Godly Student Chapter 475

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Senior apprentice-brother. Then do you mean that we can also enjoy the secular world for a few decades before returning? I suddenly felt that this secular world is pretty good. Yesterday, that woman was quite interesting. Yi Ning thought back to last night's madness. He said with an excited expression.

Shameless. Yi Qing said with a cold face.

Junior Sister. You can also look for men here. But I know you've always had a good eye. How about we try it? Yi Ning laughed.

Try it if you want to die. We are here on the orders of our master to find the sacred objects. I didn't ask you to come play with women in the secular world. Yi Qing said with a cold face.

That's right. Yi Ning, you'd better restrain yourself. If there are no relics. When the time comes, you won't even be able to return to the cultivation world. Even though the secular world is bustling with life. But it's not for the likes of us. Once our Dao-heart is unstable, it will only ruin our future. The earthly splendor is but a passing cloud.

We cultivators pursue the Heavenly Dao for longevity. These mortals were merely ants. How can we live with them? Yi Feng said.

Yes. Senior apprentice-brother. Yi Ning nodded.

Regardless of whether they were demons or Immortals. They all had the same goal. The pursuit of the Heavenly Dao. They also want wealth, prosperity and a better life.

As long as I have a long life and a powerful strength. What kind of wealth could not be enjoyed and it would last for eternity

Alright. Let's get out of here. It would be bad if we met him. Before we can figure out what is going on. We'd better be careful. As Yi Feng spoke, he left the villa.

At this moment, Cheng Yu was like a husband waiting for his wife. Looking at Lan Ya's cold sweat. He was feeling conflicted. He had no idea that his house had already been searched out

Opening meridians was indeed a very painful thing. Even Cheng Yu had almost been unable to endure it back then. He was really afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold on.

Pop... Suddenly. Lan Ya felt the true Qi she controlled rush back into her dantian. Instantly, his chest and back became much smoother. There was no longer any pain or depression.

However, she had used up quite a bit of energy. At this moment, she was extremely tired.

Lan Ya, how is it? Cheng Yu quickly stepped forward and grabbed her hand. Very good. The Ren and Du meridians has been opened. It will be much easier next time. Hurry up and use the Ren and Du Meridian to circulate your Qi. It will help you to quickly transform your true qi and recover your physical strength.

The Ren and Du meridians need to pass from the chest up to the Violet Palace then goes to the Posterior ridge, and then return to Dantian. This is the minor cycle. With this little cycle. Her true qi could completely circulate. This way, the conversion of spiritual energy improved tremendously.

In the past, Lan Ya needed Cheng Yu's help to assimilate the entire Spirit Origin Fruit. But now, Lan Ya could assimilate it on her own. Even though it is just a minor cycle. The amount of assimilation could not be compared to before. Even though it would take her several days to absorb it at her current rate. But at least he didn't have to worry about her body exploding from the excess spiritual energy.

Different from Lan Ya. Back then, Cheng Yu still had a bit of immortal energy to assist him and Lan Ya's dantian also didn't have that much true qi. But she was lucky. She has Cheng Yu's Spiritual Origin Fruit as a supplement. After filling her dantian to the brim with true qi once again. She continued to open up other meridians.

This was because she needed to replenish her true qi after every time she opened a meridian. This speed was much slower than when Cheng Yu broke through to the Foundation Establishment. Lan Ya finally opened up her last meridians after the next night

Just after the last meridian was opened. Lan Ya suddenly felt a whirlpool forming in her dantian. Immediately. A large amount of spiritual energy from the outside world began to enter Lan Ya's body.

There's actually someone who reached the Foundation Establishment stage. At this moment. Within the villa in the east district. Yi Feng, who was in the middle of meditating, opened his eyes and said in surprise.

Even though the spiritual qi in the world was sparse but that was also beneficial to other cultivators when searching for others As long as there was any fluctuation in the spiritual energy. A cultivator would become more sensitive. It was easy to detect.

He immediately left the villa. At the same time, Yi Ning and Yi Qing also felt the movement of the spirit energy. They all rushed out.

Senior apprentice-brother. I seem to have sensed someone reach the Foundation Establishment stage. Yi Qing said in shock.

That's right. There is indeed someone who reached the Foundation Establishment stage. Let's go and see who it is... Yi Feng nodded.

If this was the cultivation world. They would not care about someone reaching Foundation Establishment. But in the secular world. This was no ordinary matter. He didn't understand why there were so many cultivators in the mortal world.

Even though Sects like Mount Kunlun and the Mysterious Sky Sect had long since built up a power in the secular world to gather resources. However, the people they sent were only at the Qi Refinement Stage. Like Manager Zhou. He is only at the mid Qi Refinement Stage and he had the highest cultivation level among the people they had sent out.

Under normal circumstances. No cultivator was willing to come to the mortal world. Just like them. If it wasn't for the command of their teacher. No matter what, they would not come to the secular world.

But now. Not only did they discover the existence of cultivators above the Nascent Soul Stage in the secular world. There were people who had reached Foundation Establishment here. This meant that they were likely to have formed an immortal cultivation team. They had to find out.

Other than the fact that the spiritual qi in the world was sparse. The cultivation world did not allow large amounts of cultivators to enter the mortal world. They were not allowed to break the secular world order.

In other words... The cultivation world acted as the guardian of the secular world.

But now, there was more and more evidence showing that there were more and more cultivators in the secular world. This had to be noted.

The Mysterious Sky Sect was neither righteous nor demonic. Moreover, the Mysterious Sky Sect was also one of the four hidden sects. It is also their responsibility to preserve secular peace.

Although he was a disciple. Yi Feng didn't understand why he had to maintain his secular stability either. Multiple chapters, please. But he also had to follow this rule.

Cheng Yu. Am I at the Foundation Establishment stage now? When Lan Ya stopped absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy. She felt that she was in an amazing state. She had never felt so good in her life. It was as if everything was under her control.

Take her current house for example. It was as if she could clearly see anything in any place. It was as if she had turned on her hack.

Hur hur. Of course. Come. This is a gift for you to. The flying sword of a mid grade spirit weapon. You can... Wait a minute. He put away the flying sword. It seems like there's an expert heading this way. Cheng Yu looked at Lan Ya with a smile. He had just taken out a flying sword and was about to tell her how to use it. Suddenly, his face changed. He said with a serious expression.

When the two of them rushed out of the house. Three rays of light appeared before the two of them. They saw two men and one woman standing in the air. They stared intently at Cheng Yu and Lan Ya.

May I ask why the three seniors are here? He could sense the powerful auras of the three of them. Cheng Yu instantly determined that the other party was at least in the Nascent Soul Stage. At this moment, it wasn't clear if they are enemies or not. It was better to be honest.

Just now, were you the one who broke through to the Foundation Establishment stage. Yi Feng stared at them for a while. Then he looked around. No experts were found. Finally, he looked at Lan Ya and said.

That's my wife. Noticing the sharp gazes of the trio, Chen Yu frowned. Lan Ya was slightly afraid. Cheng Yu pulled her hand and said to the three of them.

My Senior Apprentice-Brother asked her. As a small Late Foundation Stage, it's not your turn to speak. Yi Ning, who was at the side, saw the fine beauty on Lan Ya's face. The most important thing was that Lan Ya was wearing her sexy pajamas. Her breasts were full. That faintly discernible body. It made Yi Ning's body surge. He shouted coldly at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu's face turned green. Once upon a time. He was not afraid of the Nascent Soul Stage. Several people had already died at his hands. Even the late stage of the Nascent Soul stage had been crippled by him. If his cultivation wasn't reduced. Just based on what he said. It was enough to take his life.

But now. No matter how powerful he was. He couldn't even beat someone in the Nascent Soul stage. He saw that Yi Ning was staring at Lan Ya with eyes full of obscenity and blasphemy. Cheng Yu shifted his body. Lan Ya, who was behind him, was blocked.

Who are you people? Why are you in the secular world? Don't you know the rules of the cultivation world? Yi Feng looked at the two of them and said.

We are from the secular world. Moreover, the rules of the cultivation world only allowed cultivators to disrupt the balance and order of the world. But no one said that cultivators can't live in the secular world. Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Since others didn't give him face. Not to mention the fact that he stuck his hot face to someone's cold butt. Cheng Yu was not such a despicable person. He was not a person who was afraid of death. He just didn't want to casually make enemies.

Nonsense. Since you know the rules of the cultivation world. Naturally, you are people of the cultivation world. How dare you deceive us. Since you have a Foundation Establishment stage cultivation. Your every move has broken the order of the world. Yi Ning shouted.

Actually, what Yi Ning said wasn't wrong. To a cultivator. Cheng Yu's strength had long since transcended the mortal world. He could easily break this balance and order.

The rules of the cultivation world didn't say that cultivators couldn't live in the secular world. However, this was something that all cultivators agreed to. This was because no cultivator wanted to stay in such a desolate place.

Cheng Yu is a bit different as he is born in the Secular World. As for Black and White Demon. They were forced to do so.

In that case. Then why did you appear in the secular world? Don't tell me that you have family in the Secular World?

Bastard. We are here on a mission. Naturally, we appeared here. Otherwise, how could I find out about a scum like you in the cultivation world? Yi Ning shouted.

Although Yi Ning had always been targeting Cheng Yu. But his eyes were always on Lan Ya. This made Cheng Yu very angry in his heart. However, he couldn't do anything about it

Then carry out your mission. The way I live my life is irrelevant to you. I want to go to sleep with my wife so don't disturb us. Please go back. Bye. Cheng Yu couldn't understand why these guys would randomly appear in the secular world. However, he was too lazy to care about all that. He pulled Lan Ya into the house.

Kid. You're courting death. Yi Ning already wanted to snatch Lan Ya away, and hearing the other party's rude words. He was instantly enraged. A ray of spiritual energy shot towards Cheng Yu.