable to that of a Nascent Soul stage, he was still weak compared to a spirit severing stage expert

Sect Leader, where did you get this information from? Don't tell me you're making it up? Everyone could clearly remember the scene that day. It was really hard for them to imagine that Cheng Yu was still alive.

This letter was sent from the secular world. He was found by an expert of the Mysterious Sky Sect in the secular world. There shouldn't be any mistakes. said Yuan Yangzi.

Why did the Mysterious Sky Sect go to the secular world? And why would they be so kind as to send news back to us from the secular world Elder Ping said in surprise.

That's right. The Mysterious Sky Sect has never placed our righteous path in their eyes. They call themselves the number one sect in the cultivation world. Why would they be so kind?

By now, the entire cultivation world knows about our Kunlun and Cheng Yu's matter. Moreover, Cheng Yu has a lot of treasures. I think they might be after Cheng Yu's treasures and cultivation technique. I think it's more likely that they're just interested in something like that. Elder Qing said after thinking for a while.

That makes sense. If it wasn't for that, I really wouldn't have been able to see the intentions of the Mysterious Sky Sect's people Elder Wen said as well.

If Cheng Yu is truly alive... No matter what their motive is, we must send people to kill him in the secular world. As for the treasures, we can't let the mysterious sky sects people take them away. Yuan Yangzi said.

That's right. Cheng Yu has a cultivation method that can produce many golden cores. We must obtain it no matter what

However, although that kid's strength is only at the Gold Core Stage. His cultivation is comparable to the Nascent Soul Stage. We can't just send Spirit Severing Stage Experts after him right? That Limitless Palace will definitely take action. Elder Ping said.

The influence of a Spirit Severing Stage expert is too great. It's easy to detect them when they are going to the mortal world, and people of Limitless Palace have been keeping an eye on us so we can't send out Spirit Severing Stage Experts

Hmph, Dammit. If we send in Nascent Soul Stage Experts, we will basically be sending them to their deaths Yuan Yangzi said very worriedly.

Sect Leader, I do have a method that don't require us to be in the limelight Elder Wen suddenly said.

What method? Yuan Yangzi anxiously asked.

Didn't the Mysterious Sky Sect want us to be praying mantises so that they can be the oriole. Why don't we make them be mantises instead? As long as we can make Cheng Yu fight with the Mysterious Sky Sect, we can also take advantage of them Elder Wen said complacently.