Godly Student Chapter 484

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What are you guys doing hiding up there? Is the case of the missing people related to you? Cheng Yu stared at the two as he spoke.

In the entire Dance of the World KTV, the two of them were the strongest and seemed to have a higher status than the manager, Zheng Tao. In addition, they were also direct members of the Azure Bamboo Gang, so the two of them were most likely to be the suspects.

The members of the Azure Bamboo Gang were basically bodyguards to their business. They were only acting as a deterrent to prevent others from causing trouble.

As for people like Zheng Tao, their main duty was the association's industrial management, which was equivalent to being hired by the Azure Bamboo Gang to manage the company. Although some had identity and background in the Azure Bamboo Gang, they were only people with some status and couldn't be considered as true members of the Azure Bamboo Gang.

But no matter what, they were still part of the Azure Bamboo Gang.

No, no This has nothing to do with us The two of them said in panic.

None of your business? So you know who it is? Cheng Yu said.

No, we really don't know about this? The two of them said.

Looking at the few people kneeling on the ground, Cheng Yu was truly confused. Could it be that someone was able to kidnap others right under their noses?

I'll let you guys go for now. Bureau Chief Peng, let's go to that private room to take a look Cheng Yu coldly said.

Alright Peng Dahai nodded and followed.

At this moment, he truly felt Cheng Yu's power. Although he didn't understand what had just happened, but the ability to catch those two from so far away had already surpassed the understanding of ordinary people.

In the past, he had befriended Cheng Yu because he was Mayor Zhao's nephew. But now, he had a lot of respect for Cheng Yu, just like the imposing manner he showed now, he was like the king who ruled the world

A person that could emit such an aura was no ordinary person

The group arrived at the damaged private room. The private room was not small at all, and the decorations were quite stylish. The surrounding walls appeared luxurious and golden, yet they also looked modern and fashionable. There was a long metal table in the middle of the sofa, and an intelligent music stand beside it. There were four luxurious crystal lights with dim yellow lights on top. In the middle, there was a metal radium light.

Cheng Yu stood inside the room and observed quietly. He touched the walls on all four sides, but he didn't find any intersections or hidden doors

Do you smell anything? Cheng Yu suddenly sniffed and smelled a strange fragrance. He frowned and said.

Smell? No Peng Dahai also sniffed hard, but he didn't smell anything special.

Cheng Yu ignored him. After all, his sense of smell is not something ordinary people could compare with. After observing for a while, his eyes finally focused on the radium lamp on top of the lamp

Pow! Cheng Yu stretched out his hand and grabbed the air. That radium lantern the size of a watermelon was pulled off by Cheng Yu and mysteriously flew into Cheng Yu's hand. This made everyone who was behind him feel surprised

Amazing... This was what everyone thought. They had only seen such a miraculous thing on television before. Now that they saw it with their own eyes, many of them had the urge to go up and worship him as their master.

However, they knew that the current atmosphere was clearly unsuitable for them to become disciples and learn skills. They could only suppress the excitement and curiosity in their hearts.

Cheng Yu put his hands together and directly turned on the radium light. There was a miniature rotating camera hidden inside, and the smell was coming from a crystal bottle beside.

Cheng Yu took out the crystal bottle. There was a sensor at the bottom of the bottle, and there were a few holes at the top. There was green powder in the bottle.

Get out Cheng Yu's expression suddenly changed as he shouted.

It turned out that the moment this powder evaporated, Cheng Yu actually felt dizzy!. He quickly took a deep breath and kept the bottle. The others didn't understand, but after hearing Cheng Yu's shout, they retreated outside.

However, the door was too small, so everyone blocked the entrance. Those who were still in the room fainted on the spot. One of them was Peng Dahai. Since he had been standing next to Cheng Yu, he was at the back.

Cheng Yu placed the unconscious person outside and then shut the door

The air inside is poisonous, go find something that can purify the air! Cheng Yu said to the other policemen and examined the bodies of the five or six people who had fainted.

After realizing it was just a simple stun, he heaved a sigh of relief and took out a few antidote pills for them to consume.

What's going on? Don't tell me that you guys don't know either? After arranging a few people, Cheng Yu said to Zheng Tao and the others with a cold expression.

Young Master Cheng. We really don't know about this. We've also entered this room quite a few times, but this has never happened before Zheng Tao said with a bitter face.

The scene from a moment ago had given him a fright. He thought that an explosion was going to happen because of Cheng Yu's scream, but to his surprise, it turned out to be poison.

Who else is in charge of this place besides you? Cheng Yu said.

Azure Bamboo Gang, Black Dragon Hall Master Zheng Tao looked at Long Si and did not dare to say anything. When Long Si saw Cheng Yu's expression, his heart tightened and he said honestly.

Wu Chong, bring some people to get me the black dragon Cheng Yu said. He didn't believe that theAzure Bamboo Gang wasn't the culprit. The culprit is definitely one of their own since they could cause such a big scene in the Dance of the World KTV without leaving any evidence

After a while, Peng Dahai and the others also woke up. The room that was already filled with poisonous gas that had already been filtered by the air purifier.

Cheng Yu once again walked into the room. Since these things were hidden here, then there was definitely a problem with this room. He spread out his spiritual sense and carefully scanned the room.

Suddenly, Cheng Yu felt that there was a big empty space under his feet. He retracted his consciousness and looked at the colorful flower patterns on the floor under his feet. The circle of flower patterns was very dazzling.

Check the floor Cheng Yu said as he pointed to the floor.

Young Master Yu, we've already checked the floorboards. They're all solid Peng Dahai said.

Is that so? Get out of the way Cheng Yu clearly felt that the space below him was empty, how could he believe Peng Dahai's words? Suddenly, his right hand was covered in a layer of faint white light. Everyone was startled and quickly retreated

BOOOOOOOM! Cheng Yu punched on the floor and a huge hole appeared under his feet. Cheng Yu checked the big hole and found out that no wonder Peng Dahai said it was solid. It turned out that the covering was actually a meter deep

When everyone saw this, they were both surprised and happy. Cheng Yu's fist could actually light up and he actually created such a big hole

Cheng Yu quickly opened up the entrance. He saw a tunnel inside and jumped in. Peng Dahai led his men and followed quickly. The tunnel wasn't big. It was very loose for one person, but two people couldn't get through side by side.

After walking for about four or five hundred meters, he reached the bottom. There were steps inside, and a round iron lid at the top. It was as if something was pressing down on Cheng Yu

Cheng Yu smacked the ground and the circular metal lid flew out of the tunnel. This was clearly an abandoned warehouse

This... Peng Dahai and the others walked out of the tunnel. Seeing this situation, they knew that they had found a clue. His heart was filled with mixed emotions. With great difficulty, he finally found a breakthrough point due to Cheng Yu. He didn't expect it to end like this.

Ask Wu Zhong if he found Block Dragon yet No one could tell what kind of expression he had as Cheng Yu ordered.

But Peng Dahai knew that Cheng Yu was definitely in a bad mood, after all, Han Xue was also among the missing.

He said that he hadn't found Black Dragon yet. He probably ran away Peng Dahai said with an ugly expression.

Continue on with the investigation. I'll go back first Cheng Yu said calmly.

Alright Peng Dahai did not say anything more. After all, solving this case was the duty of the police, and Cheng Yu had already done his best to help solve it.

Cheng Yu naturally wasn't really planning to return home. Since this matter had something to do with Baclk Dragon, but since he ran away, he could only go find Xiong Ba. Although he appeared to be very calm on the surface, he was actually very anxious in his heart, and he could only hope that Han Xue was safe.

He was brought back to the police station by Han Xue at the foot of the forest. He was planning to find an opportunity to coax that woman after leaving for Yao Na's call. Who knew she would be involved in this case?

When he found her, he definitely had to help her build her foundation first. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to stop worrying about her.

Ding ling ling. Just as he was considering how to protect Han Xue in the future, he suddenly received a phone call

With one hand holding the steering wheel, Cheng Yu answered the phone with the other.

Little Yu, something has happened to Little Snow Han Xue's mother's sobbing could be heard on the other side of the phone.

Auntie, don't worry. I will definitely find Xiao Xue and bring her back. Just wait at home patiently, don't be anxious Cheng Yu said.

Mn, you have to bring Xiao Xue back. Little Snow is my only child. What if... The more Mother Han said, the more upset she became. She couldn't even finish her sentence.

Aunty, don't cry. Just wait patiently for my good news with uncle. Snowy is my wife. I won't let her get hurt. Hearing his mother in law's sobs, Cheng Yu also became sorrowful from the bottom of his heart as he firmly said this.

Hm.. Thank you. Auntie believes in you Mother Han hung up the phone.

Azure Bamboo Gang. It seems like you guys are courting death After putting away the phone, Cheng Yu's heart was filled with rage

Chi A dark grey sports car was parked leisurely in the Eastern District's Di Hao Entertainment Club.

Sir. Please show your VIP card Seeing that Cheng Yu was driving a nice sports, the waitress knew that the other side was most likely a rich second-generation, so she said very politely.

I'm looking for someone Cheng Yu said indifferently as he looked at the woman.

I'm sorry, sir, but our clubhouse has a membership system. Without a VIP card, you can't enter The waitress said with a smile.

Cheng Yu ignored her and just as he was about to step aside to enter, two men in suits and sunglasses each reached out a hand to stop Cheng Yu.

Scram Cheng Yu released his aura and the two of them were directly sent flying