Godly Student Chapter 474

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Lan Ya. Will you marry me? Under the discussion and attention of everyone, Cheng Yu picked up the box and walked to Lan Ya's side. He knelt down on one knee, held Lan Ya's hand and said affectionately

Lan Ya looked at Cheng Yu with a pleasantly surprised expression. She was still a little confused after his self-criticism just now. What did he mean? However, when she saw the ring that was as beautiful as the Yang Ruoxue has and yet not exactly the same, she became very excited.

However, she never expected that Cheng Yu would propose to her on such an occasion. Happiness came too fast. Lan Ya's heart was pounding

Pa Pa Pa. Marry him! Marry him! At this time, the surrounding customers burst into applause and shouted loudly.

Beautiful girl. Don't be hasty. Think about it again. His ring is most likely glass However, not everyone supported Cheng Yu. It was obvious that even though Cheng Yu's ring was exquisite, no one believed that the ring was made out of diamonds

The main thing was that Lan Ya was so beautiful, especially her breasts. They were truly of the highest quality. When men saw such beautiful women wanting to follow others, they would naturally feel a bit repulsed

A woman was like this. Even if he couldn't obtain it, he didn't want others to have it

That's right. Why don't you marry me. I'll buy you a diamond the size of a pigeon's egg

Pow! Just as this person finished speaking, he was slapped by the woman next to him

Do you dislike me? When you first proposed to me, that diamond is even smaller than rice crumbs, and you dare say that you will buy her a diamond ring the size of a pigeon's egg? Can you even afford it? The woman looked at her husband with disdain

Hahahaha! Hearing the woman's words, the surrounding customers all burst into laughter

I am willing. No matter if this is a real diamond, even if it's a grass ring, I am willing to marry you Lan Ya shouted.

Cheng Yu put the Phoenix Ring on Lan Ya's finger and everyone applauded once again

Kiss, Kiss Someone suddenly shouted.

Kiss With someone leading the way, everyone immediately shouted

At this moment, the lively atmosphere in the restaurant was like a wedding scene. Cheng Yu hugged Lan Ya and kissed her

You, why would you think of doing this? Aren't you afraid of your big wife knowing? On the way home, Lan Ya looked at the ring on her finger. Her heart was still filled with sweetness.

Hehe, what big wife or little wife. Besides, she's not as big as you! Cheng Yu smiled.

Disgusting. Then are you not afraid that she will know?

To be honest, I'm really scared. But I can't let you down at this moment Cheng Yu said.

Hmph, at least you have a conscience

Lan Ya, don't take out the ring the next time you meet her. She will kill me Cheng Yu said with a smile.

So this is your plan. Then why do you let her keep the ring? In your heart, you clearly care about her only Lan Ya said sourly.

That is definitely an accident. Ruoxue has always been that kind of low-key woman, but I didn't expect her to wear the ring out. This is clearly a provocation. But you are both my beloved women, and you are more empathetic than her, so why don't you help me out

On what basis? You didn't even give me any benefits

Who said that? Look, you're the only female friend of mine who reached the peak of the Qi Refinement stage. Moreover, you will be my first woman, and you will definitely have a higher status than them. As the first wife, you should at least give them some benefits Cheng Yu coaxed.

You're serious? You really haven't eaten them yet? Lan Ya felt a little better after hearing Cheng Yu's words

Of course it's true. Cheng Yu smiled.

Returning to Lan Ya's villa and sitting on the bed, listening to the sound of water flowing in the bathroom, Cheng Yu was inwardly excited. However, he knew he had to endure for another day

Lan Ya, you are now at the peak of the Qi Refinement Stage. One more step and you will reach the Foundation Establishment stage, so tonight, I will help you build your foundation. After that, you will be considered a true cultivator The two of them sat on the bed and Cheng Yu looked at Lan Ya's transparent pajamas. His heart was burning as he held her hands and spoke.

Then can I use my flying sword to fly? What she wanted most was to be able to fly freely in the sky like a bird.

Yes. I will teach you this after you enter the Foundation Establishment stage

Here, eat this Spirit Origin Fruit. Although you have already eaten one and it can't help you raise your cultivation, you can still use the spiritual energy within it. This spiritual energy is easier to absorb than the spiritual energy of the Qi Gathering Pill.

The meridians of the human body are all connected, but the blockage is very serious. It's like a very heavy water pipe. It's passable, but the quantity is very small. Therefore, the reason why Refinement Stage cultivators are so weak is because a large amount of true energy was circulating within their bodies. This naturally caused their strength to be small

After you have reached Foundation Establishment Stage, the meridians in your body will open up like a water pipe, and a large amount of true energy will flow through them.

However, when trying to break through the meridians, you have to be steady and take it step by step. Don't worry, the Spirit Origin Fruit just now is enough to replenish your true Qi.

Now, we will begin to open the two meridians of Ren Du. You will charge your true qi all the way to the meridians of Ren Du, removing the impurities inside. I will stand guard for you Cheng Yu explained the principle behind it to Lan Ya

En Lan Ya sat cross-legged on the bed and began to meditate

Breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Stage was a huge project. Some people's meridians were innately wider than ordinary people, and they also had fewer impurities than ordinary people. Such a person's aptitude was relatively good. They could easily draw energy from the outside and easily remove the impurities from their meridians

Lan Ya's aptitude was not considered good. Moreover, those who lived in the secular world obviously had more blocked meridians than those in the cultivation world. Therefore, it was quite difficult for her to reach the Foundation Establishment stage

Why are some people unable to succeed and fail to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage? The impurities in their meridians were like cotton flowers in a water pipe. Even if you inflate air from one end, and if there are too many cotton flowers in it. It is very likely that the water pipe will be completely blocked.

Although one could still breathe through these cotton flowers, the amount of air that can pass through will be getting smaller and smaller. What did this mean? It meant that one could absorb less and less spiritual energy from the outside

It would be more and more difficult for you to gather enough Qi in your dantian. Originally, you could gather 1% of Qi through your meridines, but if you continued to gather Qi without removing the impurities, then you would only have a hundred or even a thousandth of the Qi gather through your dantian

This meant that they could impulsively push their meridians once a day. Then, in the future, they would need a hundred days to break through. In the end, they could only do it once a year. The price was too high

Also, If the Qi inside the body was too strong, then it would be dangerous. The Qi would be blocked by impurities, and if you continued to pour your Qi into your meridians, the end result would be that your meridians would be blocked and blasted apart. Then it was really over

As her cultivation increased and when she reached the Spirit Severing stage, the Qi within her body would no longer need to be transported through her meridians. But before this, the meridians were the only way to channel true qi; if her meridians were destroyed, then there would be no way to cultivate

Therefore, Cheng Yu was very nervous as he looked at Lan Ya

The process of breaking through the meridians was very painful. Watching Lan Ya's expression slowly turn painful, Cheng Yu became anxious from the bottom of his heart. He really wanted to help her reach Foundation Establishment, but it would greatly affect her future cultivation. Only when she gathered her Qi and opened up her meridians by herself would she be able to improve greatly in the future.

Late at night. On one of the thirty-six giant peaks on the western outskirts of Yunhai. Three figures watched as a people worked to construct buildings on the mountains

Senior Apprentice-Brother. We've already searched, but there are no cultivators here Yi Ning said.

In that case, We can only go to the address where the investigation took place and have a look Yi Feng nodded. Like the wind, he disappeared in an instant, followed by a man and a woman.

When the three of them reappeared, they were already in front of a villa in Central City.

Is this it? Yi Feng looked at the modern mansion and said.

Hm. They brought me here before. But I've already checked, and there's no one here Yi Ning said.

Let's go in and take a look. However, everyone be careful, the other party is likely to be a Spirit Severing Expert or above Yi Feng nodded his head and entered the yard in a flash.

After entering the house from the balcony, the three of them began to search carefully

Senior Apprentice-Brother. There is a restriction here Suddenly, Yi Ning shouted from downstairs in a low voice.

This restriction isn't powerful, it doesn't look like it belongs to a Spirit Severing expert Yi Feng placed his hand on the restriction and said with a frown.

Then let's go in and take a look

We better not go in for now. If the other party is truly in the Soul Division Stage, then we will definitely provoke him. Let's go back first/ Find someone to investigate this person first, and get a clear picture of the situation Yi Feng also wanted to see what was inside, but when he thought that the owner of this house was most likely a Spirit Severing master, he held himself back.

Un, that makes sense. I don't know if this is the person we're looking for. If that's not the case, I really don't understand why such an expert would linger in the secular world. This place has very little spiritual energy and is lacking in resources; it's simply not a place we cultivators can stay for long Yi Ning said.

Although he had seen a lot of modern civilization's technology in the past few days, it was nothing to them other than a miracle

It had to be said that mortals enjoyed themselves much more than cultivators did in the world of cultivation. Perhaps it was because the lifespans of these mortals were short that they spent their entire lives pursuing enjoyment

And a cultivators life in the world of cultivation is indeed much more monotonous; it was even filled with danger everywhere

Everyone has their own ideas. The secular world is truly more colorful than the cultivation world. It's completely different from what we imagined. It is normal for many people who have their eyes on the Heavenly Dao to covet such a life. Furthermore, people like us have a lifespan of hundreds of years. It's not impossible for us to enjoy the mundane world for a few decades before returning Yi Feng said.

Senior Apprentice-Brother, then do you think we should enjoy here for a few decades? Yesterday, that woman was really awesome. I really feel a little infatuated with that feeling Yi Ning excitedly said after hearing his Senior Apprentice-Brother's words.