Godly Student Chapter 480

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Senior apprentice-brother. Save me. Yi Ning was being sucked into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. He was instantly taken aback. He quickly shouted at Yi Feng.

The Soul Suppressing Orb was worthy of being the soul of an artifact that had lived for tens of thousands of years. He is able to grab onto the enemy's weakness in one fell swoop. Of the three of them, only Yi Ning could not withstand his suction. He had to get someone to help him. This was tantamount to having two sides.

Damn. Yi Feng was furious. He was just about to give Cheng Yu a fatal blow. However, he couldn't just ignore Yi Ning. He turned around and covered Yi Ning's head with the Azure Light Spiritual Protection Umbrella.

Although the Azure Light Spirit Protecting Umbrella was a defensive magic treasure made of divine essence. The most important thing about magical equipment was its quality. Even though the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was a medium-grade soul tool. But because of the existence of Soul Suppressing Orb. It was definitely comparable to a top grade soul weapon.

At the very least, it was definitely Cheng Yu's strongest magical equipment. On the other hand, the Azure Light Spirit Protecting Umbrella was only a Mid Grade Spirit Weapon. Obviously. This Azure Light Spirit Protecting Umbrella couldn't compare to the Soul Suppressing Pagoda

The golden light emanating from the Soul Suppressing Pagoda grew more and more powerful. Yi Feng felt the pressure increase. Wherever Yi Ning ran, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda followed. This way. Yi Feng had no choice but to follow Yi Ning with the Azure Light Spiritual Protecting Umbrella.

After going back and forth a few times. Yi Feng was already sweating profusely. In his heart, he was extremely infuriated. He felt as if he had been played by Cheng Yu.

As for Cheng Yu's opponent. Only Yi Qing was left. The pressure had lessened. But this woman was still stronger than him. If Cheng Yu's current strength were to fully explode out, he would be between the middle phase and late phase of the Nascent Soul Stage.

If it doesn't explode, it would be worse than a middle stage Nascent Soul Stage. Therefore, although the current Cheng Yu could be said to be more powerful than the others most, but he was not as powerful as this woman

Yi Qing's Vermillion Bird Sword was very strong. Every time it hit Cheng Yu's sword, it would explode. It was as if his Qi and blood were overturning the seas.

Phoenix Rebirth. Yi Qing held the Vermillion Bird Sword upright in front of her. She chanted an incantation then formed a hand seal and a loud shout soon rang out.

The Vermillion Bird Sword shone with a fiery red light as it shot into the sky. Suddenly, a fiery red halo appeared in the sky.

Clang! Clang! A huge fire phoenix slowly flew out from the halo.

Damn. This is no joke at all Cheng Yu quickly condensed his Qi and sent it out. He opened all six golden cores once again. An intense light burst out. Suddenly. The Green God's Awakening seemed to know that Cheng Yu needed a large amount of true energy. It began to flash on its own accord. The life force of the forest under his feet surged crazily towards the Green God's Awakening.

The life force of the forest below was soon converted to True Qi by the Green God's Awakening and is sent to Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu was overjoyed. It turned out that the Green God's Awakening could convert life force into True Qi.

Let's see if your phoenix is more powerful than my dragon. Dragons and phoenixes. Cheng Yu roared. With the help of the Green God's Awakening. Cheng Yu was first to go. Nine green dragons flew out from Cheng Yu's body and went towards the phoenix.

Roar! Roar! Roar! With so many dragons. The aura of the phoenix had long been concealed.

Boom. The violent explosion caused several mountains to shake. Light from the explosion shot up into the sky. The entire night was illuminated as if it were day.

Such a powerful explosion. Everyone in the Central District was alarmed. Where did this explosion come from? Everyone was scared out of their wits.

Puff. Puff. Cheng Yu's hands and feet were trembling. He fell to his knees. The Green God's Awakening was shining with a green light as it recovered.

Three people on the other side. Two had been injured. It was unknown if Yi Ning had died or fainted. Yi Qing's chest was covered with blood. She was lying on the ground spitting out blood with a pale face.

Only Cheng Yu was slightly better. Although he was still standing but he knew he wasn't any better.

At this moment, Yi Feng's eyes were filled with disbelief. He could not believe that such a terrifying power was unleashed by Cheng Yu. If not for Yi Qing's Phoenix blocking his way. He might already be the same as Yi Qing.

Haha. Let's see how you are going to fight me now. After the surprise, Yi Feng was overjoyed. Right now, he was the only one who still had the strength to fight. Cheng Yu would not be able to escape his grasp.

Swoosh. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew out from Cheng Yu's body. It turned out that under the intense explosion just now. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda was blown back into his body.

This... He saw the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Yi Feng was stunned. This thing was too scary. This was clearly a soul tool with a soul. However, Cheng Yu's abnormality scared him more.

Cheng Yu wasn't allowed to live but Yi Feng wasn't even sure that he could kill him. This pagoda was truly powerful.

After thinking for a while, Yi Feng still did not dare to make a move. Especially that top-grade soul tool in Cheng Yu's hands. It was actually flashing with a strange green light. Cheng Yu's expression seemed to have recovered quite a bit. This reminded him of the moment when Cheng Yu had exploded. This Soul Tool had an abnormal reaction. With one look, it was clear that it had increased Cheng Yu's power.

Although he really wanted to get all of Cheng Yu's magical equipment. But he really wasn't sure. If he was restricted by the golden pagoda again. All three of them were finished.

F * ck. A wise man does not eat shit, but he does suffer. There was still a long way to go. There is still time to kill him in the near future. Yi Feng thought for a while. He felt that it was better to be cautious

However, it was still possible to try two moves. The sword in his hand flashed with a white light. It hacked at Cheng Yu with a long slash. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda decisively blocked the attack.

The longsword then flew into the air. Suddenly, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew towards Yi Feng, startling him. He immediately called back his sword and blocked in front of him. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda flew back to Cheng Yu's head.

Hateful. This soul tool was obviously very smart. He could block instantaneous attacks. Whenever he had time to spare, he would come over and suppress himself. This way, he wouldn't be able to use any powerful spells.

Hmph. You're lucky today. Yi Feng looked at Cheng Yu once more. He noticed that his complexion had improved. He was shocked in his heart. Let's escape first

He immediately flew away with the two of them. Cheng Yu didn't allow the Soul Suppressing Orb to chase after him. This was because the Soul Suppressing Orb alone was unable to suppress him. Moreover, he still had that spirit type defensive magic treasure to withstand it.

The most important thing was. He really can't take it anymore. His spirit energy had been completely used up. It couldn't be replenished by the Green God's Awakening anymore. This was the drawback of the Universe Derivation Formula.

The more powerful the attack. The more divine power was used up. The backlash was also fierce. Plus, in order to counter Yi Qing's Fire Phoenix, he had to use his strongest technique. It also made him suffer quite a bit.

Not long after Cheng Yu fell. A person flew over shakily from the sky.

Aiya. This person saw the terrible seen in front of her. She was shocked. Her entire body suddenly fell from the sky.

It hurts. This broken flying sword. The woman fell to the ground. Tears were streaming down her face. She looked at the completely blue small sword beside her and cursed.

Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu. In the distance, Lan Ya saw a person lying down. The sword in his hand was still glowing with a green light. She was shocked. She could no longer care about the pain on her body. She grabbed the small blue sword and quickly ran over.

Cheng Yu. What's the matter with you? Wake up. She saw that the person lying on the ground was indeed Cheng Yu. He was covered in blood. His face was as white as paper. Tears that had not spilled out of Lan Ya's eyes flowed down from the corner of her eyes.

Cough, cough. Wife. Don't shake. I'm not dead yet. She was shaking him. Cheng Yu felt as if his entire body was about to disperse. He coughed twice before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

You... You're awake. You scared me to death. When she saw that Cheng Yu had woken up. Lan Ya laughed and cried. She quickly picked him up in her arms.

Wife. Please. You got bigger again. It's suffocating me. Cheng Yu felt comfortable and stuffy under the pressure of Lan Ya's weapon.

You're a pain in the ass. Lan Ya rebuked.

Why did you come here? Didn't I tell you to find a place to hide? He spat out two mouthfuls of blood as he said but on the contrary, Cheng Yu felt much better.

I'm worried about you. They were so powerful. And I just heard so much noise. I was really afraid something might have happened to you. Lan Ya said.

But aren't you afraid?

Of course I am. But if I can die with you. I'm not afraid at all. Lan Ya laughed while shedding tears.

You fool. Don't do such a stupid thing in the future. Trust me. You won't let me die. I will not die. If you had come earlier. Maybe we really would have died together. So don't ever do such a stupid thing again. Hearing what Lan Ya said. Cheng Yu was moved. Lying in Lan Ya's arms, he raised his hand to wipe the tears on her cheeks.

Cheng Yu felt a bit scared after thinking about it. If Lan Ya had really arrived earlier and appeared when he was fighting Yi Feng, that would have been a horrible situation

Yes. Let's go back. I can now use my flying sword Lan Ya nodded. She realized that she had actually flown over. She was excited again.

Where did you learn that? Cheng Yu was curious as to how she got to the top of the mountain. Could it be that she taught herself?

The last time we came back from the cultivation world. Didn't you teach me? and you even gave me a jade slip. Lan Ya said proudly.

So that's how it is. You're smart. You've learnt it so easily. Only now did Cheng Yu remember. This was because Lan Ya had just broken through. So in order for her to understand more about cultivation, he gave her a jade slip

Heh heh. It's just really unstable and I'm always falling Along the way. Lan Ya had lost count of the number of times she had staggered. Just look at the torn clothes on her body.

Hur hur. It's all right. You would become more proficient in it if you practice more. I have good news for you. I have recovered my strength. In the future, I would not be afraid of those little kittens and puppies. Cheng Yu smiled.

Really. Now, you are a Gold Core Stage expert. What are the cultivations of those people just now? Lan Ya said excitedly.

Those three are all at the Nascent Soul stage.

Nascent Soul Stage. Isn't that much more powerful than a Gold Core stage cultivator? Did they let you go? Lan Ya exclaimed.

What are you saying? Is your husband an ordinary person? So what if they are in the Nascent Soul Stage? I'll beat them to death and cripple them. Cheng Yu pinched Lan Ya's big lethal weapon as he said.

Disgusting. Don't pinch. Then let's go back. I called your uncle to ask him to send someone to save you so they must be coming up now Lan Ya slapped Cheng Yu's lecherous hand away.

Then let's go. Take me with your flying sword

This won't do. I can't take people.

I'm fine. I'll teach you. Aiya. I am falling to my death. You want to murder your husband. Their screams gradually disappeared within the forest.