Godly Student Chapter 460

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Little Yu, over hereJust as Cheng Yu was walking around, Cheng Meiyan smiled and waved at him.

Aunt, are you also here to join in the fun?Cheng Yu walked over and said with a smile.

What fun are you talking about? Are you talking about this Medical Charity? Cheng Meiyan replied in a seemingly annoyed tone. Although she replied like that, she is becoming more and more satisfied with Cheng Yu when she heard that Yang Ruoxue was setting up a Medical Charity and later, finding out that the Charity was actually set up by her own nephew.

Upon hearing this news, Cheng Meiyan was both happy than shocked. The only thing this playboy could do in the past was cause trouble

But now, not only does he have the ability to make big money, but is also giving money back to society. His personality is definitely more generous than countless entrepreneurs as of now.

No one will think that they have too much money. China does not lack the rich. Money is actually just a bunch of numbers for them, but they are still addicted to making more money, not for anything else, just for accumulating wealth. Pleasure.

Looking at their assets growing year by year, they will have a sense of satisfaction in their hearts, although they will not be able to spend it all. In order to compete for the rich list and satisfy their vanity, many rich people have never thought that they can help countless poor families in China as long as they take advantage of it.

Although Cheng Meiyan cannot be considered a very generous person, every year she will donate supplies for the poor mountainous areas, etc., and now she is very proud to see that Cheng Yu is such a generous person

Oh, this is nothing specialCheng Yu laughed.

Oh, no matter what you think, but your actions bring the Cheng Family honor. Although you are not able to help everyone and can only help those you can, that alone is enough for you to be proud. Cheng Meiyan does not think that Cheng Yu can help everyone in the world but she is already proud enough of her nephew as he is.

Mr. Cheng, you are finally here. I thought you would not attend today's event? Mrs. ZhaoSuddenly, Ji Wenbo came over with a few experts and spoke to Cheng Yu happily before greeting Cheng Meiyan.

Oh, I am just here to join in the fun, I also want to thank the medical experts for their supportCheng Yu said.

Mr. Cheng, you are too modest. It should be us thanking Mr. Cheng for helping society. Mr. Cheng is young, but such kindness is really admirable. I originally that it would take a while for the Medical Charity to be established, but I did not expect that Mr. Cheng's actions were so vigorous and resolute, so it was completed soon.Ji Wenbo praised.

For Cheng Yu, Ji Wenbo really doesn't know how to describe it. As far as he knows, Cheng Yu's age is similar to that of his grandson, but everything that Cheng Yu has done made him feel both admiration and embarrassment.

Not to mention that his grandson could not catch up to Cheng Yu, even he could not catch up with Cheng Yu. At a young age, Cheng Yu is a magical qigong master doctor. Although Ji Wenbo sometimes feels that Cheng Yu is arrogant in his work, he believes that a person with the ability should be like this. What's more, his arrogance is not for everyone, he has a heart of compassion. It is blunt to say that if Cheng Yu wants to use his medical skills to make money, he can definitely become a rich man, but he did not do so.

He is very clear about what he loves and what he hates. For the current unjust system of China, he dares to rebuke it. Even though he is the Dean of the People's Hospital, he was also harshly rebuked by Cheng Yu

He sympathizes with the weak, he treats the poor for free and does not really care about the rich. Perhaps this seems a bit extreme, but it is undeniable that this adds to his personality charm.

More importantly, he is not considered only to a few individuals, but also the many poor people in China. According to him, the amount he put in the Medical Charity is 200 million.

He did not see Cheng Yu's name, but the names of the four companies. He did not know how Cheng Yu had anything to do with the four companies, but he knew that the two hundred million funds were definitely made by Cheng Yu.

Otherwise, he can't have arranged all the affairs of the Medical Charity in such a short time, which is enough to see how big the young man's ability is

All this, except for feeling admiration, he really does not know how to evaluate this young man.

Hehe, well, I am just doing this to pass time. In the future, if you need anything from the Medical Charity, just discuss it with the board of directors.Cheng Yu did not think too much and just smiled.

Mr. Cheng not only has the heart of benevolence but also does not care about fame and fortune. It really makes us old men shameone of the experts said sincerely.

You shouldn't praise him. You praising him like this will make him too proud in his heart. Hearing everyone praising Cheng Yu, Cheng Meiyan is full of joy but quickly said otherwise.

Sister Cheng, Dean Ji, several experts, the event has begun, please come cut the ribbon At this time, Yang Ruoxue called out humbly.

Sister Xue's is too polite, I didn't donate much so I won't go cut the ribbon. You still have to ask a few experts to goCheng Meiyan smiled and refused.

Sister Cheng, how is this alright?Yang Ruoxue said, looking at Cheng Yu.

It's really not appropriate for me to go. There's still old Zhao there so alright, go onCheng Meiyan said.


Just go, I have something to say to my aunt. Also, how many times have you told you to call her aunt, how can call her your sister? Are you not messing up the seniority this way?Cheng Yu looked at Yang Ruoxue.

Hey, since I am calling her my elder sister. Don't you have to call me auntYang Ruoxue proudly raised her chest and left with a few experts.

This woman is too disobedientLooking at Yang Ruoxue's proud figure, Cheng Yu said.

Little Yu, what is the relationship between you and Ruoxue? I think that the Lan Family girl is also very good, and a girl also came to our house to find you. I see that they all like you. Which one do you like?Cheng Meiyan looked at the two gorgeous women on the stage and said to Cheng Yu.

I like them allCheng Yu said bluntly. How is that possible? Is it that you don't want to stay in China? In China, having multiple wives is illegal. Cheng Meiyan said with some anger.

Although her nephew has changed a lot, the thing that hasn't changed is that he is still a playboy. Having so many good girls love him is a happy matter, but the problem is that he can only marry one girl.

Why not? Is it that you are not happy having so many beautiful nieces? Besides, if I want to get married, I will get married. No one can change the factCheng Yu said unhappily

Isn't it just a marriage certificate? Why do you need others to decide whether you get to be married or not if you like each other? This kind of certificate is not really useful anyway. So many couples in China are not yet divorced but they are still having affairs..

The most important thing about a relationship is if they have feelings for each other. If there are no feelings for each other, even having 20 marriage certificate is useless.

How can this be? You won't get married? What about the legal heir to the Cheng Family?Cheng Meiyan said worriedly.

Oh, it is too early to talk about this topic. Wait until I have a child to talk about it Cheng Yu laughed.

I'm too lazy to talk to you, just wait when your mother comes to talk to youCheng Meiyan said.

Aunt, I am also thinking about the Cheng Family. Since my father only has my mother. The Cheng Family only has me and my two female cousins. It is impossible to go on like this. So as the Cheng Family's The only grandson, naturally, I have to take up the responsibility of opening branches by having many wives.Cheng Yu said with a smile.

You are full of absurdities, so according to you, basically, everyone is having an affair outside?

Thats about right. Although a man may only have one wife on the marriage certificate, it doesn't mean they actually only have one wife and that other wife must remain in the dark and is called a mistress. I'm just telling you about the dark side of people. Being married yet having to hide one of their wives because they are considered a mistress. I feel sorry for their wife, and I feel sorry for the mistress outside. However, I am different. My wife is a wife, no one will be hidden in the dark. Everyone treats everyone equally, Is this not good? Cheng Yu is righteously preached

How will you deal with the day others think about you then? Cheng Meiyan said.

It's ok, I will find a way to deal with this matter. Anyways, how is the progress with the land? I am anxious to live in itCheng Yu said.

Do you think I am a diety? Completing it so quickly? The architectural model you want is already finished. When you have time, go to our company to see it Cheng Meiyan said.

Leaders, distinguished guests, friends from the business, political, and medical circles, thank you very much for taking the time to take part in the ceremony of the establishment of our company for the Medical Charity. Our company mainly provides charity expenses for all kinds of diseases, such as surgery and medical care for poor families in China, and also gives different levels of relief to poor families. The registered capital of our fund is 200 million yuan, but we are convinced that charity is beneficial to society. We hope that everyone can support our work and activities so we can provide more help to more poor people

Now, I invite Ms. Yang Ruoxue, Chairman of the Wanmei Group. Ms. Lan Ya, General Manager of Lanshi Pharmaceutical Company. Mr. Meng Wen, General Manager of Mengshi Pharmaceutical Co. Mr. Qin Haohai, Chairman of New World Limited Co. Mayor Zhao Minglong of Yunhai City. Ji Wenbo, Dean of the People's Hospital of the People's Hospital... to start the ribbon-cutting ceremony At this time, after the female host got off the stage, several people came up

Several important figures cut the ribbons in turn, and there was a round of applause

Haha, what a joke The first time I heard about the underworld doing charity Just as everyone was waiting for the end of the ribbon-cutting, a satirical laughter was immediately introduced into the ears of the audience in the venue