Godly Student Chapter 464

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This is ruined by you. I have made some progress with Lin Yuhan, but you messed it up Cheng Yu pushed away Ye Qian sadly.

Who let you always ignore me. Since you have other girlfriends, why don't you accept me, let alone the fact that I am willing Ye Qian said with a grin.

At that time, we were ignorant. I can't apologize enough to you Cheng Yu said depressedly, those things are not what he personally did, it is so unlucky for him since it was the old Cheng Yu that did them but he has to deal with the aftermath.

If an apology is useful, then there would be no rapist in this world Ye Qian said wrongly.

Boss, when did you come? Why didn't you inform me, I just heard what rape was happening? Who raped who At this time, fatty wiped the drool on his mouth and said confusedly.

Its all your fault, sleeping like a dead pig, but dare to say that I didn't inform you. I called you many times but you didn't pick up a single call Cheng Yu said to fatty.

These students. Please get out of the classroom immediately! The lecturer saw that these people did not stay quiet, and began to speak loudly to kick them out of class

Cheng Yu was helpless. He looked at Lin Yuhan but she didn't look back. Cheng Yu thought that she would be very upset at this time. His heart in turmoil as he went straight out from the back door.

Ye Qian didn't think much about it while fatty touched his head and followed.

Are you angry? Looking at Cheng Yu's face and sitting on the lawn outside the teaching building, Ye Qian walked over and said.

How can I be angry with you Cheng Yu said with no anger.

Oh, it doesn't matter, if you are angry with me, I won't blame you Seeing that Cheng Yu was not angry at her. Ye Qian was happy because this indicates that the other party did not hate her.

Then I have to thank you Cheng Yu said depressedly

Boss, next time I will sleep with my phone next to me. I will never miss your call again said fatty.

Alright. Ye Qian, let's have a good talk Cheng Yu said.

What do you want to say? Seeing Cheng Yu's serious look, Ye Qian was a little nervous.

I will tell you the truth, I truly like Lin Yuhan. If you can accept it, I won't say anything. If you can't accept it, I hope you don't bother me anymore Cheng Yu said frankly.

I can accept Ye Qian said.

In fact, she had already considered this problem herself. When she was in the capital, she only wanted to snatch Cheng Yu away from his girlfriend. However, after arriving in Yunhai, she discovered that Cheng Yu had more than one girlfriend.

This made her think for a long time, as long as Cheng Yu is willing to accept her, she doesn't mind that Cheng Yu has several girlfriends. Although Cheng Yu does not want to explain it, but this is equivalent to accepting her, she is naturally willing.

But I have to make it clear that our relationship will not be in the open. You can't be embarrass Lin Yuhan as you just did. You can't ruin my relationship with Lin Yuhan again, otherwise I will get angry. Cheng Yu said.

Having a girl dead set on me, what else can I say? A few days ago, I saw that Liu Minglang had woman who was so entangled in him that made me wish for my beloved woman to be so entangled with me.

Although this woman is not the one he wants. Moreover, although he doesn't have much feelings for Ye Qian now, but it doesn't mean he won't have any feelings for her in the future.

Ok Ye Qian nodded.

I know that you might have some grievances right now, but now I have enough troubles myself. I will give you an explanation when the time is right. Cheng Yu said.

Ok, thank you Ye Qian suddenly plunged into Cheng Yu's arms again, and even cried softly.

Cheng Yu didn't talk, just holding her gently. He knew that Ye Qian had been wronged all the time. It is precisely because of this that even if she repeatedly ruined his chances of mending his relationship with Lin Yuhan, he did not blame her because since he is the new owner of the body, he has to settle the troubles the old Cheng Yu caused

Fatty's eyes widened at the side, so it's OK, it's too ridiculous. I feel as if I just experience my whole life passing by

Why can't Yuan Yuan also be like this?

Fatty, don't you dare tell this to Lin Yuhan, or else I will castrate you Cheng Yu said to Fatty while holding Ye Qian

Of course, the boss is very kind to me, how can I do something that will not be beneficial to you? Fatty said very seriously.

Although he doesn't say anything, Fatty is really grateful to Cheng Yu. If it weren't for him, he would have followed his father to slaughter pigs. Although all he does at university is sleeping every day, eating, drinking, and having fun

But what is the real purpose of going to college? To get a diploma? Not many are really aiming to get a diploma. What's more, Yunhai University's requirement for a diploma is not easy

Okay, I will help you play around for a few years. Since you chose to follow me, I will not let you suffer. I will set up a company in a few days. If you are interested in going to school first, then continue studying and we can talk about this later after graduation Cheng Yu said.

Because the university's education method is relatively lax and Cheng Yu is busy with his own plan. He rarely gets together with Fatty, but he never forgot his younger brother

Boss, thank you. Being able to follow you is my greatest fortune. I know that I am very disappointing, but I hope that the boss can let me try Seeing Cheng Yu thinking for him, Fatty was very moved. He even an urge to plunge into Cheng Yu's arms and cry.

But now that position has been occupied by Ye Qian, he can only put cry in silence in his heart.

This is what you said. I don't like people who only goes halfway. If you want to work at my company now, I will accept your request. But if you choose to study, then I hope that you can have a beginning and an end. If you quit halfway, I will not give you this opportunity next time Cheng Yu said seriously.

Cheng Yu knows that Fatty is a lazy guy and he doesn't want to force him to do anything he can't do

Boss, you can rest assured, This time I am serious, I will never let down the boss's expectations of me Fatty said seriously.

Well, that's good. I will find you after a while. It doesn't matter, as long as you are willing to learn, you will have a bright future Cheng Yu said.

Cheng Yu, I want to go too said Ye Qian.

Of course you can. It'll allow you to ruin me easier Cheng Yu said.

Whoever ruined you. I just envy you so good to her, but I don't care about it anymore. Ye Qian shouted. With Cheng Yu's promise, Ye Qian's mood has never been better in the past two years.

Seeing Ye Qian's delicate appearance, Cheng Yu had the urge to kiss her but suddenly the class bell of the teaching building rang. Cheng Yu suddenly fell like a cat, and quickly got up

Let's go to class, remember what I just said. Wait for me to settle everything first before saying anything, don't mess it up Cheng Yu seems to be nervous, as if he had just done something wrong

Cheng Yu waited downstairs, looked at the crowd, his heart was depressed. In the past when I was in the cultivation world, no powerful cultivators were in my eyes, but now, just Lin Yuhan's sad eyes are enough to cause him a heartache.

Hey Seeing Lin Yuhan's figure finally appear, Cheng Yu ran over with a sly smile on his face.

Big Radish, you have the face to see our Yuhan? Yuan Yuan said ironically.

Yuan Yuan. Fatty said that he has prepared a surprise waiting for you/ Go and see Regarding Yuan Yuan's unkind words, Cheng Yu has long been used to it. He completely ignored her and pointed to Fatty in the distance laughing

At the school festival, Cheng Yu knew that Fatty had an affair with this girl

When she heard Cheng Yu's words, Yuan Yuan looked forward to Fatty, and blushed.

Go quicky Seeing Yuan Yuan's appearance, Cheng Yu smiled. Sure enough, they are a pair of lovers

Yuhan, I will go over and see, you don't care about this big radish

Hey, let's go home When Cheng Yu saw that Yuan Yuan was cheated by him so easily. He smiled

Who wants to go home with you Lin Yuhan remembered what had happened in the classroom

In the classroom, Cheng Yu and Ye Qian were together, and she was angry in her heart.

The house of Uncle Yang isn't settled yet right? Let's go help him Cheng Yu knows that Lin Yuhan is angry with him, but he also knows that Lin Yuhan is a kind girl, so he used the matters of Uncle Yang to shift her attention.

Sure enough, when she heard that Cheng Yu wanted to take her to deal with this matter, Lin Yuhan did not struggle, and let Cheng Yu hold her hand

Along the way, Lin Yuhan was cold-faced and did not say a word.

Hey, that was a misunderstanding in the classroom just now Cheng Yu said.

I am not interested in knowing about your relationship with other girls Lin Yuhan went over his face.

Cheng Yu tactifully kept his silence

Remembering Han Xue who she saw last time. Now there is another Ye Qian. Lin Yuhan really doesn't know what to do. She wanted her mother to give up her an idea, but listening to her mother and the fact that she doesn't seem to mind that Cheng Yu has other women and even she said that she, Lin Yuhan, must try to be the main wife instead of the second. She felt conflicted

Cheng Yu, can I ask you one thing? Lin Yuhan suddenly turned her head and said.

go ahead

Do you love me?

Love, of course I love you. For you, whether it be murder or arson, I dare to do it Cheng Yu said.

Who wants you to kill people and set fire. Will you marry me? Lin Yuhan said

Yes. It is my goal to take you home. I will certainly marry you Cheng Yu smiled, this girl finally figured it out, this will be good

What about her?

She? Which one? Cheng Yu said inexplicably, I don't know if she is referring to Ye Qian or Han Xue

How many more do you have? I knew that something was going on with that Ye Qian Lin Yuhan said angrily.