Godly Student Chapter 468

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Five hundred thousand. I'll give you five hundred thousand In a hurry, Shao Shuiping once again called out a high price.

500 thousand was definitely not a small amount. Compared to Cheng Yu's 50 thousand, this 500 thousand was worth his risk.

Pow! Just as Shao Shuiping was hesitating to give Cheng Yu a backstab, Cheng Yu slapped him on the face.

Dogs can't stop eating shit Cheng Yu said coldly.

Compared to the slap made by Lan Gou, Cheng Yu's slap was not only louder, but it was also much more powerful. Lan Gou flipped in the air and hit the wall, blood trickling from the corner of its mouth.

What do you want? This is extortion, this is extortion, I will sue you, don't do anything rash Seeing this young man, who was actually able to beat up Lan Gou with a single slap, and now walking towards him, Shao Shuiping's heart was slightly afraid as he said with a trembling voice.

Look at how fat you are, you must have done a lot to harm the commoners. If you honestly pay me two million today, I won't make things difficult for you. However, if you are unwilling, then I can only force you to Cheng Yu walked towards Shao Shuiping, step by step.

You... You. What do you want? It's illegal for you to do that. I'm going to call the police Shao Shuiping said fearfully as he retreated to the corner of the wall. He had nowhere to retreat to.

It seems like you're really prepared to accept the special service that I've prepared for you Cheng Yu smiled.

You... F * ck, I'll kill you Shao saw the clothes rack beside him and hardened his heart. He picked it up and ran towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu grabbed the clothes rack and kicked on Shao Shuipings stomach, causing him to slam into the file cabinet and then sit down.

Are you willing to pay now? Cheng Yu squatted in front of him and smiled.

I'm willing, but two million isn't a small sum. Can it be lesser? Shao Shuiping was covered in cold sweat as he held his stomach and said.

Two million for one life, not much

But I didn't kill anyone! Shao Shuiping said with a bitter face.

That's because I've revived him. You can ask your subordinates about this, or else, you won't be losing two million, it's very likely that you're dead. Cheng Yu said.

But I wasn't the one who hurt him. I'm not the one you're looking for How hateful. He had made them do it, but he didn't let them kill him. He seemed to have forgotten that he was the one who had told them to push him down.

It would be unkind of you to be the boss like this. If it wasn't for your instructions, would they have helped you demolish other people's houses for no reason? Two million. Otherwise, I really will have to make a move. Cheng Yu said.

I really can't afford 2 million. How about 500 thousand? I'll get it for you now Shao Shuiping said.

Two million. Not a single cent less.

You're clearly robbing money Shao isn't willing to give away 2 million for nothing.

Wrong, I am robbing the rich to help the poor. Look at your life, a luxurious office, with a sexy secretary to comfort you, I really envy you. I hate it when others are better off than me. If you want to spend the rest of your life without being able to touch a woman, you better take out your money Cheng Yu followed suit and lightly patted Shao Shuiping's shoulder a few times.

Humph. 500 thousand, if you want to take it, then take it. Otherwise, if you really dare to injure me, I will definitely report you. Shao Shuiping heart hardened as he showed an expression as if he was a dead pig unafraid of boiling water.

Haha, good. Let's give it a tr. Cheng Yu stood up and sat on the boss's chair, leaning his feet on the desk and looking at him with his arms crossed.

Shao Shuiping didn't understand what Cheng Yu meant. Didn't he say to teach him a lesson? But he just sat there and looked at him. He was letting him have his way

Ugh... This... What's going on? Shao SHuipingwas about to stand up and sit on the sofa to waste time with Cheng Yu, but his legs suddenly went soft and he fell to the ground.

But when he wanted to stand up again, he found that his lower body didn't feel anything. He couldn't feel any sensation on his feet and when he hit his feet a few times, he felt nothing.

I already said that if you don't want to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair, you will give me the 2 million. Now, you can't even enjoy women anymore Cheng Yu said with a smile.

It was exactly the same method as Tang Ze's, except this time, he used it in a direct manner, sealing off a few of Shao Shuipings meridians with his true Qi.

This... I want to sue you. I'll call the police right now Shao Shuiping felt all over his lower body and really did not feel anything. He was terrified, so he crawled over to grab the phone and wanted to call the police.

Up to you. But I have to remind you, your current situation is such that even a doctor can't find any problems with it. Only I have the means to solve it for you, and even if you called the police, they still wouldn't complain to me. More importantly, I can still help you right now, but after half an hour, I won't be able to. At that time, you can only sit in a wheelchair. Cheng Yu did not try to stop him and allowed him to call.

You... Seeing Cheng Yu's fearless appearance, it seemed that he wasn't joking, Shao Shuiping was truly scared. He didn't know how Cheng Yu made his lower body unconscious, but this technique was too strange and frightening.

Imagine, meeting a person who could cause someone to become paralyzed for no reason, moreover, they could not be treated by anyone except him. Who wouldn't be afraid? Looking at the phone in his hand, he really didn't dare to bet the rest of his life on it. In the end, he hung up and said, I'm willing to give you two million. Help me return to normal

Seeing that you're being honest. I'll help you recover. However, if you go back on your word, you know, the next time I help you, it might not be 2 million, it might even be 20 million Cheng Yu smiled as he circulated his true qi between his fingers, and then landed it on Shao Shuiping's body a few times.<.p>

This.. When he saw that his legs were moving freely, he was pleasantly surprised. When he saw Cheng Yu's harmless smile again, he felt that this smile was hiding a knife that could strike at any time.

Now do you believe that I'm not lying to you? You should show your sincerity Cheng Yu smiled.

I know. At this very moment, Shao Shuiping no longer had any thoughts of bargaining, he only wanted this god of misfortune to leave as soon as possible. He walked over to his safe and dialed a few numbers. The safe was opened, and inside was a neat stack of red bills.

Don't be afraid, I am a person who keeps my promises. Since I said two million, I won't take more Seeing Shao Shuiping carefully guarding against him, Cheng Yu said with a smile.

He gently waved his hand on the pile of bills Shao Shuiping took out instantly disappeared. Once again, he shocked Shao Shuiping, the secretary, and Lan Gou. This... Was this magic?

Here. This fifty thousand is your reward. Even though your performance and ability to do things have disappointed me, I am indeed a good person who keeps his word. Cheng Yu took out five stacks and threw it at Lan Gou, who was sitting on the floor, then prepared to leave.

Whoosh! Seeing that the mysterious god of misfortune had finally left, Shao Shuiping could finally heave a sigh of relief.

That's right, I took the money away without you knowing why, and I still feel sorry for you. How about this, Write a note for me, this is compensation for the Yang family and the injured villagers. This way, I can feel at ease Suddenly, Cheng Yu reappeared in the office. He almost scared the hell out of Shao Shuiping.

I'll write, I'll write He had long since lost his temper, and only wanted him to leave.

When he was finally sure that Cheng Yu had left, Shao Shuiping couldn't hold it in anymore and immediately collapsed onto the boss's chair, his entire body covered in cold sweat

When Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan brought the money to the village in the south. They saw the villagers gather outside the ruins of the Yang Family's house, Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan looked at each other and were shocked in their hearts, did something happen again?

This is great. Everyone could move in peace. I never thought that such a great thing could happen. I believe our government more and more

That's right. I believe that under the leadership of such an official, the people will definitely be better off

Director Liu is such a good official

Ah, everyone, don't forget that this is all thanks to Mr. Cheng. If it wasn't for him, how could there be such a preferential policy for us Hearing that everyone only wanted to thank the government in excitement, Yang Tongqiang felt a little unhappy.

Old Yang, it's not that we don't believe you. Mr. Cheng might be capable, but he's not capable enough to change the government's policy, right? One of them said that the policy of this country was not something that anyone could change as they pleased.

That's right. Old Yang, this is indeed a bit too complicated.

What do you know? Mr. Cheng told me very clearly that if we don't want to receive money for the house, we can exchange it for another house. Then, someone would come after a short while. If it wasn't for Mr. Cheng, do you think those people would have truly found out anything? Yang Tongqiang said excitedly.

That's true. Those people have been here for so long, since when did they compromise? Even after Second Master Yang's incident, they did not say a word of apology.

It's possible for our town to be dismantled and for us to be relocated, but that doesn't mean that we will receive any extra help. Isn't it still to be carried out just the same?

In short, this is what Mr. Cheng has done for us. We cannot forget his kindness Seeing that there were still many villagers who didn't believe him, Yang Tongqiang grew anxious.

Yang Tonqiang would never forget Cheng Yu's kindness towards the Yang Family. He also believed that this matter was definitely because of Cheng Yu. He had to uphold the reputation of Cheng Yu

Uncle Yang The two thought something had happened here, but they didn't expect that everyone was discussing about the house. Seeing Yang Tongqiang forcefully argue for him, he was very touched.

Mr. Cheng, you came back. You were the one who helped us settle down, right? Tell everyone. We should be grateful to you Yang Tonqiang said excitedly when he saw Cheng Yu appear.

Actually, it is not important who helped. What is important is that the government will did forget their people. That's what we all should be happy about. You all don't have to worry about the house anymore Cheng Yu smiled.