Godly Student Chapter 479

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Senior. Let me fight him. I would like to see if he is as powerful as the rumors say In fact, he regretted it a little in his heart. If he didn't want the opposite party to hand over the treasures, he would have killed him long ago. However, he didn't expect that he would have helped Cheng Yu instead.

When he thought of this, he could not help but feel hatred for Cheng Yu. Since I was able to kill you previously, even if you broke through to the Gold Core stage and have six Golden Cores, you are still be in the Gold Core stage.

No matter how weak Yi Ning is, he is still in the middle phase of the Nascent Soul Stage. He did not believe that a mid-stage Gold Core cultivator could kill him

Whoosh! Although he was thinking this way, Yi Ning wasn't stupid. He wouldn't completely disregard Cheng Yu. After all, the six Golden Cores were real, and he also might have some tricks up his sleeves

Hehe, although you have helped me recover my strength, I will pay you back the humiliation you gave me previously Cheng Yu sneered coldly

Compared to the Foundation Establishment Stage before, Cheng Yu's current momentum was like the heavens and earth. Since they were going to fight, Cheng Yu had nothing to worry about. He did not want to waste any more time and directly released his Gold Core power. Otherwise, fighting a middle Nascent Soul stage cultivator would be very difficult

The six Golden Cores continued to swirl around Cheng Yu, the aura around him increased explosively.

Damn brat, I will also let you know that the difference in realm is insurmountable He had lived for so long, but he had never seen such an arrogant Gold Core Cultivator. He must die

Mysterious Sky Slash Yi Ning bellowed and rushed forward to kill

Roar! Cheng Yu tightly held the Green God's Awakening in his hands, but he did not attack. True energy with a golden glow crazily surged into the Green God's Awakening. Suddenly, a giant green tiger head with golden light flashing in front of Cheng Yu roared out

Yi Ning's Mysterious Sky Slash was actually swallowed by the tiger head. Then, the head of the tiger became even brighter as if it was replenished with energy. It opened its mouth wide and rushed towards Yi Ning as if it wanted to devour him

What is this? Yi Ning was shocked. He quickly took out his black feather and waved it in the air

BOOOOOOM! The white bird that had transformed from the black feathers flew directly into the tiger's mouth, immediately exploding

What powerful strength! It's actually comparable to a top grade spirit weapon Yi Ning took back his black feather. He was shocked. This little brat was not simple. The power of the Gold Core was so strong. No wonder the Nascent Soul Stage experts of Kunlun was defeated by him.

I don't believe you can maintain this state forever Yi Ning naturally knew that Cheng Yu was using the power of his Gold Core to display such an imposing manner, but this way, the consumption of true energy was enormous. He did not believe that Cheng Yu could continue to consume true energy for a long period of time

Humph. Can you last so long? It's enough to kill you Of course, Cheng Yu knew that it would take a lot of energy to use his Gold Cores, which was why he was able to hold the Green God's Awakening in his hands.

Moreover, the consumption of using the Green God's Awakening to cast the Manifestation Art is also not small. If it were not for the other two late stage Nascent Soul cultivators rushing to the side of the formation, killing Yi Ning would have been inevitable.

Although it was impossible to kill them now, it was still possible to injure them

Yi Feng and Yi Qing looked at how intense the battle between a Gold Core stage cultivator and a Nascent Soul stage cultivator was, and how Yi Ning was actually at a disadvantage. This scene caused them to be extremely shocked.

I've only heard of fights that jump ranks. I didn't really believe it when I heard that he killed a few Nascent Soul cultivators back in Kunlun. But now, I believe that he can actually fight battles that jump ranks. It seems like the Golden Cores had already exceeded the normal rating Yi Qing said in shock. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn't have believed it

If we don't get rid of this kid, he'll definitely be a disaster for our sect Yi Feng said with a gloomy face.

If he was allowed to continue to grow, then he would form six Nascent Souls once he breaks through. According to this calculation, he would at least be able to compete with the Spirit Severing stage in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul stage.

Thinking of this, even Yi Feng broke out in a cold sweat

Senior Apprentice-Brother, then should we make a move now? Yi Qing said.

Although they admired Cheng Yu's battle prowess, it had to be said that they were destined to never coexist in peace. Cheng Yu is from righteous path, whereas their sect, the Mysterious Sky Sect is an evil sect

If they couldn't become friends, then he could only be an enemy, and an enemy with such potential, he had to be killed in the cradle

Wait a little longer. In any case, Yi Ning will not be in any danger for the time being, so I'll just let him wear out his opponent Yi Feng said. This brat was too strong, and now that he was so energetic, it would be bad if he came up with something. It would also be good to understand his fighting style first

Bang! Cheng Yu used a Primordius Stab to slice apart Yi Ning's sword and stabbed straight into his chest

Clang! Suddenly, a black feather appeared like a piece of breastplate, protecting Yining's chest. However, even like this, Yi Ning was still sent flying by Cheng Yu

AHHH! You piss me off. Even if you have six Gold Core, I am still a Nascent Soul cultivator. I must kill you today Being injured by Cheng Yu, Yi Ning was furious and had no choice but to release the power of his Nascent Soul

Outside his dantian, Yi Ning's nascent soul began to emit rays of light. Suddenly, it appeared above his head, and its aura became stronger

What a good Nascent Soul. Soul Suppressor With Cheng Yu's strength rising, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda's suppression ability was naturally stronger. Back then, the Soul Suppressing Orb had refined several nascent souls, and in the end, even a late stage nascent soul was sucked into Cheng Yu [Translator Note: The original sounds wrong, so I'll just remove it. If your curious, Cheng Yu said see how I suck it......]

Now that Cheng Yu had recovered his Gold Core Stage cultivation and also had a late stage Nascent Soul refined from his Soul Suppressing Orb, it would be difficult for him to suppress a mid stage Nascent Soul, but sucking his Nascent Soul would be easy

When the Soul Suppressing Pagoda appeared, a golden light flashed as Yi Ning's Nascent Soul is being sucked away by a powerful suction force. It seemed as if his Nascent Soul could break out at any time.

Senior Apprentice-Brother. Save me Yi Ning had originally wanted to see Cheng Yu unleash the power of six Gold Cores to gain the upper hand. If he were to release the power of his Nascent Soul, he would definitely be able to suppress the other party.

But how could he have imagined that Cheng Yu would have such a magical equipment that could suck away his nascent soul.

This is bad Yi Feng originally wanted to wait for Yi Ning to erupt and deal a killing blow to Cheng Yu, but he didn't expect his Nascent Soul to be sucked away by the golden pagoda the moment it was released

The long sword in his hand flew out, leaving a long trail of afterimages as it hacked the golden pagoda

Heh heh, what's the matter? You all want to attack together? Upon seeing the other two Nascent Soul cultivators approach, Cheng Yu smiled.

But in his heart, he was actually planning on how to deal with the three of them. The late Nascent Soul Stage was not a joke. Soul Suppressing Pagoda could at most absorb one of them at a time.

We have truly underestimated you, we never thought that you would possess such an evil treasure. Today, it is mine Seeing that the magical treasure in Cheng Yu's hand could actually absorb and suppress a nascent soul, Yi Feng's eyes finally revealed a burning gaze. His killing intent towards Cheng Yu had become heavy

Since that's the case, then don't waste time Cheng Yu shouted, Facing such a powerhouse, it was better to be the first to strike

The Green God's Awakening in Cheng Yu's hand exuded a thick aura of life. Green light surged out like a wave

Wherever the green light passed by, the plants on the ground were suddenly like living creatures. Green vines that were as long as a person's hand extended out and tightly wrapped around the three of them

Vermillion Bird flame When Yi Qing saw this, the Vermillion Bird Sword in her hand suddenly ignited with raging flames. When the flame touched the vine, it was like touching the lead thread of gunpowder, it directly followed the vine and swallowed the root

Yi Feng and Yi Ning didn't have fire-type magic treasures, but they did have fire-type talismen. With a thought, the fire-type talismen appeared in their hand. The talismen ignited into a raging fire and burned the vines

However, this fire could not burn its roots like the Vermillion Bird flames of Yi Qing. The two of them set fire to the vines as they chopped at the vines. At this time, the golden pagoda flew above their heads, attracting their nascent souls with a powerful suction force

Damn it Yi Feng was furious. This fellow actually wanted to suck his nascent soul. He immediately cut through the vine and took out a green umbrella

The umbrella was also a spirit type defensive magic treasure. The moment the umbrella was opened, it hung over their heads, blocking the strong attraction

Cheng Yu paused for a moment. This fellow actually had a treasure like this that could block the Soul Suppressing Pagoda's attraction

BangQ Suddenly, Yi Qing's Vermillion Bird Sword flew towards him. The gap between him and a late Nascent Soul Stage martial artist was revealed. If this was an attack from Yi Ning, he would have been able to block it, but he is unable to block an attack from a Late Stage Nascent Soul Cultivator easily

Cheng Yu blocked with his sword and was sent flying dozens of meters away. When Cheng Yu stabilized his body, the three had already surrounded him again

Let's see where you can run to today Yi Feng was furious. This fellow actually wanted to suck his nascent soul. Fortunately, he had the Azure Light Spirit Protecting Umbrella. Otherwise, that powerful suction force just now would have been a little scary

Whiz. Whiz. Whiz The three of them attacked together. Without any hesitation, Cheng Yu brought out the Exquisite Cauldron.

Bang! This attack may not have been an earth-shattering killing move, but it actually contained the strength of a late Nascent Soul Stage cultivator

Puff! After the Exquisite Cauldron was struck back into his body, Cheng Yu was once again injured and sent flying

F * ck! Three Nascent Soul stage cultivators were not so easy to deal with

Soul Suppressing. Help me hold onto one of them Seeing the three of them charge at him, Cheng Yu panicked. If possible, he would have liked to fight against three of them at the same time, but it is impossible with his current cultivation. He could only get Soul Suppressor to help

Whiz The Soul Suppressing Orb flew out, choosing Yi Ning. This was the advantage of an artifact spirit. Even without Cheng Yu, it could still make his own decisions.

Although the Exquisite Cauldron was also a soul tool, it did not have a soul. Other than automatically protecting Cheng Yu, any active reaction requires the control of Cheng Yu

Senior Apprentice-Brother. Save me Seeing that he was caught in the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, his nascent soul began to stir again. Yi Ning was shocked and quickly shouted