Godly Student Chapter 470

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Early the next morning, Cheng Yu received several missed calls and text messages. However, there were only two people who made these calls and text messages. One was Yang Ruoxue, and the other was naturally Lan Ya.

Yesterday, three hundred million had been bid for a priceless treasure necklace, but after this guy had paid for it, he immediately disappeared, causing both of their faces to turn green.

After the auction ended, the two kept calling him, but this bastard Cheng Yu refused to answer.

Seeing this phone call and text, Cheng Yu had a headache. Of course he knew what the two women were doing. It wasn't just a necklace, but it also represented their position in Cheng Yu's heart.

There was only one necklace, but there was more than one woman. If someone else was hurt by this, then it would be impossible for Cheng Yu to give this necklace to anyone.

Ding ling ling! Just when Cheng Yu was hesitating whether he should call the two women back, the phone rang again. It was Yang Ruoxue.

Damn! Without any hesitation, the other party had already made the decision for him.

Hey, Darling Ruoxue, did you miss me since you are calling me so early? Cheng Yu said shamelessly as usual.

You bastard, why didn't you pick up the phone yesterday The other party cursed loudly. Clearly, the other party's anger had not dissipated in the slightest.

Ugh... My phone ran out of battery yesterday Cheng Yu said.

Do you think I'm stupid? Don't you know that there's a difference between a phone being unanswered and a phone being shut down? You obviously didn't want to pick up the phone Yang Ruoxue said angrily.

Ugh... Aren't I busy with things? Don't be angry. If you get angry, it'll be easy for you to get old, and when the time comes, you won't even be able to recover my pills. Cheng Yu coaxed.

It doesn't matter if I become old, you don't care. I might as well die of old age

How could that be? How could I not care about you? You are my precious baby

Humph, If you really care about me, then give me that necklace from yesterday. Then I will believe you Yang Ruoxue said.

Ruoxue, it's not that I'm not willing to give it to you, but that I've already given Aunt that necklace Cheng Yu had already decided on what to say.

Aunt? You really gave her that necklace! You didn't give the necklace to another woman to deceive me, did you? Yang Ruoxue said.

How is that possible? I truly love you from the bottom of my heart. How could I possibly do such a thing? The necklace was indeed given to my aunt. If you don't believe me, you can call her and ask Cheng Yu said.

In fact, the necklace was still in his hands. Yesterday, when would he have the time to give it to his aunt? He was afraid that Yang Ruoxue would know that the necklace was still in his hands, so it would be troublesome if he gave it to her.

Moreover, he didn't believe that Yang Ruoxue would really call his aunt. Even if the call connected, his aunt would probably help her nephew lie

Alright then. I'll call your aunt right now Yang Ruoxue said.

Ruoxue, actually, there's a reason why I gave this necklace to my aunt. Hearing that she really wanted to make a phone call, Cheng Yu was shocked and hurriedly said.

What reason?

Do you remember the phoenix ring I gave you? I made that personally. More importantly, I have set up many restrictions on it. Not only will it be able to protect you when you are in danger, it will also be able to help you absorb the surrounding spirit energy, constantly nourishing your body, improving it, and increasing your cultivation even faster.

Although the necklace is beautiful, it is still a dead object. It still can't express my love for you, so I gave it to my aunt. As for you, you possess a priceless treasure that I personally crafted for you that contains the deep love I have for you, as well as being able to protect you. Ruoxue, do you understand? Cheng Yu said affectionately.

What you said... Is that true? Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Yang Ruoxue looked at the beautiful Phoenix Ring on her hand. Under the morning sun, it emitted a charming luster. Yang Ruoxue seemed to really feel the warmth of Cheng Yu's love.

Although this ring was beautiful, she had never thought that this ring would have so many mysteries. Not only was it made by Cheng Yu, but he was also protecting her. It seemed that she really had wrongly blamed Cheng Yu.

Of course, I've always wanted to personally craft you a set of jewelry that would contain my love for you, but you know, this is not an easy task. Give me a period of time, I will bring them to you one by one, so that you can feel my love for you at all times Cheng Yu said.

Hmm... I will believe you Knowing the thoughts in Cheng Yu's heart, Yang Ruoxue finally softened and could no longer be angry at Cheng Yu. She just wanted to stay in his embrace and feel his love.

Actually, even though it was pretty, Yang Ruoxue didn't necessarily want the necklace, she was afraid that Cheng Yu would give it to another woman.

Since he had already given the necklace to his aunt, she didn't want to pursue the matter anymore. The reason she called was to confirm if Cheng Yu's words were true or not.

After dealing with Yang Ruoxue, Cheng Yu finally felt relieved in his heart. As the saying goes, one does not need to use too many sophisticated techniques. This saying was indeed true. If he did not have this ability, this matter would not be so simple.

Since he had explained it all to Yang Ruoxue, he gave Lan Ya a call and comforted her. He also explained why he didn't give her the ring at the beginning, saying that he had already prepared it for her.

He told her he had given the necklace to his aunt and coaxed her to give up.

After talking to the two beauties early in the morning, Cheng Yu felt that the world was still as beautiful as ever. Today, he had an important matter to attend to, and that was the matter of Mother Lin's shop.

According to their appointment yesterday, Cheng Yu and Wu Chang went to the street side of Yunhai University's Gourmet Street

When Cheng Yu and Wu Chang arrived, Lin Yuhan and her mother were already there.

Auntie, I'm sorry. We're late, so this is my friend Wu Chang. He was the one who helped find the store. Let's go in and take a look Cheng Yu walked over and said.

No problem, we just arrived too. Mr. Wu, sorry to trouble you. Mother Lin greeted Wu Chang.

Big Sis Lin is too polite. Mr. Cheng and I are on the same side. If you need anything, come find me. Here is my name card. The owner of this shop is my friend, and since he has plans to transfer them, I decided to tell him. Let's go in and take a look Wu Chang laughed and said.

Now that the Blood Wolf Gang no longer existed, becoming one of the three great shareholders in this new world, Wu Chang had become manager, of course he needed business cards.

Although Mother Lin didn't know what this New World Limited was for, but since he is a manager, he definitely wasn't a simple person.

We also took a look at this restuarant just now. It seems too big, and it even seems to be layered. If we look at this area again, I'm afraid it's too expensive. Mother Lin said hesitantly.

Although Cheng Yu planned to give her money, in such a big place, as an ordinary woman, she really didn't dare to take charge of such a big store.

If she messed things up, she doesn't know how to explain it to Cheng Yu

Auntie, didn't I already say that you can just run the shop however you want? Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan and said.

But this... Mother Lin was still worried

Auntie, let's take a look first, it's fine if it's more expensive, but if it's not good, there's no need to worry right now, right? As Cheng Yu spoke, he pulled Lin Yuhan and led the way in.

Big Sis Lin, you can be at ease with Mr. Cheng around. Please Wu Chang stretched out his hand.

Mother Lin thought about it for a while, then decided to check it out first.

Mr. Wu. You must be here to see the restaurant. Let me show everyone around At this time, a plump mustache man came down from upstairs and greeted politely when he saw Wu Chang.

Mr. Zhao didn't know Cheng Yu, but he had no choice but to know Wu Chang. Previously, this was the Blood Wolf Gang's territory and they had many interactions with each other.

Mr. Cheng, this is Mr. Zhao. He's the owner of this restaurant. Wu Chang said.

Hello, Mr. Zhao. Show us around this restaurant Cheng Yu shook hands with him and said.

Alright. This restaurant has a total of three floors. Below it was the main hall which is 140 square meter, and above it is the private rooms. Each floor above is 100 square meters. If you guys are also making food and beverages, you don't even have to decorate the rooms above. Of course, that's up to you Mr. Zhao led the others upstairs and downstairs to take a look.

Un, it feels alright.How much is Mr. Zhao planning to sell it for? Cheng Yu felt that this was not bad and nodded.

Ugh... As you know, sir, this restaurant is a pretty good one. Yunhai University is located 200 meters to the right, and the business district is to the left. Whether it is the customers or the entire population, there is no room for discussion. At the current market price, it's 20 thousand yuan per square meter Mr. Zhao said.

When she heard that it was 20 thousand yuan per square meter for 450 square meter, Mother Lin was shocked. Wasn't this the same as nine million? This is too expensive. Not to mention doing business, it would take her who knows how many years to earn back these costs

She looked at Cheng Yu and thought to herself, It's best not to buy it

Mr. Zhao looked at Wu Chang and saw that his expression didn't seem to be very good. He was scared and then said, But since you are Mr. Wu's friends, I will give you a discount of 18 thousand... How about 15 thousand per square meters?

When Mr. Zhao shouted, he saw Wu Chang Zai staring at him and immediately changed his words. However, his heart was bleeding. With this, he was missing out on two million

Mr. Zhao, although Mr. Cheng doesn't need this little bit of money, but he's not only my friend, he's also Mr. Qin's friend. I'm afraid your price is... Seeing that Cheng Yu did not say anything, Wu Chang opened his mouth and said.

This... How about 12 thousand per square meters? Mr. Zhao felt a pang of bitterness in his heart and said with a pained expression.

Mr. Zhao Zhao...

Hey, Wu Chang, let's do it this way. This price is fair, we can't bully others, right? Wu Chang was about to say something, but Cheng Yu stopped him