Godly Student Chapter 458

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Ever since we joined the Blood Demon Sect together, it has already been more than 400 years right? Why do you ask? White Demon didn't understand why Black Demon would suddenly ask about this

When I went to investigate about the Qi Condensation Stage cultivator, I met the Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator from that night Black Demon said

Did you kill him? White Demon was pleasantly surprised. The brat had many high-level Magical Treasure, finding such a rich person was not easy in the Secular World

No, I lost to him, and now I am his follower Black Demon said

What? You became his follower? How can this be? Isn't he just in the Foundation Establishment Stage? White Demon was extremely surprised. Black Demon is a middle phase Gold Core Stage expert, he unexpectedly became a Foundation Establishment Stages follower

Although he had a Magic Pet by his side, but the Magic Pet is only a middle phase Gold Core Stage expert also and Black Demon should be able to cope with it. The results is truly unexpected

Yeah, I thought I could kill him at that time but I was actually defeated by him due to his mysterious technique Black Demon said with a sigh

Then the reason you came is... White Demon somewhat understood why Black Demon came.

I told him about our matters. He told me to convince you to follow him together Black Demon said

If I do not agree, will you get rid of me? White Demon said with a sigh

I will not. However, young master will definitely get rid of you personally. I hope that you can come back with me so that we can continue to fight side-by-side. Moreover, the young master said that he can help us avoid the Mysterious Sky Sect Black Demon shook his head. These many years of friendship and sharing many life and death experiences together, how could he fight him.

So we also have to give the sacred object to him? Black Demon said bitterly

It has been so long already but we still haven't figured out the secret to this thing. Perhaps this is due to divine intervention and perhaps, by following him, we can break through Black Demon said

He is only a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, how can he help us White Demon shook his head

I don't know but he is definitely not simple. I am willing to believe in him this time Black Demon said

So I have no other option then? Looking at the sacred object in his hand, White Demon was in low-spirits

Black Demon also sighed.

Alright, I'll follow you After several minutes, White Demon made up his mind

Lets go then Hearing that White Demon comply, it can't be said that Black Demon was happy because this was not a matter to be happy about

Master, Martial Uncle, where do you want to go? Xiong Ba said after waiting in the room outside of the secret room and seeing them come out

Xiong Ba, we must leave here, focus on your cultivation Looking at his Secular Worlds apprentice. It can't be said that White Demon was satisfied with him but they have been together for many years and they still have the relationship of master and apprentice

Your leaving? Master, where do you want to go? Xiong Ba was startled. The only reason he is powerful now is because of his master, and his master suddenly has to leave, what is he supposed to do?

You do not need to know. This robe will be your last gift from master White Demon took out a red long robe and gave it to Xiong Ba and left with Black Demon.

Master! Looking at the valuable robe in his hand, Xiong Ba was conflicted. Their cultivation base is so high but they still need to leave for some reason, can it be because of the person who came into his villa that night?


In the villa, Cheng Yu was waiting for Black Demon to give him a pleasant surprise. Shortly afterwards, Cheng Yu received a call from Yao Na

Hello Nana, thank you for the breakfast, why don't you come over again tonight Cheng Yu said with a laugh

Bastard, where have you been all night, you scared me to death after seeing you return home in such a state Yao Na said unhappily

Hey, I discovered that my clothes have been changed unexpectedly when I woke up earlier. Did you do anything weird to me yesterday? Cheng Yu said with a smile

Who would ever do anything weird to you. Be serious, I'm talking about a serious matter with you Yao Na remembered last night when she helped Cheng Yu bathe, she immediately blushed and hurried to change the topic

Wasn't I talking about a serious matter just now? What's the matter?

The young females teachers I told you about yesterday did not come to work today. I tried to call them but they did not pick up Yao Na said

This morning, these young female teachers did not come to work and it made Yao Na's heart somewhat restless

Why don't you look for the police? Why are you telling me? My duty is only to protect you, not them. Besides, they might still be sleeping at that KTV? Cheng Yu said. He Jian and Liao Yunna's target was Yao Na but she was saved by him. Maybe these two animals went after the female teachers afterwards

I have already informed the principle, he reported it to the police and the police have also found out about the situation but they have not found the female teachers Yao Na said

You shouldn't be too worried about this. Just tell the police to capture He Jian and interrogate him Cheng Yu said

This.... Alright Yao Na did not feel relieved, but she truly does not have any other means

Nana, why don't you come over tonight Where did Cheng Yu have the time to care about others when he has to care about his own people

You... there's such a situation going on and you have the mood to joke around? Yao Na said then hung up the phone

Yeah.... Cheng Yu wanted to continue to speak with Yao Na but the other party already hung up the phone. Cheng Yu was helpless, this woman has the time to care about others in her heart but not have the time to cultivate her feelings with him.

Young Master, We came At this time, Black Demon happened to lead White Demon to the villa

Good, White Demon, I believe that Black Demon has already told you about the matter, what do you say? Seeing them come back, Cheng Yu happily said

Mr. Cheng, I will speak frankly. Whether I follow you or depends on you, you must make me see the value of following you. Otherwise, I would rather fight you to the death White Demon said

White Demon is not very willing to follow a Foundation Establishment Stage boy. Although Black Demon cannot run away, but he can and since it is broad daylight, he believes that if he wants to leave, he can leave safely

Therefore, he must see what support can provide for them before choosing to follow him. Otherwise, they would have to pay a serious price and they would also have to give the sacred object away to Cheng Yu once he chose to follow him

Hehe, what do you want me to do? Cheng Yu said with a smile

First, I want to know who exactly are you and is there really a skill that can allow us to avoid the Mysterious Sky Sect? White Demon said

In this Secular World, you can just regard me as a rich man. In the Cultivation World, I am from the Limitless Palace Cheng Yu said

Limitless Palace? How is this possible? Do you think that we don't know anything? White Demon said

Although they stayed in the Secular World for dozens of years, they were once in the Cultivation World for a hundred years. Regarding Limitless Palace, how could they possibly not know?

Haha, since I am from Limitless Palace, I will naturally have a Limitless Palace token. I do not need to deceive you. Neither do I need the help of Limitless Palace in order to help you. This is my token for Limitless Palace Cheng Yu laughed and showed them his token given by Qing Xu

Limitless Palace Refiner Hall? Who is Qing Xu to you? Seeing the token, Black Demon and White Demon knew that it was the real Limitless Palace token just from looking at it

My master Cheng Yu said with a smile. Black Demon said that White Demon was a Spirit Severing Stage expert and he was a protector of the Blood Demon Sect. Knowing Qing Xu was nothing unusual

Qing Xu is your master? They were both startled and ashamed

They were once in the realm as Qing Xu, but now, they must become the follow of his apprentice. Thinking about it, due to their greed, it resulted in such an unexpected situation

Alright, I believe that you are from Limitless Palace but since you said that you will not draw support from Limitless Palace, how can you guarantee that we won't be found by the Mysterious Sky Sect? White Demon said with a sigh

I will let you have a look. Do not resist my consciousness Cheng Yu said

Black Demon and White Demon looked at each other and mutually nodded

Cheng Yu waved his right hand and a golden light spread out and shined on everyone and then they vanished

This... This... Is this a Spiritual Vein and a Spirit Crystal Vein? Looking around and seeing the Spiritual Vein drifting in the sky, they were both thoroughly shocked

The Blood Demon Sect also has a Spiritual Vein, but they only have six. They cannot believe that Cheng Yu actually has so many Spiritual Veins, this was truly too astonishing

This place has an incomparably rich Spiritual Qi, this place was simple a heaven for cultivators to practice in, and it was even better than the Cultivation World too

This is in the middle of my Soul Tool. As long as you are here, I can find you Cheng Yu said with a smile. He is not worried that they would try to steal the Spiritual Vein because in this Soul Tool, except for him, no-body can take them out

Can we practice here? Both of them said excitedly

Naturally. As I have said before, as long as you follow me, I will not treat you unfairly. So what do you think? Cheng Yu is very satisfied with their expressions

Cultivators that are able to judge the value of something will naturally understand the value of cultivating here

Yes, I want to White Demon said excitedly

This place was really too suitable to practice in. Even though they can practice inside the Blood Demon Sects Spiritual Vein, the time they were allowed to practice was very short. However, if they are able to cultivate here, they have full confidence of being able to restore their cultivation to the peak