Godly Student Chapter 467

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Pah! What do you think we are? Are we the underworld or hooligans? We are a business, if no one pays and you get injured, who will pay for you. Lan Gou said as he slapped the back of the man's head in disappointment.

Yes, yes. The boss is wise That hoodlum touched his head and suddenly understood, and immediately gave a thumbs up in praise.

Yo... I didn't expect you to be an entrepreneur. I was disrespectful, did I hit you too heavily last time? Cheng Yu couldn't help but laugh when he heard Lan Gou words.

You... You.... Why are you here? What do you want? Seeing Cheng Yu appear, Lan Gou jumped up in fright, quickly took a few steps back, and said somewhat panickedly.

He had seen Cheng Yu's strength before. Although he didn't know how Cheng Yu had managed to make the front part of his car cave in, his car was still in the garage. If that guy were to slap his body, he would probably break all his bones.

The seemingly weak and delicate pretty girl beside him was also a powerful character. Lan Gou really didn't understand who these two people were.

Could it be that Yang Tong and Xiao Long who had disappeared from the legends and left their traces in the mortal world?

Aren't you a businessman? We're looking for you to do business, do you want to take over? Cheng Yu smiled

What business? Let me tell you, we are a legitimate private enterprise. We wouldn't do something that goes against the law, like murder or arson. Lan Gou said righteously.

Naturally, I won't let you do it. I just want you to collect some debtsk. Are you willing to take it? Cheng Yu said with a smile, you don't dare to kill and set fire to the people, but you do quite a few things that disturb the people.

Collecting debts? Of course we will accept it. Our main business is to collect debts. But I still have so many brothers to feed so how much will we get paid? Since he knew that Cheng Yu wasn't here to beat them up, that Lan Gou wasn't so afraid of Cheng Yu anymore.

50 thousand. As long as you do a good job, I will give you an extra 20 thousand Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Fifty thousand! Say, whose debt should we go after? We'll go right now Hearing that Cheng Yu was willing to give him 50,000, Lan Gou eyes immediately lit up as he shouted loudly.

Shao Shuiping

What? Shao Shuiping? You're not asking him for the two million, are you? Lan Gou was surprised, as he seemed to understand the purpose of Cheng Yu's visit today.

Boss, this probably isn't going to happen. Normally, we work for Boss Shao, but now, we're going to collect his debts. It seems to be too immoral The hoodlum behind him was a little afraid of Cheng Yu, he covered his mouth and whispered into the dog's ears.

Naturally, Cheng Yu could hear the words of the other party. However, he didn't say anything and only silently smiled as he looked at them.

Lan Gou listened to his subordinate said said, then looked at Cheng Yu hesitantly. Suddenly, he slapped the back of the hoodlum's head again and cursed, Dammit, are you the boss or am I the boss?

Moreover, that bastard, Shao Shuiping, was too much. Not only were they injured this time, they were even led to sit in the police station for two days, and he was only paid 20 thousand yuan just like that. He was originally angry, but now that someone paid him 50,000 dollars, he could take this opportunity to vent his anger

Besides, he was the one who was unrighteous first, and he was the one who was heartless later on. If he had to blame someone, then he could only blame himself for not being able to be a good person.

Alright, I will take on this job. We'll go up and collect his debts now Lan Gou said before he turned around and entered the building again.

The security guards at the entrance of the building saw Lan Gou, but no one dared to stop them. They only glanced at Lin Yuhan beside Cheng Yu. This building was not unique to the group like Yang Ruoxue and her aunt Cheng Meiyan's company. Instead, it belonged to a commercial office. Inside, there were all sorts of small companies.

Cheng Yu followed Lan Gou to a large office on the twelfth floor. On the outside of the office hung a sign that read Quick and good to demolish and move company

Seeing the name of the company, Cheng Yu smiled. As expected, he was quick. As for good... After all, the place was empty and there was nothing good about it

Upon entering, there was a front desk with a sexy lady manicuring her nails. Seeing Lan Gou, she seemed to be afraid

With regards to this company, Lan Gou was already familiar with it. He directly brought Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan into an office with a General Manager sign hanging on it.

Who is it? Lan Gou? Why is it you again? Didn't I give you the money? Who are they? Shao Shuiping, who was holding onto his secretary, was about to curse when he saw that it was Lan Gou who had entered the room.

However, when he saw Lin Yuhan behind him, his eyes lit up, as if he wanted to place his entire gaze on Lin Yuhan.

Owner Shao, I have come to collect the money, but to be exact, I came to collect the debt Lan Gou laughed

Collecting debts? Who do I owe a debt to? Shao Shuiping said in confusion.

This boss's debt Lan Gou's body moved, pointing at Cheng Yu as he spoke.

Mister, I don't seem to know you so how do I owe you money Seeing that Cheng Yu was so young and he could only be in his twenties, how could Shao Shuiping not understand what the other party was trying to do?

You indeed don't owe me money. However, you owe the Yang family from the village. I came today to collect money Cheng Yu said with a faint smile.

Oh, so it's those people from the village in the south. What? Are you his son? How much do you want? Upon hearing the other party's purpose for coming, Shao Shuiping immediately relaxed.

In this day and age, anyone could be afraid of anything but the common people. What could be easier than bullying the common people? Shao Shuiping opened up a pack of cigarettes and let the secretary in his arms light it up. He felt her body comfortably and took a deep breath, then said in a comfortable manner.

Not much. Didn't we agree on it last time? Two million Cheng Yu didn't mind and sat on the office sofa.

Two million? Young man, you must be out of your mind. Do you know how much two million is? I'm afraid you've never even seen so much money Shao Shuiping laughed.

So you're not willing to give it to me?

Of course not, but if you agree to let me play with the girl beside you for a few days, then I can give you a thousand. Shao Shuiping said while looking at Lin Yuhan with a lewd smile.

Is that so. Hey, since I was looking for you to collect the debt, now it's up to you Cheng Yu's heart chilled when he heard Shao Shuiping's words. He hated it when people dared to speak about his woman the most.

Shao Shuiping. You saw it too. If you know what's good for you, then give me two million. Otherwise, don't blame me for not giving you face. Hearing this, Lan Gou walked over and looked at Shao Shuiping as he spoke.

Lan Gou, he is so poor and mad, are you stupid? Don't forget who has been taking care of you these past two years. Without me, you bunch of hooligans would still be living in the streets. What benefits did this bastard give you? You actually helped him collect my debts Shao Shuiping scolded Lan Gou unhappily.

You with the surname Shao, you still have the face to say who helped you settle so many issues in the past two years? Moreover, you lecherous bastard, you actually treat me as a beggar. I've been unhappy with you for a long time. Today, you had better be honest and take out the two million. Otherwise, why don't you try the two million to see if the doctor can save your life Lan Gou took out a switchblade and said angrily.

Lan Gou, don't act recklessly. After all, we have been friends for two years, and now we are falling out over a stranger. It won't be good for you Seeing the ferocious look on Lan Gou's face, as well as the shiny blade, Shao Shuiping was a little scared. The woman in his arms had long since moved to the side.

Don't f * cking talk about friendship with laozi. Laozi has no friendship with you, laozi likes to talk about money Lan Gou waved the knife in front of Shao Shuiping.

Good, good, good. Didn't you want money? I'll give you 10,000, help me cripple this brat Shao Shuiping said.

Pow! As soon as Shao Shuiping finished speaking, he was slapped in the face by Lan Gou.

F * ck, this difference in status is in vain for the two years of friendship between me and you. The first time someone gave me a job, I was given 50 thousand. You want me to cripple that person for only 10 thousand?? Do you really treat me like a beggar?Lan Gou said.

This... Then I'll give you fifty thousand, help me cripple him Shao Shuiping spoke again.

Pow! Lan Gou slapped him again.

F * ck, you want me to cripple someone for 50 thousand yuan?

Then what about a hundred thousand...


Is laozi the type of person who doesn't have any professional ethics?

Two hundred thousand... How about two hundred thousand? Shao Shuiping's mouth was completely numb as he shouted again.

This time, the Lan Gou hesitated. 200 thousand was not a small number, should he switch sides? Turning his head to look at Cheng Yu and seeing his harmless smile, he felt an indescribable coldness in his heart.

Recalling Cheng Yu's ability that day, Lan Gou still didn't dare to take the risk of his life. He raised his hand and was about to make a move against Shao Shuiping.

Five hundred thousand. Five hundred thousand. I'll give you five hundred thousand Seeing the huge palm in the air, Shao Shuiping became anxious and shouted.

He knew that if he didn't offer that much, he would definitely have to spend two million. Since that was the case, he might as well spend five hundred thousand to finish the other party off.

Not only did he save a million and five hundred thousand, he was also able to make such a beautiful lady play with him. Even though it was a little expensive, given how beautiful the other party was, he would just treat it as playing with a celebrity

Five hundred thousand!=. The weight of this thing was too heavy in the heart of that Lan Gou. He couldn't raise his hand anymore, he was even trembling.

Pow! The slap sounded again! However, it wasn't that Lan Gou's hand that had hit Shao Shuiping's face, but Cheng Yu had slapped Lan Gou's face.

Dogs can't stop eating shit Cheng Yu said coldly