Godly Student Chapter 476

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Kid You're courting death Yi Ning was at the Nascent Soul stage, but he was completely looked down upon by a small Foundation Establishment stage cultivator. Immediately, he became furious and shot a beam of spiritual light towards Cheng Yu.

Bang! Just as the light beam was about to hit Cheng Yu's body, a dark green phantom armor appeared and blocked it. However, a powerful force still rushed over from his back and threw him to the ground.

High-grade soul tool Yi Ning and the other two were shocked, especially Yi Ning. His eyes were full of greed

Yi Feng and Yi Qing looked at Cheng Yu, deep in thought.

Cheng Yu, are you alright? Lan Ya was shocked and ran to Cheng Yu to help him up

It's fine, go in the house. Don't come out Cheng Yu said as he pushed Lan Ya into the house.


It's okay, be good and don't come out Cheng Yu closed the door and looked at the three of them.

This is just to teach you a lesson. In the future, don't act so arrogantly in front of senior. Otherwise, you might lose your life Yi Ning looked at Cheng Yu and sneered.

Who the hell are you people? Cheng Yu had no interest in bickering with Yi Ning. It would do him no good


We're from the Mysterious Sky Sect Yi Ning was about to say something, but Yi Feng raised his palm to stop him and lightly said.

The reason he had stood at the side without saying anything was that he wanted Yi Ning to probe Cheng Yu. He was afraid that Cheng Yu might be related to that Spirit Severing expert.

However, when Yi Ning had attacked earlier, although he hadn't sensed the presence of a Spirit Severing expert, he had seen the high grade soul tool armor worn by Cheng Yu.

Soul weapons were more precious than magical equipment in the cultivation world. Even in the cultivation world, there weren't many people who could casually take out a low-grade soul weapon, let alone a high-grade soul weapon.

However, Cheng Yu was only a lowly Foundation Establishment cultivator in the mortal world yet he possessed a high grade soul armor. Thus, he had no choice but to consider Cheng Yu's background.

So it's the Mysterious Sky Sect of the four hidden sects. No wonder you're so arrogant Cheng Yu looked calm on the surface, but he was actually shocked in his heart. The disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sect had actually come here. Could it be that they had already discovered that he had the Black and White Demon?

But how was this possible? It was impossible for them to be found within his Soul Tool. How did they find this place? Could it be a coincidence?

Right, that must be it. If they knew that black and white demon were with him, they would have already asked about their location. There was no need to waste time talking to him.

Kid. You actually know our Mysterious Sky Sect. It seems like you are really from the cultivation world Yi Ning said.

Whether I'm from the cultivation world or not has nothing to do with you guys, and the cultivation world doesn't only have one Mysterious Sky Sect. Don't think that just because you're a member of the Mysterious Sky Sect, you can be so arrogant. Since he knew that the other party was a member of the Mysterious Sky Sect, he was no longer worried about their background

It seems like you are also one of the four great hidden sects. From the looks of it, you don't seem to be a monk or a devil. Aside from my Mysterious Sky Sect, the other is the Limitless Palace. Are you a member of the Limitless Palace? Yi Feng looked at Cheng Yu and said.

Cheng Yu thought to himself, this person is quite smart, he actually easily figured out his identity. Actually, for Yi Feng to be sent by his master Qianyu to search for a sacred object, how could he be stupid?

In the younger generation, Yi Feng could be considered a genius. Not only in terms of his talent and cultivation, but he also because of his wisdom

There was no shortage of strong cultivators in the cultivation world, but for people without brains, no matter how talented they were, they might not be able to grow. Only those who knew how to analyze the situation would be able to stand out and live for a long time

You're a smart person. Much smarter than your disappointing junior apprentice-brother. That's right, I am from the Limitless Palace. I'm not interested in knowing what you're doing in the secular world. But I also hope that you will not disturb our peaceful lives Cheng Yu said.

It was as if he didn't think that being of a lower cultivation level meant he had the will of a junior. On the contrary, he had placed himself on the same level as Yi Feng.

Stinky brat, don't think that just because you're a member of the Limitless Palace that you're powerful. Our Mysterious Sky Sect is the strongest in the cultivation world. Not to mention a little Foundation Establishment kid like you, even your Senior Apprentice-Brother Xin Heng wouldn't dare to speak like that in front of our Senior Apprentice-Brother Yi Ning shouted.

Humph. Xin Heng is nothing at all. Isn't he still meditating on Tranquil Thoughts Peak? Cheng Yu said in disdain.

When Xin Heng found out that Xin Yao had given him her jade pendant, he had struck him with his palm. In the end, he had been punished at Tranquil Thoughts Peak for a year, which meant that he still had more than half a year left.

What do you mean? Yi Feng said with a puzzled expression.

Xin Heng was a genius of the younger generation of the Limitless Palace. How could he have been punished and sent to the Tranquil Thoughts Peak? From the looks of this guy, this matter seemed to have something to do with him. Could it be that he, a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator, had a higher status in the Limitless Palace than Xin Heng?

It's not a big deal. This is an internal matter of our Limitless Palace. Alright, since we are all from the four hidden sects, we shouldn't make things difficult for each other. Go wash up and sleep Cheng Yu yawned, turned around, and was about to enter the house.

Brat, today, I will teach you a lesson Yi Ning couldn't hold it in any longer and swung out another ray of spiritual light

Bang! This time, Cheng Yu did not remain silent. He turned around in an instant and wielded the purple light sword in his hand, slashing the sword towards the Spiritual Light.

It's another Soul Tool The three of them were shocked once more.

I didn't expect that you, a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator, would have so many treasures on your person. If you give me this sword, I'll let you off Yi Ning said greedily as he didn't have the meticulous thoughts of Yi Feng.

If you want it, then come and get it Even though he was weak, he couldn't allow himself to be trampled on by others. He would rather fight as he pleased, and kill as he wished than be trampled by others

He didn't want to show so many magic treasures in front of these people, but on the other hand, how could Cheng Yu not purposely display the nonsense he had just spoken? To let them know that he was not just a small Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator from Limitless Palace

Good. I really want to see how a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator can be so arrogant, could it be based on your two soul weapons? Yi Ning pulled out his mid grade spirit weapon grade long sword and swung it towards Cheng Yu.

Humph. Why don't you give it a try Even though Cheng Yu said it indifferently, but the other party was still at the Nascent Soul stage. He really didn't dare to fight head on with him

Every time Yi Ning attacked, he would run. He would find an opening and turn around to counterattack.

Primordius Thousand Yuan Slash Cheng Yu seized the opportunity and his whole body was like a spinning top in the air. The huge sword in the air was covered in layers of sword shadows as it kept shooting towards Yi Ning

Although Cheng Yu had an amazing momentum when he attacked, he lacked power. This kind of move did not have much destructive power when used against a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator

Mysterious Sky strike Seeing Cheng Yu actually attack him was a provocation. He raised his sword and the tip of the sword emitted a dazzling light.

Whiz! With a slash of the longsword, the light turned into a giant beam of light like a shooting star and attacked Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu's expression changed, this attack was much more frightening than his attack.

BOOOOOM. Cheng Yu had managed to dodge the attack, but the villa behind them had been destroyed by him. This caused Lan Ya, who was inside, to scream in fright

We can't fight here. If you have the ability, come with me Cheng Yu was very afraid of hurting Lan Ya. He used his flying sword and flew off into the distance.

Yi Ning couldn't wait for Cheng Yu to find a quiet place to have a good fight. With so many soul tools on his body, even the flying sword he had just used was a top grade spiritual weapon.

Although Cheng Yu was a member of the Limitless Palace, so what? There were already conflicts between the two sects, not to mention in the secular world, it would be easy to kill them

Yi Feng and Yi Qing looked at each other, nodded and followed him. They were also curious by Cheng Yu's identity. This fellow not only have a top grade spiritual equipment, he even had soul weapons. The identity of this person in the Limitless Palace was definitely not simple

However, he still wanted to let Yi Ning test Cheng Yu's bottom line. He might go to look for his backer, he wanted to see who the expert behind Cheng Yu was. If his backer is black and white demon, then he would have no choice but to go back to the sect to look for help.

But if his backer was a senior of the Limitless Palace, then he didn't need to waste time on this boy. This was also the reason why Yi Feng didn't try to stop Yi Ning.

Even though your cultivation is not that high? But I have to admire your guts. Aren't you afraid that we'll kill you? Don't think that I will let you off just because you're someone from the Limitless Palace. Let me tell you, the Limitless Palace has always been enemies with our Mysterious Sky Sect. If I kill you, your Limitless Palace palace will not be able to do anything to me Yi Ning smiled as he looked at Cheng Yu.

Hehe, do you really think you can kill me? How could Cheng Yu not know about the relationship with the two sects

It was obvious that these people did not come with good intentions. The reason why he had lured these people over was to let Lan Ya escape. This was because three Nascent Soul Experts is not something he could contend against.

This fellow clearly harbored ill intentions towards Lan Ya. Thus, he sent a telepathic message to Lan Ya, telling her to leave as soon as possible. Without worries, he could escape later

Three Nascent Soul stage cultivators, only a fool would fight to the death with them

Humph. Let's see how long you can keep talking Yi Ning did not care about whatever backings someone has

Their sect was not a righteous sect. For those that they could not defeat, they would act like good people. If they met someone who they could step on, they would become bad people

Cheng Yu wouldn't fight with them, as long as he could stall for some time, he would run. Now that this place was so big, Cheng Yu wouldn't fight him head on.

But even so, in terms of speed, Nascent Soul experts is faster than him, and in terms of strength, they are also stronger. Thus, it was very tragic. Cheng Yu's fresh blood spilled all over the night sky.

Primeval Slash

Profound Dragon Slash The two clashed fiercely, as a blue and a red sword qi clashed.

Puff! Cheng Yu's Primordius Slash was instantly destroyed and the fiery red sword qi rushed towards him once again. Cheng Yu was like a kite with its string cut, blood once again sprinkled into the air