Godly Student Chapter 477

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Puff! Cheng Yu was sent flying by Yi Ning's sword energy. The powerful sword Qi destroyed a part of the trees behind him. It was sufficient to see the lethality of his attack.

Cheng Yu was shocked. The difference between the two was too great. The moves that he had previously been able to take with force were now useless. If this goes on, he will die of exhaustion. It was almost time to run away. Lan Ya should have left long ago. It is better for him to leave.

Cheng Yu gripped his Purple Light Sword tightly. He smacked the ground with his left hand. His entire body once again soared into the sky. Suddenly. Yi Feng saw the soul tool in Cheng Yu's hand suddenly burst into a dazzling blue light. The light stung their eyes.

Want to leave? How could I let such a small trick succeed? Although the blue light was dazzling. But is Yi Ning a vegetarian? The true Qi in his body was released. His True Qi immediately dispersed the blue light barrier. He immediately saw Cheng Yu step on his flying sword and was about to escape.

His heart stirred. A black feather appeared in his hand.

Swoosh. The black feather flashed with a white light and instantly shot out. He turned into a white bird. He rushed towards Cheng Yu, who was about to escape.

How could Cheng Yu have expected this to happen in such a short period of time? Yi Ning was actually able to break his blue light barrier and then attack. When he sensed the danger behind him, he turned around. The white shadow of a bird appeared in front of him.

The defensive barrier on his body. A few armors and even the Exquisite Cauldron appeared automatically.

Crack. First, the defensive barrier broke

Crack. The outermost Spirit Treasure armor had been destroyed as well.

Luckily, Cheng Yu was rich. Layers upon layers of protection. Although the two layers of defense was broken, he is still safe since he still has more defensive equipment. When the power of the white bird's shadow reached Cheng Yu's body. Most of them had already been removed. But even so. In the end, Cheng Yu was still shot down.

The white bird flew back into Yi Ning's hand. It turned into a black feather again. Although the feather looked like a normal feather, it is actually a top grade equipment

It was refined from the feathers of a stage eight Black Feathered Ironbird king. This kind of bird has an extremely strong defense. This was because their bodies were abnormally tough and each Black Feathered Ironbird only had one feather like this. They would gather the essence in their body and nourished it. It could be said that it was the most important self-nurturing magical equipment on the bird.

This kid is really rich. He was actually wearing so many armors. And finally, there was the small cauldron. It also seemed to be a soul tool. This secular trip has truly been worth it. Even for cultivators like Yi Ning who frequently went out to train, they had never seen such a wealthy small Foundation Establishment. He saw layers upon layers of armor. Even Yi Feng was moved.

But he still had his own worries. They had already investigated the thirty-six peaks of the western suburbs. From the marks there. Those giant peaks had indeed been artificially moved here. That being the case. Then that Spirit Severing or even higher expert definitely existed.

But this brat was injured to this extent. Why hasn't he appeared yet? From the looks of it, this kid had so many treasures. This brat's status in the Limitless Palace was definitely not low. He could be the child of an elder or even the patriarch of Limitless Palace

That being the case. His bodyguards should have shown up earlier. Could it be that they really wanted to see Yi Ning kill him?

Kid. Regardless of who you are, since you have so many treasures. You have to die Yi Ning looked at Cheng Yu with a sharp glint in his eyes. Those eyes looked at Cheng Yu as if he was a beautiful naked girl and he was ready to pounce on her.

To think you are members of the Four Great Hidden Sects. To actually beso shameless. Three Nascent Souls bullying a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator. Aren't you afraid of being mocked by others in the cultivation world? Cheng Yu swallowed a bottle of God's Water. He sighed in his heart. However, he was not someone who would accept his fate so easily. As long as he had a breath. He had to fight for it. Right now, his vital energy and blood weren't flowing smoothly. It would be a good thing if he could drag it out for even a second longer.

Haha. It's not like our Mysterious Sky Sect is friendly with your Limitless Palace. We don't care what people think of what we do. Blame it on the fact that you have too many treasures on you.

Yi Ning laughed loudly. As far as he was concerned. No matter how he struggled. There was only death for Cheng Yu. Thus, he didn't care about Cheng Yu's little scheme at all.

Soul Suppressing. are you still able to suppress the nascent soul stage? Cheng Yu knew that he was doomed today. He could only hope that the Soul Suppressing Orb would help him think of a solution.

No. The Soul Suppressing Pagoda's strength is restricted by you. With your current strength. It is difficult even to forcefully suppress the Gold Core stage. Forget about the Nascent Soul Stage. Once you have exposed the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Not only are you unable to suppress them. on the contrary, it might be taken away by them. The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Kid. Since you're from the Limitless Palace. Hand over your magical equipment. I can spare your life. Yi Ning said.

Whether it was Cheng Yu's storage bag or the treasure Cheng Yu had refined into his body. As long as Cheng Yu died. These magic treasures will all belong to them. But there was Cheng Yu's soul imprint on it. Refining it again is extremely difficult. Even though Cheng Yu's cultivation wasn't high.

And if he allowed Cheng Yu to remove the imprint. That would be much easier. One could bind it by simply dripping blood. Since Cheng Yu was going to die anyway. It would be better to do a good deed before he died.

Hur hur. Don't make everyone look as stupid as you. If you let me go. I can give you a few soul weapons. Cheng Yu said with a smile. Then he thought about it. A few low rank soul weapons appeared in front of everyone. After that, they were immediately taken aback by Cheng Yu.

The eyes of the trio lit up. This brat actually had an extra soul tool. Then he couldn't stay. But at this time, Cheng Yu spoke again.

But if you insist I die. Then I'll have to detonate the soul weapons. At most, everyone will perish together. At this moment. Cheng Yu wasn't afraid of exposing a few of his soul weapons. Cheng Yu directly said.

Detonate the soul weapons? The three of them were both surprised and happy.

Why? A spirit artifact had an artifact spirit. Soul weapons had a soul. But in fact. Not all spirit artifacts and soul weapons were like that. A spirit artifact represented the grade and quality of the magical equipment. This meant that they already had the conditions to possess a spirit artifact. Just nourish it. At any moment, they could generate a spirit artifact soul.

Of course, Some of these were created by him. There were also some from the Forest of Death and they already had a spirit artifact soul.

However, it was possible that the magic treasure was damaged. It was also possible that the artifact spirit had already ceased to exist or had fallen into a deep slumber. It was just like the Soul Suppressing Orb from before. Or perhaps it was similar to the Exquisite Cauldron and the Mountain and River Diagram.

They had a tool spirit... They are still in deep sleep now. Or they no longer exist. Even the Soul Suppressing Orb wasn't clear.

So, since Cheng Yu could detonate the magic treasures. This meant that his magic treasures had a soul. Such a magical equipment. Who wouldn't be moved?

What surprised them was Cheng Yu is planning to detonate the soul weapons. The power of a soul weapon exploding was much stronger than a Golden Core exploding. A Soul Weapons explosion could be compared to a Nascent Soul explosion. Imagine the power of the Soul Weapons detonation. If they really allowed Cheng Yu to self-destruct. All three of them were going to die.

Just at that moment. Yi Ning's body flickered. With one foot, he stepped on Cheng Yu's dantian.

You better give me your soul tool obediently. Otherwise, I'll cripple you first. Let's see how you detonate the soul weapons then If what Cheng Yu said was true. Then he would need Cheng Yu to remove his soul imprint. Otherwise, it wouldn't be easy to refine a soul weapon.

Don't even think about it. This time, Cheng Yu was also worried. Saying that he will detonate the soul weapons was just to scare them. One had to know that his soul tool only had one soul, the Soul Suppressing Orb. Soul Suppressing was like his friend. How could he bear to have his soul detonate?

But now he was at the helm. I am the fish. What should he do now?

My life is over. Cheng Yu lamented in his heart. He really did not think of it. He would eventually die at the hands of a Nascent Soul stage cultivator from the Mysterious Sky Sect.

Alright. Then I'll cripple you first. Let's see how you detonate it. Yi Ning raised his foot. He circulated the true Qi in his body. It directly kicked at Cheng Yu's dantian.

Boom. Yi Ning's foot landed on Cheng Yu's abdomen. When true energy penetrated his dantian. Suddenly, a golden light flashed from Cheng Yu's body. Yi Ning was actually sent flying.

What's going on? Yi Ning was sent flying several dozens of steps back before he could stabilize his body. He looked at Cheng Yu in shock.

He saw Cheng Yu being enveloped by a golden light and flashing non-stop. And the more it flashed, the stronger it became. The surrounding spiritual energy crazily rushed into Cheng Yu's body.

Core Formation. He's about to break through. Yi Feng was startled as well.

Hmph. Core Formation. I'll kill you first Yi Ning coldly snorted. Even though Gold Core Stage cultivators was not a match for them. But how could Yi Ning allow him to successfully form his core?

What if Cheng Yu explodes again? Even if it didn't kill him. But injuries were inevitable. Who would let a Gold Core stage expert explode even if they had nothing better to do?

He raised his sword and made a long chop. A crescent shaped sword qi drew a long shallow trench on the ground. He directly charged toward Cheng Yu.

But the surprising thing was. The crescent-shaped sword qi was dissolved by the golden light that Cheng Yu emitted. In the end, it didn't even touch it

Senior apprentice-brother. What was going on? Isn't it just him forming his Golden Core? How could this be? Yi Ning said in confusion.

I don't know. This kid is so weird. I have never seen some form their Gold Core with such an imposing manner. Yi Feng shook his head. He couldn't understand why Cheng Yu had such an imposing aura even though he is just forming his Gold Core.

Then what should we do? Since this brat wasn't simple. Let's all three of us attack together. Yi Ning said.

Let's take a look first. This little brat's Core Formation activity was too big. If he wanted to successfully form his core, he would need to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy. He wouldn't be able to absorb enough spiritual energy in the mortal world. Thus, he was destined to fail at Core Formation. Right now, he was like a golden core. If we mess up, it will cause an explosion. By then, even his magical equipment might be destroyed. If the soul spirit that followed him also exploded. Then we'll all be finished too. Yi Qing said with a serious expression.

What Junior Sister said is right. Not to mention the amount of energy he is absorbing to form his Golden Core Even ordinary cultivators would not be enough to reach the Gold Core stage. This is why cultivators will not remain in the secular world. Yi Feng nodded and said.