Godly Student Chapter 483

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Did something happen to Han Xue? A bad feeling rose in Cheng Yu's heart.

Yes... Young Master Yu. Han Xue is missing. Peng Dahai anxiously said.

Missing? Why would she suddenly disappear? Cheng Yu was shocked. Could it have been done by those people from the Mysterious Sky Sect to threaten me?

Cheng Yu was confused. If Han Xue really was captured by these people, then it would be troublesome.

Wasn't there a case of many womans disappearing from Yunhai in the past few days? Han Xue wanted to take a few female policemen as bait to lure them out. But in the end, something happened. Peng Dahai said.

Where did they go? Hearing that Han Xue had disappeared after investigating the disappearance of the woman, Cheng Yu immediately let out a sigh of relief.

As long as they weren't captured by the Mysterious Sky Sect. There weren't many people that could injure Han Xue with her current strength. However, he didn't dare to be careless. This was already the third person who mentioned the disappearance of the woman to him. Besides, it involved Han Xue this time.

Several cases have been committed In the Dance of the World KTV, but we can't find evidence. Therefore, Han Xue brought a few police officers to lure them away. In the end, only a few male officers were left unconscious in the room. Peng Dahai explained.

Which room? I'll go take a look.

Room 15, first floor. Come here. I'm on the spot right now. Peng Dahai said.

Actually, the reason why Peng Hai called Cheng Yu was due to Han Xue. Before she went on her mission, she had given him some instructions. The first thing he should do was to ask for Cheng Yu's help if anything happened to her.

Although he had interacted with Cheng Yu a few times. The relationship was okay. However, he didn't understand what was the use of finding Cheng Yu for this. He didn't expect something to really happen now. He didn't understand what Han Xue meant, but he called Cheng Yu anyways. After all, Cheng Yu was Han Xue's boyfriend. No matter from what angle. He should let Cheng Yu know about this.

Black and White Demon had said that Xiong Ba did not engage in the trafficking of human beings. But he didn't quite believe it. After all, Black and White Demon had been hiding in their private room all year long to train. They didn't ask much about Xiong Ba. Xiong Ba also did not need to tell them about everything he had done.

Besides, the Azure Bamboo Gang was powerful. Dance of the World KTV is the property of their Azure Bamboo Gang. Who would dare to do such a thing in their territory? Therefore, Cheng Yu planned on going to the scene to take a look. If he couldn't find any clues, he would just go to Xiong Ba.

He rushed to the Dance of the World KTV and saw that a group of police officers were there

Director Peng. You coming here every two or three days to investigate has caused me to be out of business for days. Isn't this against the rules? Does your Public Security Bureau also want to compensate us for our losses? the KTV Manager Zheng Tao looked at Peng Dahai and said.

Although Peng Dahai was the director of the district police station. However, since he was able to manage a KTV of the Azure Bamboo Gang. He was also not an average person. He was not afraid of his opponent's identity.

Manager Zheng. Let me make matters clear. Whether you know it or not, people have been disappearing one after the other in your place. Let alone me investigating everyday. I even have the right to ask the relevant ministry to force you to close down. Peng Dahai coldly said.

Director Peng. Although food can be eaten randomly; however, words can not be spoken in a randomly. We are a legal nation. You have to reason with everything. Evidence. What evidence do you have that these people disappeared here? You've also checked the video from the control room. There's no one you're looking for. If you keep making trouble like this. I can also complain to the relevant departments about your Public Security Bureau's illegal influence over our legal business. Zheng Tao did not like Peng Dahai's words at all and said so without any hesitation.

You... Peng Dahai was infuriated. But he indeed have no proof. None of the tapes he brought back had any evidence

From this point of view. These tapes are completely false. But it was verified. The tapes had not been processed. This really made Peng Dahai angry and anxious at the same time.

Han Xue was not only the daughter of his old friend. He was also Cheng Yu's girlfriend. She might even become the mayor's niece in the future. If something happened. He didn't know if Cheng Yu would put all the blame on him.

Is there any evidence? At this time. A young voice came from beside the two of them.

Young Master Yu. You're here. When Peng Dahai saw Cheng Yu appear. He didn't know why but he always felt a sense of relief when he is around.

Cheng... Mr Cheng He saw the person who arrived. Zheng Tao was also surprised. He clearly remembered what happened last time. Even second brother Hu and fourth brother Long weren't his match. I don't know how he got here. Could he also be a member of the police station? The police are so good these days. To be able to invite such an expert.

Since you remember me. Do you also want to call out your thugs today? Cheng Yu said indifferently. He stared at the other party.

Hur hur. How is this possible? Is Mr. Cheng also from the police station? Zheng Tao smiled awkwardly.

Who I am has nothing to do with you. But I heard that last time I came, there were a few female teachers who stayed here. But they still hadn't returned to school. You can't not remember. Cheng Yu said.

How is that possible? Those female teachers are really not with us. On that day, there was only that woman that was taken away by you. They've already checked it out. They took the video too. There's really no one else here. Zheng Tao said.

Young Master Yu. I suspect that the videos were tampered with. None of the missing people could be found in the video. There isn't even a record of Han Xue entering the KTV yesterday. Peng Dahai walked over to Cheng Yu and whispered.

Where are those people? Cheng Yu's heart turned cold. He said to Zheng Tao.

No... I don't know. Zheng Tao looked at Cheng Yu. A feeling of fear rose from the depths of his heart.

Even he didn't know why this was happening. Even though he knew what was going on behind the scenes... But logically speaking, he didn't have any grudges with him. He had no reason to be afraid of him.

Speak. Cheng Yu shouted. His aura suddenly pressed down on him.

Crack. Zheng Tao actually knelt before Cheng Yu. This behavior gave all the police and staff members in the world a fright.

Everyone had clearly seen Zheng Tao's arrogance. He didn't even give face to the police chief. But he was actually frightened when he saw this young man who looked very much like an ordinary young man.

Especially now. It was just that the other party's voice was a little too loud. He was actually able to cause such an awesome person to kneel down in fear. How could this not be shocking?

This young man was way too domineering. Could this be the legendary qi? But why couldn't he feel it?

At this moment, Zheng Tao felt unspeakable pain. He didn't want to kneel before Cheng Yu in front of so many people. However, when Cheng Yu had shouted just now. He felt a strong pressure suddenly descend upon him. It was as if he was carrying a mountain and is being suppressed underneath. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stand up. He was suppressed to the point that he couldn't even breathe.

Look at me. Tell me. Where did those people go? Cheng Yu's voice was frighteningly cold.

No... I don't know. I really don't know. Hearing Cheng Yu's words, it was as if he had been controlled by something. He honestly raised his head and looked at Cheng Yu. Panic filled his eyes.

The scariest thing in this world is the unknown. With a single sentence, Cheng Yu was able to make him feel that his body no longer belonged to him. It was as if his opponent could take his life with a single word. This feeling was too terrifying.

Cheng Yu looked at the other party. There was fear. Panic. Innocence, and other complex emotions. But Cheng Yu was sure. The other party was speaking the truth.

This way. Cheng Yu was also confused. Under the pressure of his Gold Core. It was impossible for such a mortal to lie to him. Did he really not know?

What about those videos? Why are there no recordings of the people involved? Cheng Yu asked again.

I really don't know. The videos were always there. Zheng Tao said fearfully.

Get me the people from your control room. Cheng Yu shouted.

Young Master Yu. They are all here. At this time. Wu Zhong pointed at the four trembling people and said.

So it turned out that they also suspected that someone had purposely done something to the recording by asking the four of them questions.

Crack. Crack. The two of them saw that their manager was kneeling in front of this domineering youngster. Cheng Yu glanced at them and they actually took the initiative to kneel.

We really don't know. We swear. There was absolutely no tampering with the video. The two of them took the initiative to talk.

Has anyone else been in your control room?

All four of us take turns on duty. No one came in when I was at work. One of them said.

Me too.

Me too.

Me too. The other three also spoke up.

Looking at their eyes, there was no signs of falsehood

Who is it? While Cheng Yu was confused, he suddenly sensed someone and shouted If you don't want to die, then get the hell down here.

Everyone looked up. But didn't see anyone. Cheng Yu's expression froze and then he made a grasping motion with his right hand. A giant hand suddenly reached for the second floor.

Crack. Two people fell down. It was Hu Er and Long Si. Everyone looked at Cheng Yu in disbelief. What happened just now was too much. Many people didn't see it clearly at all but they could vaguely see a large palm and subsequently, the two of them fell out from the second floor.

Hu Er and Long Si were both shocked and in pain. Although they had some strength. But it was better to jump down from the second floor in preparation. But they were forced down

They were looking at Cheng Yu with fear in their eyes. A few days had just passed but the two of them felt that the person in front of them was no longer the Cheng Yu of a few days ago. The pressure emitted from his body could simply be described as being too much.

The two of them had been caught before they could even figure out what had happened.