Godly Student Chapter 471

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How about... How about twelve thousand? Mr. Zhao said with a sad face.

Mr. Zhao...

Wu Chang, let's do it this way. For such a location, Mr. Zhao should be given a fair price. Wu Chang was about to speak again, but Cheng Yu stopped him and said.

Thank you, Mr. Cheng. Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Mr. Zhao felt as if he was bathed in spring. This Mr. Cheng was a good person. Otherwise, if Wu Chang took charge, he would have to give this restaurant out for free.

Little Yu, I think we should go somewhere else to take a look. I'm afraid I handle such a big restaurant Seeing that Cheng Yu really wanted to buy it, Mother Lin said worriedly.

Auntie, haven't we agreed already? Just listen to me, just treat it as playing around Cheng Yu said without thinking much of it.

Playing around? Hearing this, everyone present didn't know what to say. Rich people were too willful. In this 450 square meter restaurant, even a 250 square meter restaurant would cost more than five million. This was quite rare.

Wu Chang, help me find someone to arrange the decorations. The faster the better. The decorations of the hall downstairs must be exquisite, but not luxurious. After all, we have to consider the mass of people. The second floor can be a bit more luxurious, but the third floor must be extremely luxurious After paying, Cheng Yu said to Wu Chang.

Alright, I will arrange it as soon as possible Wu Chang said.

Auntie, it's still early, and it's rare for you to rest. Let me and Han Han accompany you for a walk After Wu Chang left, only three people remained, Cheng Yu said.

Don't you have lessons? When she saw that all of the papers had been signed with her name, Mother Lin's heart was very nervous. She could not believe that such a large place really belonged to her.

Cheng Yu was so considerate as well. She was truly happy for her daughter, to have met such a good man

Auntie, you already have such a big store. Han Han would be fine staying at home every day to take a milk bath, it's fine if we miss a day of lessons. Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan's hand and smiled.

You're so annoying. Who wants to take a milk bath at home every day? Lin Yu said with a red face.

Hur hur, alright then. Come with me today. However, you are still students. No matter how wealthy you are, you must always focus on your studies. Mother Lin said.


In order to make a living, Mother Lin had not rested much these years, and shopping was rare. Now that she had Cheng Yu, the burden on her body was relieved.

Even though she had Cheng Yu, the mobile bank, by her side, Mother Lin still couldn't change her frugal habit of spending, and she wasn't willing to buy what she liked. But Lin Yuhan was already used to going shopping with Cheng Yu, so under their coaxing, Mother Lin had no choice but to buy some good stuff.

This day was the happiest day for Mother Lin in years. Cheng Yu had to sacrifice his life to accompany his wife and mother-in-law, and only after dinner was he able to send the mother and daughter back.

It had been a long time since he had come to the New Light Nightclub. However, today, Cheng Yu received a call from Qin Canghai. Dao Jiu could feel the presence of Qi and wanted him to come take a look

Arriving at the third floor, Qin Canghai and Dao Jiu were already waiting there. When they saw Cheng Yu, Dao Jiu's face was filled with excitement.

Try to circulate some Qi, let me see Cheng Yu stared at Dao Jiu for a while, but did not sense the Qi in his body, so he said.

Yes, Young Master Yu Being stared at by Cheng Yu like this caused Dao Jiu to be very nervous, he quickly closed his eyes to calm his heart and condense his Qi.

Approximately three minutes later, Cheng Yu felt the Qi in Dao Jiu's body. However, because the Qi had just appeared, he did not feel it in his body.

Not bad, you really do have a sense of qi. But it's still too weak. You have to remember this feeling, since you have a feeling of Qi, are you willing to go to the place I arranged for you to go into seclusion for a month? Cheng Yu nodded.

I'm willing. I can go anytime Dao Jiu said excitedly.

Last time he heard Cheng Yu say that the three Lian brothers had already been taken away by Cheng Yu into seclusion, he could not wait any longer. Cheng Yu also gave him some pills and encouragement, which filled Dao Jiu's heart with fighting spirit.

Un, then let's go now In any case, Qin Canghai and Bao Lang knew of Cheng Yu's secret, so there was nothing much to hide. With a wave of his hand, Cheng Yu and Dao Jiu disappeared on the spot, only leaving a mystical scroll floating in the air.

Although Dao Jiu and Chen Yu had disappeared together with Cheng Yu, seeing them disappear and looking at the scroll floating in the air, Qin Canghai and Bao Lang were once again shocked.

In the picture of the mountain and river, Dao Jiu's expression was exactly the same as the three Lian brothers. However, Cheng Yu didn't explain too much to him and felt abnormal fluctuations. Immediately, the Lian brothers ran out of the cave.

Dao Jiu When they saw that Dao Jiu and Cheng Yu had appeared, the three Lian brothers said in pleasant surprise.

I'll give these to you. If there's anything you don't understand, you can ask them Now that he had the three Lian brothers, he didn't need to say anything more. The task of explaining was given to them, they would have a deeper understanding of their cultivation.

How's the company these days? After exiting the Mountain and River Diagram, Cheng Yu sat on the sofa and said as if nothing had happened.

It's quite normal, but because we pulled all of our brothers back from their territories, so many of our brothers are now doing nothing at all, and many of them are starting to complain. Qin Canghai said somewhat worriedly.

Un, how about this. Since the Medical Charity had just been established, it would definitely need people. If there were people who were willing to go, send them over. Naturally, they would be treated well. The rest of you just wait a little longer. When the new company is established, send out the ones that want to go. If not, give them some money. Those who are willing to follow us can't be treated badly, and those who don't want to can't be forced, but we can't keep idle either. Cheng Yu said with a frown.

No matter what world it was, there would always be lazy people who liked to rob others rather than work on their own. There were definitely a lot of people like them since the Blood Wolf Gang used to be a real gang

Cheng Yu also didn't want to bother with such a person. The resources in his hands were all used to nurture people worth nurturing.

Alright, I'll talk to them later. Qin Canghai nodded.

Chairman. Someone below is causing trouble Suddenly, a person knocked on the door and said.

What's going on? Qin Canghai was depressed in his heart, why was it that every time something happened, Cheng Yu would always be present? Wasn't this slapping his face?

I'm not sure. Those people are pretty fierce, all of them have blades the man said.

Understood, Young Master Yu. I'll go out and take a look now Qin Canghai said with doubt in his heart. Could it be that the Azure Bamboo Gang had come to cause trouble again?

Let's go out together, it's time for me to go back Cheng Yu did not think much of it. It was not strange for something like this to happen in a place like the New Light NightClub. Since Qin Canghai was here, he did not want to bother too much with it.

What's more, he had to give his aunt a necklace. Otherwise, it wouldn't be good if Yang Ruoxue found another excuse to flare up.

Where are you from? How dare you behave atrociously here Downstairs, Qin Canghai's men were in a confrontation with a group of people holding knives.

Although they were already members of an official business, they couldn't change their ruffian aura no matter what.

Who cares where we are, this brat dares to touch our bro's woman, he deserves to die. You better not meddle in other people's business, otherwise don't blame me for not recognizing others A yellow-haired hoodlum pointed his knife at a bloodied young man on the ground as he spoke.

I don't care who he is. Today, since he entered our nightclub, he is our customer. You'd better get out of here now, otherwise, leave me a leg Qin Canghai's men were not weak either.

What happened? At this time, Qin Canghai walked down and shouted.

Qin... Chairman, this group of people said that this brat had touched their brother's woman and chased him in to kill him. Seeing Qin Canghai come out, that person explained.

Where are you from? Don't you know the rules of my New Light NightClub? Qin Canghai said in a deep voice as he looked at the group of people.

I don't know what rules you have, I only know that you deserve to die if you touch my brother's woman That yellow-hair did not seem to be afraid of Qin Canghai's group at all.

Cheng Yu, save me Suddenly, the person on the ground saw Cheng Yu behind Qin Canghai and immediately shouted.

Why is it you? Whose woman did you touch again? It was actually that Liu Minglang that he saved at school back then. This brat was quite capable, the last time he met him, he was chased and beaten by the bosses subordinates due to a woman, and now he was being chased and beaten by these peoples brothers due to a woman again. His life was truly exciting

Nothing, they came precisely for that matter. I don't even know who his brother's woman is Liu Minglang said sorrowfully.

Really? I hate it when people lie to me the most. Otherwise, you just have to wait to be hacked to death by them Cheng Yu said.

Big Brother, I really didn't lie to you. Ever since I met you, aside from my wife, I haven't touched any other woman Liu Minglang said with a bitter face.

Alright. I'll help you again, throw them out Cheng Yu looked at Liu Minglang's eyes and confirmed that he was not lying. He then turned to Qin Canghai and said.

Now that Cheng Yu had spoken, they didn't care if they were white-collar workers anymore. They could fight whenever they wanted, and not long later, the hoodlums were all knocked down to the ground.

You guys can leave for today. If you dare to cause trouble here again, don't even think about leaving if you don't leave a leg behind. Qin Canghai's men cursed.

Good boy, if you have the ability, then come out and don't hide here The yellow haired man looked at Liu Minglang with hatred and said those words, before scrambling out of the room.

You brat, don't provoke a married woman if you have nothing better to do in the future. You'll be lucky if they don't kill you Cheng Yu looked at Liu Minglang and said snappily.