Godly Student Chapter 466

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Hey, Director Liu, how have you been? Cheng Yu took out his phone and dialed the number of the director of the Planning and Land Resources Committee, Liu Hai, and said with a smile.

Well, thanks to Mr. Cheng, I wonder what Mr. Cheng is calling for today? Liu Hai said with a hearty laugh.

Previously, the amount of money Cheng Yu used to buy the land became the biggest land transaction in the past few years. Not only was the price high, but he also obtained many benefits for the country. Naturally, he was rewarded by his superiors.

Moreover, Cheng Yu's people had given him many benefits after the incident, so he naturally was happy when he received a call from such a rich person like Cheng Yu.

Oh, I do have something that I want to consult you about today Cheng Yu said.

There's no need for a consultation. If Mr. Cheng encounters any problems, I'll definitely do my best to help Liu Hai said with a smile. It didn't matter if he was sincere or not, he still had to say these words.

Then I'll thank Director Liu first. It's like this, a friend of mine just happened to encounter a demolition and his house was forcibly demolished by the demolition office, but the demolition office also said that they would only pay 350,000 yuan for the settlement home. Is that legal?

Forced demolition is certainly illegal. As for the matter of arranging a settlement home, according to the compensation regulations, houses with the same area would normally not need to be paid for. However, according to the circumstances, the difference between the two houses might need to be made up. If it exceeds the original size of the building, then we have to pay for it. Liu Hai explained.

So it's like that. But isn't that too unreasonable? Since they tore down their house, they should compensate them by getting them a new house. If they take out a high-priced house and sell it off for cheap, wouldn't they be basically robbing them? If I tear down your house and give you a villa, will you be happy? Cheng Yu said.

This... May I know where Mr. Cheng's friend lives? Liu Hai was at a loss for words. He didn't understand why someone as rich as Cheng Yu would care about the 200 thousand yuan from the demolition office. What he hated most was that some bastard would only pay 200 thousand dollars for a house that was worth more

In Xia Village in the Southern Forest, most of the people here don't want to move. I think the country don't want to create a better living environment for the common people and just wants to make the common people live in poverty Cheng Yu said.

Mr. Cheng is right, I wonder what Mr. Cheng's thoughts are? Liu Hai was slightly surprised. Wasn't the Village in the Southern Forest a village in the middle city area? Those who lived there were all ordinary folks, so why would his friend be there? However, he would not ask these questions.

My friend isn't these ordinary villagers, but the villagers here have lived here for generations. They have a house and everything but their house is now being demolished. They want to sleep in a different place but in order to sleep in a different place, they also need to spend money. I think that they should have at least get a house that has an increase of 20 square meters Cheng Yu said.

An increase of 20 square meters? Mr. Cheng, this is impossible. If that's the case, then doesn't that mean that the arrangements for the villager's living quarters have been upgraded? Liu Hai said in surprise

An increase of 20 square meters. This was too outrageous. Originally, he could have gotten them a house of 80 square meters, but Cheng Yu wants him to increase their living quarters by 20 square meters instead. This was not something he could do.

In fact, even Lin Yuhan who was beside Cheng Yu was surprised by his words.

What do you mean? Cheng Yu said with a puzzled expression.

According to my data here, the demolition of the village in the south will only be arranged in the size of 80 square meters. 100 square meters and 120 square meters three types of households. If I am to do what you ask, the original 80 square meter house will become a 100 square meter house, and the 100 square meter house will become a 120 square meter house, and the 120 square meter house will become a 140 square meter house. Since this is all free, I am unable to achieve it Liu Hai said awkwardly.

These young masters who live in villas really do not understand the concept of money.

Uh, that does seem to be a bit unreasonable, how about this. All houses below 80 square meters are will receive an 80 square meter house. If they choose a house that is smaller than their original one, they will receive money for the extra size. If they want a larger house, you can just let them cover the difference according to the size, that'll do, won't it? Cheng Yu said after some thought.

According to his thinking, if the original house was 90 square meters, they would receive back 10 square meters worth of money. If they choose a 100 square meter house, they would have to pay for the extra 10 square meter.

This... Liu Hai hesitated. He could accept second part, but for those villagers whose houses were less than 80 square meters receiving an 80 square meter house. This was something he didn't dare to accept.

Director Liu, I have always felt that you are a very accomplished and a very dignified official. You can't abandon the common people as a good official. You are someone who does great things, so naturally, you earn a lot of money. In a business like ours, it doesn't matter if we have to pay a few billions more, but these villagers save have to save every penny they can earn. So why would a good official like you bother making things difficult for them? I believe that when you enter the provincial government in the future, Yunhai will remember you in his heart. Cheng Yu said seriously.

This... Fine. Mr. Cheng, hearing your words moved and impressed me a lot. I'll agree to this matter just because of your face. I just hope that Mr. Cheng can speak up for me in front of Mayor Zhao. Although Liu Hai was a bit greedy, he still had some conscience. Hearing Cheng Yu's words, he did feel touched.

Not to mention that Cheng Yu seemed like an ambitious person, and in addition to his mysterious background, he was close with Mayor Zhao, so giving him a favor would be worth it.

Good. Director Liu is really kind. I'll consider this favor as a debt. With the matter with Mayor Zhao, don't worry. With me around, you won't suffer any losses. Cheng Yu laughed loudly.

Thank you, Mr. Cheng. As for the matter of the settlement homes, I will talk to my subordinates about it. Liu Hai politely hung up the phone

Han Han, what are you looking at me like that for? Am I that handsome? After Cheng Yu hung up the phone, he saw Lin Yuhan looking at him with a gentle expression, causing his heart to be moved.

Hm... Very handsome Lin Yuhan surprisingly agreed with Cheng Yu's words.

She didn't know who Director Liu was, but she had heard everything they talked about clearly. When she heard Cheng Yu's request for the villagers just now, her heart was moved by Cheng Yu once again.

A man her age... no, a boy. He had an enviable family background, mysterious abilities, and most importantly, a heart that cared about suffering.

At this moment, she discovered that she really loved him more and more. At the same time, she swore to herself that she would absolutely not let anyone snatch him away. He was hers.

I've already taken care of the villagers homes. Aren't your husband awesome? Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Un... Thank you. Lin Yuhan's eyes were so soft that it seemed as though water was about to come out of them.

Han Han, you shouldn't just be thanking me, but also... It was rare to see Lin Yuhan being so gentle, Cheng Yu couldn't help but to be moved, and he once again kissed Lin Yuhan's lips.

This time, Lin Yuhan's response was very enthusiastic, causing Cheng Yu to jump in fright. He quickly turned the wheel, parked his car by the side of the road, and started kissing Lin Yuhan.

Phew.. Han Han, it feels great Separated by a long wet kiss, Cheng Yu said with a smile.

You're so annoying Although the people outside could not see what was happening inside the car, but they could see what was happening outside. This caused her to feel both fear and shock, and at the same time, feel an indescribable sweetness in her heart.

Hehe, Han Han, what's in your mouth? Why is it sweet and fragrant? I still want to try Cheng Yu said hesitantly.

You're so annoying. Hurry up and drive. The police will give you a ticket later. Lin Yuhan's face turned red, she was embarrassed and angry, so she pinched Cheng Yu's right arm

Hehe Cheng Yu laughed twice and stopped teasing her. For Lin Yuhan, it was already very hard for her to be this open-minded.

Didn't you say that the house has been taken care of? Where are we going? After travelling for a while, Lin Yuhan said

We have settled the matter of the house. However, since Uncle Yang and his family have been bullied like this, we must always seek justice for them. I let him escape death last time, so I can only find him on my own today. Cheng Yu said.

If he wasn't there, then Second Master Yang would have really died, and that would have been a tragedy. Although he stopped this tragedy, since that boss called Shao Shuiping acted so arrogantly and bullied them again, he naturally had to give him a warning.

Although Yang Tonqiang had previously agreed with his words, it was clear that he was still unwilling. How could someone as reckless as him fight against rich people?

But he was different. When it came to bullying, who could bully him?

Today, Cheng Yu came prepared and asked Wu Chang to find the developer's company address for him.

Soon, Cheng Yu arrived at his destination. When the two of them got out of the car, they saw that Lan Gou leading a few people out from the first floor.

I was beaten up so badly, but that old bastard Shao Shuiping actually used just this little bit of money to send me away. Don't even think about me helping you next time Lan Gou said unhappily as he counted the red notes in his hand.

Big brother, that brat was really strange that day! How about we call for more people to deal with him? A hoodlum beside Lan Gou said

Pah! What do you think we are? Are we the underworld or hooligans? We are a business, if no one pays and you get injured, who will pay for you. Lan Gou said as he slapped the back of the man's head in disappointment.