Godly Student Chapter 463

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300 million. Mr. No. 8 bids again to 300 million. Is anyone going to bid a higher price? The auctioneer shouted excitedly.

Seeing Cheng Yu's price increase, he has the urge to fall in love with him. He has been an auctioneer for so many years. He has seen a lot of wealthy people, but he has never seen such a person.

For each item with a price increase of one million, a one-time price increase of 10 million is already very aggressive, but this young man increased the price by a 100 million. This is basically like using money to kill someone.

Even the hands of the two sexy women holding the necklace trembled a little. This is 300 million, not 30 million

There wasn't a woman on the scene who didn't recognize the heroic spirit of Cheng Yu. If she could be the wife of this man, how happy would they be. The two women around him is so lucky, it made them extremely envious of them.

Lan Ya and Yang Ruoxue's hearts jumped The two men inadvertently noticed the other's eyes. Yang Ruoxue took the initiative to embrace Cheng Yu's arm. No one knows whether she intentionally or unintentionally exposed the ring on her left middle finger but the provocation is self-evident.

In fact, Lan Ya has always regarded Yang Ruoxue as Cheng Yu's wife, or a true wife, and she has never been concerned with Cheng Yu with her personality.

But now facing the other party's active provocation, Lan Ya naturally will not admit defeat, plus Cheng Yu did not give her a ring which also made her angry. Regardless of how Cheng Yu would be able to explain to Yang Ruoxue, she also directly embraced Cheng Yu's arm, provocatively looking at Yang Ruoxue.

Cheng Yu, you must buy this necklace for me or see how I will take care of you Seeing Lan Ya's behavior, Yang Ruoxue was furious.

Cheng Yu was depressed, he knew that sitting in this position was not a good thing. No matter what answer he gave, it would not end well for him so he decisively chose to say nothing.

Deputy Director, who is that? The middle-aged man who had been bidding with Cheng Yu before looked at Cheng Yu.

I don't know, he can sit next to Yang Ruoxue so he should have a close relationship with her. The deputy director next to the middle-aged man said.

Well, Aaron. Go check it out for me The middle-aged man nodded, then whispered a few words to the person on the left, and the person called Aaron nodded and left.

Who is that kid? so arrogant Hong Sihai saw Cheng Hao's actions, and he was surprised.

Zhao Mayor's nephew. Cheng Yu. Xiong Ba said, when looking for someone to investigate, he looked at the photos of the process, so although he did not personally deal with him, Xiong Ba still recognized him.

Most importantly, he believes that his Master's sudden departure is related to this kid. When his martial uncle, Black Demon, went to investigate that kid, he came back really late but when he did He left with his master while the kid is still alive. This matter definitely has something to do with him.

Xiong Ba's relationship with Black Demon and White demon can't be said to be very deep. In fact, he idolize them like gods. Xiong Ba is also eager to learn cultivation from them.

If money is the source of material enjoyment, then cultivation is the driving force of his spiritual enjoyment. No one can resist the temptation of immortality, and no one can resist having the ability to fly in and out of the sky

But because of this kid, his wish has been broken, although he knows that there are many dieties like his master White Demon in this world.

But he doesn't know where to look for them

Without the help of his master, he felt that he suddenly had no motivation to move forward, nor is he fearless anymore.

Especially with the mysterious cultivator, although he in the Foundation Establishment Stage, he could hurt his master and martial uncle. If it was as his master said and that the man came to deal with him, then he had only one dead end.

Every time he thought about it. His heart turned cold and he is more determined to bring his Master back

Do you know him? Hong Sihai said with a wink.

To be honest, Hong Sihai does not really trust Xiong Ba. This mistrust is not because of what he said but because he is Xiong Ba and with the matter of the Blood Wolf Gang. When the Blood Wolf Gang left the underworld, the territories under them basically went to the Azure Bamboo Gang.

And a few days ago. What made him confused is that Brother Heong from Country T actually said that the batch of goods would be given to him. Which made him even more confused on what Xiong Ba is planning.

Hong Shihai knew that Brother Heong did business with Xiong Ba before and he had also looked for Brother Heong to do business with him but he refused him.

The fact that the other party suddenly wants to do business with him is too strange

Therefore, he even suspected that the Blood Wolf Gang and Azure Bamboo Gang had colluded, and reached a cooperation with the government to deal with him.

Xiong Ba also knows the nephew of Mayor Zhao, which made him doubt whether Xiong Ba has already had dealings with Zhao Minglong.

A few days ago, this kid was making trouble in my territory. I was looking for someone to investigate him said Xiong Ba.

It turns out that, what is this kid's background? Hong Sihai nodded and asked. However, the suspicion he had of Xiong Ba has not decreased.

He is a student at Yunhai University. As for his family background, I have not found out. Since he is acting like this, he should be a child of a wealthy family Xiongba said.

300 million for the third time. Deal. This Saint Tears is sold to Mr. No. 8th for 300 million yuan/ Congratulations to this gentleman. Can the gentleman to go to the background to handle the handover. At this time, the auctioneer excitedly hit the wooden hammer the third time.

Cheng Yu walked into the background with everyone's warm applause, but after entering, Cheng Yu never came out again which directly angered Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya.

Cheng Yu is not a fool. He has spent so much money to buy this necklace. He doesn't know how many people pay attention to him. There are many people who have bad ideas about them.

What's more, this necklace is to be given to his aunt Cheng Meiyan. He will run away for now. Besides, let alone those who is having some ideas against him, he has to worry about both Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya because they will definitely eat him alive. In this case, it's better to just slip away. It's not easy to be a good man with a big heart.


Slipping out of the auction house, Cheng Yu went directly to Yunhai University, and made a few calls to fatty. This kid did not pick up. In desperation, he took out the class schedule he had seen on the first day and found the class location. Looking for it.

In highschool, you will see each student's desk filled high-quality textbooks, and everyone wanting to go to their ideal university

However, after everyone really went to university, you could no longer see students who are studying hard day and night. Cheng Yu found the classroom and slipped in from the back door.

In high school, he was afraid to disturb the students study time, but now he is afraid to disturb the students sleep time. There are too many classrooms in the university. In the empty classroom, only the first few students are listening carefully, while the students behind are sleeping seriously.

Especially fatty who had his head down on the table with drool coming out of his mouth. No wonder this kid is not picking up his own phone. Was he playing chess with Zhou Gong?

Cheng Yu looked forward, his beloved girl was sitting in the front row, Cheng Yu was helpless.

However, just as he sat down, closed his eyes and prepared to sleep, he smelled a delicate fragrance near him. This fragrance is very familiar. Cheng Yu opened his eyes and looked and he saw Ye Qian.

Big Sister Ye Qian, why don't we do this after class? I have to sleep For Ye Qian, Cheng Yu didn't know what to say.

Is it not clear enough to say it yourself? When I was in Capital, I felt that it was cruel to tell the truth, but feeling pain for a short amount of time is better than feeling pain for a long time. Originally, he thought that the matter with Ye Qian would be finished after that.

But who would have counted this girl would chase after him to Yunhai? Thinking of this, Cheng Yu regretted telling her that he was in Yunhai.

I came to Yunhai for you. I once thought that I would become a good student with good academic performance, but then you walked into my life. Now I want to walk into your life. Ye Qian said.

Ye Qian, I was unfair to you. You didn't know how absurd I was at that time. I have said the same thing to you to more than one person, I have said the same thing to many girls. You should start to live in your own life. You are so beautiful. I believe that there are certainly many people who want to pursue you. Why should you waste it on someone like me? Cheng Yu said helplessly.

When Cheng Yu came to this world, the world was so beautiful to him. There are so many beautiful women and he even wanted to pounce on every beautiful woman he met.

However, as he became more and more integrated into this life, especially the contradictions between these few women, he even has a feeling of fear when he sees women around.But I only like you. I once swore that my life that I can only love one man, no matter what you say, I will be with you. Ye Qian looked at him and hugged Cheng Yu boldly.

Hey. These two students. Please pay attention to the classroom discipline. If you want to talk about love, please go outside the classroom Cheng Yu was shocked by Ye Qian's boldness, just as he wanted to say something, they were discovered by the lecturer

Cheng Yu has encountered countless disasters in his life, but he has never encountered a peach robbery. Now he finally understands what is a peach robbery, and it really does not feel good

The lecturer's words shifted the eyes of all the students to hi. and Ye Qian. Naturally, Lin Yuhan is one of them.When she saw them, she gritted her teeth and felt, grievances, sadness, and anger. It's really a set of misery for a lifetime. Cheng Yu felt very distressed