Godly Student Chapter 459

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I'm willing. As long as you can keep us here to cultivate, I can swear a blood oath right now to follow you White Demon calmly said.

He was forced to come to the mortal world didn't have a good cultivation environment. But now, with such a good cultivation environment, he was naturally willing to stay.

Since this was Cheng Yu's soul tool, they can naturally avoid the Mysterious Sky Sect.

In fact, if he was willing to follow Black Demon here, his was already willing to follow Cheng Yu. It was just that he wanted to see what benefits Cheng Yu could offer them.

After so many years, they did not even have a single clue on how to use the sacred object so he no longer held any hope. Since they were going to trade now, they should at least fight for their own benefits. If they could get such a good cultivation land, they might even have the chance to return to their previous realm, which was better than guarding that useless piece of wood with their lives

Like Black Demon, White Demon also squeezed out a drop of blood to swear a blood oath. Cheng Yu took White Demon's blood oath, his heart becoming even more anxious. Accepting these two Golden Core cultivators seemed to be very beneficial but he also needed to give up resources for their cultivation.

The news of him being alive would be discovered by Kunlun sooner or later, and for the time being, he didn't know when he would be able to break through to the Gold Core Stage again. With these two Gold Core Stage experts by his side, it would be a great trump card against Kunlun

Moreover, the two of them were once Spirit Severing Stage Experts. If they were lucky enough, they might be able to soon restore their cultivation. At that time, who else could be his match?

Even though Spirit Severing Stage Experts aren't invincible, who would dare to send a large number of their experts into the secular world? Unless he dared to provoke the entire cultivation world

Very good! Since we are all on the same side now, can White Demon let me see what exactly the sacred object you obtained from the Mysterious Sky Sect is? Cheng Yu had always been curious about the sacred artifact of the Mysterious Sky Sect.

Yes, Young master! White Demon said as he took out a piece of dried wood about 30 centimeters long.

This... Is this a sacred treasure that you were talking about? The moment he saw this dead wood, Cheng Yu's heart shook. When he had first found that miraculous piece of green soil in the Temple of Heavenly Completion, wasn't there a dead tree like this?

But why would the Mysterious Sky Sect have such a withered tree? And it was a sacred object. What was going on?

Young master, this is indeed a sacred artifact that we obtained from the Mysterious Sky Sect. We haven't been able to figure out its secrets for so many years, but it's definitely a genuine sacred artifact of the Mysterious Sky Sect Seeing Cheng Yu's expression fluctuate, White Demon thought that he had taken a dead tree to deceive him.

I believe your words, but can I study this sacred object? Although he really wanted this mysterious dead wood, it was something that the Black and White Demon had paid a huge price for.

Since we have already followed young master, this sacred object should naturally be under young master's care White Demon didn't think that Cheng Yu would be so polite. However, he already understood that this holy object wasn't something that he could own. Since Cheng Yu had said this, why couldn't he be more generous in exchange for Cheng Yu's favorable impression?

Good. However, I cannot take something as valuable as yours for nothing. I have two soul tools here, so just take it as a compensation from me Seeing that the other party was so tactful to actually offer the sacred artifact to him, Cheng Yu was overjoyed. He immediately took out two Inferior Grade Soul Tools.

Thank you, Young Master Although it was only an Inferior Grade Spirit Weapon, the two were still surprised and happy.

Soul weapons were very rare, even low-rank soul weapons were very precious. They never would have thought that their young master who was clearly only at the Foundation Establishment stage would have so many precious resources.

Although Cheng Yu said he was the disciple of Limitless Palace's Master Refiner Qing Xu, they didn't believe that Qing Xu could refine so many soul tools. The young master was simply too mysterious.

Looking at the soul weapons in their hands, they sighed with emotion. They had once possessed a middle ranked soul weapon as well, but it was a pity that it was destroyed in the battle against an expert from the Mysterious Sky Sect.

Then find a room to cultivate in. But the people and beasts inside are all my people, don't hurt them. There are three juniors here cultivating, I hope you all have time to guide them Cheng Yu reminded the two.

Shi Ji and Huo Yu were both inside. Huo Yu was fine, but it would be troublesome if they killed Shi Ji.

Yes, Young Master! The two of them were shocked. There were beasts inside? When they thought about it carefully, they immediately understood Cheng Yu's mid Gold Core stage magic pet. The environment here was very good, so it was impossible for him to not let his Magic Pet cultivate here.

When Cheng Yu returned home, he looked at the two pieces of dead wood and became even more confused. Although these two pieces of dead wood were not exactly the same, he was sure they were both the same thing.

He found his at the Heavenly Temple. He wondered where the Mysterious Sky Sect found theres. He thought back to his journey in the Forest of Death, as if all of this was connected to the mysterious Holy City.

Ever since he had found this piece of dead wood in the Heavenly Temple, Cheng Yu had never paid attention to it. He had never thought that there would be another dried up tree like it outside the shrine.

Soul Suppressor. Have you really never seen this dead wood before? Now, the only thing he knew about the Holy City was from the Soul Suppressing Orb. He really hoped that Soul Suppressor would be able to think of something else.

Indeed, I've never seen it before The Soul Suppressing Orb shook its head.

Didn't they say that this thing can bring people back to life and is able to give people great power. Could it be that the Holy City at that time also did not know about this sacred object? Cheng Yu said unwillingly.

If this sacred object was truly that magical, the Holy City should know about it.

I know that holy water can bring people back to life but I have never heard of such a sacred object that can bring people back to life other than the holy water The Soul Suppressing Orb said. [The holy water is different than the divine water, continue reading and you'll understand]

Holy water? Are you talking about the divine water I've acquired? And I didn't even realize that it could revive the dead? Cheng Yu said.

I don't know, I've never seen holy water before, so I don't know if those are holy water. I think, other than the City Lord of Holy City, no one else knows the secret of that place. The Soul Suppressing Orb said.

Could it be that this really isn't Holy Water? but something else? Cheng Yu took out a bottle of the Divine Water and mumbled.


While Cheng Yu was researching the two dead wood. In the distant cultivation world, there was a holy land. There was also a beautiful jade palace, with a tall waterfall and a golden hall hanging high in the sky. It had an extraordinary aura.

And in a secret room within this Holy Land, there was a celestial altar. On it sat a white-haired, white-bearded old man. In front of him was a strange compass, but it was clearly much more complex and mysterious.

In that instant, the Azure Dragon in the plate suddenly lit up, but in that instant, it dimmed again.

East? Qian Yu. Come to the Immortal-Sacrifice Realm The white-bearded old man's eyes flashed with a bright light. He was excited as he gave a loud shout.

Master, what orders do you have? Not long after, a middle-aged man wearing a dark red daoist robe came in, bowed to the old man, and respectfully said.

Qian Yu, I suddenly felt a trace of the sacred artifact from our sect. Send someone to search for it The old man said.

The aura of a sacred object? There has been no news about the sacred object for so many years. How did Master suddenly feel the aura of the divine object? Qian Yu asked in confusion.

I believe that we will definitely be able to retrieve the sacred object this time The old man said.

Then where is this sacred object?

East, We can find it if we go all the way east The old man said.

East? Qian Yu was shocked. The location was not specified so how would they know where to search in the east?

That's right. As far as I know, those two thieves must have hidden themselves in the Secular World. Otherwise, it is impossible for me to not deduce any information over the years. Now that the Heaven's Secret disc has been activated by the Azure Dragon, I am even more certain of this The old man said.

However, it's not like we haven't sent people to the secular world to search for them. Now, we also don't have any leads, so how can we find them? Qian Yu said with a puzzled expression.

That's because the time has not come. Now that destiny has been decided, I believe that you all will reap some rewards The old man said.

Yes, honored master. I'll arrange for a trip to the secular world now. Qian Yu bowed again and left the Immortal Sacrifice Realm


Today was a good day, because Yang Ruoxue had called him. His Medical Charity Foundation would be established at noon

Hey, would you like to attend our ribbon cutting ceremony? Yang Ruoxue invited.

You know I'm not interested in such things He wasn't the type of person who liked to show himself off, especially since his identity was too complex. He just wanted these poor old bastards to do something. To be able to set up such a foundation, he had already achieved his goal, so there was no need for everyone to know about it.

Even if you don't attend the ribbon cutting ceremony, on such an important day, don't you want to witness it in person? Yang Ruoxue knew that although Cheng Yu was sloppy, he had never cared about his reputation. Regarding this, Yang Ruoxue rather admired him.

That's true. Alright then. I'll go and join in the fun Cheng Yu said after some thought. Since he had nothing better to do, he might as well join in the fun

When Cheng Yu arrived at the venue for the ceremony, it was already crowded. The decorations were decorated with gifts from various companies. The Yang Family, Lan Family, Meng Family, and Qin Canghai's friends all appeared.

Even Ji Wenbo and a few other famous medical figures were present. And in the government, the most important person was naturally Mayor Zhao Minglong. With this important person, there would naturally be a lot of other officials as well.

Yang Ruoxue, Lan Ya, and the others greeted the guests with smiles all over their faces.