Godly Student Chapter 473

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Do you know where in the secular world there have been experts of the Gold Core stage or above? Yi Feng asked.

A Gold Core stage expert. We don't know. All these years, we haven't heard of the existence of these experts in the secular world. Furthermore, this kind of expert is not something that people like us can discover. Manager Zhou said.

He did not understand why these people would come to the secular world to find a Gold Core stage expert. Gold Core Stage, that was something they did not even dare dream of. Just like they are now. He didn't even know how long it would take for him to reach Foundation Establishment. If a Golden Core Stage cultivator did not release his aura. They wouldn't even recognize him if he was standing in front of them. Besides, the secular world wasn't that small either, so how could they possibly know about each other's existence?

Then did something outrageous happen in the secular world? For example, something that would seem unbelievable to the people of this world. In fact, how could Yi Feng and the others know about this? However, they had just arrived in the secular world and don't know anything about this place. All he knew was that this place was full of mortals. If the opponent was an expert of the Gold Core stage or above, it would be easy to find him.

Inconceivable thing. Let me think. Manager Zhou frowned. After a while. He shook his head. I don't think so.

Yi Feng and the other two felt a sense of loss. Could it be that even after they came to the mortal world, they still didn't care about worldly affairs?

I've heard of a miraculous thing. At this moment. a young man behind Manager Zhou suddenly said.

Oh. Tell me about it. Yi Feng interestingly said

Just last month. An unbelievable thing had happened in Yunhai City. Because in one night, thirty-six enormous mountains appeared there. The young man called Zhao Liu said.

There was this. Tell me in detail. Yi Feng was immediately interested.

This was previously reported on the intelligence network. It had caused quite a sensation. I'll find it for you. As Zhao Liu spoke, he took out his phone and started searching.

Yi Feng and the other two saw the young man use his finger to tap a few small items, but did not understand what he is doing.

Found it. This is it. Zhao Liu happily held out his phone in front of Yi Feng.

The three of them took a look. The words Thirty-six Peaks Descending from the Sky were written on it. However, this essay was written in simplified chinese. Yi Feng and the other two could barely understand it

Zhao Liu swiped his finger upwards. There were actually pictures showing up. It was a picture of a giant mountain taken from every direction. The three of them were very curious about this small item. However, when he probed with his spiritual energy, he could not detect the presence of spiritual energy. What kind of magic treasure was this?

Senior apprentice-brother. These mountains seemed to be a formation. However, what kind of array was this? I don't think I've seen it before. This small item was actually magical. However, the three of them noticed the scene on the picture.

This is indeed a formation. It was kind of like a Spiritual Concentration Formation. It was also a bit like a spirit locking array. but it doesn't seem to be at all. Yi Feng frowned as he looked at the picture.

If this mountain really appeared out of the blue. This was absolutely the work of a cultivator. This spiritual energy here is sparse. It's not impossible for him to create a Spirit Convergence Array to cultivate. Yi Feng said.

But to be able to move such a huge mountain over. This is something that could only be done at the Spirit Severing Stage. Could it be that their strength had already recovered to the Spirit Severing stage or even completely recovered? Didn't Master say that their cultivation is only at the Gold Core stage now? Yi Qing said.

Do you know who is in the mountains? Yi Feng was also very worried about the problem that his Junior Sister was talking about. If they had truly recovered their strength. With their Nascent Soul Stage strength. They were simply courting death.

According to the information given by the authorities above. This place was bought and developed by someone else. There's probably no one living here right now. The young man said.

Then do you know who the buyer is?

I don't know. I can only go to Yunhai to investigate this. The young man said.

Do you have anyone in Yunhai? Make arrangements for us. We're going there now. Yi Feng said.

Yes. I'll book a plane ticket now. Manager Zhou said.

Good. These two bottles are middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills. You can use it to cultivate better. Yi Feng nodded his head and took out two bottles of Qi Gathering Pills.

Thank you, senior. The two were overjoyed. They would receive their pills from the Mysterious Sky Sect in the secular world every month. However, they were all low-grade Qi Gathering Pills. There were only ten of them and they could only use one every three days. However, there were a total of 50 pills in this pill bottle... They expected a reward but they never expected to get something like a mid-grade Qi Gathering Pill. How could the two not be pleasantly surprised?

Tell me about the item in your hand. Manager Zhou was overjoyed as he went to arrange plane tickets. Yi Ning looked at the young man and said as he pointed at the phone.

This? This is a cell phone. It's a modern communication device... Since Zhao Liu was rewarded. He enthusiastically explained some modern products to the three of them. This caused the three of them to have an eye-opener as well.

Next to Yunhai City.

It had been three days since Cheng Yu left. Today, he appeared exceptionally excited. He looked at the top-grade treasure necklace in his hands. He washed up and dressed up. He looked at the handsome man in the mirror. Cheng Yu almost pounced on him.

Driving a sports car that was as handsome as he was. It stopped at the entrance of the Lan Company. Holding a bouquet of red roses. He checked the time. Leaning against the side of the car, he assumed the coolest position he could think of. He was waiting for the most beautiful female lead of the night.

The reason why Cheng Yu was so excited today. It wasn't because of the top-grade treasure necklace he had forged. It was because Lan Ya had told him yesterday. She had already reached the peak Qi Refinement Stage

Cheng Yu came to this world. Even though it was romantic. He continued to lead a life of self-defense like jade. There were many women by his side. But even now, he had yet to eat a single one. Every time he thinks about it. He felt anxious.

It was said that the good meat should be cooked slowly. But it had been simmering for so long. The aroma had been floating for months. This was almost a stew. Thus, when he heard that she had reached the peak Qi Refinement Stage. How could Cheng Yu not be excited?

That seems to be Director Lan's boyfriend. So handsome.

Yeah. It is obvious that this man was rich. Look at that car. If only I had such a handsome and rich boyfriend.

Hmph. It's just a pretty boy. Director Lan was such a good woman. How could she fancy this kind of Young Master. Sigh. I have been blinded by this damned society.

It was time to get off work. Men and women all came out of the company. Looking at Cheng Yu's coquettish appearance. There was envy and disdain.

After a while, Lan Ya finally came out of the building. When she saw Cheng Yu. She felt both expectant and shy. The others thought they were on a date. But only the two of them knew what it meant. Lan Ya's face flushed as she walked towards Cheng Yu.

Lan Ya. This is for you. Do you like it? Cheng Yu said with a smile as he handed the flowers to Lan Ya.

Thank you. Where are we going now? Under everyone's envious and resentful gazes. Lan Ya sat in Chen Yu's car. With a roar, the car sped off

Heh heh. Where do you want to go? We're sure to have a good night. Cheng Yu was driving with one hand and held Lan Ya's hand with the other and laughed.

Then what do you want to do? Lan Ya smiled coquettishly.

Do what you want.

Is that so? I want to eat. Lan Ya smiled.

No problem... We have plenty of time tonight. I've already reserved a place. Cheng Yu didn't mind either. It was still early. After all, he had to make some preparations first.

Although Cheng Yu didn't like western restaurants. But he had to say that the atmosphere in the Western Restaurant was very good. It was especially suitable for male and female friends. Women were mysterious creatures. They not only need you to keep them in your heart. At the same time, they want you to show your love for them.

At a French restaurant with dim yellow light, soft music, and two red candles. A man and a woman were elegantly eating the food on the plate.

Look at your proficiency. It seems like you've brought quite a few women to this place. When she saw that Cheng Yu was extremely familiar with everything. Lan Ya felt a little jealous. She had known him for so long and yet he had never taken her to a place like this before

This was what women were like. Although her heart had accepted the man's coquetry. But that didn't mean they really didn't care.

There's no such thing. You know I hate Western food the most. For you, I especially chose this place. Cheng Yu said with a smile. He also felt that he was becoming more and more accustomed to living in the city.

I don't believe it. Lan Ya pouted.

How could I lie to you? Come. Taste the sweet honey cake I ordered for you. Cheng Yu used a small spoon to scoop up a piece of Jujube cake and fed it to Lan Ya. [Translator Note: Jujube Cake is an actual cake]

Finished. Cheng Yu said while wiping his face.

Yes. In the midst of Cheng Yu's tenderness. Lan Ya was very happy today.

Lan Ya. I know you've suffered a lot because you followed me. I can't be like the others. Accompany you to eat with you every day after work. And not like other couples. Go out with you every weekend. What makes you feel especially wronged is that I have other female friends. I know I'm not a good boyfriend.

But I swear. My love for you is no less than anyone else. In my heart. Each of you is my most precious treasure. Cheng Yu held Lan Ya's hand and said affectionately.

Clack! Cheng Yu paused for a moment then he snapped his fingers.

The lights in the restaurant suddenly dimmed. A beam of light landed on Cheng Yu's table. Cheng Yu took out a beautiful box. The moment he opened it, a white light shined out.

Under the illumination of the white light. The box in Cheng Yu's hand suddenly flashed with colorful lights. The spirit energy began to flow out in waves.

However, other people would not be able to see this spiritual energy. But everyone nearby felt comfortable.

Oh my god. Is that a diamond ring? What a huge diamond.

What a beautiful diamond ring. It looked like a phoenix. a phoenix made of diamonds.

This is a priceless work of art. Someone could actually make a diamond in this shape. This is unbelievable.

It can't be fake, right? How could a diamond be made like this?

Exactly. I think it's glass. Many people saw this beautiful ring. Some gasped in surprise. There was envy and there was also disdain.

Lan Ya. Will you marry me? Cheng Yu ignored the thoughts of others. He picked up the box and said.