Godly Student Chapter 482

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Cheng Yu walked out of Black and White Demon's cave. He then looked at Shi Ji. Previously, when he came back from the cultivation world to tame her, he had already given her a large batch of pills before she went inside the Mountain and River Diagram. She had long since reached the late Foundation Establishment stage. However, if she wanted to reach the Gold Core stage. It will take some time.

However, Cheng Yu couldn't wait any longer. Since her cultivation was still low and she could still use pills, he might as well let her use them.

In the future, his cultivation would be higher. Even if he wanted to use pills to enhance his speed, it would still be very slow. Therefore, Cheng Yu threw a bunch of cultivation pills to Shi Ji. He said in a domineering manner: Eat. Eat with all your might.

As for Huo Yu... His good friend. Naturally, there was no lack of them for her. Aside from the first time he made a contract, it was restricted by Cheng Yu. However; right now, she was no longer being suppressed by Cheng Yu's cultivation.

If Black and White Demon isn't able to recover their power. Huo Yu is currently the only one with the most hopes of being able to help him... The first thing he did was to give Huo Yu a bunch cultivation pills.

Even though the bodies of beasts require a lot of spirit energy. But to be fed like this by a wealthy person like Cheng Yu. No matter what, their cultivation would rapidly increase. Thus, Huo Yu was now at the late Gold Core stage.

As for the Lian brothers and Dao Jiu. Cheng Yu can't do much with them right now. However, in terms of speed of improvement... They are the best compared to the others in the mortal world. There was plenty of spiritual energy here. As long as they could absorb the pills Cheng Yu gave them. Raising a level in a short period of time was very easy.

The greatest difficulty in training was to raise it to a large realm. It was easy to go from the early Qi Refinement stage to the late Qi Refinement stage. However, it was extremely difficult for someone in the later stages of the Qi Refinement Stage to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage.

After he had checked everyone out. Cheng Yu had also found a cave to cultivate in.


A few days later. In a villa in the western sector of the city.

Senior apprentice-brother. It's all thanks to you this time. Otherwise, we really would have been killed by that guy. Yi Ning remembered Cheng Yu's earth-shattering move that day. Right now, they still felt some lingering fear. If not for Yi Feng saving him. Right now, his nascent soul would have most likely been sucked away by that weird pagoda of Cheng Yu.

After a few days of rest. His injuries had also mostly healed. Especially considering the fact that since one of his Nascent Soul phantoms had been absorbed by Cheng Yu. The Nascent Soul phantom is basically the nascent soul itself. It would only show itself when using the power of the Nascent Soul.

But in that short moment. He didn't expect that Cheng Yu would act so decisively. The pagoda almost managed to absorb the Nascent Soul phantom in an instant.

Although it was not a real nascent soul, it will still cause great damage to the nascent soul. The Nascent Soul was the second life of a cultivator. In the future, it would become a primordial spirit. And finally become the other self.

The Nascent Soul phantom was also as important as the main body's three souls and seven spirits. If the Nascent Soul Phantom was captured or destroyed, the person could become a vegetable.

Of course. A Nascent Soul Phantom isn't the same as the three souls and seven spirits. But from this reference, it could be seen as to how important a Nascent Soul Phantom is. Its loss was tantamount to a serious injury to the soul. Such damage cannot be healed in a short period of time.

Junior Sister. How's your injury? Yi Feng nodded. Yi Feng looked to the side and asked.

My nascent soul is injured. That final blow consumed too much of my Nascent Soul power. In the secular world, I'm afraid it will take some time to recover. Yi Qing shook her head.

Damn it. I never thought that six golden cores would be able to unleash such power. Yi Feng said coldly.

He had never met a cultivator who cultivated so many golden cores. Naturally, he knew how much power a Gold Core possessed. However, he did not expect that the explosive power of the six Gold Cores could be comparable to the power of a late Nascent Soul Stage cultivator. It was even stronger.

Senior apprentice-brother. Since we were all injured this badly... Then that brat must also be severely injured. Why don't we go find him now. I believe I can definitely kill him. Right now, Yi Ning hated Cheng Yu to death.

Just earlier, Cheng Yu was like an ant in front of him. He was able to kill him easily. But in the end, he had to make a comeback. Just thinking about it made him feel indignant.

Hmph. You can still say that? It's all your fault. If you hadn't spent so much effort to force him to hand over the soul tool and just directly killed him off, it would not have led to such a situation at all. Yi Feng said angrily.

Actually, he himself had acknowledged Yi Ning's actions. This was because he had always been wary of Cheng Yu's identity and that Spirit Severing expert behind him. Thus, he didn't intend to kill Cheng Yu back then. So he left it to Yi Ning to do as he pleased.

All this time. He had saved his life many times for his own caution. However, he never expected that Cheng Yu would do this. His caution almost made him lose his life. Now that he had suffered greatly, he naturally had to vent his anger on Yi Ning.

Yi Ning opened his mouth but didn't say anything. He wanted to give himself a slap as well. This matter was truly shameful. However, things had already come to this point. Other than taking revenge, there was no other way.

Senior apprentice-brother. At that time, his injuries were so severe. Why did you suddenly stop attacking? Yi Qing asked puzzledly.

At that time, although she was severely injured, she did not faint. She saw Yi Feng make two moves. And then, he led them away.

That kid's pagoda contains a soul, it had free will. I was just testing it out. But he was able to block my normal attacks. If I want to use my skills, it will just suppress my nascent soul. I couldn't get close to Cheng Yu at all

Moreover, that fellow is too strange. Especially that top quality soul tool. I felt that it could absorb energy for the boy. In such a short time. I discovered that he had regained quite a bit of his strength. Plus, you have already lost your ability to fight. I'm afraid I can't kill him and if I am not able to kill and is distracted by his soul tool. You guys will die. Yi Feng told them the result of his test and how he felt about it.

His supreme rank soul return is truly strange. I could feel his strength when he exploded. However, it is not necessarily stronger than my Phoenix Nirvana. But just after that sword appeared, there was a strange phenomenon. His strength was actually increasing by leaps and bounds. That's why he hurt me so badly. Yi Qing also remembered the feeling at that time. The other party was simply too bizarre. Those two freakishly powerful magic treasures in particular.

In that case, we have to think of a way to 'get' those magical equipment on his body. Yi Feng said. Actually, what he wanted the most was that pagoda.

A soul tool with a soul. It was just too amazing. The suppressive power it was displaying right now was almost enough to sweep away anyone below the Nascent Soul Stage.

If he could get it. Then he could easily deal with his enemies who are below the Nascent Soul Stage. As Yi Feng thought about it, his eyes became eager.

Then let's kill him while he's injured. I don't need him to erase his soul imprint on his magical equipment. I'll just bind it myself. Yi Ning said excitedly.

You're underestimating him. If his top-grade soul tool could really help him recover quickly. Do you think you can still kill him? Not to mention. I have always felt that he had a Spirit Severing expert by his side. Yi Feng said.

Judging from the situation this time. Cheng Yu's identity in the Limitless Palace was definitely not simple. From his tone, it seemed that he did not even put their senior brother Xin Heng in his eyes. If so, the Limitless Palace definitely attached great importance to Cheng Yu. It was normal for them to send an expert to protect him.

Moreover, Cheng Yu was Kunlun's enemy. His cultivation level returned to the Foundation Establishment stage. How could the Limitless Palace be at ease with him going to the mortal world alone.

Senior apprentice-brother. Why don't we go back to the sect and find a few Senior Brothers or Martial Uncles. Yi Ning said.

We can't either. This matter must not be reported back to the sect. At least not now. Yi Feng immediately refused.


Let me ask you. Do you want the magical equipment on Cheng Yu's body?

Of course. Yi Ning nodded. If he didn't want the magical equipment on Cheng Yu's body. Why would he be fighting with his opponent?

Then that's it. If we brought our martial brothers or martial uncles from the sect over.. What do you think you're going to get? Yi Feng said.

But. If we don't get them here, we won't be able to kill him. Yi Ning said.

Murder. You don't have to use your own blade. Yi Feng sneered.

Do not use your own blade. Whose knife should I use? Yi Ning was puzzled.

Senior apprentice-brother. You're saying we should borrow Kunlun's blade? Yi Qing's eyes lit up as she said.

That's right. Who in the cultivation world doesn't know of the hatred between Kunlun and Cheng Yu? Back then, everyone thought that Cheng Yu had died. Naturally, Kunlun didn't care. However, if they found out that Cheng Yu was still alive and well... What will happen then? I'm afraid they will be even more impatient than us. Yi Feng sneered.

Alright. Senior Brother, this is indeed a brilliant plan. This way, we can get the treasures without having to do much Yi Ning finally understood and was overjoyed

That's right. We can fan when there's nothing to do. If necessary. We can also cooperate. Yi Feng said with satisfaction.

I will send Hong Sihai to inform Zhao Liu to contact the people of Kunlun. Yi Ning was so excited that he wanted to go find someone.

Idiot. We all have this convenient technology of mobile phones. Do you even need to run with your legs? Just call Zhao Liu. Those mortals don't need to know too much either. Yi Feng casually took out an iPhone 6s as he said.

Although he looked down on mortals. But one had to admit that they were quite 'smart'. This kind of technology was even more awesome than their Thousand Li Sound Transmission Technique. If it wasn't for the fact that there was no signal in the cultivation world. He would love to call Kunlun directly.

Zhao Liu was a man sent by the Mysterious Sky Sect to settle matters in the secular world. Naturally, he knew about Kunlun's business in the secular world. It was very easy to contact them and spread the news about Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu didn't know that he had already become someone else's cicada. He cultivated in the Mountain and River Diagram for a few days. When his condition had returned to perfection. He had finally emerged from seclusion.

Training required a gradual process as well. Although he wanted to immediately raise his cultivation level. But this could not be rushed. Even if he swallowed all the pills in one go, it still wouldn't increase.

When he left the Mountain and River Diagram. He was shocked by the buzzing of his phone on his body. There were dozens of missed calls, and after checking it out. One was from Zhao Mingcheng. Some were Han Xue's parents and Peng Dahai. Seeing this. Cheng Yu suddenly had a bad premonition. He quickly made a call to Peng Dahai.

Young Master Yu. You finally appeared. I'm so worried. The call went through. Peng Dahai anxiously said.

Did something happen to Han Xue? Cheng Yu said worriedly. One of the only reasons why Han Xue's parents or Peng Dahai would call him is most likely because of Han Xue.

Yeah. Han Xue is missing. Peng Dahai said worriedly.