Godly Student Chapter 469

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Actually, it is not important who helped. What is important is that the government did not forget their people. That's what we all should be happy about. You all don't have to worry about the house anymore Cheng Yu smiled

But... But you are our savior, and you have done so much for us all. You should tell everyone that we should remember your kindness as well. Seeing that Cheng Yu didn't seem to want to tell them the truth, Yang Tongqiang immediately became anxious. He was such a persistent person. The one who gave them the favor should be remembered in his heart<.p>

Okay, that's it. I just went to the demolition company. The boss was quite easy-going and felt very ashamed of the damage he did to everyone, so he asked me to bring some compensation to everyone.

There are two million here, the last incident with the Yang family was helped by many villagers, and some villagers were even injured, so some of this money is to compensate everyone Cheng Yu was neither a god nor a buddha, so there was no need for everyone to treat him as a buddha all the time.

No matter what world it was, the weak were the target of bullying. He could not be like the savior of the world, rescuing everyone who was living in misery.

But he just so happened to encounter such a situation.

There's such a good thing?

That's right. There were so many good things going on this year. Mr. Cheng had just given us a house, and now he is giving us money. I have never seen such a good person like Mr. Cheng said Yang Tongqiang

That's right. This Mr. Cheng is such a good person. Now I'm beginning to believe that Mr. Cheng helped with the house.

That's right. I don't know what made that guy, Shao Shuiping, so generous suddenly because yesterday, when Qiang Zi went to ask for money, he was chased out, but today, Shao Shuiping suddenly offered two million to compensate everyone. If this wasn't the help of Mr. Cheng, I won't believe it even if I beat to death

Although everyone was suspicious of whether the housing issue was related to Cheng Yu, now that they saw that Cheng Yu really brought back two million from Shao Shuiping, everyone really believed in Cheng Yu's ability. There were even many people who believed that the housing problem was also due to Cheng Yu's help.

Two million might seem like a lot, but we have so many people, especially since part of it is to compensate the Yang family, so the villagers that helped last time each received 10,000, those that were injured 30,000, those that were seriously injured 50,000, and the rest that were injured 50,000, we will compensate the Yang family. As for those that didn't help then, I'm sorry, I hope everyone doesn't come up and try to fake it. Cheng Yu looked at about fifty people at the scene, thought for a moment and said loudly.

While they were fighting, Cheng Yu was in the room saving people, and he did not know who had acted, but he remembered some of the injured people, only five or six of them were severely injured, and they were all cut by those hoodlums' knives, the rest of them were lightly injured, and there were also women, so there were no more than 20 people who had participated in the fight.

Although Cheng Yu had good intentions, he wouldn't give the money to those who were watching the show. This kind of person didn't have the qualifications to receive the money.

Seeing everyone happily lining up to receive the money and they can get at least 10,000 yuan, everyone's face was filled with joy. Those who didn't go up to help immediately felt regret and also wanted to go up and line up. Not to mention 50,000 yuan, even 10,000 yuan was not a bad

But when they thought of Cheng Yu's words just now, they didn't dare to go up. If any sharp-eyed person saw them, they would lose face. With Cheng Yu's ability, he might not even be able to live in that 80 square meter house.

The last time they fought so fiercely, those hoodlums even used their knives later on. In fact, most of them were more or less injured. Perhaps the compensation of 30,000 yuan for this injury was too much, but it was not the case at all.

What Cheng Yu cared about was everyone's courage. They were just ordinary citizens and didn't have the skills. When the opponents took out their knives, it actually meant that they were facing a life-threatening danger. If they were not careful, they could be killed.

They were only slightly injured, but that just meant they were lucky. Therefore, this thirty thousand yuan was not much in Cheng Yu's eyes

After dividing up all the participants, he had given out around 800,000 yuan. Cheng Yu took the remaining 1.1 million yuan and walked towards Yang Tongqiang.

Uncle Yang, the rest is yours. Cheng Yu stuffed all the money in the black bag into Yang Tongqiang's hands.

Looking at the bundles of red notes in the bag, Yang Tonqiang's hands were trembling. Honestly speaking, he had never seen so much money in his life, but he still returned the money to Cheng Yu

Mr. Cheng. You are a good man, a benefactor to our family, and also a benefactor to our village. You were able to save my father and help me change to such a big house. Our entire family is already very grateful to you, we have already received the compensation that we deserve, so I cannot take this money Yang Tongqiang said sincerely.

Uncle Yang. Saving grandpa Yang can be considered my personal help, the house is the government's help to you, and this money is your compensation for the damage done to you, this money is also yours Cheng Yu passed the money to the other party once again.

But... But I still can't accept this money. That day, it was Little Han who helped to beat down those bad people at the end, so the money should be given to her Yang Tongqiang forced himself to pass the money to Lin Yuhan.

Hehe, even if she helps, she can only get ten thousand. The rest is still yours Cheng Yu smiled as he took out 10,000 and gave it to Lin Yuhan, then handed the rest of the money to Yang Tonqiang.

How can we do that? She beat down all the bad guys on her own, or more people would have been hurt, and she was also hurt, so the money should belong to her Yang Tongqiang also returned the money to Lin Yuhan.

Even so, I'll only give her a 100 thousand. You should take the rest! Cheng Yu took out another 100,000 and gave it to Lin Yuhan speechlessly.

Since this is the case, I will accept this money. However, Mr. Cheng, since you saved my father, this money will be treated as my father's medical expenses. I hope that you will not refuse this time. Yang Tongqiang said again as he passed the money to Cheng Yu.

You... I don't charge money to save people's lives. If I had to charge money, I would have agreed on the price before I started treating people. I took the initiative to request treatment for your father, and now that the time has come to negotiate the price, I won't charge you money. You should keep the money. Alright, Don't talk about it anymore. I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first Cheng Yu was speechless, other people would rather keep the money and try to quickly send him away, but this Yang Tongqiang gave him back the money, he was speechless. He quickly pulled Lin Yuhan away.

Thank you, Mr. Cheng. I will accept this money, but please give us all a chance to thank you. I want to treat you to a meal on behalf of the entire village. I hope you won't decline Seeing that Cheng Yu was about to leave, Yang Tongqiang anxiously pulled Cheng Yu and said.

Cheng Yu hesitated. He originally wanted to leave, but seeing that everyone was shouting that they were going to treat him to dinner, Cheng Yu could not refuse. He finally agreed

Seeing that Cheng Yu had agreed, everyone was overjoyed and immediately went to work

The new year was coming up in two months, but with the help of Cheng Yu today, it was as if the whole village was celebrating the new year. Everyone went back home and prepared to properly entertain Cheng Yu for the meal of gratitude.

Cheng Yu was happy to see such a lively scene but there were still a few hours until dinner and Cheng Yu had nowhere to go, so he could only follow Mother Lin and Lin Yuhan home.

Little Yu, were you really the one who helped with the matter of the settlement homes? After returning home, Mother Lin poured a cup of tea for Cheng Yu and said happily.

Seeing that Cheng Yu had done such a good deed for the entire village, and now that he received such thanks from the entire village, she was extremely satisfied with her future son-in-law.

Hehe, I happen to know a friend who manages this matter, that's all Cheng Yu said with a faint smile.

That's also because of your face. I didn't think that Little Yu would be so capable. I believe there's no one who doesn't want to move homes right now. Mother Lin laughed.

That would be for the best. As for the matters regarding Auntie, let's go and take a look tomorrow. I've already found a place, at Grand Cloud Food Street. If Auntie is satisfied, we can start the renovation right there. Let's not do this business anymore for now, let's rest for a while Cheng Yu said.

So fast? Mother Lin said in surprise.

Hur hur, how could I dare be careless about Auntie's matter? Of course the sooner the better Cheng Yu lightly flattered his mother-in-law

Hehe, since you said so, I'll say it clearly. I want Xiao Han to be with you, but I want you to treat her well Mother Lin said.

Speaking of which, although the two weren't engaged, their intentions were very clear. As long as the two were willing, they could get married at any time.

Hehe. Of course, with Auntie's imperial edict, I will definitely take good care of Han Han. Cheng Yu said happily.

Although Cheng Yu had long treated Lin Yuhan as his wife, but her mother hadn't said anything. Now that everything had been explained so clearly, this was a foregone conclusion. His mother-in-law had completely agreed to it, how could he not be happy?

Lin Yuhan sat at the side with a blushing face, but her heart was filled with joy and sweetness

Considering the construction problem, there was too much dust in the air and they had to gather for dinner. After several hours of work, they built a temporary shelter outside.

During dinner, Cheng Yu was the main character of the banquet at the beginning. In an atmosphere of excitement, gratitude and blessings, everyone happily enjoyed this big meal.<.p>

However, at the end of the meal, everyone suddenly felt sad. This place had to be demolished, and everyone had to move away as well. In the future, it would be impossible for them to gather together to eat like this.

After living here for so many years and knowing each other for so many years, everyone had to go their separate ways. Perhaps they would be lucky enough to be neighbors, but most of the time, they would have little chance of meeting each other in the future.

Cheng Yu also returned home with mixed feelings