Godly Student Chapter 478

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That's right. Let alone such a powerful cultivator. If at normal cultivator wanted to break through in the mortal world, they would not be able to absorb enough spiritual energy for the Core Formation. Yi Feng said.

Actually, this was also the reason why cultivators didn't want to stay in the mortal world. Not only was it difficult to absorb spiritual energy here, even Foundation Establishment cultivators didn't have enough spirit energy to absorb.

The Gold Core itself was formed by the gathering and sublimation of the spiritual energy around. An in order to form the Gold Core, a huge amount of spiritual energy is required

However, just because others weren't able to do it; it didn't mean that Cheng Yu couldn't. Yi Feng and the other two could only see the appearance of Cheng Yu's shocking Core Formation aura but not Cheng Yu's Mountain and River Diagram

Inside the Mountain and River Diagram, everyone was engrossed in their cultivation. However, the spiritual energy in the air suddenly fluctuated. The entire space seemed to tremble as they all ran out of their cultivation cave.

However, when everyone ran out, they were completely shocked by the scene in the sky

A rumbling sound could be heard from the sky as a huge vortex slowly appeared. Spiritual energy gushed out of the dozen or so Spiritual Veins like a river and finally converged into a gigantic Spirit River.

This spirit river was just like a heavenly river being sucked into the huge whirlpool. It was just like a dragon absorbing water

Black Demon, do you know what's going on? White Demon's jaw dropped. He had lived for so many years, but he had never seen such a massive spirit river move

Cheng Yu didn't let them see what was happening outside so they didn't know what was happening outside

No. Aside from the people inside the treasure, there is no one else that can absorb the spiritual energy here. I wonder what young master is doing Black Demon shook his head. With Cheng Yu's current Foundation Establishment strength, he couldn't absorb so much spiritual energy all at once. He wanted to see what Cheng Yu was doing.

Is he advancing? White Demon was as confused as Black Demon

Core Formation? This was impossible. What kind of Core Formation would require so much spiritual energy? This is enough to form a pile of Gold Cores Black Demon shook his head and immediately denied it.

If I didn't meet Young Master Yu, I could have never seen such a scene as this Dao Jiu mumbled with a dull expression.

Earlier, Young Master Yu pulled out a lot of mountains from here? The scene was too spectacular. If only we could possess such abilities Lian Yun sighed with a face full of emotion.

Pulled out the mountain? Could it be that Young Master Yu moved out those thirty-six giant peaks in the western suburbs? Dao Jiu recalled the uproar that had occurred a few days ago and came to a sudden realization.

At this moment, Cheng Yu was overjoyed. He did not expect that after so long, his lifeless dantian had finally recovered. After his dantian was fully absorbed, the familiar Nine Spiritual Tree finally appeared again

Senior. Why do I suddenly feel afraid? From the golden light, it seemed like Cheng Yu was enjoying the process while the surrounding aura was constantly increasing. Yi Ning suddenly felt a sense of unease in his heart.

Yi Feng had been staring at Cheng Yu with a bad premonition in his heart, but he couldn't believe what he was thinking.

Usually, they would not even be afraid even if they are facing a late Nascent Soul Stage. But now, the uneasiness in his heart was slowly growing

No. This brat is too strange. Under normal circumstances, he should have already failed his Core Formation but the surrounding spiritual energy is still gushing into his body. He must have a large amount of Qi Condensing pills or magical equipment. We must interrupt his Core Formation After a while, the more Yi Feng saw, the more he felt that something was wrong and he opened his mouth.

But what if he choose to die together with us? What if he destroys his explodes? Yi Ning was a little worried that Cheng Yu's entire body was equivalent to a golden core.

Try your best to take out as much defensive equipment as possible. Don't be too fierce, just interrupt his Core Formation Yi Feng said gravely

Whoosh. Just as the three of them attacked Cheng Yu simultaneously, the first golden core finally appeared above him. The attack was instantly neutralized

Core Formation Yi Ning exclaimed

Something's wrong. Why is the surrounding spiritual energy still gushing in? Yi Feng was startled.

Is he going to directly enter the middle phase of the Gold Core stage? Yi Ning was shocked. Can this sort of thing happen in the world?

Whoosh! Just as Yi Ning landed. A second Gold Core shadow appeared above Cheng Yu's head

What? Two Gold Cores? The three of them stared with wide eyes. They had cultivated for so many years, but when had they ever seen something so outrageous? They had never heard of a person being able to form two golden cores

This is bad. Hurry and stop it Yi Qing felt that the spirit energy was still surging towards Cheng Yu

Whoosh! As expected, a third Golden Core appeared

This... This... Three... Three golden cores Yi Ning was already trembling in fear, but when he saw Cheng Yu stop, he said, It must be difficult for him to continue

Senior Apprentice-Brother, do you remember the news that came from Kunlun a few months ago? Suddenly, Yi Qing seemed to recall something and was very suspicious.

The matter regarding the challenge of the mountain gate? But wasn't that person has already been killed by Guang Ning? Hearing her junior sister Yi Qing, Yi Feng immediately remembered.

Although they didn't watch this grand event, the cultivation world has long been in an uproar. From the looks of it, that person had six golden cores and was even able to kill a Nascent Soul Stage expert. Even the final late stage Nascent Soul Stage cultivator had been crippled.

If that person wasn't originally a Gold Core Stage expert, how could he have broken through so easily?

That person's corpse was taken away by the Limitless Palace. It's impossible for them to revive him with secret arts. Yi Qing.

It's impossible. Even if it's true, their cultivation bases don't match. That person was already at the Gold Core stage Yi Feng shook his head

Then, what's his name? Do you still remember what that woman called had him?

Cheng Yu? Yi Feng's expression changed drastically as if he had thought of something.

That's right, Cheng Yu. He's also from Limitless Palace. What a coincidence. It's impossible for Limitless Palace to have two Cheng Yu at the same time and even have such a strange Gold Core Yi Qing said.

Whoosh! Cheng Yu had formed his fourth Golden Core once again

Of course not, but we can't let him continue At this moment, Yi Feng had already suspected that this person was indeed that Cheng Yu

Previously, he did not believe that a Gold Core stage cultivator could kill a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, but this guy is too bizarre. With so many Gold Cores appearing, it was no wonder that he felt a sense of fear and could he could not overcome

However, their attacks were unable to break that strange golden light

Whoosh! The fifth golden core soon formed

No matter what, we have to kill him! The longsword in Yi Feng's hand flew into the air with a swoosh. He conjured his hands and did many signs and the longsword actually transformed into a hundred-meter long sword that fell from the sky and stabbed towards the top of Cheng Yu's head

Whoosh! The sixth golden core was soon completed. Cheng Yu had finally returned to the middle phase of the Gold Core stage

Clang! The huge sword that fell from the sky was stopped by Cheng Yu's sixth golden core shadow

Haha. I really didn't expect this. I have been trying so hard to recover my strength, but I never thought that I would be able to recover it due to you guys The sixth Golden Core shadow returned to his body. Cheng Yu laughed maniacally while standing in the air

As expected. If I had known earlier, I would have killed him Yi Feng retracted his sword and secretly cursed himself for being too cautious. He didn't want that Spirit Severing Stage cultivator to come out and was afraid of provoking someone who shouldn't be provoked

Haha. Don't worry. You've helped so much today and so I won't kill you today Having recovered his strength, Cheng Yu felt great.

It was the feeling of a serf singing. After being a grandson for so long, he had finally become a grandfather. Although he no longer feared the three of them, it was impossible for him to kill them all

This was different from going through the mountain gate challenge. Even if they couldn't beat him, they could still run away, so how could he stop them here?

Moreover, these three people were at the Nascent Soul stage. With such a formation, it was impossible for him to kill the three of them

Humph. Don't think having six Golden Core is amazing. You want to let us off, but we don't want to let you off Yi Feng coldly stated

It was completely different from before. Cheng Yu from before was too weak and he wasn't interested in dealing with Cheng Yu, but now Cheng Yu could stand at the same level as them. He also wanted to see just how powerful a six Golden Core expert is

In that case, you can only stay In fact, the appearance of the Mysterious Sky Sect in the secular world wasn't unexpected to him because of the Sacred Object.

Also, as long as they didn't find out that Black and White Demon were hiding inside Cheng Yu's Soul Tool. Cheng Yu didn't want to have any conflict with them. But now, since they wanted to attack him, it's a different story

If he could beat them this time, he didn't have to worry much about the future. He really didn't believe that they would send a Spirit Severing expert to the secular world

Whiz! Cheng Yu switched out the Purple Light Sword and took out the Green God's Awakening

Extreme Soul Tool Although they were already used to the many treasures on Cheng Yu's body, the three of them couldn't help but be surprised

Senior Apprentice-Brother. Let's go fight it out. See if he is as powerful as the rumors say Yi Ning took a few steps forward as he said.

In the future, when Cheng Yu formed Nascent Soul, his grandeur would be too astonishing. The only time they can deal with Cheng Yu is right now; if not, in the future, they would have no chance at all