Godly Student Chapter 485

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I'm sorry sir. You can't enter without a VIP membership. The waitress was still polite.

The Di Hao Entertainment Club is the headquarters of the Azure Bamboo gang so Xiong Ba didn't dare to let too many people in. With the help of Vip Memberships, not only could the membership system of this clubhouse be used to ensure the security of the place, but it could be a system to earn money

Cheng Yu took a glance at the two men in black suits and sunglasses as they approached and just as they were about to stop Cheng Yu, they were knocked back.

Scram Cheng Yu was worried about Han Xue's safety, so how could he have the mood to bother with them? With a cold shout, he released his aura and directly sent the two of them flying

What do you want to do, sir? The people in the lobby had already noticed the situation at the entrance. Cheng Yu rushed into the club while several bodyguards with communicator headphones surrounded him.

Xiong Ba, come out Cheng Yu was calm.

I'm sorry sir, but you can make an appointment with our boss if you'd like to meet him The man in the lead.

Heh, that's quite formal. Do I also need to make an appointment in order to meet with Black Dragon? Cheng Yu sneered before shouting, Xiong Ba, if you don't want to die, get out here right now

Cheng Yu used some Gold Core energy in his voice. Although his voice was not loud, it resounded in everyone's ears.

Sir, if you continue like this, we won't be courteous anymore Seeing more and more customers come out because of Cheng Yu's shouting, the man's face also turned cold.

Is that so? Cheng Yu turned around and stared at this person. Suddenly, this person seemed to have been hit by something and directly flew out. He crashed onto the stage in front of the hall. The three receptionist cried out in fright.

In the owner's room on the second floor, there was a man and a woman who were having fun on the bed. The two of them were shocked when they heard Cheng Yu's shout.

Who is it? Which bastard is causing trouble below? Does he want to die? Bring him here Xiong Ba raged.

Even though Xiong Ba's name sounded crude, he was usually very careful and meticulous in his actions. Otherwise, the Azure Bamboo Gang wouldn't still be functioning in Yunhai.

However, it was different today. The Hong Gang had been causing trouble in the market for the past few days, and his master and uncle had left for no reason. During this time, Xiong Ba's temper could be said to be rather bad.

And now that he was stopped right when he was feeling happy, how could he not feel indignant in his heart. He wished that he could directly chop up the little 'hen' as a form of punishment

Yes. Boss The man outside responded and then led the others down to the second floor's hall. Looking at the first floor's lobby, he saw that everyone was cowering around a young man. He silently cursed them for being so useless in front of so many people.

Bring him here Qian Zhong impatiently shouted to the servants and was about to turn around and go upstairs, but after taking two steps, he didn't hear anything. When he turned around again, he actually saw that no one dared to come forward. If you don't want to die, hurry up and bring him here

However, the foreheads of the people around Cheng Yu all began to sweat like it was raining. They all wanted to move, but they couldn't

Cheng Yu sneered again. Since Xiong Ba refused to come down, he could only go up himself

What is it? You shouldn't behave atrociously here. Otherwise, you won't have the chance to regret Seeing the young man walk up the stairs alone, Qian Zhong immediately shouted.

You don't know what's good for you. Capture him Seeing Cheng Yu completely ignoring him, Qian Zhong had an ugly expression on his face as he watched Cheng Yu walk up the steps step by step.

Even though he was not as powerful as the boss or the great four hall masters, Xiong Ba had the most trust in him compared to other people. Thus, he could be considered to be the right hand man of Xiong Ba

For example, even though the eunuchs who served beside the emperor in ancient times didn't hold official positions, they had a high status just because they could stay by the emperor's side all the time.

Therefore, even if the guests were rich and powerful, no one would dare to not take things seriously with him around. If they meet him, they would call him Mister Qian politely; however, this young man is actually looking down on him.

Cheng Yu is already in the Gold Core Stage. Even though he is still in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage, his strength is actually comparable to an early stage Nascent Soul Stage cultivator if he did not use his Gold Core power.

Even in the cultivation world, this kind of cultivation rare. Although these bodyguards looked very ferocious, but in Cheng Yu's eyes, these bodyguards were no different from three-year-old children.

With a wave of his right hand, four people shot back like cannonballs

This... Qian Zhong was not the only one who was looking at the four people with an expression of shock. What was going on?

How did they get knocked back before even coming into contact with him? Was it because of this man's casual wave just now? Is he a deity?

Honorable guests. I'm sorry. The next few things that happen may not be good, please leave quickly. The fees for today is all exempt, I hope everyone can cooperate Qian Zhong quickly shouted. After all, Qian Zhong had seen quite a lot of scenes when working for Xiong Ba

From Cheng Yu's amazing move just now, he knew that Cheng Yu was clearly not an ordinary person so he had to make these people leave. Since he was not an ordinary person, he naturally could not be dealt with using ordinary methods.

There will most likely be no shortage of bloodshed, so it was best not to let these people see it

These people were from the upper class of Yunhai CIty. When there was nothing to do, they try to do something fun and exciting. Just now, Cheng Yu's simple move had made everyone excited. Everyone really wanted to stay back and see what miracle would happen next.

However, since the Azure Bamboo Gang wanted them to leave, they had no choice. Cheng Yu also did not want ordinary bystanders watching so he did not oppose to them leaving.

When everyone had left the clubhouse, Cheng Yu had already been surrounded by a group of people with guns

Today, I have come to find Xiong Ba for some matters. It would be best if you do not provoke me Cheng Yu looked at these people.

Humph. Don't think that you can scare us. It's best if you follow us honestly to the boss. Otherwise, you're going to die here Qian Zhong coldly said.

Cheng Yu ignored him and went up to the second floor with a few people pointing their guns at him

It's you! When Cheng Yu appeared in Xiong Ba's room, Xiong Ba's eyes opened wide in shock. He didn't expect that the nephew of Zhao Minglong would actually come to the Azure Bamboo Gang to cause trouble. In the blink of an eye, Xiong Ba became excited.

He knew that Cheng Yu was a Heaven Stage expert, and the most important reason was because he had always felt that Cheng Yu was the reason why his master and martial uncle left. It was very difficult for him to catch Cheng Yu outside, but now it was different.

I didn't expect you to be so see me Cheng Yu was truly surprised when Xiong Ba saw his expression. As for Xiong Ba knowing him, it wasn't strange at all since Black Demon had been able to find and investigate him.

You may go Xiong Ba faced his subordinates and ordered.

Boss Qian Zhong hesitated a bit. This guy seemed pretty 'amazing! Furthermore, it was obvious that he did not come with good intentions

Can't you hear me? Get out of here Xiong Ba was furious. since he wanted to hear about the news of his Master and Martial Uncle from Cheng Yu, naturally, he didn't want others to know.

Aren't you afraid of me killing you? Cheng Yu said after everyone left.

Hehe, you most likely came here due to that matter, so why would you kill me before knowing the truth? Furthermore, you might not even be able to kill me now Xiong Ba's was full of confidence because he had always treated Cheng Yu as an ordinary Heaven Stage expert.

Heaven Stage experts were divided into different grades just like the Qi Refinement Stage of cultivators. Also, seeing how Cheng Yu was so young, he would most likely only be at the early Qi Refinement stage while he, Xiong Ba, is already at the middle phase of the Qi Refinement Stage.Even if he happens to be at the late phase of the Qi Refinement Stage, wouldn't he be defeated by him due to the treasured armor he received from his master? He would definitely not be afraid of a mere Refinement Stage cultivator

You pretty intelligent, but if I want to kill you, it's actually pretty easy Cheng Yu released his aura as he flipped Xiong Ba over while he is still in his chair.

... Xiong Ba laid on the ground with a frightened expression as he looked at Cheng Yu in disbelief. This presence just now was even more oppressive than his Master and martial uncle

Boss, are you alright Hearing the sound inside the room, Qian Zhong immediately brought his men and rushed in. When he saw Xiong Ba lying on the ground, he pointed his gun at Cheng Yu

Get out Xiong Ba shouted.


Get out! Others might not know but Xiong Ba clearly knew that if Cheng Yu's strength had reached such a level, then these people would be of no use

Qian Zhong took a look at Cheng Yu once again in hesitation but still led people out in the end

I have indeed misjudged you. To think that you would be this powerful Xiong Ba was a little disappointed. He had originally thought that his current strength would make him one of the top experts in the mortal world. He hadn't thought that although other party is so young, he is already able to match up to his masters cultivation, perhaps even to his martial uncle's