Godly Student Chapter 472

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Kid, don't provoke a married woman if you have nothing better to do in the future. You'll be lucky if they don't kill you next time.

I don't want to either. Hehe, in any case, isn't it fortunate that I met you? Originally, Liu Mingling came out today to find a way to get money, but he didn't expect to run into this group of thugs. Luckily, Liu Minglang suddenly remembered that Cheng Yu said he was at the New Light NightClub, which was why he came here.

You're lucky today, I was also here today. You'd better figure out how to get out of here. They're blocking the way now. Cheng Yu said.

It's fine, I can stay here forever. Can you get me some medicine? My hand is almost numb from the pain. Liu Minglang laughed. He tore off the sleeve of his shirt, and covered the wound on his right arm as he grinned.

Lil 'Six, bring this mister upstairs to bandage his wounds Qin Canghai saw that the two of them knew each other and said.

Cheng Yu, you can't really be the boss of the Blood Wolf Gang, right? When he was done, Liu Minglang asked curiously after seeing that Cheng Yu seemed to be respected by Qin Canghai making him see Cheng Yu in a new light

I'm not some big boss, and there's no Blood Wolf Gang. Right now, this is the headquarters of the New World Limited company, and this is the chairman, Qin Canghai. If you want to stay here, he can give you a discount Cheng Yu said.

A discount? Cheng Yu, you're not going to charge me any money, are you? Liu Minglang said.

Nonsense, since you want to live, eat, drink, and play here, you have to pay. Furthermore, we have basically become your bodyguards for free. Do you think you don't need money for these? Cheng Yu said.

But I don't have any money. Furthermore, we go to the same school, why don't we skip the money Liu Minglang laughed as he spoke.

So what if we go to the same school? Yunhai University have at least tens of thousands of students, and they're all attending the same school as me. If they were to all come, then I would be bankrupt Cheng Yu snappily said. This brat's skin was truly thick.

Then what should I do? Since I don't have any money, I might as well work for you guys here Liu Minglang said.

Then discuss it with Chairman Qin! I still have a few things to do, so I'll be leaving first Cheng Yu also couldn't care so much anymore. He got up and left the New Light Nightclub


Little Yu, is this necklace of yours really for me? In the living room of Zhao Minglong's home, Cheng Meiyan exclaimed as she saw Cheng Yu open up the priceless diamond necklace that he had placed in front of her.

This necklace was too beautiful. No matter if it was the work or its value, it was a treasure. She believes that no woman can resist its charm.

Of course, didn't I say yesterday that I would give Aunty a present? No matter how I think about it, only this necklace can match up to my aunt's identity Cheng Yu smiled.

What about your girlfriends? If they find out that their aunt stole their treasure, wouldn't that mean that they hate their aunt? Cheng Meiyan smiled

Hehe, Auntie, you are an elder, how could they dare to compete with you

I think you are giving the necklace to your aunt so I can be a shield because you can't give it to either one of them How could Cheng Meiliang not know that Cheng Yu was in such a sorry state?

There was only one necklace, but he had more than one girlfriend. It would be a disaster to give to anyone.

Hehe, aunt's eyes are truly sharp, but that's only a small part of it. The most important part is that aunt's unique aura is too compatible with this necklace, so only by wearing it can you make it shine with the most dazzling light. Cheng Yu smiled.

Hehe, you stinking brat, no wonder you have so many girlfriends. Although I know you are flattering aunt, I still feel comfortable listening to your words. Even though she knew that her nephew was trying to make her happy, she was indeed very happy.


Seeing that you're so considerate, next time I'll help you set up a match in front of these women. Cheng Meiyan smiled.

Thank you, aunt! Cheng Yu said happily. From a glance, he could tell that Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya were incompatible like fire and water. If his aunt were to speak, they might be able to coexist peacefully. Then he would be too blessed.

Xiao Yu, come to my room for a moment. I have something to discuss with you Seeing his wife joyfully obtaining this priceless necklace, Zhao Minglong was also very happy. He stood up and spoke to Cheng Yu.

In the room

Uncle, is this the matter with the Azure Bamboo Gang again? Seeing Zhao Minglong's serious expression, Cheng Yu said.

Hm. Two days ago, there were a few cases of missing people in the city, among them were a few female teachers from Yunhai High School. We suspect that this case is related to the Azure Bamboo Gang and the people we sent out yesterday were cleaned up, so we wanted you to send a few more people over to try it. Zhao Minglong said.

A female teacher from our Yunhai High School? Cheng Yu was shocked. Yao Na said that a few of her colleagues went missing when she was in trouble. Could it be that they still haven't found the person?

Yes. Recently, there have been a few such cases. We suspect that the Azure Bamboo Gang has started their business dealing in human trafficking.

Alright, I will arrange it Cheng Yu said.

Originally, he did not think much of it. After all, the cause of this matter was only He Jian and Liao Yun coveting Yao Na's beauty. Now, it seemed that it was not that simple.

Hey. Nana, have you found the teachers you mentioned before? After returning to his room, Cheng Yu called Yao Na.

No, these days, the police have been investigating every day, but they haven't found a single clue Yao Na said.

Mm, be careful not to wander around. I'll be with you whenever I have time Cheng Yu and Yao Na hung up after a while.

Cheng Yu frowned as he thought about it. Then, he directly entered the Mountain and River Diagram and appeared in the cave where the Black and White Demon was cultivating.

Young master. What can I do for you? Seeing Cheng Yu walk in, Black Demon said.

It had been many years since they had felt such a rich spiritual energy environment. Now that they had returned to a place where spiritual energy was everywhere, they felt that the lifeless spiritual energy in their dantian had clearly loosened up. The two were extremely excited and extremely grateful to Cheng Yu.

I want to ask you, does Xiong Ba have a trade in human trafficking? After all, they had stayed in the Azure Bamboo Gang for so many years. Moreover, White Demon was Xiong Ba's master, so he should know a lot of things about the Azure Bamboo Gang.

Human Trafficking? No White Demon shook his head.

Are you sure?

Hm. Although I don't really care much about him, I do know a little about him. He definitely didn't do anything about human trafficking. White Demon said.

What about arms and drugs?


Is there any evidence of their transaction? Cheng Yu asked.

I don't think so. This kind of thing is only done on the spot. There will be no proof left behind. White Demon said.

So that's how it is Cheng Yu's nodded

Although Xiong Ba was only in the Qi Refining stage, his six senses were extremely powerful compared to that of an ordinary person's. If others searched for evidence against him, he would easily find out. It seemed that he had to send someone with some ability as well

If I want to deal with Xiong Ba, do you have any objections? Cheng Yu looked at the two and asked.

This... I have no objections if young master wants to deal with Xiong Ba, but since Xiong Ba and I are master and disciple, I hope that young master can spare his life. White Demon sighed a bit.

Although they were of the demonic path, they weren't heartless. On the contrary, the demonic path was sometimes more righteous than the righteous path. However, the techniques they practiced were sometimes too vicious or their characters were a bit more brutal.

Although White Demon didn't think much of Xiong Ba because of his inferior talent, Xiong Ba had treated them quite well in these past years. In the end, he still didn't want to see someone else kill him.

Hm. Even if he did not traffic in human beings, the crime of selling firearms and drugs is not light in the secular world. Although I promise you that I will not kill him, I will hand him over to the government and let the law judge him Cheng Yu said.

Thank you, Young Master White Demon didn't insist. He had already done what he could, Cheng Yu already gave him a lot of face by agreeing not to kill him. Xiong Ba was originally a secular person, so it was reasonable for him to be handed over to the law for trial.

Looks like this matter is indeed much more complicated than it seems He didn't expect Xiong Ba to not be the one to do it. Then who could it be? After exiting the Mountain and River Diagram, Cheng Yu frowned.

From what he knew, Dance of the World KTV was the property of the Azure Bamboo Gang, and these female teachers could not disappear for no reason. The only people who could bring them out without anyone noticing were the people of the Azure Bamboo Gang.

Humph. Even if Xiong Ba didn't do it, the matter was definitely related to the Azure Bamboo Gang

While Cheng Yu was still racking his brains over the disappearance of the female teachers, in a distant mansion in Sichuan, Shu Province, in West Shu City. There were a few people sitting inside. Three of them were dressed strangely

There were two men and a woman. They were both dressed in ancient general's robes and wore jade crowns to tie their hair. Each of them carried a sword on their backs. The other people wearing modern clothing were extremely respectful to these three people

Supervisor Zhou, since you have represented the Mysterious Sky Sect in the secular world for so many years, you should be very clear about what happened in the secular world, right? The young man dressed in ancient clothing said.

I wonder which aspect Senior Apprentice-Brother Yi Feng would like to know about. If I knew, I would have said everything I know Manager Zhou said.

Do any of you know where there are Gold Core stage experts in the secular world? Yi Feng said.

A Gold Core stage expert? We really do not know. It is not easy to meet a cultivator in the secular world, let alone a senior at the Gold Core stage. Manager Zhou said.