Godly Student Chapter 481

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Cheng Yu is fine after a nights rest but he hasn't completely recovered. His cultivation realm has also just recovered so he still needs to stabilize himself. Therefore, Cheng Yu has no plans of leaving his house for the next few days.

However, Zhao Minglong had appeared at Cheng Yu's house early in the morning. Cheng Yu could tell that the other party was here for the events of the previous night. He didn't ask any further and immediately invited him into the room.

Xiao Yu, what happened to you two last night Zhao Minglong sat down in the living room and got straight to the point.

Yesterday, he had heard waves of loud noises. He didn't know what had happened, but when he ran outside, he saw lightning and fire blooming in the north. It was earth-shattering, and he was truly frightened.

At the same time, he received a call from Lan Ya. However, when he led his men up the mountain, other than a pile of mess, there was no one else. Especially looking at the scene, it was as if they had been bombarded

Thinking back to the many times that such a situation had occurred to Cheng Yu. The more Zhao Minglong thought about it, the more baffled he became. If Lan Ya hadn't called him and told him that Cheng Yu needed to rest, he would have rushed over a long time ago.

Nothing much. Hehe, it's just a small accident Cheng Yu smiled.

Have you offended someone? I've already checked the scene last night, what did you guys do there? Zhao Minglong was really curious as to how they managed to turn that small forest into such a state.

One had to know that it was originally a forest, but now, the forest and that mountain peak had almost been flattened. This was simply beyond the imagination of an ordinary person.

And it had happened more than once. According to the reports, a similar situation had occurred on the east side of Cheng Yu's villa a few days ago. However, the damage was not as serious.

Yesterday, he had gone to the villa at Lan Ya's house. There were familiar knife marks on the wall and on the ground. They were very deep, and he had seen them several times in Cheng Yu's villa.

He didn't know what kind of people Cheng Yu had offended, but looking at these people, they were definitely not simple. It really made people curious and worried.

Uncle, don't worry. I'm really fine, you don't have to worry about me the next time this happens at their level, many ordinary people would die if they try to get involved and he did not want to ruin his uncle's future political prospects.

Then tell me the truth Zhao Minglong said.

It would have been fine if it was just one or two times, but this kind of thing happened one after another, so he had to be clear about it. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to lead people around for nothing and end up confused.

Do you believe that there are immortals in this world? Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Immortals? Zhao Minglong stared blankly for a moment, then said, How can there be...

Before Zhao Minglong could finish his words, Cheng Yu was already floating in the air, causing him to be completely dumbfounded

You... You. Are you a deity? Zhao Minglong opened his eyes wide and said in a daze.

I am not a deity, but there are some things that are beyond your understanding. It is just like how I was able to block bullets back then, and also being able to move all thirty-six of the western suburbs over. The people who came to find me are the same kind of people, so if you encounter something like this, don't appear again. If you do meet them, to be honest, no matter how many people you bring, they can be wiped out in a matter of minutes. Cheng Yu sat back on the sofa and said simply.

He knew that it would not possible to not give Zhao Minglong some information today. For his safety, it would be better to tell him some, and he would also be able to avoid some trouble in the future.

Cultivators disdained coming to the mortal world, and also disdained killing these mortals. However, if he were to encounter something he shouldn't have, they wouldn't care at all about killing a few people.

So that's how it is. Does your aunt know about this? Zhao Minglong said.

She doesn't know. Other than the old man, no one else knows.

Alright. Since that's the case, I can't really help much, so you have to be careful Hearing Cheng Yu say this, Zhao Minglong also accepted this fact, but this truth was too mystical.

After Zhao Minglong left, Cheng Yu went back into closed door cultivation. This time, he entered the Mountain and River Diagram to cultivate. Previously, when his cultivation had been limited and his dantian had become lifeless, no matter how Cheng Yu tried to absorb spiritual energy, he was unable to convert it into true Qi to forcefully achieve a breakthrough.

But now, it was different. Since his strength had been restored, he would need a large amount of spiritual energy to cultivate. It would be impossible for him to satisfy himself outside.

Young Master, you broke through to the Gold Core Stage? Wait, why are you in the middle phase of the Gold Core stage? When Cheng Yu appeared in Black and White Demon's Cave, the two of them saw his cultivation level and widened their eyes. This was too much. They had never seen anyone who could break through to the middle phase of the Gold Core stage when forming their Gold Core.

Hehe, I, your young master, is a genius. Anyways, how is your cultivation? Are there any signs of improvement or breakthrough? Cheng Yu smiled.

One Kunlun was enough for him to bear. Now that he had to deal with another Mysterious Sky Sect. Even though Cheng Yu had recovered his strength, he could still feel the pressure. Right now, he was in desperate need of experts

Who could become an expert so quickly? Black and White Demon were extremely suitable. They were originally at the Spirit Severing stage, if he could directly restore them back to the Spirit Severing stage, then who would he be afraid of? He would directly kill his way up to Mount Kunlun.

There's some improvement, but to break through... I'm afraid that it'll be very difficult for me to do so in a short period of time. Black Demon sighed.

I have some cultivation enhancing pills here, do you guys think I can help you guys recover by force? Cheng Yu suddenly thought of the pills on his body that he would never be able to finish.

True Essence Pill? Spirit Origin Pill? Soul Formation Pill? And another top quality pill? Seeing Cheng Yu take out some pills, the two people said in surprise when they saw the pills in Cheng Yu's hands.

The True Essence Pill and the Spirit Origin Pill are both used to increase one's cultivation. But, You guys can take it and try it out Cheng Yu said.

Thank you, young master, for your kind intentions. These pills are so precious, and they cost so much. We are not the same as you, we have already gone through these realms once, these cultivation enhancing pills cannot help us at all. Seeing Cheng Yu so generously buying these things in the cultivation world, their heart was moved, but they still refused to go.

I know this as well. I might as well tell you the truth. The reason why I was able to reach the middle phase of the Gold Core stage is because my cultivation level was also knocked down by someone. Cheng Yu said.

Then... Young Master, what stage were you in before? Could it be that you took these pills, but that's impossible. These pills won't be able to help you at all The two of them were shocked. So the young master was the same as them. If the young master could recover like this, then it was also possible for them to recover.

Hehe, I was in the middle stage of the Gold Stage before this. Yesterday, I met your old rival, someone from the Mysterious Sky Sect. Only then did I return to the middle phase of the Gold Core stage.

Mysterious Sky Sect? Could it be that they know we're with the Young Master? Their hearts trembled when they heard the two words, Mysterious Sky Sect. They were actually slightly afraid.

Don't worry, they don't seem to know about your existence. They're just coveting my magic treasures. Cheng Yu said.

So that's how it is, no wonder there was a sudden change in the spiritual energy yesterday, it's actually the young master's breakthrough, but young master's spiritual energy absorption is way too much, as far as I know, even if you directly advanced to the middle phase of the Gold Core Stage, you wouldn't be able to consume that much spiritual energy The two of them suddenly realized that Cheng Yu was the one who is breaking through yesterday.

Haha. Didn't I already say it? Your young master is a genius. Alright, let's get back to business. It was extremely difficult to recover my cultivation level after being knocked down. However, from the looks of my recovery, the moment I started, my speed would definitely be much faster than my first cultivation.

Initially when I took these pills, it was useless, but it was better than nothing. Since these pills are good stuff, even if it's not that effective and you have to use a lot in order for it to be effective, it doesn't matter as long as you can raise your cultivation. Cheng Yu said.

But Young Master, these medicinal pills are very precious. We would be wasting a lot of money just like that. Black Demon said.

You don't have to worry about that. I do not need this medicine. As long as it can help you recover your strength, I will make you eat it even if I have to force you Cheng Yu said grandly.

The resources of the Holy City were not something they could imagine. If there were good seedlings, who knew how many disciples Cheng Yu could train? Unfortunately, this was not the cultivation world, and it was impossible to recruit a lot of geniuses

Now that there was someone who needed it, he didn't mind using wasting it. The resources are dead but the person is alive. If he could use these resources to get himself two Spirit Severing stage cultivators, then what wouldn't be worth it.

No matter how much they used, they couldn't use up all of it. Even if they used up all of it, Cheng Yu could just go to the cultivation world to look for more

This... Thank you, Young Master The two of them were moved. Not to mention these years in the mortal world, even back when they were in the Heavenly Demon Sect as a protector, they still hadn't been given this much attention. They felt that they had really followed the right person this time.

The resources that they received from the Heavenly Demon Sect was only able to allow them to reach the Spirit Severing Stage. The resources that the sect could afford to give them were too little.

I've said it before, since you've chosen followed me, I will naturally help you. Furthermore, I also need your help. The disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect have already formed enmity with me. I also hope that you can quickly recover your strength and help me Cheng Yu was honest, there was no need to lie to them.

Young master, don't worry. Whether it's for ourselves or for you, we will try our best to recover our strength. The two of them firmly said.

Alright, focus on your cultivation. If you need anything, just let me know. Oh right, take these Qi Gathering Pills as well. Although the spiritual energy here is dense, with them, you can absorb it faster. Cheng Yu then threw out a few bottles of Supreme grade Qi Gathering Pills to the two of them before leaving the cave.