Godly Student Chapter 465

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How many more do you have? I knew that something was going on with that Ye Qian Lin Yuhan said.

Uh... I don't seem to quite understand your question just now? Cheng Yu sweated. With his experience, he wouldn't tell the truth even if he was beaten to death. Sometimes he would say that lying was beneficial to one's physical and mental health, or else he would never be able to think of happiness

Then tell me, will you marry that policewoman? Lin Yuhan said again.

This... This... That's simple. I'll listen to you. If you let me marry her, I'll marry her. If you don't, I won't, okay? Cheng Yu's mind was working quickly.

Anyway, it was still too early for him to get married. He would eat her up when the time came, and it would be best if she has his child. We will see what trouble she will cause then.

Since that's what you said. Then I forbid you to marry her. You can only marry me Lin Yuhan said.

Alright. Han Han, then do you mean you forgive me? Cheng Yu said in surprise. From the other party's words, it was obvious that she accepted Han Xue's existence.

Humph Lin Yuhan did not say anything, she just snorted lightly and turned her head away.

Han Han, darling. I knew you were the most understanding. Come. Let your husband give you a kiss Cheng Yu was so excited that he pulled Lin Yuhan over with one hand and fiercely kissed her on her delicate face.

Amongst these women, the one Cheng Yu was the most worried about was Lin Yuhan. She was the youngest and also the most innocent. She was like a flawless piece of fine jade. She has a strong idealism for love. For her, love is sacred, holy, and beautiful.

As for the other women, they had already entered society. They had long been exposed to the complexities of society and understood the cruelty of reality. Although they also had a desire for love, this desire was not as strong as Lin Yuhan's.

Although Yao Na didn't say anything, she more or less knew that Cheng Yu had a close relationship with Lin Yuhan. Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya had long known about each other's existence. In addition, the cooperation between the two of them was increasing. There were also many battles in the dark between the two of them.

On the other hand, Han Xue had given him a fright back then. That woman was also very jealous. Luckily, Cheng Yu was able to avoid some things, and he was able to let Han Xue accept his absurdity as well.

Now that even Lin Yuhan, who was the most reluctant to let go, let go. How could Cheng Yu not be excited? However, if he wanted a few women to unite, this path would be the same as pursuing the Heavenly Dao.

Since he was no longer afraid of Kunlun, so how could he be afraid of a few women? Even if he had to grind them for hundreds of years, he would still grind them to the point that they would all be put to sleep together.

Aiya. What are you doing. Watch the road Being ambushed by Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan said in embarrassment and anger.

Hehe, baby Han Han's lips is so fragrant, another one Cheng Yu laughed and said.


Another one



In the midst of Cheng Yu's obscene words, a dark grey sports car rapidly drove through the road and disappeared into the horizon

When the two of them returned to Lin Yuhan's house, Mother Lin was preparing ingredients for the evening's business. She was very happy to see Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu was so capable and considerate, the more she saw him, the more she liked him.

Why are you back today? Do you not have any classes? Mother Lin took the items from their hands.

There are no classes in the afternoon, so Cheng Yu would like to take a look at Uncle Yang's situation to see if there's anything he can help with Lin Yuhan said.

Sigh, Little Yu, if you have a way, you really have to help Second Master Yang's family. Two days ago, I heard that someone came to help the Yang Family with the demolition process, and no matter what, they're only willing to give the Yang Family 350 thousand in demolition fees. You said that in Yunhai, how can such a small sum of money be enough to buy a house? Mother Lin sighed.

According to this policy, their house would only be given a few hundred thousand yuan, not even two hundred thousand yuan. Thinking about how they would be chased away after staying here for most of their life, she felt quite upset.

Then I'll go and take a look Cheng Yu said with a frown as he left with some gifts.

Last time, if it wasn't for Han Xue's sudden visit, he would have solved the problem. Thinking about it, when the boss saw that there was only a group of villagers, he naturally took the money and went back.

Cheng Yu, how do you want to deal with this? Lin Yuhan followed up and said.

You house is also most likely going to be demolished soon. The problem we have to solve now is not only the Yang Family's problem, in a few days, it might be your family's turn to face the same problem Cheng Yu said.

When he came back to the Yang family, the ruins of the old house were still there. Not far from the ruins, there were two blue tents. Needless to say, it was the living place of the Yang family.

Bastard, Demolish my house, and see if I don't kill you, you bastard Yang Tonqiang muttered as he sat outside the tent and sharpened the machete in his hand.

Tongqiang, you better not do anything stupid. If something happens to you, what do you want us to do? Madam Yang held her husband and said anxiously.

Sister Yang, Uncle Yang, what are you doing? Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan walked closer and asked.

Xiao Han, Mr. Cheng, you came at the right time. Tongqiang wants to go and hurt someone, hurry up and persuade him Seeing the two of them, Madam Yang cried.

Uncle Yang, you can't act recklessly. If there is any death, you will end up in jail. Lin Yuhan said anxiously.<.p>

Don't try to dissuade me, their official businesses are colluding with each other. Today, I must go and kill them, so that they won't harm the common people again Yang Tongqiang said hatefully as he picked up the polished machet in his hand.

Hey, Uncle Yang, don't get so excited. Let me help you deal with it Cheng Yu stopped Yang Tonqiang and said.

Mr. Cheng, you are our family's savior. We are already very grateful to you, but these bastards have the protection of the government. They would not be scared off if we don't kill one of them. Yang Tongqiang said.

Uncle Yang, you might not be able to kill them by doing this. When the time comes, they will accuse you of intentionally assaulting. Not only will you not get compensation, you might even be imprisoned. That would truly be letting others off easy. Cheng Yu said.

But... But ..., Hearing Cheng Yu's words, Yang Tongqiang himself was no longer confident. [Translator Note: The author really gotta make everyone dumb just to make the mc seem smarter.....]

Let me help you solve the problem. Although you don't want to tear down the house, it's already been half demolished, the most important thing for you is to find a way to get more compensation.

But those bastards just gave me 350 thousand, how could this much money be enough to buy a house? Yang Tongqiang said.

Did they not have a resettlement house for you? In fact, Cheng Yu really didn't know much about demolition.

In the past, I can live anywhere I want. If it's in the cultivation world where there was plenty of land, would I have to spend money to buy land?

Just find a place filled with Feng Shui and declare that land is yours. If someone is already in that land, as long as long you're more powerful than them, the land will naturally belong to you. However, in this mortal world, it was not like that. Perhaps it was because the mortal world was really too small.

Thus, the resources were all controlled by the country. The land needed to be distributed, and they even had to spend money to go to the toilet. There really was no room for negotiation.

So even now, he still hadn't understood the situation of the Yang family. Is it because the money is too little so they don't want to move? No, It was all because of the problems with the country's policies

Of course there is a place to settle down, but it still needs money Yang Tongqiang said.

Didn't he agree to compensate you with 350 thousand? This living quarters should be much cheaper than the ones outside! Cheng Yu said.

Settlement homes are indeed much cheaper, but you can only choose whether you want the house or the money. How can we pay for the house if we don't have money? Yang Tongqiang said.

Then why don't you take a house? Cheng Yu said in confusion.

If you want a house, you still need to spend money. My house was originally so big, but he didn't even count the garden and vegetable fields. In the end, my house was only 62 square meters, if it was a normal house, then it would have cost 200,000 yuan, and if it was bigger, then it would have more money. I'm living well here, there's a yard and a plot of land in front of me, why would I need to spend 200,000 yuan to move to that building? Yang Tonqiang said in annoyance.

Even though his house was old and worn out, it was still his house after all. Before, he had a yard and a garden, so he could live comfortably. Even though they had the same size of a house, moving to a 62-square-meter building meant that it was much smaller. Coupled with the public stall area, the family of four didn't even have a place to live when their son returned from work.

Besides, there were many risks associated with housing, and he did not have a land permit. He could not simply buy or sell them, so once the building was demolished, he would be in big trouble. Who would be willing to move out of a village that their family had lived in for generations?

At this moment, Cheng Yu finally understood what was going on. They could only choose whether to take the house or money, but taking the house still means they will have to pay for it. To him, tens of thousands of yuan means nothing to him

However, to these villagers, tens of thousands of yuans needed to be painstakingly earned for a few years. If they lived well, who would spend tens of thousands of yuan for no reason?

If they didn't take the house, they would only receive the money but they still can't buy a new one with due to such a small amount of money, it was truly a dilemma. No wonder everyone was unwilling.

Uncle Yang, I roughly understand what happened. Would you be willing if they change the size of the accommodation? Cheng Yu said.

This... If he does not charge us for the house, then I am willing Yang Tongqiang said after thinking for a while. He wasn't an unreasonable person, but he just couldn't swallow his anger.

Alright. Then leave it to me. I'll fix it for you. You can stay at home Cheng Yu nodded.

Thank you, Mr. Cheng Yang Tongqiang said gratefully.

I want to go too Lin Yuhan held Cheng Yu's hand and said.<.p>

Haha, is this the first time you have taken the initiative to hold my hand? Fine, I'll give you a chance to admire me and see how powerful your man is Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan's hand and smiled.

You're so annoying When Lin Yuhan saw the Yang couple still standing at the side, her beautiful face blushed red. She was both embarrassed and angry. She whined coquettishly and followed Cheng Yu.