Godly Student Chapter 462

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Looking at Yang Ruoxue's dazzling Phoenix Ring on her right hand. Cheng Yu had a headache. How come this woman is not low-key today?

Look at Lan Ya's face that is both envious and full of anger and jealousy. Cheng Yu really wants to give himself a slap. When he first went to Lan Ya to discuss the charity fund, he wanted to give the ring to Lan Ya.

But thinking that they will often meet. He wanted to do more than one thing for Lan Ya. Yang Ruoxue is a low-key woman. She will never wear such a conspicuous ring in public.

But Lan Ya, he is not sure. She is passionate and open-minded. Although she is also very understanding. But women always like to compare. In case she put the ring on her hand, and told Yang Ruoxue that she got the ring from Cheng Yu. Then things would have been messy

It is impossible to guess what's on a woman's mind. I didn't expect such a low-key Yang Ruoxue to wear this ring in such a public place.

Although Lan Ya did not ask. But with her intellect. How can she not see that the ring Yang Ruoxue is wearing is most likely from Cheng Yu?

When Lan Ya thought about it, she felt sad. Although she is also in Cheng Yu's, it must not be as good as Yang Ruoxue. Thinking of the time when they went through life and death together in the cultivation world. Lan Ya felt even more uncomfortable in her heart

Ruoxue Your ring is so beautiful. Where did you buy it? Just at this time. Cheng Meiyan noticed the ring on Yang Ruoxue's hand.

Cheng Yu gave it to me. Yang Ruoxue said embarrassingly while unconsciously holding on Cheng Yu's hand.

Hey. Seeing Yang Ruoxue's move. Lan Yu snorted. It was a kind of provocation. Her fingers twisted a few times around Cheng Yu's waist again.

Cheng Yu grinned uncomfortably. He looked at his aunt Cheng Meiyan. But Cheng Meiyan did not seem to see Cheng Yu's eyes. She continued: So is Ruoxue going to become my nephews wife soon?

I'm afraid some people will not be happy about that. Yang Ruoxue said. Not knowing whether she said it to Cheng Yu or Lan Ya

Oh. How can it be. Being able to marry a fairy like you, how can I be unhappy? Cheng Yu held his hand in his left hand tightly. He calmed her. He said in his mouth.

Little Yu. I just heard that some people are not willing to get married. What do you think? Cheng Meiyan laughed.

Yes. This kind of person is too hateful. Aunt. Next time you see such a person, you must tell me. This kind of scum that specifically deceives women must be beaten up. At this moment, Cheng Yu saw the smile on his aunt's face. I finally understood that this aunt was deliberately messing with him.

Oh. That's good. I will tell you once I see such a person again. Cheng Meiyan laughed.

Don't be angry. I will explain it to you later. Cheng Yu wanted to hold Lan Ya's hand to comfort her. But she hit his hand away

Hey. Lan Ya turned her head and ignored him. Yang Ruoxue's move today is obviously deliberate. Since they both want to play the role of his lover, Cheng Yu decided to play along. His right and left hand sneaked into Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya's waist. But they just slapped his hands away and continued sitting as if nothing had happened.

Cheng Yu looked at the two people. This is obviously playing with him. He got annoyed and didn't care about what they thought and his hands stretched out again between the two women's waists, pinching them gently.

The two women trembled. Their face was blushing. Fortunately, the hall was dim so one could see it clearly.

At this time, the previous hostess came on stage again.

Welcome to all the guests to the first charity auction held by our Medical Charity Foundation. The only money we will be taking for this auction is for the labor fees. The remaining income will be put in the Medical Charity to be donated to the seriously ill patients and patients who cannot afford expensive medical expenses.

At that time, all expenditures will be released on the official website of Medical Charity Foundation. Everyone is welcome to supervise at any time. The auction will start now. Please welcome our auctioneer and he will now host the today's auction for us. The hostess said.

A round of applause.

Thank You. Now, for our first item, it is the calligraphy of the famous calligrapher Yan Zhenqing of the Tang Dynasty. The starting price is 6.5 million. The minimum price increase is 100,000. A middle-aged man dressed in a Tang suit came out. He is followed a sexy tall woman. The woman held a brocade box

The woman put the box on the stand. Then she unfolded the cover. The contents inside were presented to all the people present through the big screen on the stage.

Generally speaking, the auction will auction the precious collections in the middle and the end. This will not let the guests lose interest in the auction immediately and can also make the guests always hyped up for the next item

6.8 million. See the contents inside. A lot of people bidded.

6.9 million.

7 million.


The first auction item is the authentic work of Yan Zhenqing. Today, many people came to participate in the Medical Charity and most of them are businessmen from all walks of life. Businessmen like them likes to pursue elegance.

Even if they don't understand art, they can bring the art home and show off to other

Not to mention that there were a large number of officials present today. For some businessmen who wants to build a connection with them. This auction site is naturally one of the best opportunities. Their plan is to buy one of the most expensive items that are being auctioned then giving it to the official. When the official receive the item, they will naturally be happy and they will naturally favor the businessmen who gave them the item

Finally, this piece of treasure was taken at a price of 9.6 million. This is the value of the auction. At an auction, something worthless can be sold for several times its original price. Not to mention such a treasure.

The items afterwards were sold at a lower price. There were some imitations and sometimes, the items are the real thing.

Looking at the lively scene of this auction. Cheng Yu secretly swore. These useless things can be sold at such a high price. If I get a few medicinal pills to auction out, then the final price will definitely be sky high

Think of this. Cheng Yu had an idea. If there is a time where I have no money, I will take out some medicinal pills for auction He got plenty of Longevity Pills and Face Restoring Pills to auction if he really needs money.

Do you see anything you like? I will get it for you. Seeing this auction is in full swing. Cheng Yu said two beautiful women.

They are all things that can only be appreciated but have no useful value. What is the point in buying them. Yang Ruoxue said.

For art and antiques, women have always had little interest.

Aunt. What about you? I promised to buy something for you. Have you seen anything you like? Cheng Yu said.

You can rest assured. I know that you are a rich man now. Your aunt will not be polite with you. If I see something I like, I will tell you. Cheng Meiyan laughed.

The following is a piece of jewelry that is worthy of its price. This string of necklaces called the Saintess Tears consists of a total of 366 pieces of 1 karat small diamonds of uniform size. The amethyst in the middle is also very rare in the world. Under the night light, it is like the eyes of a saintess.

Just the small diamonds around the Saintess Tears is already so beautiful and with the amethyst in the middle, it made the necklace even more breathtaking.

Then we will start auctioning now. Its starting price is 65 million. The minimum raise is 1 million. Two sexy women carried out the diamond necklace. All the women on the scene went crazy.

The auctioneer specially turned the lights of where the audience is darker so that the light can shoot out a unique fluorescence on the necklace, making it more beautiful.

Every woman looked at the necklace on the stage with eager eyes. But the men around can suffer. The starting price of 65 million was too much. Not everyone can afford it.

Even Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya, who have always been calm, are staring at the necklace. Their small hand is tightly squished Cheng Yu's hand. The meaning is obvious.

But this made Cheng Yu embarrassed. There's only one necklace, but there are two wives. Who should I give this to?

You have to take this necklace for me. It matches my ring. Seeing Cheng Yu did not speak. Yang Ruoxue couldn't help it. Directly spoke while raising the ring in her hand. The meaning of it. it goes without saying.

Lan Ya bit her teeth but didn't say anything. She twisted Cheng Yu's waist. It was obvious that she also had eyes for this necklace.

In fact, I can also make kind of necklace. Cheng Yu said with a discretion.

No. I want this one. Yang Ruoxue said.

Cheng Yu looked at Lan Ya. She also shook her head. Cheng Yu had a headache. I knew that I should not have come to participate in this establishment ceremony.

He doesn't know what to do, he doesn't dare displease any of these girls. When Cheng Yu looked at his aunt and seeing that his aunt is also very fond of the necklace. He suddenly had an idea. Cheng Yu raised the auction card

One hundred million. Cheng Yu shouted.

Everything turned silent as if time had just stopped. The price for the necklace had just risen to 75 million. However, Cheng Yu mentioned one hundred million in one breath. His voice shocked everyone.

Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya is also surprised and began to think who the necklace is for

A hundred million. Mr. No. 8 bids a hundred million. Is anyone going to bid for a higher price? The auctioneer quickly reacted. Shouted with joy. The higher the bid, the higher amount of money he would receive.

110 million. At this time, the guest sitting behind him started to bid. The owner of the voice is a middle-aged man who looked more than 40 years old.

200 Million. Cheng Yu again raised the price.

200 million. Mr. 8th bid for 200 million. Is anyone going to bid for a higher price. The auctioneer was shocked and excited

Cheng Yu's method of bidding is really scary. Everyone is shocked about the way Cheng Yu spends his money

210 million. after a while. The man shouted again.

300 Million. Cheng Yu had not waited for the auctioneer before increasing the bid again?

Everyone held their breaths. Everyone is curiously watching Cheng Yu. He is sitting in the first row in the middle of the two business goddess Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya. His identity must not be simple.

Mr. No. 8 is bidding 300 million. Mr. 8 is bidding 300 million. Is anyone going to bid for a higher price again? The auctioneer shouted excitedly.